Short-term spikes in air pollution ‘may speed up brain decline in older men’

CAUSE CHILDREN TO HAVE A LOW IQ: Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, found in May 2019 that children born to mothers who live in polluted areas have an IQ that is up to seven points lower than those living in places with cleaner air. CAUSE CHILDREN TO HAVE POORER MEMORY: Researchers at the […]

Boris under pressure to fix foreign holidays FAST! Ministers urge PM to expand ‘green list’

Travel experts today insisted there is ‘no danger of an influx of disease’ into Britain after Boris Johnson warned that putting lots of countries on the travel ‘green list’ from May 17 could risk a jump in cases from abroad.     The Prime Minister has maintained Downing Street will be ‘cautious’ amid bitter Cabinet wrangling over […]

New battle for patients with lives ruined by implants for bowel problems 

Jacqui Shaw used to be the life and soul of the party. Even a hysterectomy in 2001 aged 32, after having two sons, didn’t slow her down. She bounced back — running after her boys, Dan, now 28, and Sam, 24, and having fun with her beautician colleagues. Those days are long gone. Jacqui, now […]

One cup of leafy greens a day lowers risk of heart disease, study says

Eating just one cup of raw vegetables daily, such as leafy greens like spinach, boosts your cardiovascular health, a new study reveals. In a sample of over 50,000 people, the biggest eaters of nitrate-rich vegetables had lower blood pressure and up to 26 per cent lower risk of heart disease, experts found.  Just one cup is […]

Inside Moroccan maternity ward where Malian mother gave birth to record breaking NINE babies

Incredible footage from inside a Moroccan maternity unit has captured the astonishing birth of nine babies to a single mother – as the premature newborns beat the odds to survive. Doctors today revealed how they delivered the five girls and four boys on Tuesday, and have confirmed that all nine newborns and their mother Halima […]

Findings indicate global warming could reduce biodiversity in tropics — ScienceDaily

The bulging, equator-belted midsection of Earth currently teems with a greater diversity of life than anywhere else — a biodiversity that generally wanes when moving from the tropics to the mid-latitudes and the mid-latitudes to the poles. As well-accepted as that gradient is, though, ecologists continue to grapple with the primary reasons for it. New […]

A third of kids develop a mental health problem after concussion — ScienceDaily

A third of children and adolescents develop a mental health problem after a concussion, which could persist for several years post-injury, according to a new literature review. The research, led by the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) and published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, found mental health should be evaluated as part of […]

Multi-drug resistant infection about to evolve within cystic fibrosis patients — ScienceDaily

Scientists have been able to track how a multi-drug resistant organism is able to evolve and spread widely among cystic fibrosis patients — showing that it can evolve rapidly within an individual during chronic infection. The researchers say their findings highlight the need to treat patients with Mycobacterium abscessus infection immediately, counter to current medical […]

DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Can eating too much be a sign your body lacks nutrients?

For most people, the past 12 months have been really tough, but some businesses have thrived — it seems 2020 was a fantastic year for supplement manufacturers, with nearly £500 million in UK sales, up a record 14 per cent compared with 2019. We swallowed their products in record numbers partly because we’re all more […]

Coronavirus: Covid elimination policies are best, says Oxford article

Countries that tried to keep out Covid completely rather than controlling it survived the pandemic with fewer deaths, more money and more freedom, economists say. In an article published in The Lancet medical journal, Oxford University researchers said countries with ‘zero Covid’ policies did best by their citizens. Australia and New Zealand notoriously took a […]

Espresso, latte or decaf? Genetic code drives your desire for coffee — ScienceDaily

Whether you hanker for a hard hit of caffeine or favour the frothiness of a milky cappuccino, your regular coffee order could be telling you more about your cardio health than you think. In a world first study of 390,435 people, University of South Australia researchers found causal genetic evidence that cardio health — as […]

the best time trade-offs for children’s health — ScienceDaily

More sleep could offset children’s excess indulgence over the school holidays as new research from the University of South Australia shows that the same decline in body mass index may be achieved by either extra sleep or extra exercise. The striking new finding is part of a study that shows how children can achieve equivalent […]

Force transmission between cells orchestrates collective cellular motion — ScienceDaily

How do the billions of cells communicate in order to perform tasks? The cells exert force on their environment through movement — and in doing so, they communicate. They work as a group in order to infiltrate their environment, perform wound healing and the like. They sense the stiffness or softness of their surroundings and […]

Poor iodine levels in women pose risks to fetal intellectual development in pregnancy — ScienceDaily

An increasing number of young women are at increased risk of having children born with impaired neurological conditions, due to poor iodine intake. Dietary changes, including a growing trend towards the avoidance of bread and iodised salt, as well as a reduced intake of animal products containing iodine can contribute to low iodine levels. A […]

Sa kushton sigurimi shëndetësor në Zvicër?

Pak gjëra janë të lira në Zvicër – dhe kjo sigurisht shtrihet në kujdesin shëndetësor. Sidoqoftë, në varësi të llojit të mbulimit që ju duhet, ku jetoni dhe sa fitoni, kostot mund të ndryshojnë. Ja çfarë duhet të dini në lidhje me kostot e sigurimeve shëndetësore në Zvicër. Si funksionon sistemi i kujdesit shëndetësor në […]

Disrupted sleep is linked to increased risk of early death, particularly in women — ScienceDaily

For the first time, a study has shown a clear link between the frequency and duration of unconscious wakefulness during night-time sleep and an increased risk of dying from diseases of the heart and blood vessels, and death from any cause, particularly in women. The study of 8001 men and women, which is published today […]

Predicting the next pandemic virus is harder than we think — ScienceDaily

The observation that most of the viruses that cause human disease come from other animals has led some researchers to attempt “zoonotic risk prediction” to second-guess the next virus to hit us. However, in an Essay publishing April 20th in the open access journal PLOS Biology, led by Dr Michelle Wille at the University of […]

New ‘time machine’ technique to measure cells — ScienceDaily

Using a new single-cell technique, WEHI researchers have uncovered a way to understand the programming behind how stem cells make particular cell types. The research uncovered 30 new genes that program stem cells to make the dendritic cells that kick-start the immune response. By uncovering this process, the researchers hope they will be able to […]

New safer blood test is close to 100 per cent accurate at spotting nut allergies 

A new blood test promises to diagnose food allergies more accurately and offer a safer alternative to current testing practices. A trial by doctors at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital in London has found that the test — called the basophil activation test (BAT) — is close to 100 per cent accurate at spotting nut […]

‘Safe’ Z-drug sleeping tablets given to MILLIONS each year are as addictive as Valium

Zopiclone is the so-called ‘safer’ sleeping pill dished out by doctors to millions of Britons each year.  When it was launched in the 1990s, it was touted as a user-friendly alternative to older and notoriously addictive tranquillisers. And in the short-term, zopiclone causes few problems. Indeed, it can be a lifeline to those battling the […]

Australia raporton viktimën e parë të mpiksjes së gjakut, pas marrjes së vaksinës AstraZeneca

Australia raportoi të premten viktimën e saj të parë nga mpiksja e gjakut të një personi i cili kishte marrë vaksinën e AstraZeneca-s, dhe rregullatori i saj tha se ka gjasa të ketë një lidhje midis vdekjes së gruas 48-vjeçare dhe vaksinës. Sipas mediave të huaja, rasti i saj ishte i treti i mpiksjeve të rralla të […]

Medical student, 21, died a day after getting J&J vaccine

John Foley, 21 (pictured), a student at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio received the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine on Saturday and was discovered by his roommates on Sunday Officials are investigating the death of a University of Cincinnati student one day after receiving the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine.  John Foley, 21, a […]

Coronavirus: Just half of carers vaccinated in London borough with South Africa variant outbreak

Real name: B.1.351 When and where was it discovered?  Scientists first noticed in December 2020 that the variant, named B.1.351, was genetically different in a way that could change how it acts. It was picked up through random genetic sampling of swabs submitted by people testing positive for the virus, and was first found in […]

Australia won’t open its borders even AFTER everyone is vaccinated against Covid

Australia’s pursuit of a ‘Zero Covid’ strategy could see its borders remain shut even after the entire population is vaccinated, the country’s health minister has revealed. Greg Hunt said he was not confident the jabs alone were good enough to keep the virus out, which meant there could be ‘no guarantees’ that Australia will reopen […]

Covid Canada: Outbreak of Brazilian variant defies even strict quarantine hotels

An explosion of cases of the Brazilian coronavirus variant in Canada shows how even strict quarantine hotels cannot completely block troubling strains from crossing borders, experts warned today.  Scientists told MailOnline it was ‘inevitable’ when dealing with highly infectious new variants that they find a way to ‘leak’ out of the isolation scheme – which is […]

Why I made a film about my struggle to have a baby

Charlotte (pictured) and her now husband were told that the pregnancy was ectopic — rather than growing in the womb, the fertilised egg had lodged in one of her fallopian tubes Young filmmaker Charlotte Carroll went to hospital writhing in agony, convinced she had a hernia. But as she waited on the trolley, she received surprising […]

England ‘shouldn’t be hit by a Covid third wave this summer’

England shouldn’t be hit by a third wave of coronavirus this summer, Government advisers have admitted. Bleak modelling submitted to ministers warned the country could face a brutal third wave when restrictions are lifted on June 21.   But senior experts now believe any resurgence of Covid is more likely in the autumn, it was claimed […]

me anë të një letre të hapur, një grup shkencëtarësh hedhin poshtë raportin e OBSH-së mbi origjinën e COVID-19, kërkojnë një hetim të ri

Një grup shkencëtarësh ndërkombëtarë bënë thirrje për një hetim të ri mbi origjinën e COVID-19, pasi Kina dhe Organizata Botërore e Shëndetësisë (OBSH) lëshuan një raport të shqyrtuar javën e kaluar në përfundim se virusi ka shumë të ngjarë të vinte nga jeta e egër dhe jo nga një laborator. Njëzet e katër shkencëtarë nga […]

How testosterone provided the cure for businesswoman’s low libido and menopausal brain fog

For Michelle Burgess, life had become intolerable. The monthly hormonal migraines she had long suffered were lingering far longer than normal. Her libido had all but vanished. And her mood was so flat that she no longer had enthusiasm for anything. Then there was the brain fog, which was ‘debilitating’. The 53-year-old businesswoman from Whitstable, Kent, […]

Virgjëria vazhdon të jetë akoma një vlerë në pjesën më të madhe të botës: Këto janë statistikat

Të dhënat tregojnë se vazhdon të jetë e qëndrueshme dhe mesatarisht 18 vjeç, mosha e raportit të parë seksual në të gjithë botën. India mban vendin e parë ku virgjëria ruhet deri në 22.9 vjeç, ndërsa skandinavët deri në 16,5 vjeç Pavarësisht zhvillimeve të jashtëzakonshme dhe ndryshimeve me të cilat po përjeton sot bota dhe […]

Health remedies by Royal appointment: Harry’s ring to improve sleep and Kate’s bug-resistant gloves

Both the Duchess of Cambridge and the Queen wear gloves from Cornelia James, some of which are made from fabric treated with an anti-microbial coating called HeiQ Viroblock Cornelia James Imogen Gloves are seen above We all have our favourite products we rely on for our health needs — and the Royal Family is no […]

‘Out-dated’ social distancing measures will not protect you from Covid-19

Floor tiles, signs and posters urge us to ‘KEEP A SOCIAL DISTANCE’, while arcane one-way systems stop us from passing one another. Sinks have been taped up, just in case we get too close while carrying out all-important hand-washing, as have some of the urinals in the men’s loo, presumably to mitigate the Covid risk of […]

Britain’s daily Covid cases fall by another third in a week with 3,030 more positive tests

Britain’s daily Covid cases have fallen by a third in a week but deaths have crept up slightly, official data revealed today as Boris Johnson faced fresh calls to speed up his lockdown easing plans. Department of Health figures showed another 3,030 cases and 53 deaths were recorded today — which was two more fatalities […]

Matt Hancock insists UK on track to hit July vaccination target

WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS OF THE RARE BLOOD CLOTS LINKED TO ASTRAZENECA’S VACCINE?  Only Britons who suffer one of the below symptoms four days post-vaccination need to contact their doctor.  Shortness of breath Chest pain Swollen leg Persistent stomach pain Severe headache Blurred vision Skin bruising beyond the site of injection   Matt Hancock today warned […]

Under-40s could be asked to take an alternative Covid vaccine over AstraZeneca blood clots fears

AstraZeneca‘s Covid vaccine may also be restricted for under-40s when Britain’s immunisation drive moves down to younger age groups, it was claimed today.  Medical watchdogs will assess data on the jab’s links to extremely rare blood clots in ‘scrupulous detail’ in order to paint a clearer picture on the exact risk-benefit ratio. They have already […]

Why 2020 was the year of marvellous medicine

A year ago, the world was in the grip of a deadly and, seemingly, unstoppable virus and the UK went into its first lockdown.  Since then, vaccines and life-saving drugs to counter Covid have been the focus of international attention.  But the past year has also seen major developments in treatments for cancer, diabetes, multiple […]

Chain length determines molecular color — ScienceDaily

Around the world, a huge amount of research and development work is currently being done on carbon-containing, or organic, molecules that emit coloured light after appropriate excitation. This research field is driven by the display industry and the development of biomedical imaging techniques. While precise colour tuning in organic fluorescent dyes has so far usually […]

Covid-19 UK: UK’s Covid outbreak is now in a similar position as it was in JULY

Boris Johnson today faced fresh calls to speed up lockdown easing plans as even more data showed England’s coronavirus outbreak is still in retreat, with cases now at levels not seen since last summer. Experts tracking the spread of Covid claim the country is still in a similar position as it was in July, when […]

Studimi: Varfëria na e shkurton jetën

Varfëria duhet të konsiderohet si një faktor i madh rreziku për vdekje të parakohshme. Ky është përfundimi i shkencëtarëve pas analizimit të të dhënave të mbi 1.7 milionë njerëzve. Ky është studimi i parë ku krahasohet ndikimi i statusit të ulët social-ekonomik me kërcënime të tjera për shëndetin, si: mungesa e ushtrimit, pirja e duhanit, […]

Mikrobiologu Lul Raka “COVID 19: LUFTA E PADUKSHME”

PANDEMITË JANË RREGULL – JO PËRJASHTIMMikrobet janë pjesë e pandarë e jetës sonë. Në trupin tonë kemi 10 herë më shumë mikrobe sesa qeliza tonat. Nga certifikatat e tyre të lindjes, bakteret kanë moshë miliardëshe, ndërsa viruset nja 300 milionëshe. Janë këtu denbabaden shumë para nesh duke na rikujtuar se pandemitë kanë qenë dhe do […]

Ish-eskorta me dy vagina: Më ka ndihmuar të ndaj punën nga jeta personale

Evelyn Miller zbuloi se vuante nga një gjendje e rrallë, e njohur si uterus didelphys kur ishte vetëm 20 vjeç. Kjo do të thotë se ajo ka dy cikle menstruale në të njëjtën kohë dhe pavarësisht se i thanë se do ta kishte të vështirë të mbetej shtatzënë, ajo është tani 6 muajshe në uterusin […]

Studimi/ Ky është vendi më i lumtur në botë! Ja në cilin vend renditet Shqipëria, Kosova më e lumtur se ne

Finlanda është vendi më i lumtur në botë. Kombet Nordike dominojnë listën globale ndërsa Mbretëria e Bashkuar bie pesë vende në vendin e 18-të – ndërsa Zimbabve vjen i fundit në listë. Ndërkohë për sa i përket Shqipërisë, vendi ynë rendit i 63. ndërsa për sa i përket Kosovës renditet në vendin 31. Shumë më […]

A e pakëson alkooli imunitetin e organizmit kundër koronavirusit? Ja cfarë thonë studimet

Po qe se së shpejti do ta merrni vaksinën kundër koronavirusit, ose akoma jeni duke u përpjekur të ruheni sa më shumë që të mos infektoheni nga ai, është mirë për shëndetin tuaj ta reduktoni ose evitoni pirjen e alkoolit. Ruajta e shëndetit sa më shumë që është e mundur, në këtë rast shmangia e […]

Vendet e BE-së po e refuzojnë vaksinën, Australia bën thirrje: AstraZeneca është e sigurt

Kryeministri i Australisë, Scott Morrison u ka bërë thirrje popullit që të vijojnë të vaksinohen me vaksinën e AstraZenecës. The Guardian shkruan se Morrison e ka bërë këtë thirrje posaqë shumë vende të Bashkimit Evropian kanë pezulluar vaksinimin me këtë vaksinë për shkak të disa personave që kanë humbur jetën disa ditë pas vaksinimit me […]

Çfarë simbolizon lulja e mimozës dhe kur është e përshtatshme t’ia dhuroni dikujt?!

Për herë të parë u gjet në rritje në Afrikë dhe Azi, lulja e mimozës është një bimë diellore që preferon të rritet në klimat e ngrohta. Tani gjendet në të gjithë botën, megjithatë, duke u rritur edhe në zona si Shtetet e Bashkuara dhe madje edhe Australia. Kjo lule e bukur shpesh merret si […]

Why Japan took so long to start Covid-19 vaccinations, even with the Olympics looming

In Japan, only about 18,000 doses have been administered, according to the Japanese government. Like the US, Japan is using the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine as part of its program. Yet Japanese regulators took two more months to approve its use. The government says it has been deliberately cautious. After a series of vaccine scandals stretching back […]

The week in 43 photos

Law enforcement officers investigate the scene of Tiger Woods’ rollover crash in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, on Tuesday, February 23. The golf icon sustained serious leg injuries in the accident. Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times/Shutterstock Members of Congress observe a moment of silence on the steps of the US Capitol on Tuesday, February 23. More than […]

Why have India’s Covid-19 cases plummeted?

This has all happened without drastic measures such as circuit-breaker lockdowns, which have been used in places like New Zealand and Australia to get outbreaks under control. The Indian government is still implementing certain social distancing restrictions and has scrambled to assist overstretched hospitals — but the economy has reopened, domestic travel has resumed, and […]

Olympics 2032: Brisbane is ‘preferred host’ for Summer Games, IOC announces

IOC President Thomas Bach announced at a news conference Wednesday that the Olympic governing body will enter a “targeted dialogue” with the Brisbane 2032 Committee and the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) over their potential to host the 2032 Games. Under a new selection process for the Games approved in 2019, a candidate city is designated […]

Qantas says it will resume international flights in October of 2021

(CNN) — Australian airline Qantas said it plans to resume international flights by the end of October, 2021. The company released its half-year financial results on Wednesday and included the confirmation that it has a plan to restore international flights by the fall. That applies to both Qantas itself and to Jetstar, the lower-priced carrier […]

Australia passes new law requiring Facebook and Google to pay for news

The new code, which the Australian parliament approved Thursday, “will ensure that news media businesses are fairly remunerated for the content they generate,” Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said in a statement. The country’s unprecedented new law had been hotly debated in recent months. Facebook (FB) and Google (GOOGL) had opposed the initial version of the […]

Japan increases protection for US military amid ‘severe security environment’

The number of what Japan calls “asset protection” missions was up from 14 in 2019 amid a “severe security environment,” according to an announcement from Japan’s Ministry of Defense. The Japanese military said the 25 missions involved Japan Self-Defense Forces (SDF) protecting US Navy ships on four occasions while those ships were gathering information on […]

Scientists discover kangaroo painted more than 17,000 years ago is Australia’s oldest rock painting

A painting of a kangaroo in Western Australia is the oldest known rock art in the country, according to scientists, who say radiocarbon-dating analysis shows it was created more than 17,000 years ago. The kangaroo depiction was among a number of rock paintings first recorded by researchers in the 1990s in the Kimberley region, which […]

Facebook will restore news in Australia after talks with the government

The announcement caps month of bitter dispute between the American tech firm and Canberra, which had been working on legislation that would force tech platforms to pay news publishers for content. The agreement “will allow us to support the publishers we choose to, including small and local publishers,” said Campbell Brown, Facebook’s vice president for […]

Why Britain’s anti-immigration politicians are opening the doors to thousands of Hong Kongers

Full of bravado and often clad in black, the 21-year-old oversaw a group of 60 combative front-liners who embraced confrontational tactics against the police while demanding greater democracy in the former British colony. Today, he is applying for asylum in the United Kingdom, and separated from his family in Hong Kong where he feels he […]

Opinion: The US is back in the Paris Agreement. Now what?

The US was a key player in helping to deliver the Paris Agreement, with former State Secretary and current US climate envoy John Kerry playing an instrumental role in this successful process. I have been extremely encouraged by the conversations I have had with Kerry and White House National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy — both […]

Norway, the UK and Canada are not climate champions. They are climate hypocrites. Here’s why

Many countries produce fossil fuels despite committing to combat climate change. But Canada, Norway and the UK stand out because they are doing that while positioning themselves as climate champions. “The UK is leading the world in the fight against climate change,” a spokesperson from the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, told […]

How China is devastating Australia’s billion dollar wine industry

White lived in Shanghai for several years, setting up a network of distributors to sell his Jarressa Estate wine to the booming Chinese market, where demand for foreign wines among the middle class was growing fast. By mid-2020, more than 96% of Jaressa Estate’s wines were being sold to consumers in China, up to seven […]

Australia parliament rape allegations: Scott Morrison apologizes, promises probe

Morrison promised an investigation in the alleged rape and the culture inside the country’s political capital, a day after the former staff went to the media with her story. Brittany Higgins alleges she was raped by a former colleague in the defense minister’s office after an evening work event in March 2019. In an interview […]

When the Dalai Lama dies, his reincarnation will be a religious crisis. Here’s how it will happen

The best-known living Buddhist figure in the world said that when he turned 90 years old, he would decide whether he should be reincarnated — potentially ending a role that has been key to Tibetan Buddhism for more than 600 years, but in recent decades has become a political lightning rod in China. While the […]

Mimozat e Arta të Shqipërisë – Pse Vlerësohen dhe Si Ruhen Gjatë

Të përkëdhelurat e diellit dimëror kanë çelur dhe hijeshojnë mrekullisht. Janë të parat lule pemësh që me pamjen dhe aromën madhështore sinjalizojnë që s’ ka mbetur edhe shumë dimër. Lulet e mimozës janë nga më të dashurat e shqiptarëve. Por jo vetëm. Kultura të ndryshme anembanë globit i vlerësojnë mimozat si ndër lulet më shprehëse. […]

Studimi: Shqipëria do të arrijë të vaksinojë 60-70% të popullsisë deri në fund të vitit 2022

Shqipëria pritet të vaksinojë 60-70% të popullsisë së rritur deri në fund të vitit 2022, sipas përllogaritjeve që bëri “Njësia e Inteligjentes e The Economist” (shih hartën në fund). Shumica e vendeve dhe ato të zhvilluara pritet ta krijojnë imunitetin e tufës në fund të këtij viti. Economist Inteligjence Unit (EIU) e bëri përllogaritjen duke […]

Varieteti Më i Rrallë i Limonit në Botë Rritet në Shqipëri

Toka shqiptare është e bekuar në të mirat që ofron. Frutat e perimet më të shijshme, që s’ gjenden askund tjetër. Bëhet fjalë për një lloj shumë të veçantë limoni, të cilin me siguri s’ e keni hasur më parë. Njihet me emrin finger lime (limon gishti) ose caviar lime, dhe emrin latinisht e ka […]

Efektet Që Pritet Të Sjellë Covid 19 Në Të Ardhmen

Si po ndikojnë masat kundër Covid-19 në përhapjen e gripit dhe sëmundjeve të tjera sezonale? Çfarë efekti do të kenë ato në të ardhmen? Vendosja e masave të rrepta për të luftuar pandeminë si mbajtja e maskave, distancimi social, larja e shpeshtë e duarve, dhe reduktimi i udhëtimeve të panevojshme, ka pasur pasoja të habitshme […]

2020, viti i dytë më i nxehtë që prej 1850

Organizata Botërore e Meteorologjisë njoftoi se viti 2020 pritet të jetë viti i dytë më i nxehtë i regjistruar ndër vite, pas 2016. Aktualisht pesë grupe të dhënash të grumbulluara e radhisin vitin 2020 si një vit të karakterizuar nga nxehtësie, thatësira, zjarret dhe uraganet e fuqishëm, viti dytë më i ngrohtë që nga fillimi […]

2020 nëpër fotografi, s’ ishte vetëm koronavirusi që shënoi këtë vit

Viti që lamë pas kishte filluar me zjarre të tmerrshme në Australi, që më pas filluan të përhapen në vende të ndryshme të botës, janë bërë gara të ashpra politike, por ishte pandemia e coronavirusit ajo që ndaloi të gjitha dukuritë tjera. Fillimisht shpërtheu në Wuhan të Kinës për t’u përhapur më pas në të […]

Gazeta spanjolle “El Pais” publikon imazhe nga Prishtina: Si po pritet në botë Viti i Ri?

Dy prej shteteve që tashmë i kanë thënë lamtumirë i këtij viti, Australia dhe Zelanda e Re tashmë kanë hyrë në vitin 2021. Shumë media botërore tashmë po raportojnë se si po festohet në vende të ndryshme të botës. Një prej tyre është edhe gazeta e madhe spanjolle, “El Pais”, e cila ka publikuar disa […]

ER visits, long waits climb for kids in mental health crisis

When children and teens are overwhelmed with anxiety, depression or thoughts of self-harm, they often wait days in emergency rooms because there aren’t enough psychiatric beds. The problem has only grown worse during the pandemic, reports from parents and professionals suggest. With schools closed, routines disrupted and parents anxious over lost income or uncertain futures, […]

French govt vows ‘transparency’ amid widespread vaccine scepticism

The French government on Thursday unveiled its Covid-19 vaccination strategy, vowing transparency as it sought to placate fears and growing levels of scepticism in France over the safety and efficacy of the new vaccines. The French government will begin its vaccine rollout in January, with nursing homes first in line before the programme is extended in February to the vulnerable elderly and […]

Iron deficiency can be managed better

Iron deficiency is a major cause of anaemia, a deficiency in oxygen-carrying red blood cells or hemoglobin in the blood. New guidance published by Australian and European researchers outlines the best practice for managing iron deficiency. Credit: WEHI, Australia Australian and European researchers have released updated, evidence-based guidance for managing iron deficiency, a serious worldwide […]

A vaccine will be a game-changer for international travel. But it’s not everything

Credit: Shutterstock The United Kingdom yesterday became the first country to approve the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for widespread use. Following a review by the country’s drug regulator, the UK government announced it will begin rolling out the vaccine next week. Other countries are likely to follow soon, authorizing the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine and possibly other leading […]

Indonesia’s poor COVID-19 responses take a toll on its global image

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Indonesia’s failure to reduce the number of COVID-19 cases nine months after declaring its first cases in March reflects its slow and poor responses to the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. Its handling of the virus has taken a toll on the country’s global reputation. As of December 1, Indonesia had recorded […]

Yes, Many of Us Are Stress-Eating and Gaining Weight in the Pandemic

“This was such a drastic and abrupt change to everyone’s daily life that we needed to see what was going on,” said Dr. Flanagan. “We wanted to put some data to the anecdotal behaviors we were seeing.” From April through early May, about 7,750 people, most of them from the United States but also from […]

Remembering Giscard d’Estaing, fighting to ski despite Covid-19 & decoding ‘The Crown’

After France lost former president Valéry Giscard d’Estaing to Covid-19 at 94 on Wed., FRANCE 24 took a look back at the “modernist” ex-leader’s life and times. This week, France dropped a controversial measure to curb the filming of police on duty, outlined its vaccine plan and weathered skiers’ dismay at slopes shuttered during the pandemic. […]

Drinking linked to a decline in brain health from cradle to grave

Credit: CC0 Public Domain The evidence for the harmful effects of alcohol on brain health is compelling, but now experts have pin-pointed three key time periods in life when the effects of alcohol are likely to be at their greatest. Writing in The BMJ today, researchers in Australia and the UK say evidence suggests three […]

Less COVID-19 transmission seen in countries with more intense testing

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Lacking vaccines, countries have relied on multiple non-pharmaceutical interventions to control COVID-19 transmission. Despite the urging of the World Health Organization (WHO) in March to “test, test, and test,” policy makers disagree on on how much testing is optimal. A new study, by Ravindra Prasan Rannan-Eliya and coauthors from the Institute […]

UN chief slams ‘suicidal’ war on nature as 2020 on track to be one of hottest years on record

Issued on: 02/12/2020 – 19:26 This year is on course to be one of the three warmest ever recorded, the United Nations said Wednesday, as the UN chief warned the world was on the brink of “climate catastrophe”. The past six years, 2015 to 2020, are set to make up all six of the hottest […]

COVID-19 lockdowns drive spike in online child abuse

Australian Federal Police detective superintendent Paula Hudson has said there has been a spike in online child abuse due to lockdowns as predators and children spend more time at home using the internet Out-of-school kids and adult predators spending more time at home and on the internet during the coronavirus pandemic is the “perfect storm” […]

Swallowing alcohol-based hand sanitizer can kill, warns analysis of coroners’ reports

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Swallowing alcohol-based hand sanitiser can kill, warns an analysis of two such deaths identified in coroners’ reports, and published in the journal BMJ Evidence Based Medicine. But the public is largely unaware of the potential safety hazards of this form of hand hygiene, which has become commonplace in homes, hospitals, schools, […]

Is China provoking a diplomatic fight with Australia?

China has recently stepped up its aggression towards Australia, from introducing new customs taxes to trolling on Twitter. Relations between the two countries have rarely been so bad and, according to regional experts, the world should be paying attention to the way Beijing is treating Canberra. When Zhao Lijian, China’s foreign ministry spokesperson, posted a photo […]

Cancer shifts to chronic disease, so living well matters

Professor Emily Banks. Credit: Australian National University Improved survival means cancer is increasingly a chronic disease, and a lot of people are living well with it, new research from The Australian National University (ANU) shows. The study, the largest of its kind in the world, has looked at data from more than 22,000 people with […]

Study finds some primary school-aged children self-harm, as experts call for earlier intervention

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain New research reveals that some primary school-aged children have self-harmed, prompting calls for intervention efforts to start earlier. Led by researchers at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) and the University of Melbourne, the study assessed more than 1200 children living in Melbourne, Australia, each year from age 8-9 years (wave […]

BioNTech, Pfizer ask Europe to OK vaccine for emergency use

This May 4, 2020, file photo provided by the University of Maryland School of Medicine, shows the first patient enrolled in Pfizer’s COVID-19 coronavirus vaccine clinical trial at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore. The German pharmaceutical company BioNTech and its U.S. partner Pfizer say they have submitted an application for conditional […]

Study identifies countries and states with greatest age biases

Two studies from Michigan State University pinpoint where in the world you’ll find the most age bias, and where the “golden years” are considered truly golden. Credit: Creative Commons via PxHere Elders are more respected in Japan and China and not so much in more individualistic nations like the United States and Germany, say Michigan […]

US predicts ‘vaccines before Christmas’ as virus super-surge looms

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Hopes for a first wave of vaccinations before the end of 2020 received a boost with US firm Moderna saying it was filing Monday for emergency authorization of its COVID-19 vaccine in the United States and Europe. After top US scientists warned Americans to brace for a “surge superimposed on the […]

Australia demands China apologise after ‘repugnant’ fake image posted on Twitter

Issued on: 30/11/2020 – 11:31 Australia demanded an apology after a senior Chinese official posted a fake image of an Australian soldier holding a knife with blood on it to the throat of an Afghan child, calling it “truly repugnant” and demanding it be taken down. Prime Minister Scott Morrison called a media briefing to […]

New Zealand files charges over volcanic island eruption tragedy

Issued on: 30/11/2020 – 04:36 New Zealand’s workplace regulator has filed charges against 13 parties following an investigation into a volcanic eruption on White Island in 2019 which killed 22 people. A surprise eruption on the White Island, also known by its Maori name of Whakaari, on Dec 9 last year, killed 22 people and […]

Blondie on her life in rock ‘n’ roll, a former CIA director on Trump and the question of French hygiene

FRANCE 24 spoke to former CIA director Leon Panetta, who says Trump is risking US national security; anger erupts in France over new allegations of police brutality; Blondie’s Debbie Harry on a life of rock ‘n’ roll madness; the question of French hygiene; and fans the world over mourn football great Maradona, who died of a heart […]

Taking proper sick leave has never been more crucial. So why are people still ‘soldiering on’ at work?

Credit: CC0 Public Domain New South Wales premier Gladys Berejiklian, who last week carried on working for up to two hours while awaiting the results of a rapid COVID test, wasn’t the first Australian to “soldier on” in the face of health concerns and a big day at work. And she almost certainly won’t be […]

Low-cost population-wide salt reduction strategies could save lives

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Reducing salt consumption at population levels is a cost-effective strategy to combat high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease in Africa according to new Griffith University-led research. In a study published in the British Medical Journal Open, researchers from Griffith’s School of Medicine and the University of Oxford evaluated the health impacts […]

New research suggests immunity to COVID is better than we first thought

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Early in the pandemic, many researchers feared people who contracted COVID could be reinfected very quickly. This was because several early studies showed antibodies seemed to wane after the first few months post-infection. It was also partly because normal human coronaviruses, which are one cause of common colds and are cousins […]

What can you expect if you get a call from a COVID contact tracer?

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain “Test, trace and isolate” has become the catch cry of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s recognised as an essential strategy for containing the spread of the virus. The “trace” part, of course, refers to contact tracing—the process of identifying people who may have come into contact with an infected person, so we […]

Australian scholar Kylie Moore-Gilbert freed after two years in Iranian jail

Issued on: 26/11/2020 – 00:00 Freed Australian-British academic Kylie Moore-Gilbert on Thursday said her release from jail in Iran ended a “long and traumatic ordeal,” thanking those who campaigned for her freedom. Moore-Gilbert said the support she received while detained “had meant the world to me” and praised the government for “working tirelessly” on her […]

In appointing John Kerry to top role, Biden shows he’s serious about climate

By appointing former senator and secretary of state John Kerry as the first ever US climate leader, President-elect Joe Biden is sending a clear message. He’s not only reversing President Donald Trump’s reversal of America’s commitments to fighting climate change – he also plans to push these commitments much further. “For the first time ever, the […]

25 destinacionet më të mira për vitin 2021, sipas National Geographic |Revista Monitor

Në pritje që të marrim sërish pasaportën në dorë dhe të udhëtojmë pa asnjë kufizim, s’ na ndal asgjë të nisim të zgjedhim se cili do të jetë destinacioni i udhëtimit tonë të ardhshëm. Në ndihmë na vjen National Geographic që edhe këtë vit ka publikuar listën Best of World 2021, 25 vende në botë […]

France to ease lockdown as world ramps up vaccine preparations

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain France on Tuesday was set to become the latest country to ease coronavirus restrictions in the run-up to Christmas, as Russia joined in a flurry of encouraging announcements about possible vaccines. In an evening television address, French President Emmanuel Macron was also expected to announce a strategy for procuring vaccines as […]

Public buy-in for vaccines essential to stall COVID’s rising tide

Saad Omer. Credit: Dan Renzetti Yale’s Saad Omer has devoted his career to studying the spread of respiratory diseases like influenza and SARS CoV-2, which causes COVID-19, and how society can increase vaccination rates. In an interview with YaleNews, Omer, a professor at Yale School of Medicine and director of the Yale Institute for Global […]

Australi, vdes një person nga sulmi i peshkaqenit

Një burrë është vrarë nga një peshkaqen pranë një plazhi të njohur në Australinë Perëndimore. Kjo ndodhi gjë pranë Cable Beach. Burri u nxor nga uji por më vonë u shpall i vdekur, raporton BBC. “Policia mund të konfirmojë që burri ka ndërruar jetë tragjikisht”, tha Policia e Australisë Perëndimore në një deklaratë. Plazhi është […]

Food health star ratings can improve diets, study finds

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain More evidence has emerged that food labelling can encourage manufacturers to improve product nutrition, but University of Melbourne experts say the star labelling system must be compulsory to make a big difference. A team from the University of Melbourne, the University of Auckland, and the George Institute for Global Health analysed […]

Covid-19 vaccine: the next steps

Pfizer and BioNTech have applied for an emergency use authorization request for a coronavirus vaccine With US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech applying for an emergency use authorization in the United States for their coronavirus vaccine and US biotech company Moderna expected to do so soon, here are the next steps in […]