Dr Fauci predicts a ‘significant drop’ in Covid cases as US nears 40% of its population vaccinated

[ad_1] Dr Anthony Fauci is finally giving Americans some good news. America’s top infectious disease doctor predicts a ‘a real change, the start of a precipitous drop’ in new daily COVID-19 infections now that the share of U.S. adults vaccinated against the virus is nearly 40 percent.  ‘When you do that, that’s when people are […]

Coronavirus: Lockdown did NOT cause a spike in suicides in England, study finds

[ad_1] England’s first coronavirus lockdown did not lead to a rise in suicides, a study has claimed.   A team of researchers at Manchester University examined official suicide rates in England throughout 2020 and found there was no change in the trend.  They say people may have got through the tough year by checking in with family […]

Coronavirus: China knew Wuhan market was a disease risk for years before Covid, scientist says

[ad_1] Chinese health officials knew Wuhan’s Huanan Seafood Market was a disease risk for years before the Covid pandemic started there, an Australian scientist has claimed. Professor Eddie Holmes, a virologist at the University of Sydney, said he was taken on a tour of the market by public health officials in the now-infamous city in […]

Less than 0.01% of Americans fully vaccinated against COVID-19 have gone on to contract the disease

[ad_1] A small number of Americans who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 later contracted the disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These-so-called ‘breakthrough cases’ occur when people test positive for the virus at least 14 days after receiving their final dose of the vaccine, and which officials say is […]

Regeneron to ask FDA to use its COVID-19 antibody drug as a preventative treatment

[ad_1] Regeneron Pharmaceuticals plans to ask the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to allow its COVID-19 monoclonal antibody cocktail to be used as a preventative treatment.  It comes after data from a Phase III clinical trial, run together with the National Institutes of Health, found the drug reduced the risk of asymptomatic coronavirus  patients developing […]

Ish-truproja i Trump flet për anën e errët të ish Presidentit: “Ka borxh 130…”

[ad_1] Dikur një nga njerëzit më të afërt të ish Presidentit të SHBA Donald Trump, truproja i tij, Kevin Mckay deklaroi se ish lideri botëror i ka akoma borxh 130 dollarë për disa hamburger që ai bleu te McDonald’s në 2008 me paratë e veta. Kevin thotë se ”Ai më tha se do të më paguante, […]

Ish trupërpja e Donald Trump flet për anën e errët të ish Presidentit të SHBA. ” Ka borxh 130….. “

[ad_1] Dikur një nga njerëzit më të afërt të ish Presidentit të SHBA Donald Trump, truproja i tij, Kevin Mckay deklaroi se ish lideri botëror i ka akoma borxh 130 dollarë për disa hamburger që ai bleu te McDonald’s në 2008. Kevin thotë se ” Ai më tha se do tëmë paguante, por s’ e bëri kurrë. […]

Çka është programi COVAX dhe si do t’ua shpërndajë vaksinat vendeve të varfra?

[ad_1] Vendet në zhvillim po rrezikohen në garën globale për t’i dhënë fund pandemisë së coronavirusit me anë të vaksinimeve. Programi COVAX synon të marrë të paktën 20 për qind të dozave për popullsinë e kombeve më të varfra në botë. Çka është programi COVAX? COVAX është programi kryesor botëror që përpiqet t’iu siguroj vaksina […]

CPAC 2021 speeches: 2024 GOP prospects seek their own breakout moments at Trump-dominated conference

[ad_1] Though it will take years for the 2024 race to fully take shape, this year’s CPAC in Orlando, Florida, offered a window into a GOP primary dominated by a new Republican Party built around the grievances that animated Trump’s campaigns and his presidency.  Speakers embraced Trump’s lies about the 2020 election being rigged. Organizers built […]

The tough message Biden just sent Iran (Opinion)

[ad_1] Pentagon officials said two F15s dropped Joint Direct Attack Munitions (precision weapons with GPS navigation capabilities) on buildings at an unofficial border crossing believed to be used by militias to transfer munitions into Syria from Iraq. The strike sought to cripple the ability of these groups, particularly Kata’ib Hezbollah and Kata’ib Sayyid al Shuhada, […]

Questions grow about discrimination’s role in the hurdles Biden’s nominees are facing

[ad_1] It’s not yet possible to make hard data comparisons with past administrations, in part because the confirmation process is ongoing and in part because Biden’s picks have been more diverse overall. But there is a growing sense of frustration about the obstacles that some of these nominees are facing. “The principle here is — […]

These Trump supporters are convinced he will be president again on March 4

[ad_1] Donald Trump lost the presidential election. But some of his supporters have bought into a conspiracy theory that says Trump will be president again on March 4. CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan reports. [ad_2] Source link

Biden promises to help winter storm-battered Texas recover: ‘We’re in it for the long haul’

[ad_1] In his first official trip in the wake of a disaster, the President visited the Harris County Emergency Operations Center and later toured and met with volunteers at the Houston Food Bank, where first lady Jill Biden packaged food and water for the community earlier in the day. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, […]

Biden doesn’t penalize crown prince despite promise to punish senior Saudi leaders

[ad_1] The choice not to punish Prince Mohammed directly puts into sharp relief the type of decision-making that becomes more complicated for a president versus a candidate, and demonstrates the difficulty in breaking with a troublesome ally in a volatile region. On Friday, Biden’s administration released an unclassified intelligence report on Khashoggi’s death, an action […]

Fact checking CPAC’s first day: multiple false claims about the election

[ad_1] The CPAC schedule made clear in advance that the conference — taking place in Orlando instead of its usual home just outside Washington, DC — would feature election-related lying. Over three days, the CPAC agenda includes seven separate panels or speeches under the title of “protecting elections” — plus appearances by other prominent figures, […]

Covid relief bill: The House is set for a historic down payment on Biden’s legacy

[ad_1] Yet the extreme circumstances of a pandemic, an ex-President’s impeachment trial and a partisan split over the contents of the legislation have so far tended to obscure the Covid relief plan’s significance. The bill, which the House of Representatives is expected to pass Friday with Democratic votes, has the symbolic weight and financial power […]

Nancy Pelosi’s first months of the new Congress: ‘Captain of a ship in uncharted waters’

[ad_1] It’s a sign of Democrats’ willingness to back the President on his first big legislative push and a reflection of Pelosi’s firm hold on the caucus that may prove her most challenging yet. In her fourth term as speaker, Pelosi is managing the slimmest majority in her tenure, a challenge even for a seasoned […]

US court awards $2.3 billion to USS Pueblo crew held hostage by North Korea more than 50 years ago

[ad_1] More than 100 crew members and their relatives filed a suit against North Korea in February 2018 in a federal court under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, which allows victims to sue state sponsors of terrorism for torture, hostage-taking, personal injury or death. The award is among the largest sums ever handed out in […]

Proud Boys leader has no sympathy for lawmakers targeted by Capitol riot

[ad_1]  ”I’m not gonna cry about people who don’t give a crap about their constituents. I’m not going to sympathize with them,” Enrique Tarrio says.   More than a dozen people affiliated with the often violent, far-right  “Western Chauvinist” group have been charged for their roles in the insurrection, so CNN sat down with Tarrio to hear if he had any explanation or justification […]

The week in 43 photos

[ad_1] Law enforcement officers investigate the scene of Tiger Woods’ rollover crash in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, on Tuesday, February 23. The golf icon sustained serious leg injuries in the accident. Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times/Shutterstock Members of Congress observe a moment of silence on the steps of the US Capitol on Tuesday, February 23. More […]

Federal judge rules eviction moratorium is unconstitutional

[ad_1] US District Judge John Barker, who was appointed by then-President Donald Trump to the court in the Eastern District of Texas, stopped short of issuing a preliminary injunction, but said he expected the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to respect his ruling and withdraw the moratorium. The order, citing the fact that […]

Analysis: Saudi Arabia is experiencing the downside of betting on the Trump family

[ad_1] “The President’s intention — as is the intention of this government — is to recalibrate our engagement with Saudi Arabia and have counterparts communicate with counterparts,” Joe Biden’s press secretary, Jen Psaki, said Wednesday before today’s call between her boss and MBS’s father, King Salman. It doesn’t get much blunter than that. The fact […]

GOP-backed Iowa bill aimed at restricting voting access heads to governor’s desk

[ad_1] The bill, introduced by a Republican state senator, specifically would reduce the number of early voting days from 29 days to 20 days. It would also close polling places an hour earlier on Election Day (at 8 p.m. instead of 9 p.m.). The bill also places new restrictions on absentee voting including banning officials […]

Khashoggi report: Biden calls Saudi King before expected release of intelligence report

[ad_1] The congressionally mandated release of the report, which is expected to further implicate Saudi Arabia’s powerful Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in the Washington Post columnist’s death, is expected to take place imminently now that Biden and the King have spoken. The call “went well,” according to a source close to the Saudi government. […]

Arizona Republicans propose giving lawmakers — not election officials — final review of election results

[ad_1] The effort by GOP legislators in battleground states to drastically change voting laws comes after last year’s elections saw record numbers of early and mail-in voters, many of them Democrats, after rules were relaxed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The high numbers triggered baseless claims of fraud by then-President Donald Trump and other Republicans […]

Neera Tanden is being treated unfairly (Opinion)

[ad_1] It was bound to happen, and I’m honestly surprised it took this long: the first Very Online woman is facing US Senate confirmation. And she may not make it through. The woman is Neera Tanden, president of the Center for American Progress think tank, and Joe Biden’s nominee to run the Office of Management […]

White House lifts Trump order that temporarily banned certain immigrant visas during pandemic

[ad_1] The move opens up legal avenues to migrate to the US that former President Donald Trump had closed off, arguing at the time that it was in the best interest of the economy in the early months of the pandemic. Biden charged in a proclamation Wednesday that Trump’s order “does not advance the interests […]

Trump plots future — and revenge — from sunny Florida links

[ad_1] He typically spends mornings on his nearby golf course, making and taking calls from a golf cart that doubles as his mobile, and self-driven, office. The multiple trips to the links in the last few weeks have served to accomplish a long-promised goal, says someone who spent time with him recently: Donald Trump claims […]

Congressional Republicans risk backlash as they unite against Biden’s Covid relief plan

[ad_1] After losing control of the White House and the US Senate in November, and still relegated to the minority in the US House, Republican leaders hope to win back suburban voters in 2022, in part by earning their trust that they would do a better job than Democrats easing the transition back to normal […]

Ron Johnson: Why the senator’s fringe conspiracy theories are so alarming (opinion)

[ad_1] It would be OK, for example, to guffaw at Republican Sen. Ron Johnson, after he sat in the Senate on Tuesday, during the first hearing investigating the January coup attempt by followers of then-President Donald Trump, and offered an alternative reality about what occurred. The notion was so far from the plain truth that […]

Democrats and GOP at odds over scope of commission to investigate Capitol riots

[ad_1] Republicans are balking at a plan put forward by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to create an outside commission with more Democrats than Republicans, and one whose mandate they say would go beyond just the security failures of the January 6 insurrection. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said on the Senate floor Wednesday that Pelosi’s […]

Florida Senate: Democratic Rep. Stephanie Murphy considers bid against Marco Rubio

[ad_1] Murphy, co-chair of the centrist Blue Dog Coalition of House Democrats, hopes that by emphasizing a bipartisan background she can appeal to a state that has elected Republicans to the Senate in 2016 and 2018 and twice supported former President Donald Trump. Murphy has hired Lauren Calmet, the former political director of the Florida […]

Lawyers make progress in reunifying children split from families at the border, latest court filing says

[ad_1] Wednesday’s filing is the first under the Biden administration, which is now responsible for the reunification of families separated at the US-Mexico border as a result of former President Donald Trump’s controversial “zero tolerance” immigration policy. The new administration has taken a markedly different tone in talking about the Trump-era policy, which called for […]

What Mitt Romney gets *exactly* right about Donald Trump

[ad_1] “He has by far the largest voice and a big impact in my party. I don’t know if he’s planning to run in 2024 or not, but if he does, I’m pretty sure he would win the nomination.” Romney is right. Exactly right. For all of the hand-wringing among people like Senate Minority Leader […]

Donald Trump Jr. deposed by DC attorney general as part of inaugural funds lawsuit

[ad_1] In a court document dated Tuesday, DC Attorney General Karl Racine’s office revealed the former President’s son was deposed on February 11. The filing states that Trump’s deposition “raised further questions about the nature” of a hotel invoice Racine’s office has been investigating. The attorney general’s office alleges that the Trump Organization signed a […]

Democrats now at odds over whether to immediately seek postmaster general’s ouster

[ad_1] Changes made to the Postal Service under DeJoy, the US postmaster general and major donor to former President Donald Trump, sparked outrage last year when critics blamed him for the slowdown of mail delivery ahead of the critical November election. Democrats linked DeJoy to Trump’s anti-mail-in voting rhetoric and accused him of attempting to […]

Congress rocked by consequential battles that will shape Biden’s presidency

[ad_1] After four years of politics by tweeted decree, normal service is resuming inside the Beltway in all its brutal, hypocritical, and high-stakes glory as everyone with power tries to wield it to set the tone for the coming years. The White House is standing firm behind Neera Tanden, its pick for budget director, though […]

Japan increases protection for US military amid ‘severe security environment’

[ad_1] The number of what Japan calls “asset protection” missions was up from 14 in 2019 amid a “severe security environment,” according to an announcement from Japan’s Ministry of Defense. The Japanese military said the 25 missions involved Japan Self-Defense Forces (SDF) protecting US Navy ships on four occasions while those ships were gathering information […]

Fracking and Deb Haaland: How to view the Senate debate

[ad_1] The difficulty faced by Haaland is particularly interesting since it’s not just political — opposition or support for a fossil fuel economy — but also scientific. One party wants to actively address climate change and the other does not. What Matters went to CNN’s Drew Kann, who covers climate change for the network, to […]

Opinion: The truly shocking failures on the day rioters stormed the Capitol

[ad_1] There was no shortage of finger-pointing and blame-passing, but one big takeaway was clear: We’ve barely scratched the surface of what happened on one of the most ignominious days in American history. Republicans have tried to cast the January 6 attacks as an unfortunate incident, a moment when emotions ran high, many otherwise decent […]

Senate confirms Tom Vilsack to serve again as agriculture secretary

[ad_1] The vote was 92-7. Vilsack, 70, will now be tasked with helping farmers hard hit by former President Donald Trump’s trade wars and the coronavirus pandemic, which has sickened thousands of workers at meatpacking plants. During his confirmation hearing earlier this month, Vilsack made clear the challenges facing the Department of Agriculture are different […]

Biden administration prepares to impose sanctions on Russia over Navalny poisoning and SolarWinds hack

[ad_1] Discussions about the response to the devastating security breach of at least nine federal agencies and dozens of private businesses are still ongoing but could come within a matter of weeks, the US official said, noting that the package will likely include sanctions and a cyber component, as well as other options that make […]

Inside a ‘Patriot Party’ rally where Trump loyalists search for a path forward

[ad_1] The idea and, perhaps just as important, the logo, have been circulating on social media since last summer. But after the Capitol riot and swearing-in of President Joe Biden, Patriot Party groups have formed and multiplied, mostly on Telegram, where they share memes, disinformation and commentary in chaotic channels in all 50 states. On […]

White House works to inject stateliness into a virtual visit from Justin Trudeau

[ad_1] In-person visits from foreign leaders are still off-limits as the novel coronavirus continues to rage. So Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will beam into the West Wing from Ottawa, his bearded visage positioned next to Biden on a large screen as each man does his best to replicate the traditional choreography of a White […]

Adam Kinzinger says he’s glad family letter was released so Americans could see the real divides over Trump

[ad_1] “I’m glad the letter came out,” Kinzinger said on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time,” “because I think that people need to see — if you haven’t experienced that division in your family, this is the best example of it.” Kinzinger said that while he has no ill will against his family, he does not feel […]

Mounting confirmation battle sends warning sign to Biden

[ad_1] Growing intrigue over a trio of controversial presidential picks is also underscoring the power of individual senators such as Democrat Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Republican Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, when the partisan balance is so evenly divided. While Biden has seen blue-chip national security selections such as Antony Blinken as secretary of […]

What Matters: What America’s next pandemic year will look like

[ad_1] As we enter our second year with Covid, it’s becoming more and more clear that it will take more time to get back to how life looked in February of 2020. There will be permanent changes to the way we interact, work, travel, eat and learn. When you find yourself wondering, as I often […]

Donald Trump offered Kim Jong Un a ride home on Air Force One following Vietnam summit

[ad_1] The former official said Trump did not ask any of his aides whether there would be any problems in making such an offer. “Just did it for his friend,” the former official said, referring to Trump’s warm relationship with Kim. The BBC was the first to report the story. Matthew Pottinger, the top Asia […]

Opinion: The mysterious case of Lindsey Graham’s political transformation

[ad_1] How, though, did he morph into former President Donald Trump’s chief lickspittle in the US Senate, who just this past weekend headed down to Mar-a-Lago to discuss the Republican Party’s future? One could speculate endlessly about the reasons: his desire to avoid a Trump-inspired primary against him in 2020, potential presidential aspirations, etc. But […]

Joe Biden honors the half million US lives lost to coronavirus

[ad_1] “The people we lost were extraordinary. They spanned generations,” he said. “Just like that, they took their final breath alone, in America.” Biden spoke from experience when it came to describing the grief of losing a loved one. “For the loved ones left behind: I know all too well. I know what it’s like […]

6 takeaways from Merrick Garland’s confirmation hearing

[ad_1] The chief judge of the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit pledged to “fend off any effort by anyone” to politicize the investigations of the department. “I am not the President’s lawyer,” said Garland. “I am the United States’ lawyer.” Here are six takeaways from Garland’s nomination hearing. Senate Republicans pressed Garland […]

MyPillow and its CEO Mike Lindell for $1.3 billion

[ad_1] The company is seeking about $1.3 billion in damages for Lindell’s numerous unfounded public statements by allies of former President Donald Trump that Dominion rigged its machines in favor of Joe Biden in the 2020 US presidential election. The 115-page lawsuit filed Monday in Washington, DC, cites Lindell’s media appearances and social media posts […]

Merrick Garland’s 2-day confirmation hearing to be Biden’s attorney general starts Monday morning

[ad_1] Now Garland gets another chance to go before the Senate Judiciary Committee at 9:30 a.m. ET on Monday, the first day of a two-day hearing, but this time he’s appearing for a different role as President Joe Biden’s nominee to lead the Justice Department. While Garland is expected to face pointed questions over multiple […]

As 500,000 Covid death looms, US reaches pivotal moment

[ad_1] A warning from Dr. Anthony Fauci on CNN Sunday that Americans could be wearing masks into 2022 came as leading medical associations pleaded for extended vigilance from people exhausted by months of self-isolating and the punishing economic impact of the worst public health calamity in 100 years. But the national dichotomy between fear and […]

Joe Biden is president, but Donald Trump’s election lies are still being amplified by his media allies

[ad_1] USA Today and Suffolk U conducted a survey of 1,000 Trump voters, identified via 2020 polls, in the past week. The results reaffirm that Donald Trump’s big lies are now part of the bedrock of the Republican Party. Riot denialism, for example: “Most Trump voters embrace a version of events on Jan. 6 that […]

Iran nuclear deal: IAEA inspections to go ahead over next 3 months

[ad_1] IAEA Director-General Rafael Grossi said Sunday that the two sides had reached the temporary “technical understanding” following his trip to Iran, which had recently signaled plans to scale back cooperation with the global nuclear watchdog. Iran announced last week it would stop implementing the IAEA’s additional protocol, effectively limiting which facilities nuclear inspectors could […]

Lara Trump signals Donald Trump may return to the political arena

[ad_1] Former President Donald Trump will speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida, marking his first public appearance since leaving the White House. Trump’s former senior adviser Lara Trump told Fox News that he may be interested in running for office again in 2024. [ad_2] Source link

Alleged Oathkeeper says she was protecting VIPs at Trump rally

[ad_1] Attorneys for Ohio Oath Keeper Jessica Watkins detail how the efforts among paramilitants who are now accused of conspiracy on January 6 were closer to the apparatus around then-President Donald Trump and his rally than was previously known. By sharing the new details in the filing Saturday, the defense attorney for Watkins, a former […]

Opinion: Ted Cruz isn’t the only issue in Texas

[ad_1] Nearly a year ago, the Covid-19 pandemic began bringing death, disease and economic distress to millions of households. But the disaster hasn’t come alone — a host of others have struck the US in the past 12 months. The 2020 hurricane season broke the record for the number of major storms, forcing meteorologists to […]

Stimulus bill: Biden faces the $1.9 trillion question

[ad_1] If that happens, it would take the federal government’s coronavirus response over the last year to nearly a staggering $6 trillion — all of it borrowed money. Biden advisers argue nothing about current economic conditions prevents Washington from spending as much as circumstances of the pandemic warrant. “The bound is what is defensible and […]

Did Pence feel betrayed after the riot? His former chief of staff responds

[ad_1] CNN’s Pamela Brown asks Marc Short, former Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff, if Pence felt any betrayal by former President Donald Trump after the January 6th riot at the US Capitol. [ad_2] Source link

Opinion: Biden is racing a ticking clock to fulfill this campaign promise

[ad_1] The appeal didn’t work. More voters were drawn to Vice President Bush, whose campaign manager Lee Atwater, along with consultant Roger Ailes, put together a blistering strategy that smeared Dukakis and rallied Americans around an unabashed patriotism. While Dukakis promised competence, Bush painted him as a radical “card-carrying member of the ACLU” who would […]

How a bad response to a weather disaster can ruin a political career

[ad_1] It’s obviously too early to know what if any political fallout will be suffered by Cruz or Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. What history does tell us is that how a politician responds to a natural disaster can have a major impact on his or her political standing. Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath inflicted tremendous pain on […]

Why Joe Biden went to Wisconsin — and will be back

[ad_1] Arguably, no state tells us more about Biden’s or any president’s political standing in the last 30 years than Wisconsin. It’s also likely to tell us whether his party does well in the 2022 midterms. If you wanted to know who won the presidency in the last three elections, you needn’t look further than […]

A month into office, Biden seeks to reassure on the pandemic at home and abroad

[ad_1] Addressing back-to-back diplomatic meetings and making one of his first official trips outside of Washington as president on the same day, he communicated both the very real seriousness of the crisis and his willingness to fight it with investment in science and infrastructure both at home and abroad — a stark departure from his […]

Lawmakers call Biden’s Yemen policy ‘historic shift’ in US foreign relations

[ad_1] In 2017, Khanna, a progressive Democrat from California, introduced a measure that came to be known as the Yemen War Powers resolution. It was intended to curtail US military support for the Saudi-led campaign in Yemen, which has created a humanitarian crisis in the country. At the time, there was very little support on […]

How Biden’s massive Covid relief bill was put on a glide path to passage

[ad_1] While Biden’s hope for GOP support on Capitol Hill has all but disappeared in the last several weeks, his enthusiasm for the proposal — and his view that despite its high price tag it will only serve to bolster Democrats as they remain unified — has hardly waned. “I learned based on the polling […]

Opinion: Joe Manchin’s realism is just what the country needs

[ad_1] Sen. Joe Manchin, widely viewed as the most conservative Democrat in the now 50-50 US Senate, has announced he will support the budget resolution on Covid-19 relief being introduced by Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders. In so doing, Manchin has laid down a marker: he is with his party at the beginning of […]

Biden administration admits first group of migrants forced to stay in Mexico under Trump-era policy

[ad_1] Under former President Donald Trump, the US forced migrants from Central America and other parts of the world who were seeking asylum at the southern border to stay in Mexico until their immigration court hearings in the US. More than 70,000 people were subject to the program. Many waited months, if not years, in […]

US officially rejoins the Paris climate accord

[ad_1] Hours after he was sworn-in on January 20, President Joe Biden signed an executive order beginning the 30-day process for the US to reenter the global pact. The US had officially exited the agreement late last year on former President Donald Trump’s orders, becoming the first and only country to formally pull out of […]

The real lesson of Adam Kinzinger’s angry relatives (opinion)

[ad_1] And yet, after he criticized former President Donald Trump for inciting the January 6 Capitol riot and called for his removal, a very conservative contingent of Kinzinger’s family declared themselves “thoroughly disgusted,” and called him a “disappointment… to us and to God.” Maybe you’ve seen news of this unseemly family feud that the Kinzinger […]

Opinion: Texas disaster casts harsh light on America’s future

[ad_1] Let’s be clear: the US is not a failed state. But we have seen too many catastrophic, avoidable failures to call them flukes. The current winter calamity in Texas and the grotesque mishandling of the pandemic, to name just the most recent partly-self-inflicted debacles, are filled with critical lessons. If the human suffering were […]

US signals it is open to sending more troops to support NATO’s mission in Iraq

[ad_1] “The US is participating in the force generation process for NATO Mission Iraq and will contribute its fair share to this important expanded mission,” Pentagon spokesperson Cmdr. Jessica L. McNulty told CNN. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin spoke about the mission with his NATO counterparts during a meeting with defense ministers on Thursday. Late […]

Manhattan district attorney bolsters team investigating possible fraud claims against Trump and his company

[ad_1] Mark Pomerantz, a former federal prosecutor in Manhattan and a well-regarded defense lawyer and trial attorney with an expertise in financial institutions, was sworn into office earlier this month as a special assistant district attorney, Danny Frost, a spokesman for District Attorney Cy Vance, told CNN. Vance’s office is investigating whether the Trump Organization […]

A new UN report proposes a radical shift in the way we think about nature

[ad_1] The report, “Making Peace with Nature,” spans 168 pages and distills the latest science on climate change and mankind’s “war” on the planet. It also argues that amid our pursuit of wealth and security, humans must now learn to value the fundamental “natural capital” of geology, soil, air and water — and urgently. “For […]

As the WHO investigated coronavirus origins in China, Beijing pushed a conspiracy about the US

[ad_1] That Chinese officials should point to the US when discussing the origins of a virus first detected in central China may at first appear confusing to many. But for months now, China has been advancing alternative theories for how the coronavirus first emerged, ones that would obviate any blame officials in Wuhan may bear […]

Opinion: Rush Limbaugh was the architect of Donald Trump’s presidency

[ad_1] Limbaugh, who announced last February that he was battling advanced cancer, died Wednesday at age 70. At the center of most discussions of right-wing media’s role in propping up the Trump presidency, Fox News looms largest. But talk radio played just as big a role. And Limbaugh’s show was the most important of all, […]

Feds investigated Roger Stone ties to Proud Boys as part of possible threat to judge

[ad_1] The threat investigation did not lead to charges. But its existence, now revealed by CNN, sheds new light on how federal prosecutors had already looked into the far-right organization’s ties to someone in former President Donald Trump’s orbit ​before the siege of the US Capitol in January. Stone was accompanied on January 6 in […]

Joe Biden brings compassion, centrism and a big-time vaccine promise at CNN town hall

[ad_1] His reassuring words to second grader Layla Salas came during a CNN town hall in Wisconsin on Tuesday night when he also tried to move the nation on from the divisive aftermath of the impeachment trial of the predecessor he referred to as “the former guy.” “For four years, all that’s been in the […]

6 takeaways from Joe Biden’s CNN town hall

[ad_1] I watched, took notes and have some thoughts about what mattered most — and why. My takeaways are below. 1. A hard deadline on vaccinations: Less than five minutes into the town hall, Biden made a promise that will be the big news not just tomorrow but for months to come: He said that […]

Joe Biden confronts a leadership moment

[ad_1] There have been some signs in recent weeks that an injection of new White House urgency has improved the organization of the anti-Covid-19 effort and coordination with state governors who cried out for months for help. But on his first official trip outside Washington on Tuesday to Wisconsin, highlighted by a presidential appearance at […]

Navarro on GOP: What party penalizes officials who vote their conscience?

[ad_1] CNN’s Alice Stewart and Ana Navarro discuss Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s rebuke of former President Donald Trump’s actions on January 6th, despite his vote to acquit the former President of the charge. [ad_2] Source link

Covid-19 s’ ka gjasa të ketë rrjedhur nga laboratori kinez

[ad_1] Koronavirusi ka shumë të ngjarë të jetë shfaqur për herë të parë pas kalimit nga një kafshë tek njeriu, tha një ekip shkencëtarësh ndërkombëtarë dhe kinezë që po hetonin origjinën e Covid-19. Ata thanë se s’ ka gjasa që të jetë e vërtetë teoria alternative se virusi e ka origjinën në një laborator kinez. […]

SHBA, masa më të rrepta kundër COVID-19

[ad_1] Administrata e presidentit Joe Biden do të ndalojë hyrjen në vend të shumicës së shtetasve jo-amerikanë të cilët kanë qenë kohët e fundit në Afrikën e Jugut, në përpjekje për të frenuar përhapjen e një varianti të ri të COVID-19, thanë zyrtarët e shëndetit publik për agjencinë e lajmeve Reuters. Duke filluar nga e […]

Miqtë i nxjerrin zbuluar: Melania dhe Donald Trump flinin në dhoma të ndara, ajo mezi priste të largohej

[ad_1] Melania dhe Donald Trump thuhet se kanë fjetur në dhoma të ndara në javët e fundit para largimit nga Shtëpia e Bardhë. Mediat e huaja shkruajnë se ish-Zonja e Parë mezi po priste të shkonte në shtëpi në ditët e fundit të mandatit të burrit të saj. Burimet raportuan se”ajo s’ ishte e trishtuar […]

“The Simpsons” godasin sërish/ Si e parashikuan veshjen e Kamala Harris, fraza për Trump bëhet virale

[ad_1] A e parashikon seriali i animuar “The Simpsons” të ardhmen? Kjo është pyetja që shtrohet prej vitesh në internet dhe risillet në vëmendje herë pas here, për shkak të përkimeve të ndryshme me ngjarjet që ndodhin në botë. Së fundmi, përdoruesit në mediat sociale, vunë në dukje ngjashmërinë e veshjes së zëvendëspresidentës Kamala Harris […]

Dr. Fauci rikthehet në Shtëpinë e Bardhë, në rolin e zëdhënësit për Covid-19

[ad_1] Dr. Anthony Fauci është rikthyer në dhomën e konferencave të shtypit në Shtëpinë e Bardhë. Dr. Fauci, specialisti kryesor i sëmundjes infektive në vend, u caktua nga Presidenti Joe Biden me punën e informimit të publikut për zhvillimet e fundit mbi pandeminë e koronavirusit pasi u mënjanua në muajt e fundit nga ish-presidenti Donald […]

Rastësitë e frikshme/ Presidentët e Amerikës dhe mallkimi i vitit zero

[ad_1] Në Uashington ekziston një histori e çuditshme për një mallkim shqetësues, i quajtur viti zero, i cili do të godiste presidentët e Shteteve të Bashkuara të zgjedhur në vitet që mbarojnë me numrin “zero”. Dhe Joe Biden u zgjodh në vitin 2020. Ai do të ulet në Shtëpinë e Bardhë në 20 janar 2021 […]

Në prag të inaugurimit, Presidenti i zgjedhur Biden nderon viktimat e koronavirusit

[ad_1] Presidenti i zgjedhur Joe Biden drejtoi të martën një ceremoni përkujtimore kombëtare në prag të inaugurimit të tij të mërkurën, për të nderuar 400,000 amerikanët që kanë vdekur nga COVID-19 gjatë 11 muajve që kur koronavirusi shkaktoi viktimën e parë në Shtetet e Bashkuara. Ceremonia që u mbajt në të perënduar të diellit, u […]

Ballafaqim faktesh: Cilat medikamente ndihmojnë ndaj coronavirusit dhe cilat jo?

[ad_1] Gjatë javëve të fundit disa medikamente dhe solucione tërhoqën vëmendjen në luftën kundër coronavirusit. Por jo të gjitha e përmbushin shpresën për të qenë ilaçi magjik Disa fakte lidhur me disa prej tyre: Çfarë ka efekt: Avigan – mund ta shkurtojë sëmundjen nga koronavirusi. Ky medikament japonez kundër gripit që përmban lëndën Favilavir fillimisht […]

Ballafaqim faktesh: Cilat medikamente ndihmojnë ndaj koronavirusit dhe cilat jo?

[ad_1] Gjatë javëve të fundit disa medikamente dhe solucione tërhoqën vëmendjen në luftën kundër koronavirusit. Por jo të gjitha e përmbushin shpresën për të qenë ilaçi magjik Disa fakte lidhur me disa prej tyre: Çfarë ka efekt: Avigan – mund ta shkurtojë sëmundjen nga koronavirusi. Ky medikament japonez kundër gripit që përmban lëndën Favilavir fillimisht në […]

Bota “në prag të një dështimi moral katastrofik” lidhur me vaksinat

[ad_1] Kreu i Organizatës Botërore të Shëndetësisë thotë se bota është “në prag të një dështimi moral katastrofik” për shpërndarjen e pabarabartë të vaksinave për COVID-19. Duke folur në një takim të bordit ekzekutiv të OBSH-së të hënën në Gjenevë, Drejtori Ekzekutiv Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus tha se s’ është “e drejtë që më të rinjtë […]

U bllokua nga rrjetet e njohura, kërkesa e djalit të Trump: Elon Musk të krijojë një rrjet social për babain tim

[ad_1] Donald Trump Jr. i ka kërkuar Elon Musk të krijojë një rrjet social në mënyrë që babai i tij, Presidenti në largim Donald Trump, të mund të bashkohet me të. Në një video në Instagram të titulluar “Ja se si Elon Musk mund të kursejë fjalën e lirë”, djali i madh i Trump bëri […]

FOTO: “Mbështetëse e zjarrtë e Trump”, kush ishte 35-vjeçarja që u vra gjatë sulmit në Kongres

[ad_1] Protesta e dhunshme e mbështetësve të Donald Trump la katër të vdekur ditën e mërkurë, kur ata sulmuan Kongresin amerikan, ndërsa aty pritej certifikimi i Joe Biden si Presidenti i SHBA. Mediat amerikane shkruajnë se një nga viktimat, gruaja që u qëllua dhe u vra nga policia, ishte një veterane e Forcave Ajrore të […]

“Po nxit dhunë”, Zuckerberg njofton vendimin: Trump u bllokua për një kohë të pacaktuar në Facebook!

[ad_1] Donald Trump është bllokuar nga Facebook për një kohë të pacaktuar, ka njoftuar Mark Zuckerberg. Në një deklaratë, themeluesi i Facebook tha: events dukuritë përqethëse të 24 orëve të fundit tregojnë qartë se Presidenti Donald Trump synon të përdorë kohën e tij të mbetur në detyrë për të minuar tranzicionin paqësor dhe të ligjshëm […]

Fauci: Imuniteti i turmës kërkon nivele të larta vaksinimi

[ad_1] Dr. Anthony Fauci, specialisti më i njohur amerikan për sëmundjet infektive tha në një intervistë të botuar të enjten se arritja e imunitetit të tufës kundër koronavirusit mund të kërkojë nivele vaksinimi deri në 90 për qind. Më shumë se 1 milion amerikanë, ose vetëm rreth 0.3 për qind të popullsisë, kanë marrë dozën […]

Dhjetë njerëzit më të rëndësishëm të shkencës për vitin 2020

[ad_1] Revista “Nature” ka listuar 10 personazhet që kanë ndihmuar më shumë shkencën gjatë vitit 2020, një vit i vështirë si pasojë e Covid-19. Tedros Gebrejesus, kreu i OBSH-së Drejtori i Përgjithshëm i Organizatës Botërore të Shëndetësisë, e pa veten të detyruar të menaxhonte krizën më të rëndë shëndetësore botërore të 100 viteve të fundit. […]

Një ekip prej 10 shkencëtarëve do të udhëtojë në Wuhan, për të hetuar origjinën e koronavirusit

[ad_1] Një ekip prej 10 shkencëtarëve ndërkombëtarë do të udhëtojë në qytetin kinez, Wuhan muajin e ardhshëm, për të hetuar origjinën e coronavirusit, ka njoftuar Organizata Botërore e Shëndetësisë (OBSH). Pekini ka hezituar që të pajtohet për një hetim të pavarur andaj kanë kaluar shumë muaj negociata me OBSH-në për të fituar qasje në qytet. […]

Fillon vaksinimi për mbrojtjen nga koronavirusi

[ad_1] Të hënën në Nju Jork u bë vaksina e parë kundër koronavirusit në Shtetet e Bashkuara, një zhvillim që shënon një kthesë kritike në përpjekjet për të kontrolluar virusin vdekjeprurës. Vaksinën e parë të kompanisë Pfizer në bashkëpunim me BioNTech e mori Sandra Lindsey, punonjëse e kujdesit shëndetësor në vijën e parë të frontit […]