Short-term spikes in air pollution ‘may speed up brain decline in older men’

CAUSE CHILDREN TO HAVE A LOW IQ: Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, found in May 2019 that children born to mothers who live in polluted areas have an IQ that is up to seven points lower than those living in places with cleaner air. CAUSE CHILDREN TO HAVE POORER MEMORY: Researchers at the […]

Nearly half of older millennials have at least one chronic health condition

Nearly half of older millennials already have chronic health conditions, a new survey suggests.  Some 44 percent of people born between 1981 and 1988 have already been diagnosed with at least one chronic medical condition, according to the CNBC/Harris poll.  The most common conditions among the group were migraines, depression and asthma, diabetes type 2 […]

Defective epithelial barriers linked to two billion chronic diseases — ScienceDaily

Epithelial cells form the covering of most internal and external surfaces of the human body. This protective layer acts as a defense against invaders — including bacteria, viruses, environmental toxins, pollutants and allergens. If the skin and mucosal barriers are damaged or leaky, foreign agents such as bacteria can enter into the tissue and cause […]

Amazon slammed for selling bogus homeopathy products made from the pus of syphilis blisters

Amazon is selling homeopathy products made from the pus of syphilis and scabies blisters, MailOnline can reveal.  The retail giant also offers pills comprising diseased human tissue, including breast cancer cells and urethral gonorrhea discharge, as well as sperm whale vomit. Critics today accused Amazon of misleading customers by allowing the listings to pose as […]

Inside Moroccan maternity ward where Malian mother gave birth to record breaking NINE babies

Incredible footage from inside a Moroccan maternity unit has captured the astonishing birth of nine babies to a single mother – as the premature newborns beat the odds to survive. Doctors today revealed how they delivered the five girls and four boys on Tuesday, and have confirmed that all nine newborns and their mother Halima […]

Mail on Sunday launches campaign urging NHS bosses to let us all see our GPs face to face again

If there is one story which encapsulates the distress of families as GPs remain behind closed doors during this pandemic, then this is it. And to health chiefs who continue to insist patients should only be seen face-to-face where absolutely necessary, it should serve as a warning shot: to open up ALL surgeries again, or […]

Child obesity cases treated in hospital have more than doubled in two years, figures show 

Child obesity cases treated in NHS hospitals have more than doubled in two years and tripled since 2014 Number of babies and toddlers treated in hospital for obesity more than doubled in two years Obesity contributory factor in 1,087 patients aged four and under last year The figure has more than tripled from 336 in […]

Teacher at Miami school told fifth graders not to HUG vaccinated parents

A fifth-grade teacher at Centner Academy, a private school in Miami, told 10-year-old students not to hug their parents for more than five seconds if their parents were vaccinated.   The teacher also advised the students not to get the COVID-19 vaccine when available to them. The school’s co-founder, Leila Centner, told teachers that her academy would […]

Air pollution in the UK is at its LOWEST since records began

Air pollution in the UK is at the lowest since records began, according to official Government statistics.  Three of the most problematic pollutants — nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10) — dropped to all-time low levels last year due to lockdown. These pollutants are spewed out in high levels by engines, industry, […]

UK’s ‘longest-suffering Covid patient’ who has been in hospital for a YEAR vomits every day

A coronavirus survivor thought to be Britain’s longest-suffering patient has been left vomiting every day.  Jason Kelk, 49, from Leeds, was rushed to hospital with a chest infection last April, which turned out to be Covid.  The primary school IT teacher, who has not left the hospital since, was transferred to intensive care and hooked […]

Baby’s first stool can help predict risk of developing allergies — ScienceDaily

It may seem like an unusual place to go looking for answers, but the contents of a baby’s first diaper can reveal a lot about a newborn’s future health. In a new study published today in Cell Reports Medicine, a team of University of British Columbia (UBC) researchers has shown that the composition of a […]

Covid India: Second wave ‘far more infectious and probably far more deadly’

India’s Covid second wave is being driven by a ‘far more infectious and probably far more deadly’ strain of virus that has pushed hospitals ‘beyond crisis point’ in just a matter of weeks, a top medic has warned. Dr Zarir Udwadia, a physician in hard-hit Mumbai and a government advisor, said India is now ‘in […]

How deadly is India’s Covid variant and is it REALLY behind explosion of cases?

India‘s coronavirus variant may not be fully to blame for the country’s devastating second wave, according to scientists who say a ‘perfect storm’ of Covid complacency, a disregard for social distancing and lack of preparedness by the Government has fuelled the crisis.  Doctors on the frontline claim the B.1.617 strain is responsible for the raging second […]

Stress slows the immune response in sick mice — ScienceDaily

The neurotransmitter noradrenaline, which plays a key role in the fight-or-flight stress response, impairs immune responses by inhibiting the movements of various white blood cells in different tissues, researchers report April 28th in the journal Immunity. The fast and transient effect occurred in mice with infections and cancer, but for now, it’s unclear whether the […]

Food allergies, changes to infant gut bacteria linked to method of childbirth, ethnicity — ScienceDaily

Researchers have found a causal link between caesarean section birth, low intestinal microbiota and peanut sensitivity in infants, and they report the effect is more pronounced in children of Asian descent than others, in a recently published paper in the journal of the American Gastroenterological Association. “It’s important to know what predicts or increases risk […]

Overgrowth of gut yeast in newborns may increase asthma risk — ScienceDaily

An overgrowth of yeast in the gut within the first few months of life may cause changes to the immune system that increase the risk of asthma later on, shows a study published today in eLife. Asthma is a common and sometimes difficult-to-manage, life-long lung condition that affects one in 10 children in developed countries. […]

Covid PILLS could be available in UK ‘by autumn’ says Boris Johnson

People in the UK could be offered pills to treat Covid at home from autumn this year thanks to a new antivirals taskforce being set up by No10. Boris Johnson today said he will assemble a team of scientists to find ways for people to recover from the virus without going into hospital because the […]

DR MARTIN SCURR: Try physio to ease chronic coughing

My wife Patricia has many illnesses including asthma, bladder problems, Crohn’s disease, type 2 diabetes and bronchiectasis. The latter condition causes bouts of chesty coughing, but we have been told there is no cure. I would appreciate any advice. Brian Jones, Torquay, Devon. Bronchiectasis is a chronic, irreversible lung condition, and coping with it must […]

Genetic ancestry versus race can provide specific, targeted insights to predict and treat many diseases — ScienceDaily

The complex patterns of genetic ancestry uncovered from genomic data in health care systems can provide valuable insights into both genetic and environmental factors underlying many common and rare diseases — insights that are far more targeted and specific than those derived from traditional ethnic or racial labels like Hispanic or Black, according to a […]

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to treat severe asthma — ScienceDaily

Wheezing, coughing that doesn’t stop, a pale and sweaty face: clinically, severe asthma attacks look very similar from patient to patient. But biologically, not all severe asthma is the same — and a team of scientists has, for the first time, identified the key difference in people, a finding that has important implications for treatment. […]

Preliminary findings for pilot study could have policy implications — ScienceDaily

Patients who have preexisting respiratory conditions such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and live in areas with high levels of air pollution have a greater chance of hospitalization if they contract COVID-19, says a University of Cincinnati researcher. Angelico Mendy, MD, PhD, assistant professor of environmental and public health sciences, at the […]

Scientists identify severe asthma species, show air pollutant as likely contributor — ScienceDaily

Asthma afflicts more than 300 million people worldwide. The most severe manifestation, known as non-Th2, or non-atopic childhood asthma, represents the majority of the cases, greater than 85%, particularly in low-income countries, according to Hyunok Choi, an associate professor at the Lehigh University College of Health. Yet, whether non-Th2 is a distinct disease (or endotype) […]

Coronavirus UK: NHS to use £15 budesonide inhalers found to boost Covid recovery at home

Coronavirus-infected Brits can now be prescribed inhalers on the NHS after experts found a commonly used asthma drug can help patients recover faster. Budesonide will be the first treatment specifically for Covid patients to take at home – all other medical breakthroughs so far have been for hospital use. Thirty-two per cent of over-50s who […]

Experts’ medicine cabinet essentials: The shopping list to keep your family healthy

The past year has taught us the importance of a stocked medicine cabinet.  Whatever health problem you face —from cuts and stings to a thumping headache or even mild symptoms of Covid, such as fever — it is vital to have the correct, up-to-date products to hand.  And it’s equally important to have them organised […]

Volcanic pollution return linked to jump in respiratory disease cases — ScienceDaily

Respiratory disease increased markedly following one of Iceland’s largest volcanic eruptions, a new study has found. And the findings could have significant implications for actions taken to protect the health of the 800 million people globally living near active volcanoes. Indeed, only last month (March), lava burst through a crack in Iceland’s Mount Fagradalsfjall in […]

New tablet promises to prevent AND treat crippling migraines

One of those involved in the rimegepant trials, Darlene LeBlanc, 63, describes how the drug was the first treatment she’d tried in over 40 years that worked well for her debilitating symptoms For almost three decades, Jennifer Farrington’s life had been dominated by migraines so bad that the GP had to go on sick leave […]

Why are GPs still refusing to see patients face-to-face

Pinned to the entrance of a GP surgery on a leafy residential road in suburban Sidcup, Kent is a handwritten note, attached to the inside glass. ‘Please do not punch or kick this door.’ That a message such as this is necessary is truly shocking, but it speaks volumes about the increasingly fractured relationship between […]

Doctors eye new drug that could end the monthly agony for women with endometriosis

For tens of thousands of women, a diagnosis of endometriosis means a life of debilitating pain. Despite it affecting one woman in ten in the UK, from teenagers through to middle age, treatment options remain limited.  There is no cure and the available treatments often have significant side-effects, affecting fertility, for example, because they contain […]

Anna Hursey: Table tennis prodigy is helping US President Biden tackle the climate crisis

Yet it isn’t her sporting abilities attracting attention, rather her environmental advocacy, a topic she cares passionately about. That led to the US Embassy getting in touch with Hursey’s mom and dad earlier this year, inviting the youngster to work with US President Joe Biden in his mission to tackle the climate crisis. “I was […]

Coping with chronic disease: Q&A with Tessa Miller

Over the next several years, Miller tried dozens of medications, was hospitalized more times than she can remember and required three fecal transplants. She visited gastroenterologists, allergists, oncologists, pain medicine specialists, endocrinologists, gynecologists and neurologists. Her ultimate diagnosis of Crohn’s disease finally explained the “inflammation, ulceration, bleeding, fissures, abscesses, intestinal narrowing and all kinds of […]

US-Studie: Rückgang asthmabedingter Fälle in der Notaufnahme während des COVID-19-Lockdowns im Frühjahr

In einer neuen Studie beschreiben US-amerikanische Wissenschaftler einen starken Rückgang der Patientenzahlen in der Asthma-Notaufnahme des Boston Children’s Hospital im Frühjahr 2020 – während des COVID-19-bedingten Lockdowns – im Vergleich zu den Vorjahren. Dr. Tregony Simoneau, Assistenzprofessorin für Pädiatrie am Boston Children’s Hospital analysierte gemeinsam mit seinen Koautoren die Krankenakten von Kindern, Jugendlichen und jungen […]

Lungenfachärzte: Verzicht auf Silvesterfeuerwerk in diesem Jahr besonders sinnvoll

Zum Endspurt dieses Jahres, das in vielen Lebensbereichen von der COVID-19-Pandemie geprägt war, warnt der Bundesverband der Pneumologen, Schlaf- und Beatmungsmediziner (BdP) vor den Risiken durch Feinstaub, der bei den traditionellen Silvesterfeuerwerken entsteht – auch und vor allem im Hinblick auf COVID-19.  „Das jährliche Feuerwerk zu Silvester vernichtet innerhalb weniger Stunden Millionen Euro, die sich […]

COVID-19 auf deutschen Intensivstationen: Viele Fälle mit Nierenversagen

Auf einer virtuellen Pressekonferenz im Rahmen der diesjährigen Tagung der Deutschen Interdisziplinären Vereinigung für Intensiv- und Notfallmedizin (DIVI) stellte Prof. Christian Karagiannidis (Köln) deutsche Daten aus der ersten COVID-19-Welle vor, stellte Vergleiche mit  der aktuellen Situation und anderen Ländern an und ordnete Risikofaktoren für eine erhöhte Sterblichkeit nach ihrer Bedeutung ein. Karagiannidis, Leiter des ECMO-Zentrums […]

Telemedicine use disparity during COVID-19 among head and neck cancer patients

Credit: CC0 Public Domain The use of telemedicine services has shown to be exceptionally effective in meeting the health care needs of patients throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. But an analysis by Henry Ford Health System found that socioeconomic factors may affect certain patient populations on how they use the technology for accessing care. In a […]

Bleach-alternative COVID-19 surface disinfectants may pollute indoor air, research shows

Left to right, York University chemistry researcher Cora Young, USask Canada Research Chair Tara Kahan, Syracuse University post-doctoral fellow Shan Zhou measure air quality in a simulated room in a lab at Syracuse University in 2017. Credit: Trevor VandenBoer Cleaning surfaces with hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectants has the potential to pollute the air and pose a […]

Gabonese citizens raise the alarm over oil spills by French company Perenco

Issued on: 27/11/2020 – 16:16 Residents of Étimboué in western Gabon have faced multiple oil spills over the past two years. Exhausted and angry, they are speaking out against Perenco, an independent Anglo-French oil company with headquarters in Paris and London, which is currently extracting petrol from about fifty different oil fields in the area. […]

SARS-CoV-2 und chronische Atemwegserkrankungen: Nicht jeder ist ein Risikopatient

„Wie hoch ist mein Risiko für einen schweren Verlauf?“ Für Patienten mit chronischen Lungen- und Atemwegserkrankungen, aber auch anderen chronischen Krankheiten stellt sich COVID-19-Pandemie diese Frage mit besonderer Dringlichkeit. Um der Verunsicherung von Patienten und behandelnden Ärzten entgegenzuwirken, hat die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Pneumologie und Beatmungsmedizin (DGP) gemeinsam mit dem Bundesverband der Pneumologen, Schlaf- und Beatmungsmediziner […]

Specific bacterium in the gut linked to irritable bowel syndrome

Micrograph showing inflammation of the large bowel in a case of inflammatory bowel disease. Colonic biopsy. Credit: Wikipedia/CC BY-SA 3.0 Researchers at the University of Gothenburg have detected a connection between Brachyspira, a genus of bacteria in the intestines, and IBS—especially the form that causes diarrhea. Although the discovery needs confirmation in larger studies, there […]

Taking the Pill may cut risk of severe asthma bouts in women of reproductive age

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Taking the Pill may cut the risk of severe bouts of asthma in women of reproductive age with the respiratory condition, finds a large long term study published online in the journal Thorax. But the observed protective effect is relatively small, and doesn’t include progestogen only hormonal contraceptives, the findings indicate. […]

Cesarean-born babies at increased risk of infection-related hospitalisation in childhood

Cesarean-born babies are at increased risk during early childhood of being hospitalised due to an infection, according to a new study of over seven million births from four countries. Credit: Bonnie Kittle Cesarean-born babies are at increased risk during early childhood of being hospitalised due to an infection, according to a new study of over […]

Amid research into vaping, a whiff of a familiar tactic emerges

Credit: CC0 Public Domain In this short documentary by Retro Report and Scientific American, Ilona Jaspers, PhD, director of the UNC Center for Environmental Medicine, Asthma and Lung Biology, is a featured research expert in the debate about electronic cigarettes as a tool to help smokers quit and as a public health crisis due partly […]

Want to understand health disparities? Get your antiracist goggles on

African American mom and daughter take a trip to the doctor’s office for an appointment. Credit: Dell Medical School When it comes to understanding why children from non-white race groups have such poor health outcomes compared with their white counterparts, it’s time for researchers to look beyond their genes and delve deeper into social factors, […]

What is it like to take part in a vaccine trial?

The Research Centers of America in Hollywood, Florida helped conduct clinical trials of coronavirus vaccines for both Pfizer and Moderna A key facet of the global mad scramble by Pfizer, Moderna and other pharma groups to develop a viable coronavirus vaccine is the recruitment of tens of thousands of volunteers willing to participate in clinical […]

AOK-Gesundheitsatlas Asthma vorgestellt: Große regionale Unterschiede in Schleswig-Holstein

Zwischen den Regionen in Schleswig-Holstein gibt es deutliche Unterschiede beim Anteil der Asthmatiker in der Bevölkerung. Das geht aus dem ‘AOK-Gesundheitsatlas Asthma bronchiale’ hervor, der heute (17.11.20) vorgestellt wurde. Während im Kreis Pinneberg 3,7 Prozent der Einwohner ein vom Arzt diagnostiziertes Asthma bronchiale hatten, lag der Anteil im Kreis Dithmarschen bei 4,5 Prozent. Im Vergleich […]

Poor and minority children with food allergies overlooked and in danger

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain As Emily Brown stood in a food pantry looking at her options, she felt alone. Up to that point, she had never struggled financially. But there she was, desperate to find safe food for her young daughter with food allergies. What she found was a jar of salsa and some potatoes. […]

E-cigarettes can significantly alter a body’s response to viruses, study finds

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Researchers at UNC-Chapel Hill have found that people who use e-cigarettes have significantly altered immune responses to influenza viruses, a worrying discovery as flu season approaches and COVID-19 surges across the U.S. E-cigarettes have boomed in popularity across the U.S. in the past decade, even as the use of traditional cigarettes […]

Permanent night shift workers at heightened risk of moderate to severe asthma

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Shift workers, especially those working permanent night shift rotas, may be at heightened risk of moderate to severe asthma, suggests research published online in the journal Thorax. Given the prevalence of both shift work and asthma in industrialised nations, the public health implications of these findings are potentially “far-reaching,” warn the […]

Worse outcomes for out-of-hospital cardiac arrests in early weeks of pandemic

The rate of resuscitation for cardiac arrests outside of a hospital setting decreased during the first weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic, new research shows. The study, which was presented Saturday at the American Heart Association’s virtual Resuscitation Science Symposium, set out to explore the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on out-of-hospital cardiac arrest outcomes in […]

Parasitic worms offer ‘the missing link’ on the dual nature of a key immune regulator

Samples of nasal polyps removed from patients with chronic rhinosinusitis revealed the perforin-2 protein (labeled in green) in the cellular plasma membrane. A pore protein, perforin-2 may be how IL-33, a key immune signaling molecule, is able to exit these cells to trigger an immune response, according to new work led by a Penn Vet-led […]

Elastic-free face masks can help some with allergies stay safe during COVID-19

Yashu Dhamija, MD, is a fellow at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. Credit: Colleen Kelley/University of Cincinnati A University of Cincinnati immunologist is recommending that individuals with contact dermatitis choose facial masks made without elastic or rubber that allow them to stay safe in the midst of COVID-19 while avoiding possible allergic reactions. […]

Ibuprofen vs. Acetaminophen for Pain and Fever in Infants

Some doctors prefer ibuprofen for treating fever and pain in babies; others use acetaminophen. A new review of studies has found that ibuprofen may be marginally more effective. Researchers combined data from 19 studies including more than 240,000 children under 2 years old that compared acetaminophen (Tylenol and generics) with ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin and other […]

New study points to a better way to ward off asthma triggers

Left: Lung tissue of untreated mice. Right: Lung tissue of mice treated with antibodies blocking OX40L and CD30L. Credit: Dr. Gurupreet Sethi, La Jolla Institute for Immunology. Every day, ten Americans die from asthma. While quick-acting inhalers and medications can reduce inflammation during an asthma attack, people with asthma have few tools to prevent the […]

Nasenpolypen dauerhaft entfernen mit Neustart-Technik

Nasenpolypen kommen nach einer chirurgischen Entfernung oft wieder. Den Grund und was man dagegen tun kann, hat Dr. Stijn Bogaert aus der Klinik für Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Heilkunde des St. Elisabeth-Hospitals, Klinikum der Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) gezeigt und wurde dafür mit dem Nachwuchsförderpreis der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Allergie und Klinik Immunologie ausgezeichnet. Nach der Entfernung der gesamten Schleimhaut […]

EMS dispatches for asthma greatly reduced after expanded access to health insurance

Credit: CC0 Public Domain The expansion of health insurance in New York City under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) resulted in a significant reduction in the dispatch of ambulances for asthma emergencies, a study by Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) has found. In a paper published in JAMA Network Open, researchers suggested that the likely reason […]

Celebrating Thanksgiving This Year – The New York Times

Fran Keller, 52, an entomologist in Davis, Calif., will also get tested. She’s hosting the first Thanksgiving she can remember — she usually goes to her eldest sister’s, also in Davis, but this year the crowd felt too large for comfort because several family members are high-risk. At Ms. Keller’s dinner will be her son […]

What to know about pulse oximeters

by U.S. Food and Drug Administration, news release, November 2020 (HealthDay)—If you use an oxygen concentrator and a pulse oximeter at home, proper use is crucial, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration says. Conditions such as asthma, lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, the flu and COVID-19 can all cause oxygen levels in the body […]

Atrophy can be combated by boosting expression of an enzyme produced in muscles

Credit: FAPESP Researchers at the University of São Paulo (USP) in Brazil have shown for the first time that stimulating expression of a protein naturally produced by the human body can be a strategy to combat loss of skeletal muscle mass, which happens normally with aging but can intensify in cases of neurodegenerative or inflammatory […]

Preventive health care falls by wayside during pandemic

by RAND, news release, Nov. 5, 2020 Americans saw their doctors for preventive and elective care far less often than usual in the first two months of the pandemic shutdown, according to a new study. That meant far fewer colonoscopies, mammograms, blood sugar tests, vaccines for infants and toddlers, MRIs and more across the United […]

Erkrankungen mit Typ-2-Entzündung erfordern fachübergreifende Zusammenarbeit

Ob Asthma, Neurodermitis oder chronische Rhinosinusitis mit Nasenpolypen – alle diese Erkrankungen sind Manifestationen einer Typ-2-Entzündung. Insbesondere mittelschwer bis schwer Erkrankte leiden unter einer hohen Krankheitslast. „Eine Typ-2-Entzündung, auch Typ-2-Inflammation genannt, kann sich unter anderem als Asthma, Neurodermitis, auch als atopische Dermatitis bekannt, Nahrungsmittelallergie, chronische Rhinosinusitis mit Nasenpolypen (CRSwNP) oder auch als chronische Speiseröhrenentzündung (eosinophile […]

Damage to vocal cords could cause long-term COVID symptoms

patient coughing (HealthDay)—Nerve damage to vocal cords could be the reason why some people recovering from COVID-19 suffer mysterious bouts of shortness of breath for months after shaking off the coronavirus, researchers say. Vocal cords are meant to constrict across the airway while you’re talking, vibrating in the air moving past to create the sound […]

Wie Bauernhöfe vor Asthma im Kindesalter schützen

Bauernhofkinder haben ein geringeres Asthmarisiko als Kinder, die nicht auf einem Bauernhof leben. Die Mechanismen dahinter sind nicht vollständig bekannt. Eine Forschungsgruppe des Helmholtz Zentrums München und des Dr. von Haunerschen Kinderspitals der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU) klärte nun, wie das Darmmikrobiom von Kindern an diesem Schutzprozess beteiligt ist. Ab Geburt sind wir einer Umwelt voller […]

High vitamin A, E, and D intake linked to fewer respiratory complaints in adults

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain High vitamin A, E, and D intake may be linked to fewer respiratory complaints in adults, suggests an analysis of nationally representative long term survey data, published online in the journal BMJ Nutrition Prevention & Health. The findings warrant further study among different ethnic groups and geographies in view of the […]

A Chance to Expand Medicaid Rallies Democrats in North Carolina

If low-income registered voters cast ballots at the same rate as higher-income voters in 15 states that went to Mr. Trump in 2016, including North Carolina, they would match or exceed his margin of victory in those states, the study found. And for many, access to health care has been an elusive goal, often with […]

Asthmakranke Kinder sollen sich gegen Grippe impfen lassen

Junge Kinder sind besonders häufig von der saisonalen Influenza betroffen. Allergiekranke Kinder und Jugendliche mit Asthma bronchiale gehören zu der Gruppe von Risikopersonen, die nach den Empfehlungen der Ständigen Impfkommission (STIKO) jährlich gegen die saisonale Influenza geimpft werden sollten. Das empfiehlt die Gesellschaft für Pädiatrische Allergologie und Umweltmedizin (GPAU). Die Grippewelle beginnt. Besonders häufig von […]

Fear and anxiety spike in virus hot spots across US

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Preslie Paur breaks down in tears when she thinks of her state’s refusal to mandate face masks. The South Salt Lake City, Utah, woman can’t work at her special education job due to an autoimmune disease. Her husband, also a special ed teacher, recently quit because his school district would not […]

Researchers create human airway stem cells from patients’ cells

Credit: CC0 Public Domain For the first time, researchers have successfully created airway basal stem cells in vitro from induced pluripotent stem cells by reprogramming blood cells taken from patients. Given that airway basal cells are defined as stem cells of the airways because they can regenerate the airway epithelium in response to injury, this […]

Depression in Pregnancy May Raise Risk of Childhood Asthma

A mother’s psychological distress during pregnancy may increase the risk for asthma in her child, a new study suggests. Researchers had the parents of 4,231 children fill out well-validated questionnaires on psychological stress in the second trimester of pregnancy, and again three years later. The mothers also completed questionnaires at two and six months after […]

Where Have All the Hospital Patients Gone?

And those who were hospitalized were not necessarily Covid holdouts, so fearful of contagion that they came only when they were at death’s door. Analyzing hospital mortality rates, Dr. Birkmeyer and his colleagues found that apart from a small bump during the early weeks of the pandemic, hospitalized patients without Covid-19 were not dying more […]

Steroid inhalers / pills for asthma linked to heightened risk of brittle bones and fractures

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Taking steroid inhalers or tablets to treat asthma or control flare-ups is linked to a heightened risk of brittle bones (osteoporosis) and increased vulnerability to broken bones (fragility fractures), finds research published online in the journal Thorax. The higher the cumulative dose, and the longer the period of treatment, the greater […]

Muaji tetor, muaji i ndërgjegjësimit ndaj dematritit atopik

Tetori, përveçqë njihet si muaji i vetëdijësimit të kancerit të gjirit, shënon edhe vetëdijësimin për një sëmundje tjetër me jo pak rrezikshmëri. Dematriti atopik është një sëmundje kronike më e shpeshtë e lëkurës dhe paraqitet te të gjitha moshat, por që më të prekurit janë fëmijët.  Shfaqja e saj ndodh kur lëkura është e brishtë […]

COVID-19: „In der Krise zu Dr. Google“

Eine Vorerkrankung der Lunge gilt nach bisheriger klinischer Erfahrung als Risikofaktor für einen schweren COVID-19-Verlauf. Trotzdem befanden sich während des Lockdowns kaum Menschen mit chronischen Lungenerkrankungen unter den hospitalisierten COVID-19 Patienten an der Uniklinik Innsbruck (Österreich). Ein Team von Lungenspezialisten der Medizinischen Universität Innsbruck hat dieses Phänomen genauer analysiert und dabei via Internet recherchiert. Zeitgleich […]

First reported UK case of sudden permanent hearing loss linked to COVID-19

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Although uncommon, sudden permanent hearing loss seems to be linked to COVID-19 infection in some people, warn doctors, reporting the first UK case in the journal BMJ Case Reports. Awareness of this possible side effect is important, because a prompt course of steroid treatment can reverse this disabling condition, they emphasise. […]

Depression/anxiety in mums-to-be linked to heightened asthma risk in their kids

Depression and anxiety in mums-to-be is linked to a heightened risk of asthma and poorer lung function in their 10 year old children, finds research published online in the journal Thorax. The findings suggest that the risk of later life respiratory disease is likely programmed in the womb, rather than necessarily influenced by as yet […]

Children with animal allergies can live comfortably with pets

Credit: CC0 Public Domain DEAR MAYO CLINIC: Our young daughter has shown signs that she might be allergic to our dog. We have had our dog for eight years, and the dog seems to be fond of our daughter. Do you have any tips for how we can safely keep our dog without sacrificing our […]

Immune cell activation in severe COVID-19 resembles lupus

SARS-CoV-2 (shown here in an electron microscopy image). Credit: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, NIH In severe cases of COVID-19, Emory researchers have been observing an exuberant activation of immune cells, resembling acute flares of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), an autoimmune disease. Their findings point towards tests that could separate some COVID-19 patients […]

Trump’s Testimonial Is a Double-Edged Sword for Regeneron

When President Trump promoted an experimental drug as a “cure” for Covid-19 in a video on Wednesday, it might have seemed that he was at it again: touting a questionable fix for a deadly pandemic, not unlike his earlier enthusiasm for the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine or even, at one point, disinfectant. But the treatment that […]

Certain pre-existing conditions may double, triple mortality risk for COVID-19

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain A large, international study of COVID-19 patients confirmed that cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, congestive heart failure, chronic kidney disease, stroke and cancer can increase a patient’s risk of dying from the virus. Penn State College of Medicine researchers say their findings may help public health officials improve patient care and develop […]

COVID-19 has a prolonged effect for many during pregnancy

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Symptoms for pregnant women with COVID-19 can be prolonged, lasting two months or longer for a quarter of the women who participated in a national study led by UC San Francisco and UCLA. In the largest study to date of COVID-19 among non-hospitalized pregnant women, researchers analyzed the clinical course and […]

Now Taking the Stage in the Pandemic: The School Nurse

The school nurses of New York City now have a whole new set of protocols, including careful guidelines about what to do if a student becomes ill during the school day with Covid-like symptoms. There are isolation rooms at every school, where they can evaluate sick students. The city has set up a situation room […]

Hospitalized COVID-19 patients are younger, healthier than influenza patients

Credit: Columbia University Irving Medical Center Patients hospitalized with COVID-19 were more likely male, younger, and, in both the US and Spain, had fewer comorbidities and lower medication use than hospitalized influenza patients according to a recent study published by the Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics (OHDSI) community. OHDSI has established an international network […]

Black children more than twice as likely to die after surgical complications

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain When it comes to surgery, minority children lag far behind white children, according to two analyses of large national databases being presented at the ANESTHESIOLOGY 2020 annual meeting. One found Black children are more than twice as likely as white children to die following surgical complications that require an unplanned additional […]

Caesarean birth, prolonged labour influence infant gut bacteria, risk of childhood obesity and allergies

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Events at birth may affect the microbes living in a baby’s gut during the first few months of life, leading to a higher risk of childhood obesity and allergies, according to a new study published in the journal Gastroenterology. The researchers used data from the CHILD Cohort Study (CHILD) to look […]

Fending off asthma attacks during a pandemic

(HealthDay)—Falling leaves, pumpkins and apples are signs of fall. And so is asthma. Asthma attacks tend to increase in early autumn. During the coronavirus pandemic, it’s especially important for people with the disease to know how to prevent flare-ups, a lung expert says. “There are two different types of asthma flare-ups,” said Dr. Pushan Jani, […]

Immunzellen zu Gast in Geweben

Spezialisierte Immunzellen siedeln sich dauerhaft in Geweben des Körpers an und bilden „lokale Eingriffstruppen“. Forscher der Universität Würzburg und aus Freiburg haben nun herausgefunden, wie sich diese Zellen vor Ort erneuern und an ihre Umgebung anpassen. Wenn Krankheitserreger in den menschlichen Körper eindringen, ist eine schnelle Reaktion gefragt, um den Schaden so gering wie möglich […]

Feeding C-section newborns their mother’s poop may help build healthy microbiota: study

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Infants delivered by cesarean section have an increased risk of developing asthma and allergies as babies and toddlers, probably because they don’t get exposed to the microbiota in the mother’s vagina and perineum during birth, negatively impacting how their immune systems develop. While a few studies have looked at whether swabbing […]

Does my child need a flu vaccination?

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Influenza is a respiratory infection that can cause serious complications, particularly in young children. Getting a flu vaccine is the best way to prevent the flu and its complications. Even when the vaccine doesn’t completely prevent the flu, it may reduce the risk of serious illness requiring hospitalization. Recent research shows […]

Research helps pave way for newly approved use of drug

A Phase 3, randomized, placebo-controlled trial was conducted. Credit: Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology Following two decades of research on a group of rare diseases called hypereosinophilic syndrome at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the drug Nucala (mepolizumab) for use in the treatment of patients with […]

Nearly 280,000 US schoolchildren have had coronavirus: study

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Almost 280,000 school-aged children were infected with the novel coronavirus between March 1 and September 19, according to detailed data released Monday in a report by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The figure accounted for roughly four percent of the total US caseload over this period, with […]

Atemtherapie mit virtueller Unterstützung – Biermann Medizin

Foto: © thingamajiggs – Adobe Stock Zusätzlich zur Förderung des Projektes „Translationsregion digitalisierte Gesundheitsversorgung (TDG)“ im „WIR“-Programm hat das Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) kurzfristig ein ergänzendes Verbund-Projekt bewilligt. Hintergrund für das Projekt ist eine Problemstellung, die sich aufgrund der Corona-Pandemie ergeben hat. Ein Projekt davon ist das Projekt „DiGiVID19“. Es fokussiert sich auf […]

SARS-CoV-2 emergence associated with large drop in circulation of other respiratory viruses during first wave

A colorized scanning electron micrograph of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Credit: NIAID Analysis of samples taken to test for respiratory viruses over the past five years suggests that the emergence of SARS-CoV-2 was associated with a large drop in circulation of other common respiratory viruses during the first wave. The study, presented at this week’s ESCMID […]

US hospital admissions for non-COVID-19 have only partially rebounded from initial decline

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain While declines in U.S. hospital admissions during the onset of COVID-19 has been well-documented, little is known about how admissions during the rebound varied by age, insurance coverage and socioeconomic groups. The decline in non-COVID-19 admissions was similar across all demographic subgroups but the partial rebound that followed shows that non-COVID-19 […]

Wildfires’ toxic air leaves damage long after the smoke clears

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain When researchers arrived in this town tucked in the Northern Rockies three years ago, they could still smell the smoke a day after it cleared from devastating wildfires. Their plan was to chart how long it took for people to recover from living for seven weeks surrounded by relentless smoke. They […]

If the Supreme Court Ends Obamacare, Here’s What It Would Mean

What would happen if the Supreme Court struck down the Affordable Care Act? The fate of the sprawling, decade-old health law known as Obamacare was already in question, with the high court expected to hear arguments a week after the presidential election in the latest case seeking to overturn it. But now, the death of […]

How Flu Shots Can Help in the Fight Against Covid-19

Since we already know that the antibodies people develop following a coronavirus infection seem to wane with time, there’s a good chance that any coronavirus vaccine would need to be administered repeatedly, perhaps annually, to provide adequate protection. Unlike the flu, Covid-19 has shown no evidence of having a season. Whether the weather is hot, […]

COVID-19 less deadly and causes milder symptoms in children: study

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Children and teenagers are less likely than adults to develop severe COVID-19 or die from the disease, according to the world’s largest study of hospital patients with COVID-19. Obesity, Black ethnicity and being under one month old are factors that increased the risk of a child being admitted into intensive care […]

Live Global Coronavirus News – The New York Times

Key Data of the Day New cases in the U.S. account for 20 percent of new global cases as the pandemic surges around the world. As the coronavirus spreads at record speeds around the world, the United States accounted for 20 percent of all the new infections worldwide on Sunday, according to New York Times […]