Coronavirus: Mixing and matching Pfizer and AstraZeneca jabs ‘could worsen side effects’

Mixing and matching Covid vaccines could lead to more side effects, scientists say. British guidance says people should be given two doses of the same jab because of a lack of data on alternating doses. But there are ongoing trials of giving one type for the first dose and a different type for the second, […]

Delaying second Covid vaccine cuts death toll by up to a FIFTH, study finds

The decision to delay second Covid vaccine doses in the UK saved thousands of lives, more research has found. A study published in the British Medical Journal modelled how fatality rates are impacted when second jab appointments are pushed beyond the recommended regimen.  Scientists estimated deaths would be slashed by up to a fifth if […]

What does your voice say about you? Links between personality and vocal characteristics — ScienceDaily

Everyone has at some point been charmed by the sound of a person’s voice: but can we believe our ears? What can a voice really reveal about our character? Now an international research team led by the University of Göttingen has shown that people seem to express at least some aspects of their personality with […]

New mothers twice as likely to have post-natal depression in lockdown, study finds — ScienceDaily

Almost half (47.5%) of women with babies aged six months or younger met the threshold for postnatal depression during the first COVID-19 lockdown, more than double average rates for Europe before the pandemic (23%), finds a new study led by UCL researchers. Women described feelings of isolation, exhaustion, worry, inadequacy, guilt, and increased stress. Many […]

Online therapy effective against OCD symptoms in the young — ScienceDaily

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in children and adolescents is associated with impaired education and worse general health later in life. Access to specialist treatment is often limited. According to a study from Centre for Psychiatry Research at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden and Region Stockholm, internet-delivered cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) can be as effective as conventional CBT. […]

AI analytics predict COVID-19 patients’ daily trajectory in UK intensive care units — ScienceDaily

Researchers used AI to identify which daily changing clinical parameters best predict intervention responses in critically ill COVID-19 patients. The investigators used machine learning to predict which patients might get worse and not respond positively to being turned onto their front in intensive care units (ICUs) — a technique known as proning that is commonly […]

Scientists develop adaptive font that speeds up reading — ScienceDaily

AdaptiFont has recently been presented at CHI, the leading Conference on Human Factors in Computing. Language is without doubt the most pervasive medium for exchanging knowledge between humans. However, spoken language or abstract text need to be made visible in order to be read, be it in print or on screen. How does the way […]

Covid England: Vaccine drive will open up to under-40s TOMORROW

The coronavirus vaccine programme in England will open up to people under the age of 40 for the first time tomorrow. NHS England said around a million adults aged 38 and 39 will be invited to come forward for their jab from Thursday morning. They will be offered either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine on […]

Coronavirus UK: Could spread of Indian variant jeapordise plans to ease lockdown?

India‘s Covid variant is now dominant in four local authorities in England and its rapid spread could jeopardise plans to ease lockdown, experts fear. Analysis by one of the UK’s biggest variant trackers warns the strain is focused in hotspots Bolton and neighbour Blackburn with Darwen, where outbreaks have grown by 93 and 86 per […]

Postnatal depression was TWICE as common among mothers caring for new babies during lockdown

Mothers who were caring for a new baby during lockdown were twice as likely to be struck by post-natal depression, according to a study.  University College London experts surveyed 162 London-based women with infants younger than six months old between May and June last year. Almost half (47 per cent) said they were suffering from […]

DR MARTIN SCURR: Face pain that even makes shaving agony 

For  two years, I’ve suffered with trigeminal neuralgia, a most annoying and painful condition that makes it a struggle even to brush my teeth, shave and eat. It began after a tooth extraction. My GP prescribed the nerve pain drug carbamazepine, and I’ve asked for the dose to be increased. Someone suggested I try acupuncture. What […]

Babies withms | Daily Mail Online

Babies with stressed parents are more likely to become fat children because their parents might overfeed them or pass on anxiety that triggers comfort eating, study claims Children gained more weight between five and 14 if their father was stressed But the same link was not true between mothers and sons, a UCL study found […]

First optogenetics-based study of unrestricted social interactions within groups of animals — ScienceDaily

Northwestern University researchers are building social bonds with beams of light. For the first time ever, Northwestern engineers and neurobiologists have wirelessly programmed — and then deprogrammed — mice to socially interact with one another in real time. The advancement is thanks to a first-of-its-kind ultraminiature, wireless, battery-free and fully implantable device that uses light […]

First optogenetics-based study of unrestricted social interactions within groups of animals — ScienceDaily

Northwestern University researchers are building social bonds with beams of light. For the first time ever, Northwestern engineers and neurobiologists have wirelessly programmed — and then deprogrammed — mice to socially interact with one another in real time. The advancement is thanks to a first-of-its-kind ultraminiature, wireless, battery-free and fully implantable device that uses light […]

First optogenetics-based study of unrestricted social interactions within groups of animals — ScienceDaily

Northwestern University researchers are building social bonds with beams of light. For the first time ever, Northwestern engineers and neurobiologists have wirelessly programmed — and then deprogrammed — mice to socially interact with one another in real time. The advancement is thanks to a first-of-its-kind ultraminiature, wireless, battery-free and fully implantable device that uses light […]

Prices to would-be Green List destinations soar

Airlines gave their biggest hint yet that Portugal and Malta could be among the countries where British tourists can visit in less than a fortnight’s time without quarantining as they began adding flights to both destinations. British Airways today added another departure to Faro for holidaymakers hoping to visit the Algarve on May 17 with […]

EVE SIMMONS: Why the NHS must stop treating people with anorexia like prisoners

Six years ago, at the age of 23, I sat cross-legged on a hospital bed, screaming – wailing – for my mummy. A nurse shooed my distraught mother out of the room as we reached for each other’s hands. She wasn’t allowed to say goodbye. There were metal bars on the windows. I tried to […]

Mail on Sunday launches campaign urging NHS bosses to let us all see our GPs face to face again

If there is one story which encapsulates the distress of families as GPs remain behind closed doors during this pandemic, then this is it. And to health chiefs who continue to insist patients should only be seen face-to-face where absolutely necessary, it should serve as a warning shot: to open up ALL surgeries again, or […]

Child obesity cases treated in hospital have more than doubled in two years, figures show 

Child obesity cases treated in NHS hospitals have more than doubled in two years and tripled since 2014 Number of babies and toddlers treated in hospital for obesity more than doubled in two years Obesity contributory factor in 1,087 patients aged four and under last year The figure has more than tripled from 336 in […]

Wearable glucose monitors shed light on progression of Type 2 diabetes in Hispanic adults — ScienceDaily

In one of the first studies of its kind, medical and engineering researchers have shown wearable devices that continuously monitor blood sugar provide new insights into the progression of Type 2 diabetes among at-risk Hispanic/Latino adults. The findings by researchers from Sansum Diabetes Research Institute (SDRI) and Rice University are available online this week in […]

New urine test could detect aggressive form of prostate cancer missed by as many as 1 in 5 scans 

New urine test could detect aggressive form of prostate cancer often missed by as many as one in five diagnostic scans The University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center has developed a new test called Urine Prostate Seq test (UPSeq) It analyzes 15 specific strands of RNA together and looks for specific genes that are ‘overexpressed’ […]

Vaccine passports WON’T be ready by May 17

Heathrow’s boss today warned of his ‘deep concerns’ about impending chaos at arrivals after it emerged covid passports will not be ready for the start of foreign holidays from May 17 and could be delayed until ‘later in the summer’. John Holland-Kaye said the Home Office and UK Border Force ‘need to get a grip’ […]

40m Britons now live in practically ‘Covid-free’ areas

Nearly 40million people in England live in practically ‘Covid-free’ areas, data has revealed. The UK’s hugely successful vaccine rollout and continued lockdown measures have meant that seven in ten people now live in places where two or fewer cases were recorded during the latest week. It sparks hopes that Boris Johnson will proceed with the next […]

Over 20,000 children fell off the school register

More than 75,000 children are being home schooled this year with over 20,000 children falling off the school roll amid the Covid pandemic.  An estimated 75,668 children and young people are being home educated across England, according to figures gathered on the first school census day of the 2020/21 academic year. This represents an increase of […]

Covid England: Cases fall in EVERY age group as daily death rate drops to 18

Coronavirus cases have fallen in every age group in England and just 18 deaths were announced across Britain today, according to more promising data that strengthens the argument for easing lockdown sooner.  Public Health England’s weekly Covid surveillance report found rates of the virus were down in all age groups for the third week in […]

Covid is no longer the leading cause of death in England and Wales

Covid is no longer the leading cause of death in England and Wales for the first time since October and the number of people falling ill with the virus is at its lowest level on record, according to statistics which strengthen the argument for a quicker easing of lockdown. Office for National Statistics figures published […]

‘Information theory’ recruited to help scientists find cancer genes — ScienceDaily

Using a widely known field of mathematics designed mainly to study how digital and other forms of information are measured, stored and shared, scientists at Johns Hopkins Medicine and Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center say they have uncovered a likely key genetic culprit in the development of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). ALL is the most […]

Using emotion and humor to combat science misinformation — ScienceDaily

Misinformation in public debates about scientific issues such as vaccinations and climate change can be found all over the internet, especially on social media. In a new study, Sara K. Yeo, associate professor of communication at the University of Utah, examines why it’s so difficult to detect science misinformation and suggests that using humor may […]

DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: It’s official: If you’re over 60, you’re HAPPIER than ever! 

What is happiness? It’s one of those questions that’s vexed great minds down the ages, including the Peanuts creator, Charles M. Schulz, who famously said: ‘Happiness is a warm puppy.’ I hate to contradict one of my favourite philosophers but, thanks to the World Happiness Report, produced every March by the United Nations Development Network, […]

Pandemic drinking puts more than 100 people in hospital

Pandemic drinking puts more than 100 people in hospital with worst affected patients in their early 60s or early 70s NHS had 750,000 alcohol-related admissions between last April and December Figures show there were almost 20,000 admissions among those aged 90-plus  Drinkers in their 20s and 30s accounted for a relatively small number of cases  By […]

Chris Whitty warns Britain will be vulnerable to Covid for another two years

Britain will be vulnerable to coronavirus for another two years but the illness should become as manageable as the flu in the future, Chris Whitty claimed today. England’s chief medical officer said vaccine manufacturers were still struggling to get basic supplies distributed around the world and were not yet fully equipped to deal with new […]

Fauci says the US government will not require Americans to use ‘vaccine passports’

Dr Anthony Fauci has said the U.S. government will not require Americans who are immunized against COVID-19 to use so-called ‘vaccine passports.’ The idea behind these passports is that they would offer proof of vaccination so that people could perform daily tasks such as eat in restaurants, travel, shop and so on. But they have […]

Deep learning networks prefer the human voice — just like us — ScienceDaily

The digital revolution is built on a foundation of invisible 1s and 0s called bits. As decades pass, and more and more of the world’s information and knowledge morph into streams of 1s and 0s, the notion that computers prefer to “speak” in binary numbers is rarely questioned. According to new research from Columbia Engineering, […]

New study examines promising approach to treating attention and working memory difficulties in children — ScienceDaily

An adaptive cognitive training program could help treat attention and working memory difficulties in children with sickle cell disease (SCD), a new study published in the of Journal of Pediatric Psychology shows. These neurocognitive difficulties have practical implications for the 100,000 individuals in the U.S. with SCD, as 20-40% of youth with SCD repeat a […]

The best meal prep containers

(CNN) —   Americans are eating more meals at home and are facing new meal prep challenges. According to Supermarket News, 55% of shoppers polled in a study called “Covid-19: Reinventing How America Eats” said they’re eating at home more frequently because of the pandemic. As we head into a new year, we spoke to […]

Best work-from-home products we tested

(CNN) —   CNN Underscored is constantly testing products — be it coffee makers or headphones — to find the absolute best in each respective category. Our testing process is rigorous, consisting of hours of research (consulting experts, reading editorial reviews and perusing user ratings) to find the top products in each category. Once we […]

These international destinations are open to US tourists

Editor’s Note — CNN Travel updates this article periodically. It was last updated in its entirety on February 27. The US State Department advises that travelers consult country-specific travel advisories via their website or consult the CDC’s latest guidance. Before you make any international travel plans, check these sites first and again before you depart. […]

A family is trying to get ‘orbisculate’ into the dictionary to honor their dad who died of Covid-19

“I was trying to tell people about my dad and how he was really funny, creative and very original and always could see the humor and the bright side of the situation. I kept on coming back to the word orbisculate as a way to sort of capture that,” Hilary Krieger, Neil’s daughter, told CNN. […]

Best coffee grinders of 2021

(CNN) —   You may agree with film director David Lynch’s proverbial maxim that “even a bad cup of coffee is better than no coffee at all.” But if you can brew up a truly great cup o’ joe right in the comfort of your own kitchen? Well, who would say no to that? One […]

Dog Supplies You Need, According to Vets

(CNN) —   Bringing home the new canine addition to your family is fun and exciting. It also comes with questions, especially if this is your first go-round as a pet parent. The big one is: What do I need to buy? The array of options can be overwhelming, rivaling the amount of gear available […]

The most iconic Paris Fashion Week moments of all time

Written by Leah Dolan, CNN Star-studded front rows, outlandish set designs and the world’s culture capital waiting just beyond the runway — Paris Fashion Week has always been a theatrical celebration of fashion’s very best. The city’s reputation for craft and haute couture means that at every show artistry is expected and flamboyance is a […]

The week in 43 photos

Law enforcement officers investigate the scene of Tiger Woods’ rollover crash in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, on Tuesday, February 23. The golf icon sustained serious leg injuries in the accident. Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times/Shutterstock Members of Congress observe a moment of silence on the steps of the US Capitol on Tuesday, February 23. More than […]

Qantas says it will resume international flights in October of 2021

(CNN) — Australian airline Qantas said it plans to resume international flights by the end of October, 2021. The company released its half-year financial results on Wednesday and included the confirmation that it has a plan to restore international flights by the fall. That applies to both Qantas itself and to Jetstar, the lower-priced carrier […]

Australia passes new law requiring Facebook and Google to pay for news

The new code, which the Australian parliament approved Thursday, “will ensure that news media businesses are fairly remunerated for the content they generate,” Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said in a statement. The country’s unprecedented new law had been hotly debated in recent months. Facebook (FB) and Google (GOOGL) had opposed the initial version of the […]

New Mars image from rover landing site shows the red planet in high definition

The rover’s Mastcam-Z instrument, a pair of zoomable color cameras, returned 142 images of its landing site on February 21. The teams at NASA stitched them together to create the instrument’s first 360-degree panorama. This is the first high-definition look at Jezero Crater, the site of a 3.9 billion-year-old dry lake bed where the rover […]

Close ally of Marjorie Taylor Greene among those in Capitol mob

In fact, Anthony Aguero, a conservative livestreamer, activist and associate of Greene, said on video following the January 6 assault on the Capitol that he had been among those who entered and attacked those who falsely claimed it was done by “Antifa.” “We were all there. It was not Antifa and it was not BLM. […]

The New York Times paints a grim picture of its own workplace culture

In a note signed by Times Publisher A.G. Sulzberger, CEO Meredith Kopit Levien and Executive Editor Dean Baquet, Times leadership said the result of an eight-month investigation of its own workplace “calls for us to transform our culture.” They likened that plan to the company’s shifts to being digital-first and subscription-first — efforts that have […]

Tech that doubles as decor

(CNN) —   There are so many ways tech can improve your life around your house, but sometimes you don’t want the look of a device to distract from the aesthetic of your home. We’re here to help you compromise: As tech evolves, so do options for technology to keep your home magazine-worthy. You don’t […]

Premarket stocks: Investors are betting on a Macy’s revival. Should they be?

But stock in Macy’s (M) is now trading close to where it was before Covid-19 rattled markets, while Kohl’s (KSS) has recovered all its losses. That raises the question: Are these stores on the brink of a comeback, or have investors gotten ahead of themselves?There are clear signs that the outlook for retailers is starting […]

Inside a ‘Patriot Party’ rally where Trump loyalists search for a path forward

The idea and, perhaps just as important, the logo, have been circulating on social media since last summer. But after the Capitol riot and swearing-in of President Joe Biden, Patriot Party groups have formed and multiplied, mostly on Telegram, where they share memes, disinformation and commentary in chaotic channels in all 50 states. On February […]

8 ways to fall back asleep after waking in the night

Then before you know it, your mind is flooded with things you forgot to do, worries over finances or reliving an unpleasant experience you planned to forget. Sleep is a lost cause — or is it? Here are eight tips from sleep and anxiety experts on how to shut down that whirling dervish of a […]

Facebook will restore news in Australia after talks with the government

The announcement caps month of bitter dispute between the American tech firm and Canberra, which had been working on legislation that would force tech platforms to pay news publishers for content. The agreement “will allow us to support the publishers we choose to, including small and local publishers,” said Campbell Brown, Facebook’s vice president for […]

What Matters: What America’s next pandemic year will look like

As we enter our second year with Covid, it’s becoming more and more clear that it will take more time to get back to how life looked in February of 2020. There will be permanent changes to the way we interact, work, travel, eat and learn. When you find yourself wondering, as I often do, […]

Best standing desks of 2021

(CNN) —   For many professionals and students alike, the “new normal” has meant trading in their cushy office space or classroom for a work-from-home space — one that may or may not have existed pre-pandemic. Carving out a comfortable workstation has perhaps required swapping your stiff dining room chair for an ergonomic office chair […]

Scam artists lurking on dating apps and social media made away with a record haul in 2020

Scammers lurk on dating apps and social media, striking up conversation with strangers until they build up trust to eventually ask for money. The prevalence of these types of scams has been steadily rising for the past four years. In 2020, there was a 50% jump in reported dollar losses from romance scams from 2019. […]

How to help and get help

Arts and culture How to give American Guild of Musical Arts Relief Fund: The AGMA is a labor union that represents artists involved in America’s operatic, choral and dance heritages. Their relief fund will support members who have lost opportunities and income during the coronavirus crisis. Broadway Cares: This non-profit helps vulnerable people in the […]

Best alarm clocks of 2021

(CNN) —   Having an alarm clock may seem outdated with your smartphone’s endless number of tones and apps available to wake you up. But using your phone before you tuck in can lead to lower-quality sleep and, let’s be honest, don’t you rely on your phone for enough already? So if you want to […]

As the WHO investigated coronavirus origins in China, Beijing pushed a conspiracy about the US

That Chinese officials should point to the US when discussing the origins of a virus first detected in central China may at first appear confusing to many. But for months now, China has been advancing alternative theories for how the coronavirus first emerged, ones that would obviate any blame officials in Wuhan may bear for […]

Google Maps will now let you pay for parking and transit without leaving the app

As of Wednesday, users can connect their Google (GOOG) Maps accounts with their Google Pay wallets and make transportation-related payments without ever leaving the app. By bypassing parking meters and train ticket machines, people can save time and also avoid touching public surfaces — a plus during the pandemic. The new features are just the […]

Biden says prosecuting Trump will be up to the Department of Justice

Taylor Glascock for CNN President Biden said he does have some concerns about the online aspect of the coronavirus vaccine rollout, shining a spotlight on the digital divide in the United States. He also said some of that concern stems from time that was wasted by the previous administration. Biden said that while he does have some concern […]

Hedge fund Alden Global is buying newspaper chain Tribune Publishing

The acquisition has long been expected and feared internally after the hedge fund became the company’s largest shareholder in 2019 with about 32% ownership. Hundreds of Tribune employees signed a letter to protest the ownership, citing the hedge fund’s “well-documented history of extracting short-term profits from already-lean operations by cutting newsroom jobs and denying fair […]

How the Maldives became the biggest 2020 international tourism success story

(CNN) — In most destinations, being a million tourists short over the previous year would be a huge cause for concern, the result of a horrible natural disaster. But that was before 2020, and before the coronavirus pandemic changed the way we travel forever. The Maldives, an Indian Ocean island archipelago practically synonymous with romance, […]

Opinion: Biden is right to spend big for Covid-19 relief. But who’s going to pay for it?

The spending is both necessary and affordable, yet there is a crucial question: how should the US pay for it? The Biden recovery plan covers three important needs. It spends $400 billion to fund the fight against the pandemic, through immunizations, an expanded public health workforce, and other means. It allocates around $1 trillion in […]

Best online sales right now

(CNN) —   Today, you’ll find a deal on the popular Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up Light, a discounted Roomba robotic vacuum and savings on bidets at The Home Depot. All that and more below. PHOTO: Amazon iRobot Roomba i6+ Robotic Vacuum Hands-off cleaners will appreciate this deal on a Roomba i6+ robotic vacuum at Amazon. With […]

Bitcoin soars past $50,000 for the first time

The digital currency hit a record $50,602.53 before pulling back somewhat. Bitcoin is still up about 2% over the past 24 hours, and has rallied nearly 260% since the beginning of November. Investors have sent the price of bitcoin skyrocketing during the pandemic as the Federal Reserve cut interest rates to near zero in March […]

Pay 0 Interest Until 2022-

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Rama te Piramida: Të rinjtë do fitojnë nga 7 mijë euro në muaj

Dy ditë më parë kreu i qeverisë Edi Rama tha i bindur se Partia Socialiste do të vijojë të jetë në pushtet deri në vitin 2030, me apo pa të si kryeministër. Ndërkohë sot duke folur në ceremoninë e nisjes së zbatimit për projektin e piramidës, Rama u shpreh se një nga pikat e platformës […]

WhatsApp i përgjigjet akuzave për shkelje të privatësisë teksa përdoruesit po ikin drejt Signal dhe Telegram

Drejtuesit e Facebook thonë se përdoruesit kanë keqkuptuar ndryshimet që janë bërë në aplikacionin WhatsApp. Facebook po përpiqet të merret me një kërcënim të papandehur konkurrues ndaj platformës së tij të mesazheve WhatsApp, pasi një ndryshim në kushtet e shërbimit shkaktoi shqetësime të privatësisë dhe bëri që përdoruesit të ktheheshin te rivalët si Signal dhe […]

Sipas psikologëve,COVID-19 po shihet si një kërcënim serioz për shëndetin mendor

Pandemia COVID-19 po përbën kërcënimin më të madh për shëndetin mendor që prej përfundimit të Luftës së Dytë Botërore. Sipas Dr. Adrian James, drejtor në Kolegjin e Psikiatërve në Mbretërinë e Bashkuar, një kombinim i sëmundjes me pasojat që ajo ka sjellë në ekonomi dhe shoqëri kanë një ndikim shumë të madh në rëndimin e […]

Gixer – IT Solutions & Digital Services HTML Template

Free download Gixer – IT Solutions & Digital Services HTML Template Nulled. This item was published on and sold by author GeniusDevs. But you can download Gixer – IT Solutions & Digital Services HTML Template completely free from here. It is also nulled by us to make sure there are no license check. Gixer – Multipurpose Business […]

A vaccine will be a game-changer for international travel. But it’s not everything

Credit: Shutterstock The United Kingdom yesterday became the first country to approve the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for widespread use. Following a review by the country’s drug regulator, the UK government announced it will begin rolling out the vaccine next week. Other countries are likely to follow soon, authorizing the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine and possibly other leading […]

TU Graz entwickelt Screeningsystem für Lungengeräuschanalyse

Ein an der TU Graz entwickeltes Mehrkanal-Aufnahmegerät für krankhafte Lungengeräusche und die dazugehörige automatische Analyse der Geräusche könnten bestehende Screening-Methoden zur Früherkennung zum Beispiel von COVID-19-Infektionen unterstützen. Hierfür benötigt es nun klinische Daten und eine interdisziplinäre Zusammenarbeit. Es pfeift, es zischt, es rasselt: Unser Körper gibt laufend Geräusche von sich, die (zum Glück) nicht immer […]

Fully Customizable Digital Clock – Javascript

Free download Fully Customizable Digital Clock – Javascript Nulled. This item was published on and sold by author abu_raihan. But you can download Fully Customizable Digital Clock – Javascript completely free from here. It is also nulled by us to make sure there are no license check. Modern/Digital Clock The Javascript plugin is made for create amazing […]

Building Emotional Safety Nets for Men

Many boys and men I interviewed for my book assured me they didn’t need support networks, because they had a close friend or two in whom they confided. What these boys and men ultimately sought from male friends wasn’t emotional support; they used what I call “targeted transparency” for solutions to the few, carefully vetted […]

Neugründung: Berner Zentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz in der Medizin

Die Universität Bern und das Inselspital, Universitätsspital Bern, gründen ein Zentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz in der Medizin. Das neue „Center for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine“ (CAIM) vereint medizinische Spitzenforschung, Ingenieurswesen und Digitalisierung. Es soll mithilfe von Künstlicher Intelligenz (KI) neue Technologien entwickeln, um eine „maßgeschneiderte und effiziente Patientenversorgung“ zu ermöglichen, so die Universität Bern und […]

Aqum | Contemporary Magazine WordPress Theme

Free download Aqum | Contemporary Magazine WordPress Theme Nulled. This item was published on and sold by author drection. But you can download Aqum | Contemporary Magazine WordPress Theme completely free from here. It is also nulled by us to make sure there are no license check. Aqum | Contemporary News and Magazine WordPress We create news […]

Reconstruction of eye tissue gives new insight into outer retina

Credit: University of Southampton A new study by scientists at the University of Southampton has made a breakthrough that could help the search for treatments against age related sight loss. With an aging society, conditions such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD) are becoming more frequent, affecting around 300 new patients every week in the UK. […]

DIVI und Philips verleihen Forschungsförderpreis Delir-Management

Auch in diesem Jahr wurde der Forschungsförderpreis zum Thema Delir-Management der Deutschen Interdisziplinäre Vereinigung für Intensiv- und Notfallmedizin (DIVI) und Philips verliehen. Der Preis ist mit 10.000 Euro dotiert und ging an Frau Dr. med. Judith von Hofen-Hohloch, die an der Klinik und Poliklinik für Neurologie in Leipzig tätig ist. Die junge Ärztin hat den Einsatz von Delir-Screeninginstrumenten bei […]

Some Iranian children are literally climbing mountains to access online school

Issued on: 02/12/2020 – 10:23Modified: 02/12/2020 – 10:24 Some Iranian children are finding virtual school harder than others. Photos have recently emerged on social media of children in rural areas who literally have to climb a mountain every day to find an internet connection strong enough so that they can attend their online classes. People […]

US Justice Dept investigating potential White House ‘pay-for-pardon’ scheme

Issued on: 02/12/2020 – 02:43 The U.S. Justice Department is investigating a potential crime related to funneling money to the White House in exchange for a presidential pardon, according to court documents unsealed in federal court. U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell on Tuesday released a heavily redacted order that described what she called a “bribery-for-pardon” […]

Transatlantic divides after Biden win

After Donald Trump’s “America First” agenda exposed longstanding strains in US-Europe relations, Joe Biden’s victory has prompted a Franco-German row over Emmanuel Macron’s vision of “strategic autonomy” – while transatlantic tensions simmer over tech taxes and extraterritorial US law. The US president excoriated European countries’ failure to pay for its own defence in stark terms: “We […]

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Deep learning predicts woman’s risk for breast cancer

Micrograph showing a lymph node invaded by ductal breast carcinoma, with extension of the tumour beyond the lymph node. Credit: Nephron/Wikipedia Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) have developed a deep learning model that identifies imaging biomarkers on screening mammograms to predict a patient’s risk for developing breast cancer with greater accuracy than traditional risk […]

Hono – Multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Free download Hono – Multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme Nulled. This item was published on and sold by author roadthemes. But you can download Hono – Multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme completely free from here. It is also nulled by us to make sure there are no license check. Hono WordPress theme is suitable for any online store : […]

Teladoc eyes several new phases of growth for telemedicine

This is image provided by Teladoc, shows Teladoc CEO Jason Gorevic. Telemedicine provider Teladoc Health wants to play a bigger role in managing patient care, especially for people with chronic conditions. (Teladoc via AP) Fresh off a big acquisition and riding a wave of customer growth, Teladoc Health is ready to do more for patients. […]

Covid-19 puts dampener on Christmas reopening of iconic Paris stores

Issued on: 29/11/2020 – 16:05 After another month of lockdown, the doors are finally open again at Paris’s flagship department stores. The Christmas lights are on and the festive window displays are in place, but, with tourists noticeably absent, there might not be much for the stores to celebrate this Christmas. Non-essential shops were finally allowed […]

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A.A. to Zoom, Substance Abuse Treatment Goes Online

Until the coronavirus pandemic, their meetings took place quietly, every day, discreet gatherings in the basements of churches, a spare room at the YMCA, the back of a cafe. But members of Alcoholics Anonymous and other groups of recovering substance abusers found the doors quickly shut this spring, to prevent the spread of Covid-19. What […]

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Weltweit größter Andrologie-Kongress geht online

Es ist ein Novum in der Andrologie: Erstmals in ihrer Geschichte veranstalten die International Society of Andrology (ISA), die European Academy of Andrology (EAA) und die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Andrologie (DGA) einen gemeinsamen Kongress – coronabedingt digital. Nach der Devise „drei Gesellschaften – ein Kongress“ wurde der 12th International, 11th European and 32nd German Congress of Andrology, kurz Andrology 2020, ins Leben gerufen. Andrology […]

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French businesses look to new avenues to drive sales

Two rounds of Covid-19 lockdowns have taken their toll on French merchants, who are looking for innovative ways to boost fourth-quarter sales. Some of these changes are likely to last long after the pandemic is over. As have so many sectors in France, retailers have been struggling to survive amid Covid-19 lockdowns and new sanitary […]

Für eine bessere Versorgung bei ungewollter Schwangerschaft

Das Forschungsvorhaben „Erfahrungen und Lebenslagen ungewollt Schwangerer – Angebote der Beratung und Versorgung (ELSA)“ will Erkenntnisse zu maßgeblichen Einflussfaktoren auf das Erleben und Verarbeiten einer ungewollten Schwangerschaft, zu den Bedarfen betroffener Frauen und zur medizinischen und psychosozialen Versorgungssituation in Deutschland sammeln. Ziel ist es, wissenschaftliche Daten bereitzustellen, auf deren Basis sich die Versorgung bedarfsgerecht und […]

France risks US wrath with ‘digital tax’ on tech groups’ 2020 earnings

Issued on: 25/11/2020 – 15:16 France will require online technology giants to pay a new “digital tax” on their 2020 earnings, the finance ministry said Wednesday, breaking a truce with Washington over the long-running tax fight that could prompt a round of punitive US tariffs on French goods. “The companies subject to this tax have […]

It’s Time for a Digital Detox. (You Know You Need It.)

When is enough enough? Even though the presidential election is over, we’re still doomscrolling through gloomy news about the coronavirus surge. The rest of your daily routine is probably something like mine while stuck at home in the pandemic: Divided among streaming movies on Netflix, watching home improvement videos on YouTube and playing video games. […]

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Coronavirus pandemic, economic crisis set to dominate Saudi-hosted G20 summit

Issued on: 21/11/2020 – 07:42 Saudi Arabia hosts the G20 summit Saturday in a first for an Arab nation, with the downsized virtual forum dominated by efforts to tackle the coronavirus pandemic and a crippling economic crisis. The two-day meeting of the world’s wealthiest nations comes as President Donald Trump refuses to concede a bitter […]

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Maraxilibat reduces debilitating itching in children with Alagille syndrome

Credit: CC0 Public Domain On behalf of Childhood Liver Disease Research Network (ChiLDReN), Texas Children’s Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine researchers report that prolonged treatment with Maraxilibat resulted in clinically meaningful improvements in debilitating itching (pruritus) and related quality of life outcomes in children with Alagille syndrome. This syndrome is a rare genetic systemic […]