Punëtorët ngatërrojnë përbërësit, shkatërrohen miliona doza të vaksinës kundër COVID-19 të Johnson&Johnson

[ad_1] Prodhuesi i ilaçeve Johnson&Johnson tha të mërkurën se kishte gjetur një problem të cilësisë në një fabrikë në Baltimore. Sidoqoftë, siç shkruajnë mediat e huaja, përcjell Telegrafi, çështja s’ do të ndikojë në afatin kohor të administratës së Joe Biden për të patur doza të mjaftueshme vaksinash për popullsinë e rritur në SHBA deri […]

Dy kryeministra europianë marrin vaksinën ‘AstraZeneca’

[ad_1] Dy kryeministra evropianë – Boris Johnson i Britanisë dhe Jean Castex i Francës – imunizohen sot me AstraZenecan, herët a vonë pasi enti rregullator i mjekësisë në Evropë e deklaroi vaksinën të sigurt. Kryeministri Johnson tha se, “gjëja që s’ është e sigurt është marrja e COVID-it, andaj është kaq e rëndësishme që të […]

SHBA-ja vendos për eksportin e parë të vaksinave, ndihmojnë Meksikën dhe Kanadan

[ad_1] Shtetet e Bashkuara të Amerikës po planifikojnë të dërgojnë një dozë prej 4 milionë vaksinash AstraZeneca në Meksikë dhe Kanada për eksportin e parë të tyre, njofton Independent. Një zyrtar i Shtëpisë së Bardhë konfirmoi të enjten se administrata e presidentit Joe Biden po planifikon të dërgojë 2.5 milionë doza në Meksikë dhe 1.5 […]

Çka është programi COVAX dhe si do t’ua shpërndajë vaksinat vendeve të varfra?

[ad_1] Vendet në zhvillim po rrezikohen në garën globale për t’i dhënë fund pandemisë së coronavirusit me anë të vaksinimeve. Programi COVAX synon të marrë të paktën 20 për qind të dozave për popullsinë e kombeve më të varfra në botë. Çka është programi COVAX? COVAX është programi kryesor botëror që përpiqet t’iu siguroj vaksina […]

ShBA-ja do të blejë 100 milionë doza të vaksinës nga kompania “Johnson & Johnson”

[ad_1] Presidenti i Shteteve të Bashkuara të Amerikës (SHBA), Joe Biden, ka njoftuar se ka udhëzuar Departamentin amerikan të Shëndetit dhe shërbimeve njerëzore për blerjen e 100 milionë dozave të vaksinës “Johnson & Johnson” në kuadër të luftës kundër pandemisë së COVIDIt-19. Bideni, zhvilloi një konferencë shtypi në Shtëpinë e Bardhë, pas takimit të tij […]

Numri ditor i vdekjeve nga COVID-19 në SHBA nën 1,000 – për herë të parë në disa muaj

[ad_1] Për herë të parë në gati tre muaj e gjysmë, Shtetet e Bashkuara kanë regjistruar më pak se 1.000 vdekje në ditë nga COVID-19, sipas Universitetit Johns Hopkins. Në 24 orët e fundit, 749 njerëz vdiqën nga coronavirusi, shumë poshtë pikut të 4,473 vdekjeve të regjistruara në 12 janar, sipas të dhënave, shkruajnë mediat […]

Bill Cassidy on GOP: ‘If we idolize one person, we will lose’

[ad_1] “If we idolize one person, we will lose,” Cassidy told CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of the Union.” “And that’s kind of clear from the last election.” Cassidy, a moderate, was one of seven GOP senators who joined all Senate Democrats in voting to convict Trump in his second impeachment trial, but the 57 […]

Andrew Cuomo: New York governor faces new allegations that threaten his political future

[ad_1] The new sexual harassment allegation emerged Saturday evening in an article in the New York Times. Charlotte Bennett, a 25-year-old former executive assistant and health policy adviser to Cuomo, told the newspaper that during one of several uncomfortable encounters, Cuomo asked her questions about her sex life during a conversation in his State Capitol […]

School reopening: Here’s why it’s so hard

[ad_1] Unlike other countries, the US leaves school control at the local level, and the challenges to providing in-person instruction are not the same everywhere, making it nearly impossible to create effective federal and even state-level guidance as the pandemic wears on. Some buildings don’t have enough space to spread students out, while others don’t […]

Psaki: ‘More effective ways’ to hold Saudi Arabia accountable for Khashoggi’s murder than sanctioning crown prince

[ad_1] “We believe there is more effective ways to make sure this doesn’t happen again and to also be able to leave room to work with the Saudis on areas where there is mutual agreement — where there is national interests for the United States. That is what diplomacy looks like,” Psaki told CNN’s Dana […]

As one Virginia school district prepares to reopen, educators and families balance Covid precautions and normal instruction

[ad_1] Half of the class will be there physically, with the other half watching from home. This week, public schools in the county will open their classroom doors for the first time in almost a year. It’s a hybrid model — students in each grade will be in the school just two days a week. […]

Opinion: Without a global vaccine plan, coronavirus variants could lead to untold number of deaths

[ad_1] Contrary to those who believe “herd immunity” — the point at which a significant percentage of a given population cluster has, either by infection or vaccination, acquired antibodies necessary to stave off the virus — is right around the corner, a new, more worrisome scenario is emerging. Epidemiologists are of the opinion that the […]

Read: Declassified report on Saudi role in killing of Jamal Khashoggi

[ad_1] (CNN)The Biden administration on Friday released a long-awaited declassified intelligence report on the killing of Jamal Khashoggi. The intelligence report says that Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman approved the operation to capture or kill the Saudi journalist. Read the complete report below: [ad_2] Source link

Dozens of Hong Kong former lawmakers charged under national security law

[ad_1] If found guilty of “conspiracy to commit subversion” they could face a maximum sentence of life in prison. Those charged were among 53 people — many prominent former lawmakers, activists and district councilors — who were arrested last month for organizing, planning and participating in a primary election for the city’s democratic opposition last […]

Opinion: Potato Head is getting with the times. So should Congress

[ad_1] Hasbro has announced it is dropping the gendered honorific “Mr.” from the brand name of its popular Potato Head toy. The move, a seemingly innocuous one that follows in the inclusive footsteps of other brands like Mattel and Target, has sparked the fury of the internet mob once again exposing its ugly underbelly of […]

DOJ files appeal of Trump-appointed judge’s ruling on CDC eviction moratorium

[ad_1] Judge John Barker, a Trump appointee in the Eastern District of Texas, stopped short of issuing a preliminary injunction but said he expected the CDC to respect his ruling and withdraw the moratorium. But Saturday night, the Justice Department filed an appeal in the case. “The Department of Justice respectfully disagrees with the February […]

CPAC 2021 speeches: 2024 GOP prospects seek their own breakout moments at Trump-dominated conference

[ad_1] Though it will take years for the 2024 race to fully take shape, this year’s CPAC in Orlando, Florida, offered a window into a GOP primary dominated by a new Republican Party built around the grievances that animated Trump’s campaigns and his presidency.  Speakers embraced Trump’s lies about the 2020 election being rigged. Organizers built […]

Ben Sasse blasts party for ‘weird worship of one dude’ after Nebraska GOP rebukes him for impeachment vote

[ad_1] The Nebraska GOP’s state central committee formally expressed its disappointment but stopped short of a formal censure, though the resolution said Sasse “stands rebuked” by the Nebraska GOP. The senator, who was reelected last fall with 63% of the vote, dismissed the decision in a statement on Saturday, saying, “Most Nebraskans don’t think politics […]

Opinion: Biden is walking a tightrope on Saudi Arabia

[ad_1] While the four-page report supports a conclusion already reached in 2018 by the CIA — that the man known as MBS was responsible for Khashoggi’s murder — it sends a new signal: that President Joe Biden is willing to publicly challenge what he once called a “pariah” state. The US State Department also announced […]

The court of international public opinion long ago found MBS guilty over Khashoggi murder. The US has just caught up

[ad_1] A Turkish intelligence audio recording captured the moments inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul that Saudi government agents drugged, suffocated and dismembered the 59-year-old Washington Post columnist. In the 879 days since, the only geopolitical question of consequence is what role Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, known by his initials MBS, played […]

Manufacturing CEO: Before Biden, it felt like we were fighting the pandemic alone

[ad_1] “It is fantastic to have a partner in the White House,” Jay Timmons, president and CEO of the National Association of Manufacturers, told CNN Business. “We felt like we were fighting this fight, frankly, all alone for the last year.” NAM, which represents more than 130,000 manufacturers, announced Friday it is planning to partner […]

Satellite images reveal extent of damage caused by Biden administration’s first military action

[ad_1] What he likely heard was the sound of seven 500-pound bombs slamming into a compound near the border. The compound, according to the Pentagon, was used by two Iranian-affiliated Iraqi militias, Kata’ib Hezbollah and Kata’ib Sayyid Al-Shuhada. Before-and-after satellite images released by Maxar Technologies, a space technology company, show vividly just how much destruction […]

Ron Klain emerges as a force behind the scenes — and on Twitter

[ad_1] A month into the job, he is facing the most significant blowback of his tenure after pushing for a controversial friend to lead Biden’s budget office without consulting first with key senators, leading to questions about overconfidence in dealing with an evenly divided Senate. Central figure Since the moment Klain was selected to serve […]

Fight for transgender right has key week on Capitol Hill

[ad_1] It’s unclear if the Equality Act has any path in the Senate. But that uncertainty doesn’t diminish the bill’s significance. The Equality Act would expand the 1964 Civil Rights Act and prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in employment, housing and other services as well as in access to public accommodations. […]

Vaksina me një dozë e kompanisë Johnson & Johnson merr mbështetjen e specialistëve

[ad_1] Një panel këshillimor ekspertësh i Administratës Amerikane të Ushqimit dhe Barnave (FDA) votoi të premten në favor të autorizimit të vaksinës me një dozë ndaj COVID-19 të kompanisë Johnson & Johnson për përdorim emergjence, duke e afruar atë një hap më pranë shpërndarjes në Shtetet e Bashkuara. FDA-ja ka të ngjarë të autorizojë vaksinën […]

Biden to laud House passing Covid relief bill as an important first step to defeating Covid-19

[ad_1] Slated to speak in the Roosevelt Room before he takes off to Delaware, the President will address the country for the first time after House Democrats approved his first legislative priority. The House approved the Covid relief package early Saturday morning along party lines by a vote of 219-212, sending the bill to the […]

Anna Hursey: Table tennis prodigy is helping US President Biden tackle the climate crisis

[ad_1] Yet it isn’t her sporting abilities attracting attention, rather her environmental advocacy, a topic she cares passionately about. That led to the US Embassy getting in touch with Hursey’s mom and dad earlier this year, inviting the youngster to work with US President Joe Biden in his mission to tackle the climate crisis. “I […]

The tough message Biden just sent Iran (Opinion)

[ad_1] Pentagon officials said two F15s dropped Joint Direct Attack Munitions (precision weapons with GPS navigation capabilities) on buildings at an unofficial border crossing believed to be used by militias to transfer munitions into Syria from Iraq. The strike sought to cripple the ability of these groups, particularly Kata’ib Hezbollah and Kata’ib Sayyid al Shuhada, […]

Stimulus package update: House passes Biden’s $1.9 trillion Covid relief package

[ad_1] The final vote tally was 219-212. Two Democrats broke ranks and voted against the bill: Kurt Schrader of Oregon and Jared Golden of Maine. The bill did not pass with bipartisan support as no Republicans voted for it. Now that the bill has passed the House it will next go to the Senate. Making […]

Questions grow about discrimination’s role in the hurdles Biden’s nominees are facing

[ad_1] It’s not yet possible to make hard data comparisons with past administrations, in part because the confirmation process is ongoing and in part because Biden’s picks have been more diverse overall. But there is a growing sense of frustration about the obstacles that some of these nominees are facing. “The principle here is — […]

Opinion: Trump has CPAC, but Biden has kryptonite

[ad_1] What should President Biden do? Trump will inevitably launch a few rhetorical grenades at the new administration, so does Biden need to respond? Will saying nothing simply give his defeated predecessor a platform to disseminate falsehoods, disinformation and smears without any sort of retribution? Will this be the beginning of another birther-style campaign, where […]

Biden promises to help winter storm-battered Texas recover: ‘We’re in it for the long haul’

[ad_1] In his first official trip in the wake of a disaster, the President visited the Harris County Emergency Operations Center and later toured and met with volunteers at the Houston Food Bank, where first lady Jill Biden packaged food and water for the community earlier in the day. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, […]

Biden doesn’t penalize crown prince despite promise to punish senior Saudi leaders

[ad_1] The choice not to punish Prince Mohammed directly puts into sharp relief the type of decision-making that becomes more complicated for a president versus a candidate, and demonstrates the difficulty in breaking with a troublesome ally in a volatile region. On Friday, Biden’s administration released an unclassified intelligence report on Khashoggi’s death, an action […]

Fact checking CPAC’s first day: multiple false claims about the election

[ad_1] The CPAC schedule made clear in advance that the conference — taking place in Orlando instead of its usual home just outside Washington, DC — would feature election-related lying. Over three days, the CPAC agenda includes seven separate panels or speeches under the title of “protecting elections” — plus appearances by other prominent figures, […]

Despite promise to punish senior Saudi leaders, Biden doesn’t penalize crown prince

[ad_1] Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Fayez Nureldine/AFP/Getty Images/FILE Despite promising to punish senior Saudi leaders while on the campaign trail, President Biden declined to punish the one the US intelligence community determined is responsible for the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi: Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.  The choice not to punish Prince Mohammed […]

Khashoggi’s fiancé says she is more “devastated than ever before”

[ad_1] The US intelligence community just released a report on Jamal Khashoggi’s murder. Its basic conclusion was not expected to be a surprise. Shortly after Khashoggi’s October 2018 killing at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, the CIA assessed with high confidence that Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman had personally ordered the murder. In […]

US intelligence report finds Saudi Crown Prince responsible for approving Khashoggi operation

[ad_1] “We assess that Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman approved an operation in Istanbul, Turkey to capture or kill Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi,” the report’s executive summary states. “We base this assessment on the Crown Prince’s control of decisionmaking in the Kingdom, the direct involvement of a key adviser and members of Muhammad […]

Senate Democrats look for alternative ways to boost minimum wage after suffering setback

[ad_1] As an alternative, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is now eying imposing penalties for corporations offering less than a $15 minimum wage as part of the relief package, which stands as the new administration’s first big legislative priority and the first chance Democrats have to show they can deliver on their promises now that […]

House vote key first step for Democrats’ stimulus plans

[ad_1] This package, the culmination of weeks of behind-the-scenes work by a dozen committees, a strategic and aggressive lobbying campaign targeted both inside and outside the beltway, and the “iron fist” of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi keeping her troops in line, is major. If it felt smooth, uneventful or quiet, it’s because you are dealing […]

Covid relief bill: The House is set for a historic down payment on Biden’s legacy

[ad_1] Yet the extreme circumstances of a pandemic, an ex-President’s impeachment trial and a partisan split over the contents of the legislation have so far tended to obscure the Covid relief plan’s significance. The bill, which the House of Representatives is expected to pass Friday with Democratic votes, has the symbolic weight and financial power […]

Nancy Pelosi’s first months of the new Congress: ‘Captain of a ship in uncharted waters’

[ad_1] It’s a sign of Democrats’ willingness to back the President on his first big legislative push and a reflection of Pelosi’s firm hold on the caucus that may prove her most challenging yet. In her fourth term as speaker, Pelosi is managing the slimmest majority in her tenure, a challenge even for a seasoned […]

Texas power outages: Mother who lost her three children in a fire after they were trying to stay warm speaks out

[ad_1] Jackie Pham Nguyen lost her mother, Loan Le, and her three children, Olivia, 11, Edison, 8, and Colette, 5 in a fire while trying to stay warm at her home in the Houston suburb of Sugarland during the power outages that crippled the state. When the power went out in her house, the family […]

Global stocks routed as inflation fears dominate

[ad_1] Asian markets followed US stocks lower. Japan’s Nikkei 225 (N225) tumbled 4%, while Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index (HSI) closed down 3.6% — that index’s worst day in nine months. South Korea’s Kospi (KOSPI) dropped 2.8%, while China’s Shanghai Composite Index (SHCOMP) lost 2.1%. European stocks also dropped sharply in early trading. The FTSE […]

US coronavirus: Another Covid-19 surge hangs in the balance. This is how experts say we keep it from becoming reality

[ad_1] “The question that hangs in the balance right now is, will we have a fourth surge?” the former director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Dr. Tom Frieden told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Thursday. “Every uncontrolled spread increases the risk that there will be dangerous variants that can be more infectious, […]

Why hasn’t Biden given up on Neera Tanden yet?

[ad_1] West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin’s (D) announcement last Saturday that he would not support Tanden for the role set off a series of announcements — mostly from Republicans thought to be on the fence — that they would oppose her nomination as well. And the two Senate committees — led by Democrats — with […]

The week in 43 photos

[ad_1] Law enforcement officers investigate the scene of Tiger Woods’ rollover crash in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, on Tuesday, February 23. The golf icon sustained serious leg injuries in the accident. Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times/Shutterstock Members of Congress observe a moment of silence on the steps of the US Capitol on Tuesday, February 23. More […]

Mexico border: Increasing number of unaccompanied children arriving at southern border setting off alarm bells for feds

[ad_1] On Thursday, a senior Health and Human Services Department official briefed Capitol Hill staff about the capacity challenges facing the department, which is charged with the care of migrant children, according to a congressional aide. Jallyn Sualog, acting director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement, shared concern over the uptick in children and limited […]

Syria air strikes: US carries out strikes in targeting Iranian backed militia structures

[ad_1] The strikes mark the military’s first known action under President Joe Biden. The site was not specifically tied to the rocket attacks, but were believed to be used by Iranian-backed Shia militias operating in the region. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said that the strikes took place “at President Biden’s direction” and were authorized not […]

Analysis: Saudi Arabia is experiencing the downside of betting on the Trump family

[ad_1] “The President’s intention — as is the intention of this government — is to recalibrate our engagement with Saudi Arabia and have counterparts communicate with counterparts,” Joe Biden’s press secretary, Jen Psaki, said Wednesday before today’s call between her boss and MBS’s father, King Salman. It doesn’t get much blunter than that. The fact […]

Republicans react to 2020 defeats by trying to make it harder to vote (Opinion)

[ad_1] According to the federal government’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and election officials of both parties, the 2020 election was the most secure and well-run election ever. There was record turnout and zero evidence of massive voter fraud. States made it easier to vote while also ensuring that valuable integrity measures were in place. […]

Khashoggi report: Biden calls Saudi King before expected release of intelligence report

[ad_1] The congressionally mandated release of the report, which is expected to further implicate Saudi Arabia’s powerful Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in the Washington Post columnist’s death, is expected to take place imminently now that Biden and the King have spoken. The call “went well,” according to a source close to the Saudi government. […]

Arizona Republicans propose giving lawmakers — not election officials — final review of election results

[ad_1] The effort by GOP legislators in battleground states to drastically change voting laws comes after last year’s elections saw record numbers of early and mail-in voters, many of them Democrats, after rules were relaxed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The high numbers triggered baseless claims of fraud by then-President Donald Trump and other Republicans […]

Stimulus bill: When will Congress pass Covid relief?

[ad_1] What’s riding on this negotiation is the $1,400 stimulus checks proposed by Biden even before he took office, as well as that extra federal unemployment money. Democrats have said they will get a bill signed by mid-March. But getting the proposal — proposals, really, since there will be different versions between the House, Senate […]

The US economy was stronger than we thought last quarter. But it still wasn’t strong enough

[ad_1] The small improvement reflects higher residential and inventory investments and increased state and local government spending. These upticks were partially offset by consumer expenditures being revised lower. In a normal year, an annualized GDP growth rate of 4.1% would be reason to pop some champagne. But in the abnormal world of the pandemic, it […]

Neera Tanden is being treated unfairly (Opinion)

[ad_1] It was bound to happen, and I’m honestly surprised it took this long: the first Very Online woman is facing US Senate confirmation. And she may not make it through. The woman is Neera Tanden, president of the Center for American Progress think tank, and Joe Biden’s nominee to run the Office of Management […]

Your top questions about Covid-19 and vaccines

[ad_1] How long will immunity last after getting a Covid-19 vaccine? Vaccine transmission treatment & prevention work/life family What are the side effects of the vaccines? Some vaccine trial volunteers have reported feeling flu-like effects after getting the shots. Don’t freak out if this happens to you, health experts say. “These are immune responses, so […]

White House lifts Trump order that temporarily banned certain immigrant visas during pandemic

[ad_1] The move opens up legal avenues to migrate to the US that former President Donald Trump had closed off, arguing at the time that it was in the best interest of the economy in the early months of the pandemic. Biden charged in a proclamation Wednesday that Trump’s order “does not advance the interests […]

Senate panel to consider Rachel Levine’s historic nomination for HHS assistant secretary

[ad_1] The hearing before the Senate Health, Education Labor and Pensions Committee will also consider the nomination of Dr. Vivek Murthy to serve as US surgeon general, a role Murthy held under the Obama administration. As surgeon general under President Barack Obama, Murthy helped lead the national response to the Ebola and Zika viruses and […]

US coronavirus: US health leaders are preparing for all scenarios — including another wave of Covid-19 cases

[ad_1] But now is no time to let up on safety measures — for several reasons — according to experts. More than 54,000 people remain hospitalized with the virus nationwide, according to the COVID Tracking Project. And more than 57,000 Covid-19 deaths have been recorded this month alone. On Wednesday, California became the first state […]

Congressional Republicans risk backlash as they unite against Biden’s Covid relief plan

[ad_1] After losing control of the White House and the US Senate in November, and still relegated to the minority in the US House, Republican leaders hope to win back suburban voters in 2022, in part by earning their trust that they would do a better job than Democrats easing the transition back to normal […]

Lack of equity within priority groups leaves Covid-19’s most vulnerable without vaccine, analysis suggests

[ad_1] Around the United States, there are various plans in place to prioritize distribution of the limited supply of vaccines — in December, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices issued federal guidance about who should be first in line to receive the shots, starting with frontline health care workers […]

Ron Johnson: Why the senator’s fringe conspiracy theories are so alarming (opinion)

[ad_1] It would be OK, for example, to guffaw at Republican Sen. Ron Johnson, after he sat in the Senate on Tuesday, during the first hearing investigating the January coup attempt by followers of then-President Donald Trump, and offered an alternative reality about what occurred. The notion was so far from the plain truth that […]

Democrats and GOP at odds over scope of commission to investigate Capitol riots

[ad_1] Republicans are balking at a plan put forward by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to create an outside commission with more Democrats than Republicans, and one whose mandate they say would go beyond just the security failures of the January 6 insurrection. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said on the Senate floor Wednesday that Pelosi’s […]

Miscalculating Sinema and Manchin could end up costing Biden

[ad_1] “DANGEROUS CREATURE,” the Arizona Democrat’s sweater blared in all-capital letters. Tanden’s nomination was already on life support after Manchin said he would not support her, citing old tweets she wrote that disparaged members of both parties. And like Sinema, the West Virginia Democrat also says he opposes the increase in the minimum wage. The […]

Two big reasons investors are worried about the housing market

[ad_1] Tonight: GameStop stock is all fired up — again. Plus, the US Postal Service’s new vans look like ducks, and somehow Michael Bolton gets a financial news headline in 2021 … Let’s get into it. The housing market is hot, and maybe a bit of a hot mess. As the country locked down and […]

Lawyers make progress in reunifying children split from families at the border, latest court filing says

[ad_1] Wednesday’s filing is the first under the Biden administration, which is now responsible for the reunification of families separated at the US-Mexico border as a result of former President Donald Trump’s controversial “zero tolerance” immigration policy. The new administration has taken a markedly different tone in talking about the Trump-era policy, which called for […]

Democrats’ struggles to stay united on Covid relief package are just beginning

[ad_1] In a normal Senate where there were a few votes to spare, one member wouldn’t have so much power. But, if you have watched closely, you’ve seen the wave that a single senator’s comments can bring when they talk about what they can support in a bill or in a nominee. Democratic Sen. Kyrsten […]

Democrats now at odds over whether to immediately seek postmaster general’s ouster

[ad_1] Changes made to the Postal Service under DeJoy, the US postmaster general and major donor to former President Donald Trump, sparked outrage last year when critics blamed him for the slowdown of mail delivery ahead of the critical November election. Democrats linked DeJoy to Trump’s anti-mail-in voting rhetoric and accused him of attempting to […]

Neera Tanden: Key committee votes postponed in troubling sign for Tanden nomination

[ad_1] Senators want more time to consider the nomination, an official on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee who is familiar with the matter tells CNN. A senior aide on the other panel, the Senate Budget Committee, told CNN its hearing also was postponed and that Chairman Sen. Bernie Sanders, an independent who […]

Questions remain on J&J Covid-19 vaccine rollout as authorization decision approaches

[ad_1] On Monday, the White House did not disclose its plans for the J&J vaccine, although an administration official said they have worked closely with the company to formulate a distribution outline in recent weeks. Federal officials have expressed disappointment that fewer doses than initially expected will be ready if the vaccine is authorized soon. […]

Congress rocked by consequential battles that will shape Biden’s presidency

[ad_1] After four years of politics by tweeted decree, normal service is resuming inside the Beltway in all its brutal, hypocritical, and high-stakes glory as everyone with power tries to wield it to set the tone for the coming years. The White House is standing firm behind Neera Tanden, its pick for budget director, though […]

First on CNN: Biden’s Covid plan gets backing from more than 150 top business leaders

[ad_1] The group of executives includes the top executives representing some of the powerful business interests in the US, ranging from bank and investment firms like Goldman Sachs and Blackstone, to technology companies like Google, Intel and IBM, to hospitality companies like Loews Hotels & Co. and airlines including American and United Airlines. Top executives […]

Haaland faces second day of confirmation hearing questions over Interior nomination

[ad_1] The Democratic congresswoman from New Mexico, who would be the first Native American Cabinet secretary if confirmed by the Senate, pledged to work in service of the Biden administration during the first day of the hearing on Tuesday as Republicans on the panel expressed concern over her nomination and described her views as radical. […]

Japan increases protection for US military amid ‘severe security environment’

[ad_1] The number of what Japan calls “asset protection” missions was up from 14 in 2019 amid a “severe security environment,” according to an announcement from Japan’s Ministry of Defense. The Japanese military said the 25 missions involved Japan Self-Defense Forces (SDF) protecting US Navy ships on four occasions while those ships were gathering information […]

Uyghurs in China: What Biden should do about China’s atrocities (opinion)

[ad_1] This genocide — that’s what it is — poses an urgent test for President Joe Biden’s new administration and for the international community. Either the United States and the world will finally go beyond tepid criticism and respond with real action, or we can forget about values, universal rights, and international law. The term […]

Fracking and Deb Haaland: How to view the Senate debate

[ad_1] The difficulty faced by Haaland is particularly interesting since it’s not just political — opposition or support for a fossil fuel economy — but also scientific. One party wants to actively address climate change and the other does not. What Matters went to CNN’s Drew Kann, who covers climate change for the network, to […]

Capitol riot: Justice Department is facing a tougher climb trying to keep rioters locked up

[ad_1] The apparent calculus prosecutors are using to determine whether they ask for jail time came to a head twice in court Tuesday, as they argued for the detention of a member of the pro-Trump extremist group the Proud Boys who carried an axe handle wrapped in a flag, and for an alleged conspirator among […]

Pence speaks highly of Trump in meeting and plans to launch a political group

[ad_1] Rep. Jim Banks, an Indiana Republican who chairs the conservative Republican Study Committee, told CNN that a group of members met at Pence’s transition office in the Washington area on Tuesday afternoon, talking about the way forward for their party while also touting the accomplishments of the past. Pence harbored no ill will towards […]

Republicans begin new push against Biden’s Covid-19 relief plan 

[ad_1] Sen. John Thune speaks during a news conference in the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday, February 23. Caroline Brehman/CQ Roll Call/AP Images Republican leaders in both chambers are maneuvering to keep all of their members in line against the $1.9 trillion Covid-19 relief plan, a move that would deny President Biden a bipartisan victory and […]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez rips Joe Manchin’s opposition to Biden’s nominee

[ad_1] Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) lashed out at Sen. Joe Mancin’s (D-WV) after he said he had doubts about Deb Haaland’s nomination to as Secretary of the Interior, which comes on the heels of his opposition to the confirmation of Neera Tanedem to lead the Office of Management and Budget. Source: CNN [ad_2] Source link

Senate confirms Tom Vilsack to serve again as agriculture secretary

[ad_1] The vote was 92-7. Vilsack, 70, will now be tasked with helping farmers hard hit by former President Donald Trump’s trade wars and the coronavirus pandemic, which has sickened thousands of workers at meatpacking plants. During his confirmation hearing earlier this month, Vilsack made clear the challenges facing the Department of Agriculture are different […]

Biden administration prepares to impose sanctions on Russia over Navalny poisoning and SolarWinds hack

[ad_1] Discussions about the response to the devastating security breach of at least nine federal agencies and dozens of private businesses are still ongoing but could come within a matter of weeks, the US official said, noting that the package will likely include sanctions and a cyber component, as well as other options that make […]

Biden Cabinet confirmations 2021

[ad_1] President Joe Biden took office on January 20 without key members of his Cabinet in place after the Senate moved more slowly to schedule confirmation hearings than it had for previous presidents. The chamber, now led by Democrats after six years of Republican control, can now confirm Cabinet nominations without Republican support. Vice President […]

Garland vowed to keep politics out of the Department of Justice

[ad_1] Frmer President Trump declared more than a year ago, “I am actually, I guess, the chief law enforcement officer,” as he tried to assert control over Department of Justice decisions. The claim in February 2020, as Trump basked in his first Senate acquittal on US House impeachment charges and prepared to fire people who had […]

All 4 requested witnesses plan to testify at today’s hearing on the Capitol attack

[ad_1] Federal prosecutors have charged at least 250 people in connection with the Capitol riot, according to a CNN analysis of court records and Department of Justice announcements. These defendants come from 40 states and the District of Columbia, according to a CNN analysis.  Not surprisingly, there are more defendants hailing from the largest states […]

Inside a ‘Patriot Party’ rally where Trump loyalists search for a path forward

[ad_1] The idea and, perhaps just as important, the logo, have been circulating on social media since last summer. But after the Capitol riot and swearing-in of President Joe Biden, Patriot Party groups have formed and multiplied, mostly on Telegram, where they share memes, disinformation and commentary in chaotic channels in all 50 states. On […]

Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine: FDA committee to consider authorization for single-dose shot this week

[ad_1] The vaccine is the third under consideration for the US market, and would be the first single-dose Covid-19 shot available here. Like the earlier Covid-19 vaccines, it was developed and tested at a remarkable pace, condensing into months what might have taken years before the pandemic. But there are few answers on what will […]

Opinion: What Biden and Pelosi can learn from a 1941-1942 presidential commission

[ad_1] In addition, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has called for a “9/11-type commission” to investigate the attack on the Capitol. Subsequently, congressional Democrats have drafted an initial plan to create a bipartisan commission that would examine the security failures at the Capitol to ensure that something similar never happens again. Under this plan, the commission’s […]

Haaland expected to face contentious confirmation hearing over Interior nomination

[ad_1] The Democratic congresswoman from New Mexico is a historic pick and would be the first Native American Cabinet secretary if confirmed by the Senate. But Democrats and White House officials told CNN that they anticipate the hearing could get tense, and some Republicans have already spoken out against what they call her “extreme” and […]

White House works to inject stateliness into a virtual visit from Justin Trudeau

[ad_1] In-person visits from foreign leaders are still off-limits as the novel coronavirus continues to rage. So Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will beam into the West Wing from Ottawa, his bearded visage positioned next to Biden on a large screen as each man does his best to replicate the traditional choreography of a White […]

Opinion: How Biden can strike a blow against Saudi Arabia’s human rights violations

[ad_1] Nineteen members of the family of Saudi Muslim scholar and political prisoner Salman Al-Awda have been banned from travel outside Saudi Arabia, including six great-grandchildren, the youngest just a 1-year-old. MBS has also targeted royals, the rich and the powerful in an effort to intimidate, shake down and thwart any challenge to his power. […]

The immigration debate has a blind spot

[ad_1] “Without immigration it becomes increasingly impossible to sustain entitlements, much less a functioning health care system, or a local tax base in rural and suburban cities and communities across the country,” says Ali Noorani, president of the National Immigration Forum, a centrist immigration advocacy group. After Trump sought to slash legal immigration through legislative […]

Mounting confirmation battle sends warning sign to Biden

[ad_1] Growing intrigue over a trio of controversial presidential picks is also underscoring the power of individual senators such as Democrat Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Republican Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, when the partisan balance is so evenly divided. While Biden has seen blue-chip national security selections such as Antony Blinken as secretary of […]

Pence and Trump’s relationship is ‘amicable,’ source says

[ad_1] The source would not provide CNN further details about the relationship, or describe the contents of the calls. One call was initiated by each. CNN previously reported that Trump will speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida, on Sunday, according to a source familiar with the matter, while Pence declined an […]

What Matters: What America’s next pandemic year will look like

[ad_1] As we enter our second year with Covid, it’s becoming more and more clear that it will take more time to get back to how life looked in February of 2020. There will be permanent changes to the way we interact, work, travel, eat and learn. When you find yourself wondering, as I often […]

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