Matt Hancock warns modern medicine may cease to exist without if superbugs are not tackled

[ad_1] Matt Hancock today warned the rise of deadly superbugs poses a bigger threat than Covid and should be taken as seriously as global warming. The Health Secretary said modern medicine may ‘cease to exist’ unless the ‘silent pandemic’ of antimicrobial resistance is urgently tackled. Drug-resistant diseases such as MRSA already kill 700,000 people around […]

Hooked on the ANXIETY pills experts are calling the new VALIUM

[ad_1] Sharon Davies has a simple message for anyone whose GP recommends they start taking the drug pregabalin to deal with anxiety. ‘Don’t,’ she says. ‘Please, just don’t.’ During the two years she spent on the drug, Sharon experienced a range of ‘unbearable’ side-effects, including dizzy spells, mental ‘fuzziness’ and extreme weight gain. Then, in […]

Two novel biobanks offer investigatory targets for cocaine and oxycodone addiction — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] A major hurdle to developing new and effective treatments for drug addiction is better understanding how exactly it manifests itself before, during and after chronic use. In a paper published online in the April 21, 2021 issue of the journal eNeuro, an international team of researchers led by scientists at University of California San […]

How your tears may soon help save your life

[ad_1] Here’s a good reason to start crying with happiness: your tears could soon save your life by providing an early warning of cancer, diabetes and autoimmune disease. In future, they may even predict your risk of developing Alzheimer’s. And tears are not the only bodily secretions that are being used in a new generation […]

Removing ‘garbage’ from brain cells improves memory in mice — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] Researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine have designed an experimental drug that reversed key symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease in mice. The drug works by reinvigorating a cellular cleaning mechanism that gets rid of unwanted proteins by digesting and recycling them. The study was published online today in the journal Cell. “Discoveries in mice […]

Sonte në “Takim virtual me Shëndritin” oftamologu, dr. Afrim Shabani

[ad_1] Të premtën më fillim nga ora 21:00, në emisionin “Takim virtual me Shëndritin”, do të jetë i ftuar oftamologu, dr. Afrim Shabani, me të cilin do të diskutohet në lidhje me sëmundjet e syve dhe përdorimin e laserit për trajtim. Shabani, Fakultetin e Mjekësisë e kreu në vitin 2001 dhe në vitin 2002 zgjidhet […]

‘We’re helping cells figure out how to tolerate chemicals for themselves’ — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] Much of common pharmaceutical development today is the product of laborious cycles of tweaking and optimization. In each drug, a carefully concocted formula of natural and synthetic enzymes and ingredients works together to catalyze a desired reaction. But in early development, much of the process is spent determining what quantities of each enzyme to […]

Wildfire smoke linked to skin disease — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] Wildfire smoke can trigger a host of respiratory and cardiovascular symptoms, ranging from runny nose and cough to a potentially life-threatening heart attack or stroke. A new study suggests that the dangers posed by wildfire smoke may also extend to the largest organ in the human body, and our first line of defense against […]

Filmi mbi historinë tragjike të familjes së famshme Gucci del në nëntor

[ad_1] Filmi i shumëpritur “House of Gucci“ me protagonistë Lady Gaga dhe Adam Driver, me regji të Ridley Scott, pritet në ekranet tona në nëntor. Filmi, i cili bazohet në gjëra të vërteta, trajton historinë tragjike të familjes së famshme Gucci . Në 1995, Maurizio Gucci, trashëgimtari i shtëpisë së famshme të modës dhe një nga njerëzit më të pasur në Itali, u vra jashtë […]

Differing immune responses discovered in asymptomatic cases vs those with severe COVID-19 — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] The largest study of its type in the UK has identified differences in the immune response to COVID-19, between people with no symptoms, compared to those suffering a more serious reaction to the virus. Researchers from the Wellcome Sanger Institute, Newcastle University, University College London, University of Cambridge, EMBL’s European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) and […]

Epidural use at birth not linked to autism risk, study finds — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] Having an epidural during childbirth is not associated with a greater risk of autism in the child, according to a study led by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine and the University of Manitoba. The study, which will publish online April 19 in JAMA Pediatrics, helps resolve questions raised by an earlier, […]

Scientists find brain’s immune cells form some plaques as a defense in Alzheimer’s, suggesting a new therapeutic direction — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] One of the characteristic hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the buildup of amyloid-beta plaques in the brain. Most therapies designed to treat AD target these plaques, but they’ve largely failed in clinical trials. New research by Salk scientists upends conventional views of the origin of one prevalent type of plaque, indicating a reason […]

JOHN STAPLETON on the ‘cure’ that killed his wife Lynn Faulds Wood

[ad_1] This Saturday will be the first anniversary of the death of my wife Lynn Faulds Wood. Her passing prompted an amazing response — glowing obituaries, 70,000 tweets of condolence, and more than 400 letters and cards This Saturday will be the first anniversary of the death of my wife Lynn Faulds Wood.  Her passing prompted […]

Qeveria publikon në detaje vendimin për masat e reja anti-COVID

[ad_1] Qeveria e Republikës së Kosovës, e udhëhequr nga kryeministri Albin Kurti, ka mbajtur mbledhjen e saj të rregullt, të shtatën me radhë, në të cilën ka marrë vendim për miratimin e masave të përgjithshme dhe të veçanta për kontrollin, parandalimin dhe luftimin e pandemisë COVID–19, në të gjithë territorin e Republikës së Kosovës si dhe […]

How Big Brother star was released from hospital 12 hours before she died weighing less than 31kg

[ad_1] Tragic Big Brother star Nikki Grahame was the victim of a series of care failures that led to her ‘entirely avoidable’ death from anorexia, those closest to the 38-year-old have claimed. They have also revealed Nikki’s ‘desperate struggle’ to get treatment over the last six months, during which time she was discharged from hospital […]

The NHS failings that cost Nikki Grahame her life

[ad_1] Tragic Big Brother star Nikki Grahame was the victim of a series of NHS care failures that led to her ‘entirely avoidable’ death from anorexia, those closest to the 38-year-old have claimed. They have also revealed Nikki’s ‘desperate struggle’ to get treatment over the last six months, during which time she was discharged from […]

Sonte në “Takim virtual me Shëndritin” hematologu, Dr. Fitim Gashi

[ad_1] Sonte në emisionin “Takim virtual me Shëndritin” do të jetë i ftuar hematologu, Dr. Fitim Gashi. Gashi, pas diplomimit në Fakultetin e Mjekësisë, ka vazhduar edhe më tej ngritjen akademike, duke u specializuar në lëmin e hematologjisë. Aktualisht punon në Klinikën e Hematologjisë në Qendrën Klinike Univeristare të Kosovës, pozitë të cilën e mban […]

From Denisovans to the human immune response — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] Describing the genetic diversity of human populations is essential to improve our understanding of human diseases and their geographical distribution. However, the vast majority of genetic studies have been focused on populations of European ancestry, which represent only 16% of the global population. Scientists at the Institut Pasteur, Collège de France, and CNRS have […]

Eat your way to a dreamy sleep: The secret to a good night’s rest lies in the ‘brain’ in your gut

[ad_1] What you eat and when you eat it has an enormous effect on your body clock, your sleep and, by extension, how many years you will live.  By ‘eat’ we mean pretty much anything you take in — food, beverages, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, medication, herbal remedies and supplements. Each play a role in either […]

US health officials monitor 27 people for Ebola amid fears they contracted it in West Africa

[ad_1] Four people in Oregon and 23 in Washington are being monitored for the Ebola virus after returning to the US from West Africa, the Oregon Health Authority said on Thursday. The individuals had returned from Guinea and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where small outbreaks of Ebola have been recorded.  The state health authority […]

Saved… the jaws that are wrecked by radiotherapy

[ad_1] People with debilitating jaw fractures caused by cancer treatment could be spared risky surgery by a breakthrough drug combo that heals damaged bone. Radiotherapy to the head and neck, given for tongue, throat and nose cancers, can lead to problems with blood vessels connected to the lower jaw. This can trigger infections in the […]

Scientists say human embryos could be grown in a test tube for FIVE WEEKS after mice develop in jars

[ad_1] Human embryos could be the next test subjects of a groundbreaking study that kept mouse embryos alive outside of the womb that developed a heart, stomach, head and limbs in six days. A team of Israeli scientists grew filled small jars with nutrients inside that were placed on rotating roller and pumped each with a […]

NHS patients to be offered cancer treatment at home

[ad_1] Thousands of NHS patients could be given cutting-edge cancer treatments in the comfort of their own living rooms this year in a drive to spare them from repeat hospital visits. Specialist nurses from top cancer centre The Christie NHS Foundation Trust in Manchester are already offering at-home chemotherapy and immunotherapy to 250 patients a day, […]

Transwoman forced to have testicle removed after years of tucking

[ad_1] A transgender woman needed to have one of her testicles removed because of her habit of ‘tucking’ – made famous through hit TV show Ru Paul’s Drag Race. The unidentified 24-year-old, from the Philippines, had not yet undergone full gender reassignment surgery. The avid cross-dresser pushed her testicles back into her stomach four times […]

Losing weight through exercise: Why physical activity entices you to eat more – and how to fight it –

[ad_1] Worldwide 39 percent of the adults were overweight in 2016, according to statistics of the World Health Organization. In the US the prevalence of obesity was 42.4 percent in 2017/2018, according to a survey of the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS). Concurrently millions of people want to lose weight. Physical exercise is an […]

Teen reveals she was sectioned and almost died because of an addiction to EXERCISE 

[ad_1] A teenager has revealed how she was sectioned and almost died because of an addiction to exercise. Lisa Fouweather, 19, from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, was so addicted to working out she ran half marathons before breakfast and hid in the toilet to jog on the spot. She initially hoped to improve her running personal […]

For girls, learning science outside linked to better grades, knowledge — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] In a new study, North Carolina State University researchers found that an outdoor science program was linked to higher average science grades and an increase in a measure of science knowledge for a group of fifth grade girls in North Carolina. The findings, published in the International Journal of Science Education, indicates outdoor education […]

Food myths exploded! NHS doctor turned nutrition expert serves up comforting home truths

[ad_1] As a newly qualified NHS hospital doctor, Joshua Wolrich became obsessed with the idea that a good doctor shouldn’t be overweight  An NHS doctor now specialising in nutrition Dr Joshua Wolrich has written a new book, Food Isn’t Medicine, in which he debunks common food myths and sets out his philosophy around weight and […]

That five-star rating? It doesn’t say what you think it does — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] Five-star ratings are no guarantee to lead you to the perfect barber who truly understands your hair or to the espresso machine that brews a perfect cup of coffee. That’s because most products online are now rated positively, making it harder than ever to truly discern whether they will succeed in the marketplace. A […]

OBSH: Shqipëria, shteti me më pak mjekë për 10 mijë banorë në Evropë

[ad_1] Shqipëria renditet në vendin që kishte më pak mjekë për 10 mijë banorë në Europë, edhe në vitin 2019, sipas të dhënave të Organizatës Botërore të Shëndetësisë (OBSH), të përditësuara në shkurt 2021. Ndonëse me rritje, në krahasim me vitin 2016, kur ky tregues ishte 12.2, sërish Shqipëria ka më pak mjekë në dispozicion […]

Qendrat për Kontrollin dhe Parandalimin e Sëmundjeve (CDC), kundër përdorimit të cigareve elektronike

[ad_1] Shkruar nga: Dr. Valbone Blaku, Specialiste e Mjekësisë Familjare, Olive Medical & Laborataory staf. Qendrat për Kontrollin dhe Parandalimin e Sëmundjeve (CDC) kanë këshilluar kundër përdorimit të cigareve elektronike (cigareve elektronike) ose produkteve të avullimit të marra nga burime joformale ose të paligjshme ( miq, tregtarë në rrugë) ose që janë modifikuar në mënyra […]

Ishte kulla më e gjatë dhe më luksoze e banimit në botë, por tani pronarët në New York po jetojnë një makth

[ad_1] Ndërtesa impresionuese e projektuar nga arkitekti uruguajan Rafael Viñoly u shndërrua në ferr për pronarët e saj milionerë, pasi pati probleme në ashensorë, përmbytje dhe kërcitje të tmerrshme në strukturë. Kulla e gjatë 426 metra në 432 Park Avenue, e cila u bë ndërtesa më e lartë e banimit në botë në vitin 2015, […]

Lëvoret e portokallit mund të zvogëlojnë rrezikun e kancerit dhe të përmirësojnë shëndetin e trurit

[ad_1] Herën tjetër kur të hani një portokall, mos e hidhni lëvoren menjëherë në plehra. Në fakt është e ngrënshme! Lëvoret mund të shtojnë një shpërthim të shijshëm të shijes në gatimin tuaj. Megjithëse të ashpra dhe të hidhura kur janë të papërpunuara, ato do të sigurojnë cilësi të shkëlqyeshme dhe një kthesë unike në […]

Raporti Për Produktet e Konsumuara: Pandemia ka nxitur shpenzime rekord për barna

[ad_1] Konsumi u rimëkëmb në tremujorin e fundit të vitit, për herë të parë pas pandemisë. INSTAT raportoi se shitjet në volum në tregtinë me pakicë janë rritur 2,6%,krahasuar me të njëjtën periudhë të vitit 2019. Por, të dhënat më të detajuara sipas aktiviteteve ekonomike tregojnë se rritja e shpenzimeve për konsum ka ardhur kryesisht […]

Specializimi lë pa mjekë ambulancat

[ad_1] Ambulancat e Mjekësisë Familjare në Drenas dhe Suharekë kanë mbetur pa mjekë, pasi ata kanë fituar të drejtën e specializimit. Shkëlqim Hajdaraj nga fshati Abri, në Komunën e Drenasit, tha se mungesa e mjekëve në ambulancat më të afërta, po paraqet problem për ta. Ai tregon se familjarët e tij dhe bashkëfshatarët, po detyrohen […]

Një jetë me humorin – “Chaplini” shqiptar sot u shua fizikisht

[ad_1] Shkruar nga Fisnik Dajakaj Është gati e pamundur të mendosh humorin  e të mos të shkojë ndërmend Rasim Thaci, i njohur për publikun me nofkën “Cima”. I vecantë, i hareshëm e me plot jetë, janë vetëm disa nga artibutet që gërshetoheshin në një personalitet të papërsëritshëm në jetën publike. Një jetë me humor, një […]

Studimi: Shqipëria po plaket me ritme më të shpejta

[ad_1] Si kurrë më parë në historinë demografike të Europës, popullsia mbi 65 vjeç shumë shpejt do të jetë më e lartë se ajo nën 15 vjeç. Moshimi i popullsisë në BE ka nisur prej gati gjysmëshekulli, në Shqipëri po ndodh me ritme shumë më të shpejta. Të dhënat e Eurostat tregojnë se në vitin […]

Studimi i ri: Zonat ku përhapen më shumë sëmundjet infektive

[ad_1] Një studim i botuar në revistën Frontiers in Veterinary Science, sugjeron se shpërthimet e sëmundjeve infektive kanë më shumë të ngjarë të ndodhin në zonat e shpyllëzimit* dhe plantacionet e monokulturës* Ndryshimi i përdorimit të tokës është një faktor i rëndësishëm në shfaqjen e viruseve zoonotike të tilla si COVID-19 dhe sëmundjeve të mbartura […]

Mielli I Melit – Sa I Shëndetshëm Është Për Sistemin Tretës?

[ad_1] Ditët e sotme ka një shumëllojshmëri miellrash, madje ato mund t’i gjesh lehtësisht edhe në supermarketet e zakonshme. Një prej tyre është edhe mielli i melit, që bëhet nga bluarja e këtij drithit të lashtë. Ky drithë unik ka një shije të fortë e të ëmbël në të njëjtën kohë. Është një nga drithërat […]

Rrëmujë me specializantët e rinj, probleme të shumta për t’u ambientuar në sistemin shëndetësor

Mungesa e mentorëve, hapësirave të punës dhe mossistemimi i duhur e me kohë, janë disa prej problemeve që po përballen specializantët e rinj, që në muajt e fundit, u futën në sistemin shëndetësor të Kosovës. Problemi ka filluar që në vitin 2016, kur qeveria ndaloi së hapuri konkurset për specializantë. Në mënyrë që ta plotësojë numrin […]

Arsyet Përse Reçeli Është Zgjedhja Më e Shëndetshme Që Mund Të Bëni

[ad_1] Historia e përgatitjes së reçelit nis kur fillon edhe ruajtja e produkteve të ushqimit, në Greqinë e Lashtë. ‘Shefat’ e kulinarisë së shekullit të parë zbuluan se Në qoftë se frutat i ruanin në enë të mbushura me mjaltë, ato mund të qëndronin më gjatë të konsumueshme. Ama përdroimin e sheqerit për përgatitjen e […]

Në shtetin ku paga minimale mujore është 0,65 dollarë, prezervativët kushtojnë nga 1 në 4 dollarë

[ad_1] Gratë venezueliane po përballen me një mungesë të kontraceptivëve të përballueshëm, gjë që ka vënë në rrezik shëndetin e tyre. Shumë venezueliane duhet të zgjedhin midis marrjes së ushqimit dhe blerjes së kontraceptivëve për shkak të çmimeve të larta të produkteve të kontrollit të lindjes. Në Venezuelë, paga minimale mujore është $0,65. Ndërkohë që […]

FOTOT E RRALLA: Kryeministri e përmend vazhdimisht, sidomos kur flet për Italinë dhe për italianët, kjo është gjyshja e Edi Ramës, ja si dukej vetë Rama fëmijë

[ad_1] Politikanët e Shqipërisë flasin rrallë ose kurrë për fëmijërinë e tyre. Në Shqipëri ka shumë pak informacion të këtij lloji, ndryshe nga vende të tjerë ku vendim-marrësit shihen me lupë që nga kopshti e ushtria e derisa marrin poste dhe përgjegjësi të rëndësishme. Por Rama flet për gjyshen, të cilën e përmendi edhe dje […]

Të premten në “Takim virtual me Shëndritin” patologu Fisnik Kurshumliu

[ad_1] Të premten më fillim nga ora 20:00, në emisionin “Takim virtual me Shëndritin”, do të jetë i ftuar patologu Fisnik Kurshumliu. Kurshumliu diplomoi në Fakultetin e Mjekësisë  në vitin 2001, për t’i vazhduar edhe studimet e tjera të avancuara të cilat i përfundoi në vitin 2008. Ai momentalisht ligjëron në Universitetin e Prishtinës, në […]

NASA spacewalk: Watch astronauts Kate Rubins, Victor Glover outside the space station

[ad_1] The spacewalk will assist with a continuation of upgrades for the space station orbiting Earth. The activity is expected to last about six-and-a-half hours, and you can watch it live on NASA’s website and the NASA TV channel. Both NASA crew members are veteran spacewalkers at this point. Glover has already conducted two spacewalks […]

Q&A: How the scars of Flint’s water crisis shake city’s faith in Covid-19 vaccine

[ad_1] In 2014, the state’s public officials assured the residents that their water was safe to drink. It wasn’t. Now, with the coronavirus vaccine rolling out across the country, some Flint residents are wondering whether or not it’s safe to take. Hesitancy is particularly high in some Black communities, which have a history of being […]

US Soccer scraps anthem-kneeling policy

[ad_1] More than 70 percent of the members of US Soccer’s ruling body voted to scrap the policy requiring players to “stand respectfully” during the song. About 30 percent voted to keep the policy in place. “We know that this is a very divisive issue within our country and throughout the world,” US Soccer President […]

Virginia police officer fatally shot during traffic stop

[ad_1] Officer Dominic “Nick” Winum, 48, had been with the Town of Stanley Police Department since 2016, according to Police Chief Ryan Dean. Prior to that, Winum served as a trooper with the Virginia State Police, which also extended condolences. “It is with heavy hearts this evening that we must inform our community of the […]

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway – CNN

[ad_1] In his annual letter to shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway (BRKB), investing guru Warren Buffett disclosed that the company took an $11 billion writedown last year on its 2016 purchase of Precision Castparts, describing it as “a mistake.” The 90-year-old billionaire, Berkshire’s chairman since 1970, said in the company’s annual letter to shareholders that the […]

Ben Sasse blasts party for ‘weird worship of one dude’ after Nebraska GOP rebukes him for impeachment vote

[ad_1] The Nebraska GOP’s state central committee formally expressed its disappointment but stopped short of a formal censure, though the resolution said Sasse “stands rebuked” by the Nebraska GOP. The senator, who was reelected last fall with 63% of the vote, dismissed the decision in a statement on Saturday, saying, “Most Nebraskans don’t think politics […]

Opinion: Biden is walking a tightrope on Saudi Arabia

[ad_1] While the four-page report supports a conclusion already reached in 2018 by the CIA — that the man known as MBS was responsible for Khashoggi’s murder — it sends a new signal: that President Joe Biden is willing to publicly challenge what he once called a “pariah” state. The US State Department also announced […]

Iceberg bigger than New York City broke off Antarctica

[ad_1] The BAS’s Halley Research Station, located on the Brunt Ice Shelf, is closed for the Antarctic winter and its 12-person staff left earlier this month. Scientists have been expecting a large iceberg to break away for years because of vast cracks that have formed in the 150-meter-thick floating ice shelf, according to the BAS. […]

Satellite images reveal extent of damage caused by Biden administration’s first military action

[ad_1] What he likely heard was the sound of seven 500-pound bombs slamming into a compound near the border. The compound, according to the Pentagon, was used by two Iranian-affiliated Iraqi militias, Kata’ib Hezbollah and Kata’ib Sayyid Al-Shuhada. Before-and-after satellite images released by Maxar Technologies, a space technology company, show vividly just how much destruction […]

Opinion: Obama and Springsteen’s podcast reveals a key problem

[ad_1] The podcast’s release comes in the midst of a bit of controversy caused by the musician half of the duo (Springsteen’s Super Bowl ad for Jeep had been pulled after news broke that he had been charged with a DWI; that charge has been dropped and the ad returned to airwaves). But even before […]

Pokémon at 25: How 151 fictional species took over the world

[ad_1] Written by Oscar Holland, CNN When the Gameboy titles “Pocket Monsters: Red” and “Pocket Monsters: Green” were first released in Japan in 1996, few could have predicted what came next. The concept was simple enough: Players would traverse a fictional world capturing, training and battling the creatures that inhabited it — a mission encapsulated […]

Birkenstock sold to group backed by Bernard Arnault’s LVMH

[ad_1] The company said in a statement on Friday that L Catterton affiliates including Arnault’s family investment company, Financière Agache, will also invest in the maker of the iconic flat sandals. Arnault is Europe’s richest person, with an estimated net worth of $117 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. “In L Catterton and Financière […]

The death of the Team USA coach who faced felony abuse charges was an ‘escape from justice,’ former gymnast says

[ad_1] “He tortured and abused little girls, myself included, for more than 30 years and was able to cheat justice,” said Klein, who had identified herself as the first to be abused by former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar. Geddert, who took his own life Thursday after news of the charges, was the former […]

Proud Boys leader has no sympathy for lawmakers targeted by Capitol riot

[ad_1]  ”I’m not gonna cry about people who don’t give a crap about their constituents. I’m not going to sympathize with them,” Enrique Tarrio says.   More than a dozen people affiliated with the often violent, far-right  “Western Chauvinist” group have been charged for their roles in the insurrection, so CNN sat down with Tarrio to hear if he had any explanation or justification […]

The week in 43 photos

[ad_1] Law enforcement officers investigate the scene of Tiger Woods’ rollover crash in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, on Tuesday, February 23. The golf icon sustained serious leg injuries in the accident. Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times/Shutterstock Members of Congress observe a moment of silence on the steps of the US Capitol on Tuesday, February 23. More […]

John Geddert, who had ties to Larry Nassar, found dead after being charged with human trafficking and sex crimes, officials say

[ad_1] The 63-year-old was facing charges that included human trafficking, criminal sexual conduct and lying to a peace officer, a release from Nessel’s office read. Geddert had been expected to turn himself in and be arraigned on Thursday afternoon. “My office has been notified that the body of John Geddert was found late this afternoon […]

Senate confirms Jennifer Granholm as energy secretary

[ad_1] Granholm has long taken a deep interest in energy issues and was considered to be a top candidate for Energy secretary if Hillary Clinton had won in 2016. Granholm served two terms as governor of Michigan and was first elected in 2002. She was the first woman to be elected governor of the state, […]

Neera Tanden is being treated unfairly (Opinion)

[ad_1] It was bound to happen, and I’m honestly surprised it took this long: the first Very Online woman is facing US Senate confirmation. And she may not make it through. The woman is Neera Tanden, president of the Center for American Progress think tank, and Joe Biden’s nominee to run the Office of Management […]

Tobacco smoke exposure could increase children’s blood pressure, study finds

[ad_1] Researchers found 6% of children who were exposed to tobacco smoke had high blood pressure compared to 4% in children who weren’t exposed, according to a study published Tuesday in JAMA Network Open. The study defined tobacco exposure as a child reporting smoking, living with a smoker or having serum cotinine levels, which measures […]

Two dead after undercover cops shoot at each other in Philippines drug bust

[ad_1] The two officers, from the Philippine National Police (PNP), faced off against agents from the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) in Quezon City on Wednesday evening. Three PDEA agents were also wounded in the confrontation and hospitalized. Police from the Quezon City Police District special operations unit had been conducting a drug buy-bust operation […]

Florida Senate: Democratic Rep. Stephanie Murphy considers bid against Marco Rubio

[ad_1] Murphy, co-chair of the centrist Blue Dog Coalition of House Democrats, hopes that by emphasizing a bipartisan background she can appeal to a state that has elected Republicans to the Senate in 2016 and 2018 and twice supported former President Donald Trump. Murphy has hired Lauren Calmet, the former political director of the Florida […]

Congress rocked by consequential battles that will shape Biden’s presidency

[ad_1] After four years of politics by tweeted decree, normal service is resuming inside the Beltway in all its brutal, hypocritical, and high-stakes glory as everyone with power tries to wield it to set the tone for the coming years. The White House is standing firm behind Neera Tanden, its pick for budget director, though […]

Cilat Janë Vitaminat E Duhura Për Të Luftuar Lëkurën E Thatë?

[ad_1] Askush s’ preferon një lëkurë të thatë të plasaritur apo të skuqur dhe kjo s’ ka diskutim. Ajo çfarë kërkon vëmendjen e duhur janë mënyrat se si njerëzit zgjedhin të përballen me këtë problem. Shpesh me kremra, kura natyrale apo duke u mbrojtur nga kushtet atmosferike. Porn ë të vërtetë kurimi i vërtetë i […]

Opinion: Texas goes it alone on electric power. That’s actually a good thing

[ad_1] Texas grid independence is being called into question after ERCOT failed to meet unprecedented electricity demand and millions of Texans went without power for days in sub-freezing temperatures. To put it mildly, people are mad. But despite a lot of political finger-pointing, I’ve seen few people pointing in the right direction. It is not […]

Oshkosh Defense: New USPS delivery vehicle unveiled. It’s a pretty radical change

[ad_1] The squat, box-like van (OK, let’s just call them what they are–ugly) have a steering wheel on the right to make it easier for drivers to reach out and put mail in curbside mail boxes. They have few creature comforts, such as air conditioning. They are designed to be rugged, not flashy. They have […]

Garland vowed to keep politics out of the Department of Justice

[ad_1] Frmer President Trump declared more than a year ago, “I am actually, I guess, the chief law enforcement officer,” as he tried to assert control over Department of Justice decisions. The claim in February 2020, as Trump basked in his first Senate acquittal on US House impeachment charges and prepared to fire people who had […]

The immigration debate has a blind spot

[ad_1] “Without immigration it becomes increasingly impossible to sustain entitlements, much less a functioning health care system, or a local tax base in rural and suburban cities and communities across the country,” says Ali Noorani, president of the National Immigration Forum, a centrist immigration advocacy group. After Trump sought to slash legal immigration through legislative […]

Mounting confirmation battle sends warning sign to Biden

[ad_1] Growing intrigue over a trio of controversial presidential picks is also underscoring the power of individual senators such as Democrat Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Republican Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, when the partisan balance is so evenly divided. While Biden has seen blue-chip national security selections such as Antony Blinken as secretary of […]

What Matters: What America’s next pandemic year will look like

[ad_1] As we enter our second year with Covid, it’s becoming more and more clear that it will take more time to get back to how life looked in February of 2020. There will be permanent changes to the way we interact, work, travel, eat and learn. When you find yourself wondering, as I often […]

Dog lovers defend Biden’s ‘Champ’ after called ‘junkyard dog’ by news anchor

[ad_1] Most stock quote data provided by BATS. Market indices are shown in real time, except for the DJIA, which is delayed by two minutes. All times are ET. Disclaimer. Morningstar: Copyright 2018 Morningstar, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Factset: FactSet Research Systems Inc.2018. All rights reserved. Chicago Mercantile Association: Certain market data is the property […]

On Trump’s taxes, here’s where it gets interesting (opinion)

[ad_1] On Monday, the Supreme Court finally ended the long legal saga over them with a one-sentence order that will allow Manhattan prosecutors to obtain Trump’s returns and related documents from the Trump Organization. These had been subpoenaed back in 2019; Trump’s lawsuit to conceal them always seemed more about delay than meritorious legal issues. […]

Opinion: The mysterious case of Lindsey Graham’s political transformation

[ad_1] How, though, did he morph into former President Donald Trump’s chief lickspittle in the US Senate, who just this past weekend headed down to Mar-a-Lago to discuss the Republican Party’s future? One could speculate endlessly about the reasons: his desire to avoid a Trump-inspired primary against him in 2020, potential presidential aspirations, etc. But […]

‘El Chapo’ wife Emma Coronel Aispuro arrested at Dulles airport

[ad_1] Emma Coronel Aispuro, 31, was apprehended at Dulles International Airport and is facing charges of conspiracy to distribute one kilogram or more of heroin, five kilograms or more of cocaine, 1,000 kilograms or more of marijuana and 500 grams or more of methamphetamines for unlawful importation into the country, according to a new release […]

AirPods Max vs. AirPods Pro: Which AirPods are for you?

[ad_1] (CNN) —   Apple’s AirPods have gone from a single pair of industry-leading earbuds to an entire product family in just a few short years. There have never been more options when it comes to getting a high quality pair of Apple headphones in or around your ears — to the point where you […]

Key things to know about Merrick Garland, Biden’s attorney general nominee 

[ad_1] President Biden’s nominee for attorney general, Judge Merrick Garland, will testify this morning before the the Senate Judiciary Committee. Biden tapped Garland for the post last month. Though a confluence of factors drove the decision, people familiar with the matter say it largely rested on Biden’s belief that Garland can rise above politics in the post-Trump era. […]

$15 minimum wage debate: Everything you need to know

[ad_1] Improving worker pay is unrelated in that raising the minimum wage has long been a Democratic priority. It is completely related in that the Covid economy has hurt low wage workers — those in food service, child care and home health care, for instance, who can’t work from home — more than it’s hurt […]

Benjamin Netanyahu, long a supporter of LGBTQ rights, courts homophobes and racists in bid to cling to power

[ad_1] For the traditional Israeli supporter of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the electoral meal he now offers includes medieval aspak — dishes bitter with racism and homophobia. But for the Likud, under Netanyahu, this seems to be a meal its members are prepared to consume out of political desperation. In the past the party, and […]

Merrick Garland’s 2-day confirmation hearing to be Biden’s attorney general starts Monday morning

[ad_1] Now Garland gets another chance to go before the Senate Judiciary Committee at 9:30 a.m. ET on Monday, the first day of a two-day hearing, but this time he’s appearing for a different role as President Joe Biden’s nominee to lead the Justice Department. While Garland is expected to face pointed questions over multiple […]

Hadaka Matsuri: Japan’s famed Naked Festival cancelled for all but a select few

[ad_1] (CNN) — This time a year ago, thousands gathered for Japan’s annual Hadaka Matsuri — also popularly known as the “Naked Festival”– in Okayama prefecture in the southern part of Honshu island. In today’s climate of social distancing, the video highlights from last year’s event (see above) are a surreal reminder of how much […]

Joe Biden is president, but Donald Trump’s election lies are still being amplified by his media allies

[ad_1] USA Today and Suffolk U conducted a survey of 1,000 Trump voters, identified via 2020 polls, in the past week. The results reaffirm that Donald Trump’s big lies are now part of the bedrock of the Republican Party. Riot denialism, for example: “Most Trump voters embrace a version of events on Jan. 6 that […]

Why Britain’s anti-immigration politicians are opening the doors to thousands of Hong Kongers

[ad_1] Full of bravado and often clad in black, the 21-year-old oversaw a group of 60 combative front-liners who embraced confrontational tactics against the police while demanding greater democracy in the former British colony. Today, he is applying for asylum in the United Kingdom, and separated from his family in Hong Kong where he feels […]

Why Joe Biden went to Wisconsin — and will be back

[ad_1] Arguably, no state tells us more about Biden’s or any president’s political standing in the last 30 years than Wisconsin. It’s also likely to tell us whether his party does well in the 2022 midterms. If you wanted to know who won the presidency in the last three elections, you needn’t look further than […]

Best travel credit cards of 2021

[ad_1] (CNN) —   CNN Underscored reviews financial products such as credit cards and bank accounts based on their overall value. We may receive a commission through the LendingTree affiliate network if you apply and are approved for a card, but our reporting is always independent and objective. t’s the start of 2021, and while […]

Kim Kardashian West files for divorce from Kanye West

[ad_1] Christy Welder, a representative for Kardashian West, confirmed the divorce filing but said Kardashian West had no additional comment. CNN has reached out to West for comment. Details from the filing were not immediately available. West has reportedly been living at their home in Wyoming, while Kardashian West has stayed in California with their […]

Lindsey Graham heads to Mar-a-Lago on a peace mission as Trump’s latest intra-party feud rages

[ad_1] According to a person familiar with his plans, Graham plans to spend his time on the golf course with Trump — ideally convincing the former president that regaining congressional majorities for Republicans will help bolster his own presidential legacy. This person said Graham wants to be “constructive,” urging Trump to use his influence for […]

US officially rejoins the Paris climate accord

[ad_1] Hours after he was sworn-in on January 20, President Joe Biden signed an executive order beginning the 30-day process for the US to reenter the global pact. The US had officially exited the agreement late last year on former President Donald Trump’s orders, becoming the first and only country to formally pull out of […]

Uber: UK Supreme Court rules that drivers are ‘workers,’ not independent contractors

[ad_1] The unanimous decision could deliver a major blow to the company’s business model in one of its most important markets, and opens the door for drivers to claim the minimum wage and paid time off, legal experts said. The court said Friday that the group of Uber drivers that brought the case to an […]

Opinion: The US is back in the Paris Agreement. Now what?

[ad_1] The US was a key player in helping to deliver the Paris Agreement, with former State Secretary and current US climate envoy John Kerry playing an instrumental role in this successful process. I have been extremely encouraged by the conversations I have had with Kerry and White House National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy — […]

Taiwan blames ‘external forces’ for blocking BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine deal. China says it had nothing to do with it

[ad_1] Ma Xiaoguang, a spokesperson for China’s Taiwan Affairs Office, said Thursday it was “purely fabrication” that Beijing had intervened in BioNTech’s vaccine sale to Taiwan, state news agency Xinhua reported. A day earlier, Taiwanese health minister Chen Shih-chung said in a radio interview that Taiwan and BioNTech were about to sign a deal for […]

Allegations of shackled students and gang rape inside China’s detention camps

[ad_1] “There was no spark of life in her face. Her cheeks were drained of color, she was not breathing,” said Sidik, a former elementary school teacher who says she was forced to spend several months teaching at two detention centers in Xinjiang in 2017. A policewoman who worked at the camp later told her […]

Prince Philip spends second night in London hospital

[ad_1] Prince Philip: Decades in public life Britain’s Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, poses in his military dress uniform circa 1990. Prince Philip: Decades in public life Prince Philip was born into the royal families of Greece and Denmark. His family left Greece in 1922 and settled in Paris after his uncle, King Constantine […]

Të premten në “Takim virtual me Shëndritin” logopedi Miran Xhelili

[ad_1] Të premtën në emisionin “Takim virtual me Shëndritin” do të jetë i ftuar logopedi Miran Xhelili. Mirani ka përfunduar studimet për logopedi në vitin 2016. Karrierën e tij e ka fokusuar në fushën klinike dhe në ofrimin e shërbimeve të terapisë së gjuhës dhe të folurit në kuadër të intervenimit të hershëm. Ai profesionin […]

Antibiotikët te Kafshët, Rreziku që Vjen nga Mishi te Konsumatorët

[ad_1] Keqpërdorimi i antibiotikëve si nga njerëzit ashtu edhe tek kafshët mund të shkaktojë shpërthimin dhe shpërndarjen e një lloji të ri bakteresh rezistente ndaj këtyre ilaçeve. Si rrjedhojë, këto baktere mund të kthehen në burimin e infeksioneve që trajtohen me vështirësi ose s’ mund të trajtohen. Çfarë Janë Antibiotikët? Antibiotikët janë medikamente shumë të […]

Joe Ligon: After 68 years in a Pennsylvania prison, America’s oldest juvenile lifer was released

[ad_1] Ligon was incarcerated in February 1953 at the age of 15, given a mandatory life sentence after pleading guilty to charges stemming from a robbery and stabbing spree in Philadelphia with four other teenage boys. The crime left six people wounded and two people — identified by the Philadelphia Inquirer as Charles Pitts and […]