Study finds 80 percent of hospitalized COVID-19 patients have neurological issues — ScienceDaily

Patients with clinically diagnosed neurological symptoms associated with COVID-19 are six times more likely to die in the hospital than those without the neurological complications, according to an interim analysis from the Global Consortium Study of Neurologic Dysfunction in COVID-19 (GCS-NeuroCOVID). A paper published today in JAMA Network Open presents early results of the global […]

Meditative practice and spiritual wellbeing may preserve cognitive function in aging — ScienceDaily

It is projected that up to 152 million people worldwide will be living with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) by 2050. To date there are no drugs that have a substantial positive impact on either the prevention or reversal of cognitive decline. A growing body of evidence finds that targeting lifestyle and vascular risk factors have a […]

new research offers hope for Alzheimer’s disease — ScienceDaily

Since the discovery of Alzheimer’s disease over a century ago, two hallmarks of the devastating illness have taken center stage. The first, known as amyloid plaques, are dense accumulations of misfolded amyloid protein, occurring in the spaces between nerve cells. Most efforts to halt the advance of Alzheimer’s disease have targeted amyloid protein plaques. To […]

Covid England: A FIFTH of all care home residents have died in worst-hit areas, figures suggest

More than a fifth of care home residents have died of Covid in the worst-hit parts of England in the North since the start of the pandemic, official data suggests. Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures released today show the number of care home residents who died in England and Wales was a fifth higher […]

One THIRD of children who suffer a concussion go on to develop anxiety, depression or other issues

As athletes of all sports speak out about their brain injury fears, we run through the need-to-know facts about risks, symptoms, tests and research. 1. Concussion is a red herring: Big hits are not the problem, ALL head hits cause damage All sports insist they are doing more to prevent concussions in athletes to protect […]

Every region of England saw ZERO Covid deaths at least once during the final week of April

Every region in England saw zero Covid deaths at least once in the final week of April, official figures revealed today. Office for National Statistics data showed virus fatalities have halved in a month. Covid was mentioned on 205 death certificates across England and Wales over the seven-day spell ending April 30. For comparison, the […]

Controlling cholesterol in microglia alleviates chronic pain, opioid-free — ScienceDaily

Chemotherapy can induce a painful peripheral neuropathy (CIPN), a chronic condition and common adverse effect for cancer patients undergoing treatment. Researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine, with colleagues elsewhere, have used a mouse model to demonstrate the pivotal role of cholesterol in CIPN, and proposed a novel therapeutic approach to reverse […]

How proteins control information processing in the brain — ScienceDaily

A complicated interaction between different proteins is needed for information to pass from one nerve cell to the next. Researchers at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) have now managed to study this process in the synaptic vesicles, which play an important role in this process. The study appeared in the journal Nature Communications. Several […]

New finding suggests cognitive problems caused by repeat mild head hits could be treated — ScienceDaily

A neurologic pathway by which non-damaging but high frequency brain impact blunts normal brain function and causes long-term problems with learning and memory has been identified. The finding suggests that tailored drug therapy can be designed and developed to reactivate and normalize cognitive function, say neuroscientists at Georgetown University Medical Center. The investigators, working with […]

Çka ju ndodh Po qe se hiqni dorë nga kafeina?

Kur vjen puna tek kafeja, në botë ashtu si edhe në Shqipëri identifikohen lehtë tre kategori njerëzish: ata që s’ e imagjinojnë jetën pa kafe, ata që s’ e pinë kurrë kafenë dhe ata që duan të heqin dorë prej saj, por s’ e marrin guximin. Po ti ku e gjen veten? Cilitdo grup t’i […]

Managing children’s weight, blood pressure and cholesterol protects brain function mid-life — ScienceDaily

Managing weight, blood pressure and cholesterol in children may help protect brain function in later life, according to new research published today in the American Heart Association’s flagship journal Circulation. This is the first study to highlight that cardiovascular risk factors accumulated from childhood through mid-life may influence poor cognitive performance at midlife. Previous research […]

Defective epithelial barriers linked to two billion chronic diseases — ScienceDaily

Epithelial cells form the covering of most internal and external surfaces of the human body. This protective layer acts as a defense against invaders — including bacteria, viruses, environmental toxins, pollutants and allergens. If the skin and mucosal barriers are damaged or leaky, foreign agents such as bacteria can enter into the tissue and cause […]

A Mediterranean diet might protect against memory loss and dementia — ScienceDaily

In Alzheimer’s disease, neurons in the brain die. Largely responsible for the death of neurons are certain protein deposits in the brains of affected individuals: So-called beta-amyloid proteins, which form clumps (plaques) between neurons, and tau proteins, which stick together the inside of neurons. The causes of these deposits are as yet unclear. In addition, […]

New method identifies tau aggregates occurring in healthy body structures — ScienceDaily

It turns out that not all build-ups of tau protein are bad, and a team of researchers from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania developed a method to show that. Using mammalian cell models, the researchers combined extremely high-resolution microscopy with machine learning to show that tau actually forms small aggregates […]

New evidence links gut bacteria and neurodegenerative conditions — ScienceDaily

Neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and ALS affect millions of adults, but scientists still do not know what causes these diseases, which poses a significant roadblock to developing treatments or preventative measures. Recent research suggests that people with these conditions exhibit changes in the bacterial composition of their digestive tract. However, given the vast […]

Why do some neurons degenerate and die in Alzheimer’s disease, but not others? — ScienceDaily

In the brain of a person with Alzheimer’s disease, neurons degenerate and die, slowly eliminating memories and cognitive skills. However, not all neurons are impacted equally. Some types of neurons in certain brain regions are more susceptible, and even among those subtypes — mysteriously — some perish and some do not. Researchers at Gladstone Institutes […]

Results from phase two study show improved language and daily functioning among participants — ScienceDaily

An experimental treatment produced improvements in cognitive function and language in patients with fragile X syndrome, according to study results published on April 29 in Nature Medicine. Fragile X syndrome (known as FXS for short) is the most common known genetic cause of autism and the most common cause of inherited intellectual disability. “These results […]

Going to university does NOT protect you against dementia or heart disease, scientists confirm

Going to university and getting a degree does NOT protect you against brain shrinkage, scientists confirm Education has been linked to health advantages — including lower dementia risk  Researchers analysed the brain structure of 2,000 people at various life stages  They found university-educated people do tend to have larger brain volumes However, higher education did nothing to stave […]

How your tears may soon help save your life

Here’s a good reason to start crying with happiness: your tears could soon save your life by providing an early warning of cancer, diabetes and autoimmune disease. In future, they may even predict your risk of developing Alzheimer’s. And tears are not the only bodily secretions that are being used in a new generation of […]

New method preserves viable fruit fly embryos in liquid nitrogen — ScienceDaily

Cryopreservation, or the long-term storage of biomaterials at ultralow temperatures, has been used across cell types and species. However, until now, the practical cryopreservation of the fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster) — which is crucial to genetics research and critical to scientific breakthroughs benefiting human health — has not been available. “To keep alive the ever-increasing […]

New technique models brain cells in older patients more accurately than ever before — ScienceDaily

Despite the prevalence of Alzheimer’s, there are still no treatments, in part because it has been challenging to study how the disease develops. Now, scientists at the Salk Institute have uncovered new insights into what goes awry during Alzheimer’s by growing neurons that resemble — more accurately than ever before — brain cells in older […]

Having type 2 diabetes in middle age could double dementia risk, study finds

People who develop type 2 diabetes before they turn 60 could double their risk of developing dementia in old age, a study has claimed. French scientists found that dementia at age 70 was twice as likely if someone had been diagnosed with diabetes 10 years earlier. The risk was also increased for people who got […]

Impaired drainage also may play a role in Alzheimer’s in people — ScienceDaily

Experimental Alzheimer’s drugs have shown little success in slowing declines in memory and thinking, leaving scientists searching for explanations. But new research in mice has shown that some investigational Alzheimer’s therapies are more effective when paired with a treatment geared toward improving drainage of fluid — and debris — from the brain, according to a […]

Awakening ‘ghosts’ in patients with Parkinson’s, a powerful diagnostic tool — ScienceDaily

Scientists are developing a completely new ‘brain stress test’ for evaluating the mental status of patients with Parkinson’s disease, the second most prevalent neurodegenerative disease worldwide. It involves awakening the ‘ghosts’ hidden in specific networks of the brain to predict the onset of hallucinations. “We’re developing something similar to a cardiac stress test, but instead […]

Cilat janë dobitë shëndetësore që vijnë nga agjërimi?

Dr. Besim Demolli, reumatolog   Përfitimet nga gjërimi gjatë muajit të madhërishëm të Ramazanit janë të jashtëzakonshme, disa prej të cilave janë: shpirtërore, shoqërore dhe shëndetësore. Përfitimet shpirtërore përfshijnë praktikimin dhe forcimin e durimit të dikujt, kontrolli i vetëvetes mund të ndihmojë në përmirësimin e devotshmërisë së tyre. Përfitimet shoqërore inkurajojnë dhembshurinë, ndjeshmërinë, mëshirën, barazinë […]

Removing ‘garbage’ from brain cells improves memory in mice — ScienceDaily

Researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine have designed an experimental drug that reversed key symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease in mice. The drug works by reinvigorating a cellular cleaning mechanism that gets rid of unwanted proteins by digesting and recycling them. The study was published online today in the journal Cell. “Discoveries in mice don’t […]

Covid England: Cases fall in EVERY age group as daily death rate drops to 18

Coronavirus cases have fallen in every age group in England and just 18 deaths were announced across Britain today, according to more promising data that strengthens the argument for easing lockdown sooner.  Public Health England’s weekly Covid surveillance report found rates of the virus were down in all age groups for the third week in […]

Covid is no longer the leading cause of death in England and Wales

Covid is no longer the leading cause of death in England and Wales for the first time since October and the number of people falling ill with the virus is at its lowest level on record, according to statistics which strengthen the argument for a quicker easing of lockdown. Office for National Statistics figures published […]

Si ndikon konsumimi i dy filxhanëve me kafe çdo ditë në mëlçinë tuaj?

në të gjithë botën, kafeja është një nga pijet më të preferuara mes shumë njerëzve, qoftë e nxehtë apo e ftohtë. Para se shkencëtarët të bënin teste mbi të, kafeja mendohej se ishte e dëmshme për shëndetin. Shumë probleme shëndetësore ishin të lidhura me kafenë pa ndonjë hulumtim. Një hulumtim vërtetoi se në vend të […]

A gene finding links severe canine juvenile epilepsy to mitochondrial dysfunction — ScienceDaily

In a study conducted at the University of Helsinki, researchers found a cause for severe epilepsy resulting in death in Parson Russell Terrier puppies at a few months of age. A change in the PITRM1 gene can lead to a dysfunction of mitochondria, the cellular energy pumps. Concurrently, amyloid-β accumulation and widespread neurodegeneration associated with […]

Scientists find brain’s immune cells form some plaques as a defense in Alzheimer’s, suggesting a new therapeutic direction — ScienceDaily

One of the characteristic hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the buildup of amyloid-beta plaques in the brain. Most therapies designed to treat AD target these plaques, but they’ve largely failed in clinical trials. New research by Salk scientists upends conventional views of the origin of one prevalent type of plaque, indicating a reason why […]

Study finds evidence of more brain aging in people living in disadvantaged areas — ScienceDaily

Middle-age and older people living in more disadvantaged neighborhoods — areas with higher poverty levels and fewer educational and employment opportunities — had more brain shrinkage on brain scans and showed faster decline on cognitive tests than people living in neighborhoods with fewer disadvantages, according to a study published in the April 14, 2021, online […]

Simple snoring cure could also slash risk of dementia by more than a third, researchers say 

Simple snoring cure could also slash risk of dementia by more than a third, researchers say US researchers conducted a study to find out if treating heavy snorers meant they were less likely to get dementia  The treatment – Continuous Positive Airway Pressure – involves wearing a mask a night connected to a machine that […]

Toxic gas in the brain may increase your risk of developing dementia 

Levels of a toxic gas in the brain could influence whether or not we get dementia and epilepsy, a study reveals. The gas, hydrogen sulfide (H2S), is created inside the body in small doses – and is perhaps best known for carrying the torrid smell of rotten eggs.   H2S is produced in the brain and several […]

Toxic gas in rat brains shows potential for new dementia treatments — ScienceDaily

A potential treatment for dementia and epilepsy could look to reduce the amounts of a toxic gas in the brain has been revealed in a new study using rat brain cells. The research published in Scientific Reports today [Wednesday 14 April] shows that treatments to reduce levels of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in the brain may […]

Brain scans reveal special case in frontotemporal dementia — ScienceDaily

People with early-onset dementia are often mistaken for having depression and now Australian research has discovered the cause: a profound loss of ability to experience pleasure — for example a delicious meal or beautiful sunset — related to degeneration of ‘hedonic hotspots’ in the brain where pleasure mechanisms are concentrated. The University of Sydney-led research […]

Potential mechanistic link shown between Traumatic Brain Injury and Alzheimer’s disease — ScienceDaily

Violent blows or jolts to the head can cause traumatic brain injury (TBI), and there are currently about five million people in the U.S. living with some form of chronic impairment after suffering a TBI. Even in a mild form, TBI can lead to lifelong nerve cell deterioration associated with a wide array of neuropsychiatric […]

Leaking calcium in neurons an early sign of Alzheimer’s pathology — ScienceDaily

Alzheimer’s disease is known for its slow attack on neurons crucial to memory and cognition. But why are these particular neurons in aging brains so susceptible to the disease’s ravages, while others remain resilient? A new study led by researchers at the Yale School of Medicine has found that susceptible neurons in the prefrontal cortex […]

Imbalance in gum bacteria linked to Alzheimer’s disease biomarker — ScienceDaily

Older adults with more harmful than healthy bacteria in their gums are more likely to have evidence for amyloid beta — a key biomarker for Alzheimer’s disease — in their cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), according to new research from NYU College of Dentistry and Weill Cornell Medicine. However, this imbalance in oral bacteria was not associated […]

Why I made a film about my struggle to have a baby

Charlotte (pictured) and her now husband were told that the pregnancy was ectopic — rather than growing in the womb, the fertilised egg had lodged in one of her fallopian tubes Young filmmaker Charlotte Carroll went to hospital writhing in agony, convinced she had a hernia. But as she waited on the trolley, she received surprising […]

Fighting dementia with play — ScienceDaily

A dementia diagnosis turns the world upside down, not only for the person affected but also for their relatives, as brain function gradually declines. Those affected lose their ability to plan, remember things or behave appropriately. At the same time, their motor skills also deteriorate. Ultimately, dementia patients are no longer able to handle daily […]

Aluminum is intricately associated with the neuropathology of familial Alzheimer’s disease — ScienceDaily

A new study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease Reports continues to support a growing body of evidence that aluminum contributes to the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Researchers found aluminum co-located with phosphorylated tau protein, which is an early initiator of AD. This study builds upon two earlier published studies (including Mold et […]

Cka është demenca dhe cilat janë format e saj? Shpjegon neurologu Fatos Morina

Gjatë mbrëmjes së sontme, në emisionin “Takim virtual me Shëndritin” ishte i ftuar neurologu Fatos Morina, me të cilin u diskutua për vaksinën AstraZeneca dhe ndërlidhjen e saj me trombozën trurore dhe tretmani i kësaj të fundit. Për afro një orë sa zgjati kjo lidhje e drejtpërdrejtë, shikuesit patën mundësi të informohen më shumë rreth […]

Lactation and visceral, pericardial fat — ScienceDaily

As demonstrated by multiple studies over the years, women who breastfeed have a lower risk for developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes when compared to those who don’t or can’t. However, the mechanisms by which these risks are reduced for lactating women are still not fully understood. Duke Appiah, Ph.D., an assistant professor of public health […]

DNA markers in cells of MDD sufferers appear 2 years older than in healthy controls, researchers say — ScienceDaily

Cells from individuals with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) were found to have higher than expected rates of methylation at specific sites on their DNA, when compared to cells from healthy individuals without MDD, according to a study by a multidisciplinary team of UC San Francisco scientists, in collaboration with others. Methylation is a process by […]

An amyloid link between Parkinson’s disease and melanoma — ScienceDaily

On the surface, Parkinson’s disease — a neurodegenerative disorder — and melanoma — a type of skin cancer — do not appear to have much in common. However, for nearly 50 years, doctors have recognized that Parkinson’s disease patients are more likely to develop melanoma than the general population. Now, scientists report a molecular link […]

Why 2020 was the year of marvellous medicine

A year ago, the world was in the grip of a deadly and, seemingly, unstoppable virus and the UK went into its first lockdown.  Since then, vaccines and life-saving drugs to counter Covid have been the focus of international attention.  But the past year has also seen major developments in treatments for cancer, diabetes, multiple […]

Artificial Intelligence could ‘crack the language of cancer and Alzheimer’s’ — ScienceDaily

Powerful algorithms used by Netflix, Amazon and Facebook can ‘predict’ the biological language of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, scientists have found. Big data produced during decades of research was fed into a computer language model to see if artificial intelligence can make more advanced discoveries than humans. Academics based at St John’s College, […]

Functional PLD3 protein is linked to fewer beta-amyloid plaques and less cognitive decline in patients — ScienceDaily

A rare and controversial mutation in the phospholipase D3 (PLD3) protein — previously linked to Alzheimer’s disease — interferes with PLD3’s vital recycling function inside neurons. Matthew Schrag of Vanderbilt University Medical Center and colleagues report these new findings in a paper published April 8th in PLOS Genetics. About 1 percent of people with Alzheimer’s […]

Blood test for depression, bipolar disorder — ScienceDaily

Worldwide, 1 in 4 people will suffer from a depressive episode in their lifetime. While current diagnosis and treatment approaches are largely trial and error, a breakthrough study by Indiana University School of Medicine researchers sheds new light on the biological basis of mood disorders, and offers a promising blood test aimed at a precision […]

Supë Plot Vlera Me Hithra, Karrotë Dhe Patate

Hithra është një barishte e fuqishme në aspekt vlerash ushqyese dhe kuruese për organizmin e njeriut. Në këtë periudhë të vitit, lëndinat, kopështet e bahçet janë plot e për plot me këtë barishte të cilës i thuren shumë lavde. Hithra është një bimë premtuese në trajtimin e sëmundjeve të Alzheimer, artritit, astmës, infeksioneve të fshikëzës […]

Lëvoret e portokallit mund të zvogëlojnë rrezikun e kancerit dhe të përmirësojnë shëndetin e trurit

Herën tjetër kur të hani një portokall, mos e hidhni lëvoren menjëherë në plehra. Në fakt është e ngrënshme! Lëvoret mund të shtojnë një shpërthim të shijshëm të shijes në gatimin tuaj. Megjithëse të ashpra dhe të hidhura kur janë të papërpunuara, ato do të sigurojnë cilësi të shkëlqyeshme dhe një kthesë unike në pjatën […]

A Mundet Përdorimi i Vitaminës D Të Parandalojë Alzheimerin?

Vitamina D është shumë e rëndësishme për mirëqenien e të gjithë organizmin. Mjaftojnë 15 minuta në diell që trupi të prodhojë vitaminë D. Megjithatë, shpesh është e nevojshme që njeriu të marrë suplementë të kësaj vitamine për të plotësuar dozat e nevojshme. Në vazhdën e sëmundjeve të ndryshme që degjenerojnë trurin siç është skleroza apo […]

Ky lloj ushtrimi do të ulë rrezikun e Alzheimerit

Po qe se dëshironi të përmirësoni funksionin tuaj të kujtesës, është koha të shkoni në distancë! Studiuesit nga Universiteti i Wisconsin kanë zbuluar se Po qe se jeni në rrezik të Alzheimerit dhe ushtroni me intensitet të mesëm çdo ditë, keni më pak të ngjarë të zhvilloni sëmundjen. Studimi, i botuar në Journal of Alzheimer’s […]

Aktiviteti fizik mund t’a parandaloj sëmundjen e harresës

Studiuesit kanë zbuluar se ushtrimet aerobike mund të zvogëlojnë progresimin e sëmundjes së Alzheimerit. Hulumtimi I botuar në revisten “Journal of Alzheimers Disease”, mbështet teorinë se stërvitja aerobike mund të shërbej si mjet parandalues ndaj kësaj sëmundjeje, si dhe mund t’I zbus simptomat tek personat e diagnostikuar me Alzheimer. Sëmundja e Alzheimerit është një çrregullim […]

Pneumonia: Si ta parandaloni infektimin?

Pneumonia është një infeksion që ndez qeskat e ajrit në njërën ose në të dy mushkëritë. Qeskat e ajrit mund të mbushen me lëng ose qelb, duke shkaktuar kollë me gëlbazë ose qelb, ethe, të dridhura dhe vështirësi në frymëmarrje. Forcimi i trupit me burime natyrore të acideve yndyrore omega-3 mundëson parandalimin e pneumonisë për […]

Qitro – Përfitimet Shëndetësore Të Këtij Agrumi

s’ është diçka e re që frutat përmbajnë shumë substanca të dobishme për trupat tanë. andaj specialistët e shëndetit këshillojnë të konsumoni fruta çdo ditë, pasi përmbajnë lëndë ushqyese të dobishme si vitamina, fibra por edhe kalcium. Biologjikisht, qitro i përket familjes së bimëve Rutaceae. Ky frut është i shpërndarë në të gjithë botën dhe […]

Pse duhet të Pini Një Lugë Vaj Ulliri në Mëngjes – Sekreti i Jetëgjatësisë

Një lugë Vaj Ulliri çdo mëngjes zgjon shëndetin në organizëm, i dhuron trupit energji ndërsa forcon imunitetin dhe sigurisht mirëqenien.   Është padyshim një nga dhuratat mrekullibërëse të natyrës dhe kjo është kura me vaj ulliri. I pasur në vlera kurative, vaji i ullirit mbetet mbreti i shëndetit të mirë dhe kuzhinës së shijshme. Ai […]

Kujdesi Për Dhëmbët Dhe Sëmundja e Alzheimerit – Çfarë duhet të Dini

specialistët kanë paralajmëruar prej kohësh se inflamacioni i mishrave të dhëmbëve rrit rrezikun e shfaqjes së sëmundjeve të zemrës. Një studim i janarit të këtij viti e konfirmoi këtë por edhe zbuloi se bakteret që shkaktojnë inflamacion në gojë kanë lidhje edhe me sëmundjen e Alzheimerit. Specifikisht bëhet fjalë për bakterin Porfiromonas gingivalis, i cili […]

Probleme me kujtesën pasi kaloni COVID-in? Ç’thonë specialistët, rasti i dy shqiptarëve

Kaltrina Jupolli-Sejdiu, 30-vjeçare nga Prishtina deri para muajit nëntor të vitit të kaluar, s’ ka pasur asnjë problem me kujtesën. Por, prej kur është shëruar nga sëmundja COVID-19, humbja e kujtesës i është bërë pjesë e përditshmërisë. “Harresën e kam aty për aty, s’ më ka ndodhur më herët që dikush të më dhuroj diçka […]

Problemet me kujtesë pas tejkalimit të COVID-19, çka thonë specialistët shëndetësorë?

Kaltrina Jupolli-Sejdiu, 30-vjeçare nga Prishtina deri para muajit nëntor të vitit të kaluar, s’ ka pasur asnjë problem me kujtesën. Por, prej kur është shëruar nga sëmundja COVID-19, humbja e kujtesës i është bërë pjesë e përditshmërisë. “Harresën e kam aty për aty, s’ më ka ndodhur më herët që dikush të më dhuroj diçka […]

Kërkimet e reja identifikojnë tre nëntipe të ndryshme te Alzhemierit

Derisa disa ilaçe tregojnë shenja pozitive për ngadalësimin e përparimit të Alzheimerit, aktualisht s’ ka shërim për sëmundjen. Një studim i ri i botuar në Science Advances sugjeron që kjo mund të jetë prejse trajtimet duhet të shkojnë përtej asaj që kanë studiuar deri më tani. Alzheimeri s’ është një sëmundje e vetme. PërderisaAlzheimeri kryesisht […]

Seeking Anti-Growing older Ideas? Verify These Out!

Everyone wants to era gracefully. But that isn’t easy to perform. It’s tough to have a vibrant visual appeal without having done things that could make you appearance and feel a little less like on your own. In this post, you’ll find some very nice tips concerning how to maintain looking wonderful while you become […]

Katër ndodhi të jashtëzakonshme shkencore të 2020-s, të cilat ndoshta s’ i dini për shkak të virusit

Viti që lamë pas ishte një vit i trazuar për shkak të pandemisë. Megjithatë, nga një tjetër këndvështrim shkencor, ishte një vit përparimesh të jashtëzakonshme 1. Viti i kodit gjenetik Redaktimi i gjeneve është një nga dukuritë më të rëndësishme shkencore të vitit që lamë pas. Në tetor, për herë të parë në histori, një […]

Çdo gjë që është e mirë për zemrën tuaj, është gjithashtu e mirë edhe për trurin tuaj

Ndër faktorët kryesorë të rrezikut për zhvillimin e demencias janë: mungesa e arsimimit, humbja e shqisave, pirja e duhanit dhe pasiviteti fizik janë theksuar në artikull Vlerësohet që 47 milionë njerëz në gjithë botën vuajnë nga demencia. Hulumtimi u prezantua në konferencën e Shoqatës Ndërkombëtare “Alzheimer” në Londër, raporton BBC, përcjell Telegrafi. Në raportin të […]

Niseni Vitin Mbarë me Shegë – Fruti Magjik i Shëndetit, Dashurisë dhe Jetës

Njihet si fruti i ëmbël i parajsës, me shumë kokrra të cilat simbolizojnë bollëk e begati. Sipas një tradite të hershme, në ditën e parë të Vitit të Ri, një kokërr shege hidhet në tokë ose në tryezë dhe kokrrat e saj të shumta të shpërndara besohet të sjellin para, dashuri, shëndet e jetëgjatësi. Kokrrat […]

Mungesa e selenit mund të shkaktojë çrregullime të tiroides, shtim në peshë dhe imunitet të dobët

ndërsa plakemi, bëhet gjithnjë e më e rëndësishme për ne të ushqehemi me një dietë të shëndetshme. Disa lëndë ushqyese që mund të marrim vetëm nga ushqimi na ndihmojnë të plakemi në një mënyrë që parandalon sëmundjen dhe na mban funksionimin. Po qe se luftoni me një tiroide të ngadaltë, shëndet të dobët imunitar dhe […]

Klinika Digjitale mundëson ekzaminimin me PET-CT

Klinika Digjitale në bashkëpunim me Anadolu Medical Center ka kënaqësinë t’u ofrojë pacientëve në nevojë, ekzaminimin me metodën me të avancuar në botë për diagnostikimin e kancerit. OFERTA E FUNDVITIT: – Ekzaminimi me PET-CT – Raporti i Radiologut – Konsultimi me Onkologun – Transporti falas nga aeroporti në spital dhe anasjelltas – Testi COVID 19 […]

New pathway in Alzheimer’s disease provides earlier target for potential therapies

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Researchers at the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine have identified a new target in development of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) that could lead to therapies focused on treating the neurodegenerative condition early in its progression. The discovery helps bolster a promising approach to AD research: finding and manipulating processes earlier […]

Dapansutril kann entzündliche Reaktionen im Gehirn von Mäusen verhindern

Neuroinflammation spielt beim Verlauf der Alzheimer-Krankheit eine wichtige Rolle. Forschende der Technischen Universität Braunschweig konnten in einer Studie mit Mäusen zeigen, dass die Substanz Dapansutril solche Entzündungsprozesse im Gehirn verhindern kann.  Um Krankheitserreger unschädlich zu machen, aktivieren Immunzellen des Gehirns spezielle Proteinkomplexe, die Inflammasome. Diese lösen eine Neuroinflammation aus, die in der Regel mit der […]

Krebserkrankungen über die Atemluft erkennen

Unsere Atemluft enthält Informationen, die sich für die Diagnostik von Krankheiten nutzen lassen. Forscher am Fraunhofer-Projektzentrum für Mikroelektronische und Optische Systeme für die Biomedizin MEOS entwickeln Lösungen, die künftig die Analyse der Atemluft ermöglichen. Bei ihren Forschungsarbeiten fokussieren sie sich auf das frühzeitige Erkennen von Krebserkrankungen. Aber auch die Unterscheidung zwischen COVID-19 und anderen Atemwegsinfektionen […]

New tests identify very early changes in Alzheimer’s disease before symptoms appear

PET scan of a human brain with Alzheimer’s disease. Credit: public domain Researchers at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, together with their colleagues at the Barcelona Beta Research Centre in Spain, the University Medical Centre in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and the University of Paris, have found new forms of tau protein that become abnormal in […]

London A.I. Lab Claims Breakthrough That Could Accelerate Drug Discovery

Some scientists spend their lives trying to pinpoint the shape of tiny proteins in the human body. Proteins are the microscopic mechanisms that drive the behavior of viruses, bacteria, the human body and all living things. They begin as strings of chemical compounds, before twisting and folding into three-dimensional shapes that define what they can […]

Nga dëmtimi i organeve deri te lodhja kronike: Pasojat e mundshme të post-Covidit

Ndonëse COVID-19 shihet si një sëmundje që prek kryesisht mushkëritë, nga ana tjetër mund të dëmtojë edhe shumë organe të tjera Ky dëmtim i organit mund të rrisë rrezikun e problemeve shëndetësore afatgjata. Organet që mund të preken nga COVID-19 përfshijnë: Zemra: Testet e imazheve të marra muaj pas rikuperimit nga Covid-19 kanë treguar dëmtime […]

Why an antidepressant could be used to treat COVID-19

Credit: Volodymyr TVERDOKHLIB/Shutterstock A commonly used drug called fluvoxamine was recently tested as a treatment for COVID-19 in the United States. The 152 patients enrolled in the trial had been confirmed to have COVID-19 using a PCR test, and had seen symptoms appear within the past seven days. Patients who already required COVID-19 hospitalisation, or […]

More education may not protect against dementia

Credit: CC0 Public Domain The state of knowledge seemed clear: school education protects against dementia. Every school year is supposed to reduce the risk of developing dementia in later life by up to seven percent. Researchers at the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE) have shown quite some perseverance and have now refuted this causal connection. Their […]

Team discovers new connection between Alzheimer’s dementia and Dlgap2

Andrew Ouellette and Sarah Neuner. Credit: Tiffany Laufer A gene known for helping facilitate communication between neurons in the nervous system has been discovered to be connected with Alzheimer’s dementia and cognitive decline, according to a national research team led by The Jackson Laboratory and University of Maine. Catherine Kaczorowski, associate professor and Evnin family […]

Early, late stages of degenerative diseases are distinct, study shows

Based on thousands of experiments over more than a decade, Rice University biochemists Michael Stern and James McNew believe degenerative diseases as varied as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and muscle atrophy occur in two phases (green and red) marked by distinct alterations in the activity of the signaling pathway proteins TOR, AMPK, Foxo and JNK. In the […]

Eye exam could lead to early Parkinson’s disease diagnosis

An example of a fundus eye images taken from the UK Biobank. Credit: Radiological Society of North America A simple eye exam combined with powerful artificial intelligence (AI) machine learning technology could provide early detection of Parkinson’s disease, according to research being presented at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). […]

Çka është mjegulla e trurit dhe si trajtohet ajo?

E sigurt të themi që të gjithë jemi duke u ndjerë më shumë se paksa të mbingarkuar me gjendjen aktuale në botë për shkak të pandemisë me coronavirus dhe kjo mund të çojë në disa momente të trurit të mjegulluar Jessica Caldwell, një neuro-psikologe dhe drejtoreshë e Qendrës së Parandalimit të Lëvizjes Alzheimer të Grave […]

Alzheimer’s disease drug may help fight against antibiotic resistance

UQ’s Dr David De Oliveira in the lab, testing the efficacy of PBT2 in disrupting and killing antibiotic-resistant Gram-negative bacteria. Credit: The University of Queensland An experimental Alzheimer’s disease treatment is proving effective at treating some of the most persistent, life-threatening antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Researchers from The University of Queensland, The University of Melbourne and Griffith […]

A genetic link to molecular events that precede symptoms in Alzheimer’s disease

BACE1 (red) and GGA3 (green) in a wild-type neuron. Credit: S. Lomoio et al., Science Translational Medicine (2020) Researchers at Tufts University School of Medicine have discovered a molecular mechanism that causes a “traffic jam” of enzymes traveling up and down neuronal axons, leading to the accumulation of amyloid beta—a key feature and cause of […]

Katër ushqimet më të këqija për shëndetin e trurit

Ngrënia e tepërt e disa ushqimeve të caktuara mund ta vendosë trurin tuaj në rrezik të plakjes së parakohshme dhe sëmundjeve si Alzheimer. Kufizimi i marrjes tuaj të këtyre ushqimeve – apo edhe eliminimi i tyre plotësisht – mund t’ju ndihmojë të mbani ato qeliza të çmuara të trurit. Sheqeri i rafinuar Sheqeri i rafinuar […]

Der lange Weg zur Alzheimer-Demenz

Die Kettenreaktion, die zu den toxischen Protein-Ablagerungen und damit zur Alzheimer-Demenz führt, setzt viel früher ein als bisher gedacht. Tübinger Forschende zeigen, wie dieser Prozess frühzeitig gestoppt werden könnte. Eine Alzheimer-Erkrankung entwickelt sich über Jahrzehnte. Sie beginnt mit einer fatalen Kettenreaktion, bei der massenhaft falsch gefaltete Beta-Amyloid-Proteine entstehen, die das Gehirn am akoma regelrecht überschwemmen. […]

Here’s three ways physical activity changes its very structure

Regular exercise changes the structure of our bodies’ tissues in obvious ways, such as reducing the size of fat stores and increasing muscle mass. Less visible, but perhaps even more important, is the profound influence exercise has on the structure of our brains – an influence that can protect and preserve brain health and function […]

Chronic alcohol use reshapes the brain’s immune landscape, driving anxiety and addiction

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Deep within the brain, a small almond-shaped region called the amygdala plays a vital role in how we exhibit emotion, behavior and motivation. Understandably, it’s also strongly implicated in alcohol abuse, making it a long-running focus of Marisa Roberto, Ph.D., professor in Scripps Research’s Department of Molecular Medicine. Now, for the […]

Actively speaking two languages protects against cognitive decline

Credit: Universitat Pompeu Fabra – Barcelona In addition to enabling us to communicate with others, languages are our instrument for conveying our thoughts, identity, knowledge, and how we see and understand the world. Having a command of more than one enriches us and offers a doorway to other cultures, as discovered by a team of […]

A është Plakja e Trurit e Trashëgueshme – Kujdesi që Ju duhet

Sëmundja më e përfolur e viteve të fundit është pa dyshim plakja e trurit. Të dhënat e përhapjes së saj tregojnë shifra të cilat shtrihen në të gjithë botën e në të gjitha moshat. E teksa kjo ndodh, pyetjes se nga se shkaktohet kjo sëmundje specialistët akoma s’ mund t’i japin një përgjigje të saktë. […]

Psychological rather than cognitive status associated with incorrect perception of falling risk in dementia patients

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Dementia is associated with an impaired self-perception with potentially harmful consequences for health status and clinical risk classification in this patient group with an extraordinary high risk of falling. A new study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease indicates that psychological factors such as anxiety or fear of falling, cognitive […]

Covid Threatens People With Intellectual and Developmental Challenges

Over all, the death rate among all patients with Covid-19 was 0.6 percent. By contrast, 1.22 percent of those with developmental disorders and Covid-19 died, as did 3.37 percent of those with intellectual disabilities. In addition to the high risk to people with developmental disorders, lung cancer and intellectual disabilities, people with spina bifida and […]

Ebbe und Flut in den Hirnkammern

Vergrößerte Ventrikel im Gehirn von MS-PatientInnen galten bislang als Zeichen für Gewebeschwund. An Mäusen konnten Forschende allerdings zeigen, dass die Schwellung oft zurückgeht. Nun belegt eine aktuelle Studie, dass sich diese Beobachtung auch auf den Menschen übertragen lässt. Normalerweise ist das Volumen der Hirnkammern in etwa konstant. 2013 machten Dr. Sonia Waiczies und ihre KollegInnen […]

An Amazonian tea stimulates the formation of new neurons

Preparation of ayahuasca in Ecuador. Credit: Terpsichore. One of the main natural components of ayahuasca tea is dimethyltryptamine (DMT), which promotes neurogenesis —the formation of new neurons—according to research led by the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM). In addition to neurons, the infusion used for shamanic purposes also induces the formation of other neural cells […]

FDA panel urges rejection of experimental Alzheimer’s drug

In this Dec. 12, 2019 photo provided by Biogen, a scientist works on Alzheimer’s disease research in a laboratory at the drugmaker’s headquarters in Cambridge, Mass. On Friday, Nov. 6, 2020, a panel of outside experts will meet to advise the Food and Drug Administration on the drug, called aducanumab from Biogen Inc. and Japan’s […]

Down syndrome-associated gene suppresses age-related corneal clouding

Credit: CC0 Public Domain An analysis of aging in Down syndrome and hypercholesterolemia mouse models has suggested that a Down syndrome-associated gene, DSCR-1, protects against abnormal vascularization of the cornea and associated corneal opacity (blindness) by suppressing oxidized LDL cholesterol production and new downstream angiogenic signaling in patients with chronic high cholesterol. Epidemiological data suggests […]

Study dives into genetic risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia for diverse Latinx groups

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias (ADRD) are degenerative brain diseases that affect over 5.8 million people in the U.S. Rates of ADRD are higher among Black and Latinx individuals compared to non-Latinx white individuals. APOE-ε4 is the strongest known genetic risk factor for ADRD , however this finding is largely based […]

Controversial Alzheimer’s Drug Faces Critical Test Before F.D.A. Panel

A federal panel will decide on Friday whether to recommend approval of a controversial but potentially promising Alzheimers drug, which would be the first to come to market in nearly two decades. The drug, aducanumab, would not stop or reverse dementia, but some evidence suggests it can slow the progression of memory and thinking problems […]

Vaccine shows promise against herpes virus

A genetically edited form of a herpes simplex virus has outperformed a leading vaccine candidate in a study published Nov. 6. Nebraska researchers Patricia Sollars (left) and Gary Pickard teamed with colleagues from the University of Cincinnati and Northwestern University to develop and test a form of HSV that generates high levels of neutralizing antibodies […]

Alzheimer kann im frühen Stadium durch spezielle Ernährung verzögert werden

Im frühen Stadium lässt sich der Verlauf einer Alzheimer-Erkrankung mit einem speziellen Nährstoffgemisch verzögern. Bei Versuchspersonen, die dieses medizinische Nahrungsmittel über einen längeren Zeitraum einnahmen, ließ die geistige Leistungsfähigkeit deutlich langsamer nach als in einer Kontrollgruppe, die nur ein Placebo erhielt. Das ist das Ergebnis der europäischen Studie LipiDiDiet, bei der 311 Patienten an elf […]

Married, single, kids or not, participating in workforce may protect women’s memory

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Women who work in the paid labor force in early adulthood and middle age may have slower memory decline later in life than women who do not work for pay, according to a new study published in the November 4, 2020, online issue of Neurology, the medical journal of the American […]