Does WHO recommend that all international mass gatherings be cancelled because of COVID-19?


Does recommend that all international mass gatherings be cancelled because of ?

No. As each international mass gathering is different, the factors to consider when determining if the event should be cancelled may also differ. Any decision to change a planned international gathering should be based on a careful assessment of the risks and how they can be managed, and the level of event planning. The assessment should involve all stakeholders in the event, and in particular the authorities in the country or community where the event is due to take place. These authorities and stakeholders are in the best position to assess the level of stress the event might place on the local system and emergency services – and whether this level of stress is acceptable in the current situation.

It is ’s view that all countries with community transmission should seriously consider postponing or reducing mass gatherings that bring people together and have the potential to amplify disease and support the recommended best practice of physical distancing. Any decision will be supported through the use of tools, in particular the Risk Assessment for Mass Gatherings during .

If movement restrictions and further national measures have been established in the country, the WHO RA does not apply. However, when the process of re-opening/conducting mass gatherings is being considered post movement restrictions, it will be key to ensure any decisions are based on a risk assessment, such as the WHO Mass gatherings COVID-19 risk assessment.

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