Coronavirus: Indian variant cases in the UK rise to 400 and there are now three types

[ad_1] The proportion of UK Covid cases caused by the Indian variant spiked eight-fold in a fortnight at the start of April, MailOnline can reveal. Four hundred cases of the strain – linked to an explosion of cases in India – have now been detected in Britain since it was first spotted in February. While it […]

Sa i rrezikshëm është “mutanti i dyfishtë” i koronavirusit nga India?

[ad_1] me anë të lidhjes mes dy mutantëve, varianti indian i virusit mund ta anashkalojë sistemin imunitar të trupit. Edhe të vaksinuarit si edhe të shëruarit mund të infektohen më lehtë me këtë mutacion të dyfishtë, bazuar në supozimet e deritanishme Varianti indian i virusit korona, i njohur si B.1.617, shfaq dy ndryshime të rëndësishme […]

Covid India: Second wave ‘far more infectious and probably far more deadly’

[ad_1] India’s Covid second wave is being driven by a ‘far more infectious and probably far more deadly’ strain of virus that has pushed hospitals ‘beyond crisis point’ in just a matter of weeks, a top medic has warned. Dr Zarir Udwadia, a physician in hard-hit Mumbai and a government advisor, said India is now […]

Brazilian coronavirus variant likely to be more transmissible and able to evade immunity, study finds — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] Even though more and more vaccines against the coronavirus are being administered all over the world, many countries are still battling with outbreaks and face difficulties providing help to those in need. One of those countries is Brazil. Here, they are facing a massive second wave outbreak, many daily deaths and instances of the […]

How deadly is India’s Covid variant and is it REALLY behind explosion of cases?

[ad_1] India‘s coronavirus variant may not be fully to blame for the country’s devastating second wave, according to scientists who say a ‘perfect storm’ of Covid complacency, a disregard for social distancing and lack of preparedness by the Government has fuelled the crisis.  Doctors on the frontline claim the B.1.617 strain is responsible for the raging […]

How a SARS-CoV-2 variant sacrifices tight binding for antibody evasion — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] The highly infectious SARS-CoV-2 variant that recently emerged in South Africa, known as B.1.351, has scientists wondering how existing COVID-19 vaccines and therapies can be improved to ensure strong protection. Now, researchers reporting in ACS’ Journal of Medicinal Chemistry have used computer modeling to reveal that one of the three mutations that make variant […]

Study of ‘breakthrough’ cases suggests COVID testing may be here to stay — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] In rare cases, people who have been fully vaccinated against COVID and are immune to the virus can nevertheless develop the disease. New findings from The Rockefeller University now suggest that these so-called breakthrough cases may be driven by rapid evolution of the virus, and that ongoing testing of immunized individuals will be important […]

Only two ‘breakthrough’ Covid infections found among 417 fully vaccinated people

[ad_1] Only two ‘breakthrough’ Covid infections found among 417 vaccinated people at a New York City university, study finds Researchers looked at 417 employees at Rockefeller University in New York City who received both doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccines  Just two people, 0.5%, tested positive more than two weeks after getting their final […]

Coronavirus: Experts find variant from Tanzania that ‘has more mutations than any known strain’

[ad_1] A Covid variant thought to carry more mutations than any other strain has been found in Tanzania, according to researchers.  Virologists said it looked further removed from the original Wuhan virus than any other strain known to science, including variants found in Kent, South Africa and India.  It was first picked up in three […]

Studimi i ri/ Rreziku i riinfektimit me Covid pas vaksinimit është jashtëzakonisht i ulët

[ad_1] Për njerëzit e vaksinuar plotësisht, rreziku i infektimit me Covid-19 – i përshkruar si “përparim i infeksionit ” – mbetet jashtëzakonisht i ulët, sugjeron një studim i ri në New York. Midis 417 punonjësve në Universitetin Rockefeller të cilët u vaksinuan me vaksinën e Pfizer ose Moderna, vetëm dy prej tyre u infektuan sërish […]

Heathrow told dedicate terminal to red list arrivals amid claims airport is Covid ‘breeding ground’

[ad_1] Ministers want Heathrow to dedicate a terminal to passengers arriving from ‘red list’ countries amid fears the airport has become a Covid ‘breeding ground’.  The Home Office is keen for Terminal 4 — which has been shut since last year — to process travellers from coronavirus hotspots with troublesome virus variants.  Officials are bracing […]

Boris Johnson to hold 5pm Covid press conference amid growing concerns over Indian variant

[ad_1] Boris Johnson will hold his first press conference in two weeks tonight amid growing concerns about the Indian coronavirus variant.  The Prime Minister is due to appear in Downing Street‘s new briefing room at 5pm after coming under fire for taking too long to ban travel to India.   No10 only announced India was being […]

Coronavirus: Just half of carers vaccinated in London borough with South Africa variant outbreak

[ad_1] Real name: B.1.351 When and where was it discovered?  Scientists first noticed in December 2020 that the variant, named B.1.351, was genetically different in a way that could change how it acts. It was picked up through random genetic sampling of swabs submitted by people testing positive for the virus, and was first found […]

One year of SARS-CoV-2 evolution — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] A number of SARS-CoV-2 variants have emerged from immunocompromised hosts, research has identified. It is thought that variants of concern — including B.1.1.7, a variant first identified in Kent — were a result of long-term infection in people with a weakened immune system. Persistent infections in immunocompromised people could cause the virus to mutate […]

Is South Africa’s variant taking off in Britain? Cases of the mutant strain have rocketed by 20%

[ad_1] The South African coronavirus variant is persisting despite surge testing and tough travel quarantine measures, experts have warned.   Cases of the mutant strain have started picking up over recent weeks, even though targeted curbs aimed at flushing it out have been introduced in dozens of postcodes where it is spreading. Only 544 cases of […]

More than 70% of all COVID-19 cases in New York City might be linked to variants, report finds

[ad_1] Highly infectious coronavirus variants might be making up nearly three-quarters of all new cases in New York City, a new report finds.  Released by the city’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene on Monday, officials say just 10 percent of all samples submitted to global genome sequencing database GISAID in January were variants. By […]

Covid Canada: Outbreak of Brazilian variant defies even strict quarantine hotels

[ad_1] An explosion of cases of the Brazilian coronavirus variant in Canada shows how even strict quarantine hotels cannot completely block troubling strains from crossing borders, experts warned today.  Scientists told MailOnline it was ‘inevitable’ when dealing with highly infectious new variants that they find a way to ‘leak’ out of the isolation scheme – which […]

New York health officials are worried South African and Brazil Covid variants will REINFECT people

[ad_1] New York health officials are worried that some coronavirus variants will reinfect people who have had COVID-19 before. At a press conference on Tuesday, Dr Dave Chokshi, the city’s health commissioner, said that reinfection appears to be rare. However, he noted that the coronavirus variants that were first identified in South Africa and Brazil […]

Covid Brazil: Death rate TRIPLED among people in their 20s in February

[ad_1] Brazil‘s coronavirus death rate tripled among people in their 20s in February as the country’s dangerous new variant took over, a study has found. Researchers investigated the ratio of Covid cases to deaths in Brazil last month and found it surged in young people. Even though the numbers of cases across the country were […]

Researchers find worrying new coronavirus variant in New York City

[ad_1] Genomics researchers have named the variant B.1.526. It appears in people affected in diverse neighborhoods of New York City, they said, and is “scattered in the Northeast.” One of the mutations in this variant is the same concerning change found in the variant first seen in South Africa and known as B.1.351. It appears […]

COVID-19: AstraZeneca ‘në rrugë e sipër’ për të goditur variantet e reja deri në vjeshtë

[ad_1] AstraZeneca ka thënë se është në rrugë e sipër për të krijuar një vaksinë të coronavirusit që është efektive kundër varianteve të reja deri në vjeshtë. Kompania, e cila ka prodhuar një vaksinë kundër COVID-19 së bashku me Universitetin e Oksfordit, tha se provat klinike për brezin e ardhshëm të vaksinës do të fillojnë […]

Variantet e reja të COVID-19 të shpjeguara me pak fjalë – cilat janë ato dhe çfarë dihet rreth tyre deri më tani?

[ad_1] ndërsa variante të reja të coronavirusit shfaqen dhe infektojnë më shumë njerëz, pyetjet shfaqen mbi efektivitetin e vaksinës. SARS-CoV-2, virusi që shkakton COVID-19, vazhdon të ndryshojë, duke gjeneruar versione të reja dhe më të transmetueshme ndërsa bota përpiqet të qëndrojë përpara një pandemie që ka vrarë më shumë se 2.3 milionë njerëz deri më […]

Mutacioni i variantit britanik i koronavirusit, e bën vaksinën më pak efektive

[ad_1] Mutacioni i variantit britanik i coronavirusit i quajtur E484K ka një ndikim në efektivitetin e vaksinës. Varianti i COVID-19 B.1.1.7 ka evoluar dhe po shkakton shqetësim për shkencëtarët, raporton media gjermane e përditshme Eksperimentet nga studiuesit britanikë tregojnë se mutacioni i B 1.1.7 i quajtur E484K zvogëlon efektet e vaksinës COVID-19 nga Biontech […]

specialistët paralajmërojnë, varianti i ri i koronavirusit në Britani të Madhe pëson sërish mutacion

[ad_1] Varianti i ri i coronavirusit që fillimisht u shfaq në qytetin anglez Kent për t’u përhapur më pas në Britaninë e Madhe, duket se ka brengosur edhe më shumë shkencëtarët për faktin se ka pësuar ndryshime gjenetike të reja, shkruan BBC. Testet e disa mostrave të marra tregojnë mutacione të reja të quajtur E484K, […]

OBSH: Varianti i ri i COVID-19 gjendet në 60 shtete

[ad_1] Varianti i coronavirusit në Mbretërinë e Bashkuar është zbuluar në të paktën 60 vende, tha Organizata Botërore e Shëndetësisë, dhjetë më shumë se një javë më parë. Me numrin e vdekjeve globale tani shumë më shumë se dy milionë dhe variante të reja të virusit, vendet në të gjithë botën po merren me mënyrën […]

Vaksina Pfizer ka të ngjarë të funksionoj kundër varianteve të reja të koronavirusit

[ad_1] Provat e reja sugjerojnë se vaksina Pfizer-BioNTech kundër COVID-19 ka të ngjarë të jetë efektive kundër varianteve të coronavirusit të zbuluar në Mbretërinë e Bashkuar dhe Afrikën e Jugut. Të dy variantet përmbajnë një mutacion brenda proteinës spike, të quajtur mutacion N501Y, që mendohet të përmirësojë aftësinë e virusit për t’u lidhur me qelizat […]

Vaksina Pfizer ka të ngjarë të funksionoj kundër varianteve të reja të coronavirusit

[ad_1] Provat e reja sugjerojnë se vaksina Pfizer-BioNTech kundër COVID-19 ka të ngjarë të jetë efektive kundër varianteve të coronavirusit të zbuluar në Mbretërinë e Bashkuar dhe Afrikën e Jugut. Të dy variantet përmbajnë një mutacion brenda proteinës spike, të quajtur mutacion N501Y, që mendohet të përmirësojë aftësinë e virusit për t’u lidhur me qelizat […]

Studimi paraprak, vaksina mbron ndaj varianteve të reja të coronavirusit

[ad_1] Një hulumtim i ri sugjeron se vaksina kundër koronavirusit nga kompania Pfizer mund të mbrojë nga një mutacion i gjetur në dy variante shumë ngjitëse të COVID-19 që kanë shpërthyer në Mbretërinë e Bashkuar dhe Afrikën e Jugut. Variantet po shkaktojnë shqetësim global ndërsa janë identifikuar edhe në vende të tjera. Frika e përhapjes […]