Dr Fauci predicts a ‘significant drop’ in Covid cases as US nears 40% of its population vaccinated

[ad_1] Dr Anthony Fauci is finally giving Americans some good news. America’s top infectious disease doctor predicts a ‘a real change, the start of a precipitous drop’ in new daily COVID-19 infections now that the share of U.S. adults vaccinated against the virus is nearly 40 percent.  ‘When you do that, that’s when people are […]

Spike in severe pediatric type 2 diabetes complication during COVID-19 pandemic — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), children generally appear to be less severely impacted by COVID-19 than adults. But a new study from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles shows that the pandemic could be affecting children’s health in unexpected ways. The study reveals a surge of patients presenting with diabetic ketoacidosis, […]

Processed diets might promote chronic infections that can lead to disorders such as diabetes — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] Processed diets, which are low in fiber, may initially reduce the incidence of foodborne infectious diseases such as E. coli infections, but might also increase the incidence of diseases characterized by low-grade chronic infection and inflammation such as diabetes, according to researchers in the Institute for Biomedical Sciences at Georgia State University. This study […]

US states will get 30 MILLION doses of Covid vaccines next week despite falling demand

[ad_1] The White House has said that states will be receiving nearly 30 million coronavirus vaccine doses this week. This is a seven percent increase from the approximately 28 million doses allocated over the previous two weeks and a 248 percent rise from the 8.6 million doses being sent weekly when President Joe Biden took […]

Can financial stress lead to physical pain in later years? Researchers found that early stress can have an impact decades later — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] Financial stress can have an immediate impact on well-being, but can it lead to physical pain nearly 30 years later? The answer is yes, according to new research from University of Georgia scientists. The study, published in Stress & Health, reveals that family financial stress in midlife is associated with a depleted sense of […]

US State Department will issue ‘Level 4: Do Not Travel’ advisory for 80% of countries

[ad_1] BREAKING NEWS: US Department of State will issue ‘do not travel’ advisory for 80% of countries due to COVID-19 risk The U.S. Department of State announced it will be issuing ‘Level 4: Do Not Travel’ advisories for 80% of countries In a statement on Monday, officials recommended that Americans ‘reconsider all travel abroad’ Level 4 […]

Less than 0.01% of Americans fully vaccinated against COVID-19 have gone on to contract the disease

[ad_1] A small number of Americans who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 later contracted the disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These-so-called ‘breakthrough cases’ occur when people test positive for the virus at least 14 days after receiving their final dose of the vaccine, and which officials say is […]

Pezullohet edhe vaksina Johnson & Johnson, të vaksinuarit pësuan mpiksje gjaku

[ad_1] Administrata e ilaçeve dhe ushqimeve në SHBA dhe Qendra e Kontrollit të Sëmundjeve pritet të kërkojnë ndalimin e përkohshëm të vaksinës së prodhuar nga kompania amerikane Johnson & Johnson, pasi 6 femra, të moshave nga 18 deri në 48 vjeç, të cilave iu administruan doza të saj, patën mpiksje të gjakut. Njëra prej tyre […]

New research shows that people are more likely to rely on algorithms — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] Despite increasing concern over the intrusion of algorithms in daily life, people may be more willing to trust a computer program than their fellow humans, especially if a task becomes too challenging, according to new research from data scientists at the University of Georgia. From choosing the next song on your playlist to choosing […]

Study estimates 67% of cases between December and February were linked to UK variant

[ad_1] About two-thirds of all U.S. coronavirus cases identified over the past three months may be linked to the variant first identified in the UK, a new study suggests. There are at least 11,569 cases of the strain, known as B 1.1.7, in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  […]

DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Stand on one leg to brush your teeth!

[ad_1] My son Daniel revels in it, but for me, that daily shower — or rather, the 40-second blast of pure cold water at the end — is something I rather dread. Of course, the discomfort is momentary, and afterwards I feel alert and ready for the day.  This is one of ten really simple […]

US is seeing 4% more Covid cases a day compared to last week

[ad_1] After weeks of encouraging declines, coronavirus cases in the U.S. are on the rise again, with the average number of daily infections rising to nearly 57,000 on Wednesday – four percent higher than they were a week earlier, according to a DailyMail.com analysis of Johns Hopkins University data.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention […]

Georgia clinic is the FOURTH to halt J&J vaccinations within three days

[ad_1] Millions of Americans are currently receiving coronavirus vaccinations as the U.S. works to restore some sense of normalcy from the pandemic. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 33 percent of the US population has received at least one dose and 19.4 percent are fully immunized, either from Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna or […]

Some American adults in states like Alabama and Georgia could be waiting ALL YEAR for their vaccines

[ad_1] Some Americans could be waiting all year to be vaccinated against COVID-19 despite promises from President Joe Biden. On Tuesday, Biden announced that he was speeding up the deadline for states to open eligibility to all adults from May 1 to April 19. With 112 million people already having received at least one dose […]

Modern human brain originated in Africa around 1.7 million years ago — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] Modern humans are fundamentally different from our closest living relatives, the great apes: We live on the ground, walk on two legs and have much larger brains. The first populations of the genus Homo emerged in Africa about 2.5 million years ago. They already walked upright, but their brains were only about half the […]

Black women are up to four times more likely to die of COVID-19 compared to white men

[ad_1] Two new studies have revealed the impact the coronavirus pandemic had on death rates in certain U.S. communities and during its early days. In one study, researchers from the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health found that black women died of COVID-19 at far higher rates in Georgia and Michigan than white men did. […]

Studimi/ Ky është vendi më i lumtur në botë! Ja në cilin vend renditet Shqipëria, Kosova më e lumtur se ne

[ad_1] Finlanda është vendi më i lumtur në botë. Kombet Nordike dominojnë listën globale ndërsa Mbretëria e Bashkuar bie pesë vende në vendin e 18-të – ndërsa Zimbabve vjen i fundit në listë. Ndërkohë për sa i përket Shqipërisë, vendi ynë rendit i 63. ndërsa për sa i përket Kosovës renditet në vendin 31. Shumë […]

Georgia boat rescue: 4 children and 2 adults were rescued off the Georgia coast

[ad_1] The 17-foot boat was near the entrance to the St. Marys River on the Florida-Georgia border when it hit something and started taking on water, the Nassau County, Florida, Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook post. The US Coast Guard cutter Sea Dragon was returning from offshore and launched a small boat crew to […]

Opinion: Potato Head is getting with the times. So should Congress

[ad_1] Hasbro has announced it is dropping the gendered honorific “Mr.” from the brand name of its popular Potato Head toy. The move, a seemingly innocuous one that follows in the inclusive footsteps of other brands like Mattel and Target, has sparked the fury of the internet mob once again exposing its ugly underbelly of […]

Fight for transgender right has key week on Capitol Hill

[ad_1] It’s unclear if the Equality Act has any path in the Senate. But that uncertainty doesn’t diminish the bill’s significance. The Equality Act would expand the 1964 Civil Rights Act and prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in employment, housing and other services as well as in access to public accommodations. […]

For Black runners, every stride comes with a fear they can’t outrun

[ad_1] He wears a brightly colored wool hat in the winter, fearing a dark one could get him mistaken for a ski mask-donning attacker. He throws on a reflective vest to make it clear he’s a runner and not a loiterer. When he sees police officers, he waves emphatically so they can remember him as […]

Opinion: Keep your eye on Kentucky’s voting plans

[ad_1] It began with a successfully executed 2020 election, in which Kentucky, which has some of the most restrictive voting rules in the nation, eased voter access in light of the pandemic. Normally, Kentucky has no early voting, no online ballot request tool for absentee voters and no “cure” process if the signature on the […]

Pokémon at 25: How 151 fictional species took over the world

[ad_1] Written by Oscar Holland, CNN When the Gameboy titles “Pocket Monsters: Red” and “Pocket Monsters: Green” were first released in Japan in 1996, few could have predicted what came next. The concept was simple enough: Players would traverse a fictional world capturing, training and battling the creatures that inhabited it — a mission encapsulated […]

Three people killed in Georgia plane crash

[ad_1] The plane, a single-engine Cessna-182, crashed about two miles northeast of Lee Gilmer Memorial Airport in Gainesville shortly after takeoff, said Federal Aviation Administration spokesperson Emma Duncan in a statement to CNN. Hall County Fire Service responded to the crash around 6 p.m. ET and found three adult occupants deceased, Hall County Fire Service […]

WNBA team Atlanta Dream sold to new owners — including a former player

[ad_1] The sale of the team to Larry Gottesdiener, chairman of the real estate firm Northland, was unanimously approved by the WNBA and the NBA Board of Governors, the league said in a statement Friday. The new, three-member ownership group will also include Northland’s Chief Operating Officer Suzanne Abair and former Dream player Renee Montgomery […]

US coronavirus: Another Covid-19 surge hangs in the balance. This is how experts say we keep it from becoming reality

[ad_1] “The question that hangs in the balance right now is, will we have a fourth surge?” the former director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Dr. Tom Frieden told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Thursday. “Every uncontrolled spread increases the risk that there will be dangerous variants that can be more infectious, […]

The week in 43 photos

[ad_1] Law enforcement officers investigate the scene of Tiger Woods’ rollover crash in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, on Tuesday, February 23. The golf icon sustained serious leg injuries in the accident. Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times/Shutterstock Members of Congress observe a moment of silence on the steps of the US Capitol on Tuesday, February 23. More […]

Republicans react to 2020 defeats by trying to make it harder to vote (Opinion)

[ad_1] According to the federal government’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and election officials of both parties, the 2020 election was the most secure and well-run election ever. There was record turnout and zero evidence of massive voter fraud. States made it easier to vote while also ensuring that valuable integrity measures were in place. […]

GOP-backed Iowa bill aimed at restricting voting access heads to governor’s desk

[ad_1] The bill, introduced by a Republican state senator, specifically would reduce the number of early voting days from 29 days to 20 days. It would also close polling places an hour earlier on Election Day (at 8 p.m. instead of 9 p.m.). The bill also places new restrictions on absentee voting including banning officials […]

Trump plots future — and revenge — from sunny Florida links

[ad_1] He typically spends mornings on his nearby golf course, making and taking calls from a golf cart that doubles as his mobile, and self-driven, office. The multiple trips to the links in the last few weeks have served to accomplish a long-promised goal, says someone who spent time with him recently: Donald Trump claims […]

Democratic women poised to shake up male-dominated industry with new political media firm

[ad_1] Political consulting is still a male-dominated world, and that’s particularly true for ad making. The number of female-owned TV ad firms, on both sides of the aisle, can practically be counted on one hand. That’s beginning to change, though, with a notable shift even since the 2020 elections. “It’s a moment for us,” Myers […]

Florida Senate: Democratic Rep. Stephanie Murphy considers bid against Marco Rubio

[ad_1] Murphy, co-chair of the centrist Blue Dog Coalition of House Democrats, hopes that by emphasizing a bipartisan background she can appeal to a state that has elected Republicans to the Senate in 2016 and 2018 and twice supported former President Donald Trump. Murphy has hired Lauren Calmet, the former political director of the Florida […]

What Matters: What America’s next pandemic year will look like

[ad_1] As we enter our second year with Covid, it’s becoming more and more clear that it will take more time to get back to how life looked in February of 2020. There will be permanent changes to the way we interact, work, travel, eat and learn. When you find yourself wondering, as I often […]

How to celebrate Black History Month

[ad_1] Right now, all over the United States, Black families are teaching the next generation of Black youth with intention and care. Black History Month is a time to consciously center and celebrate Black empowerment and achievements, as well as the legacies of strength and struggle against racism. It’s a time to honor the whole […]

Texas outages: About half of Texans still have issues with their water supply

[ad_1] Winter storms wreaking havoc in the US Mark Majkrzak gives out water bottles to people in Austin, Texas, on Friday, February 19. Majkrzak, the founder of Rain Pure Mountain Spring Water, said he drove from Georgia to deliver the water. Winter storms wreaking havoc in the US Brendan Waldon repairs a utility pole in […]

Stimulus bill: Biden faces the $1.9 trillion question

[ad_1] If that happens, it would take the federal government’s coronavirus response over the last year to nearly a staggering $6 trillion — all of it borrowed money. Biden advisers argue nothing about current economic conditions prevents Washington from spending as much as circumstances of the pandemic warrant. “The bound is what is defensible and […]

Why Joe Biden went to Wisconsin — and will be back

[ad_1] Arguably, no state tells us more about Biden’s or any president’s political standing in the last 30 years than Wisconsin. It’s also likely to tell us whether his party does well in the 2022 midterms. If you wanted to know who won the presidency in the last three elections, you needn’t look further than […]

Opinion: Joe Manchin’s realism is just what the country needs

[ad_1] Sen. Joe Manchin, widely viewed as the most conservative Democrat in the now 50-50 US Senate, has announced he will support the budget resolution on Covid-19 relief being introduced by Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders. In so doing, Manchin has laid down a marker: he is with his party at the beginning of […]

Lindsey Graham heads to Mar-a-Lago on a peace mission as Trump’s latest intra-party feud rages

[ad_1] According to a person familiar with his plans, Graham plans to spend his time on the golf course with Trump — ideally convincing the former president that regaining congressional majorities for Republicans will help bolster his own presidential legacy. This person said Graham wants to be “constructive,” urging Trump to use his influence for […]

Winter Weather: Over 60 million under winter weather alerts as rain and snow impact the East Coast

[ad_1] However, right now there are still over 60 million people under winter weather alerts and over 25 million under a hard freeze warning. A slow warming can be expected across the South, but, temperatures will remain much below normal into the weekend, according to the National Weather Service. A system in the Northwest is […]

Winter weather threatens to blanket the East Coast in ice after turning fatal for Southerners trying to keep warm

[ad_1] More than 100 million people stretching from Texas to Massachusetts are under a winter storm warning or winter weather advisory, and more days of deep freeze could mean a multiplication of the harrowing tales of hardship. The blistering cold weather that has brought blankets of snow and widespread power outages in Texas as well […]

US Coronavirus: Lowering Covid-19 cases is the best thing US can do to improve chances that vaccines will continue working, expert says

[ad_1] “The best thing we could possibly do to improve the chances that the vaccine will continue working as we’re hoping it will, is to reduce cases as much as possible without having those reductions occur as a result of vaccine-derived immunity,” Dr. Michael Mina, an epidemiologist and immunologist at the Harvard T.H. Chan School […]

Winter storms: Millions are still without power as forecast calls for more ice and frigid temperatures in hardest-hit states

[ad_1] “Swaths of half an inch of ice will be possible” over the next three days for areas from Texas to Mississippi and up through Virginia, according to the National Weather Service. “All severe weather hazards will be possible including a couple of tornadoes” from the Florida Panhandle to the coastal Carolinas Thursday, NWS said. […]

Dr. Fauci shifts the timeline on when the general public will be able to get a coronavirus vaccine

[ad_1] “If you start talking about when the vaccine would be more widely available to the general population, I was hoping that that would be by the end of April, namely, have gone through all the priorities and now say, OK anyone can get it,” Fauci said. “That was predicated on J&J, the Johnson product, […]

Why the Republican Party is poised to tear itself apart

[ad_1] “Mr. Trump may run again, but he won’t win another national election. He lost re-election before the events of Jan. 6, and as President his job approval never rose above 50%. He may go on a revenge campaign tour, or run as a third-party candidate, but all he will accomplish is to divide the […]

Afro 200 raste me variantin e ri të COVID-19 në ShBA

[ad_1] Të paktën 195 raste me variantin e ri të koronavirusit, të zbuluar për herë të parë në Mbretëtrinë e Bashkuar, janë regjistruar në 22 shtete të Amerikës. Të prekur nga ky virus, sipas CNN, janë shtetet si: : California me 72 raste, Florida me 50 të prekur nga ky variant dhe Neë York me […]

‘Nobody Sees Us’: Testing-Lab Workers Strain Under Demand

[ad_1] In March, April Abbott dragged a hospital bed into her office at Deaconess Hospital in Evansville, Ind. In the nine months since, she has slept in it a half-dozen times while working overnight in her clinical microbiology laboratory, where a team of some 40 scientists toils around the clock running coronavirus tests. These all-night […]

Biden vows to aid workers hit by Covid-19 pandemic while Trump hints at 2024 run

[ad_1] Issued on: 03/12/2020 – 09:22 President-elect Joe Biden on Wednesday promised a group of workers hit by the raging Covid-19 pandemic that more aid would be on the way, while President Donald Trump hinted he may be ready to begin planning another run for the White House in 2024. Biden, who has pledged to […]

US attorney general says no evidence of fraud to alter election result

[ad_1] Issued on: 02/12/2020 – 02:53 The US attorney general rejected Republican claims of significant voter fraud in the presidential election on Tuesday, adding to the pressure on President Donald Trump to give up his quixotic effort to overturn Joe Biden’s clear victory. “To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could […]

‘Help is on the way,’ Biden tells coronavirus-hit Americans in unveiling economic team

[ad_1] President-elect Joe Biden on Tuesday introduced top advisers he says will help his administration rebuild an economy hammered by the coronavirus pandemic, declaring, “I know times are tough, but I want you to know that help is on the way.” Biden said he’d chosen a “first-rate team” that is “tested and experienced” to tackle […]

President-elect Joe Biden picks Janet Yellen for US treasury secretary

[ad_1] Issued on: 01/12/2020 – 03:25 President-elect Joe Biden announced Monday he will nominate former Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen to lead the Treasury, topping a slate of economic officials who would break racial and gender barriers in the US government. The rollout of Biden‘s economic team comes after running mate Kamala Harris made history […]

Pas humbjes në Podujevë, vjen më në fund edhe reagimi i Isa Mustafës

[ad_1] Wisconsi përfundoi rinumërimin e votave të zgjedhjeve presidenciale të dielën, duke konfirmuar fitoren e demokratit Joe Biden ndaj presidentit Donald Trump në një nga shtetet vendimtare. Presidenti Trump ishte zotuar sedo të kundërshtonte rezultatin në gjykatë edhe para se të përfundonte rinumërimi. Qarku Dane ishte qarku i dytë dhe i fundit që përfundoi rinumërimin, […]

Përfundon rinumërimi i votave në Wisconsin, rikonfirmohet fitorja e Biden

[ad_1] Wisconsi përfundoi rinumërimin e votave të zgjedhjeve presidenciale të dielën, duke konfirmuar fitoren e demokratit Joe Biden ndaj presidentit Donald Trump në një nga shtetet vendimtare. Presidenti Trump ishte zotuar sedo të kundërshtonte rezultatin në gjykatë edhe para se të përfundonte rinumërimi. Qarku Dane ishte qarku i dytë dhe i fundit që përfundoi rinumërimin, […]

Trump questions whether Supreme Court would hear election challenge as options dwindle

[ad_1] Issued on: 29/11/2020 – 20:56 President Donald Trump on Sunday questioned whether the Supreme Court would ever hear a case airing his unproven allegations of widespread election fraud as senior U.S. Republicans said a transition to a Joe Biden presidency looked inevitable.  Trump‘s comments in a telephone interview with Fox News Channel suggested a growing resignation to the results […]

Undiagnosed HIV rising in Eastern Europe, Central Asia: agencies

[ad_1] Scanning electromicrograph of an HIV-infected T cell. Credit: NIAID The EU’s disease control agency and the WHO on Thursday called for better HIV testing to spot cases early following rising undiagnosed cases especially in Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia. Early detection of the virus that causes AIDS mitigates the impact on the patient […]

Job changes increasingly common among U.S. radiologists

[ad_1] (HealthDay)—More than 40 percent of radiologists separated from at least one practice in recent years, according to a study published online Nov. 13 in the Journal of the American College of Radiology. Stefan Santavicca, from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, and colleagues assessed recent trends and characteristics in radiologist-practice separation across the […]

In appointing John Kerry to top role, Biden shows he’s serious about climate

[ad_1] By appointing former senator and secretary of state John Kerry as the first ever US climate leader, President-elect Joe Biden is sending a clear message. He’s not only reversing President Donald Trump’s reversal of America’s commitments to fighting climate change – he also plans to push these commitments much further. “For the first time ever, […]

Georgia vote audit affirms Biden’s lead over Trump, election official says

[ad_1] Issued on: 20/11/2020 – 01:37 A top Georgia election official said Thursday that a hand tally of ballots cast in the presidential race has been completed, and that the results affirm Democrat Joe Biden’s narrow lead over Republican President Donald Trump. The hand tally of about 5 million votes stemmed from an audit required […]

T-Wolves pick Edwards first in NBA draft, France’s Hayes seventh overall

[ad_1] Issued on: 19/11/2020 – 17:26 The Minnesota Timberwolves made University of Georgia standout Anthony Edwards the first overall selection in the pandemic-delayed 2020 NBA draft on Wednesday.  The Timberwolves, who finished 19-45 in the coronavirus-disrupted 2020 season, opted for Edwards, who averaged 19 points per game as a freshman, to bolster a roster that […]

Vote recounts in Georgia and Wisconsin will likely not change Trump election defeat, officials say

[ad_1] President Donald Trump’s attempts to cling to power appeared more tenuous than ever on Wednesday as election officials in Georgia said a soon-to-be-completed recount was not likely to change President-elect Joe Biden’s victory there. Georgia is one of several states where Trump‘s campaign is contesting election returns, so far without success. Election officials there said recount results […]

Organizatorët e fushatës së Biden besojnë se shpejt do të certifikohen rezultatet në Georgia

[ad_1] Rezultati i zgjedhjeve presidenciale të Shteteve të Bashkuara të Amerikës (SHBA) në Georgia do të certifikohet pasi të përfundojë rinumërimi i disa votave të mërkurën. Këtë e bëri të ditur Patrick Moore, këshilltar ligjor i fushatës së Joe Biden, transmeton Klan Kosova. “Statusi aktual siç e kuptojmë është se të gjitha 159 qarqet e […]

‘More people may die’, says Biden, if Trump impedes transition

[ad_1] Issued on: 16/11/2020 – 22:43 President-elect Joe Biden said on Monday “more people may die” if outgoing President Donald Trump continues to block efforts to plan for a U.S. transition of power as the coronavirus pandemic worsens, and added that he would not hesitate to get vaccinated.  Biden also said business and labor leaders […]

France’s Macron to walk diplomatic tightrope while hosting Trump ally Pompeo

[ad_1] Issued on: 16/11/2020 – 11:47 France’s Emmanuel Macron will be forced to walk a diplomatic tightrope on Monday when he hosts US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, a staunch defender of President Donald Trump, while the French president simultaneously seeks to build relations with President-elect Joe Biden. Pompeo arrived in Paris Saturday at the start of […]

Novel technique ‘stuns’ arthritis pain in shoulder and hip

[ad_1] Suprascapular nerve cooled radiofrequency ablation targets. Credit: Radiological Society of North America A novel outpatient procedure offers lasting pain relief for patients suffering from moderate to severe arthritis in their hip and shoulder joints, according to a study presented at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). Researchers said the […]

Trump supporters march in Washington to contest vote result

[ad_1] Issued on: 14/11/2020 – 18:19 President Donald Trump’s supporters gathered in Washington on Saturday for a protest to back his unsubstantiated claims of election fraud as he pushes ahead with a flurry of longshot legal challenges to overturn Joe Biden’s election victory.  Trump made a brief drive-past through the demonstrations in his motorcade on […]

Pompeo arrives in France at start of awkward Europe and Middle East tour

[ad_1] Issued on: 14/11/2020 – 15:48 US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrived in France Saturday at the start of a seven-nation tour of Europe and the Middle East, a trip that is certain to be awkward since all the countries on his schedule have congratulated Joe Biden over his victory in the US presidential […]

Big study supports cheap combo pill to lower heart risks

[ad_1] This November 2020 photo provided by McMaster University shows 75mg aspirin pills, left, and Polycaps, pills from India-based Cadila Pharmaceuticals that contains one cholesterol and three blood pressure medicines, used in the International Polycap Study 3 (TIPS-3). On Friday, Nov. 13, 2020, researchers say the cheap, daily pill taken with low-dose aspirin can cut […]

Biden cements US election victory, Trump hints at leaving White House

[ad_1] Issued on: 14/11/2020 – 00:19 U.S. President-elect Joe Biden solidified his election victory on Friday when he won the state of Georgia as President Donald Trump said “time will tell” if another administration takes office soon, the closest he has come to acknowledging that Biden could succeed him. Edison Research, which made the Georgia call, also […]

Joe Biden fiton në shtetin Georgia

[ad_1] CNN ka projektuar fitoren e Presidentit të zgjedhur të SHBA-ve, Joe Biden, në shtetin Georgia, duke i shtuar atij edhe 16 vota të Kolegjit Elektoral. Kjo është fitorja e parë e një kandidati demokrat në këtë shtet për gati 3 dekada. Me këtë fitore, Biden arrin në 306 vota elektorale, duke e lënë rivalin […]

Pompeo’s meetings in France to be held in ‘complete transparency’ with Biden team, says Macron

[ad_1] Issued on: 13/11/2020 – 16:25 US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo leaves Friday for a seven-nation trip that includes France, where his meetings will be held in “complete transparency towards the team of president-elect Joe Biden”, according to a statement by French President Emmanuel Macron’s office. The visit comes days after the top US […]

Measles Deaths Soared Worldwide Last Year, as Vaccine Rates Stalled

[ad_1] Measles deaths worldwide swelled to their highest level in 23 years last year, according to a report released Thursday, a stunning rise for a vaccine-preventable disease and one that public health experts fear could grow as the coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt immunization and detection efforts. The global death tally for 2019 — 207,500 […]

Komentatori amerikan: 9 arsye pse Donald Trump mund të jetë sërish fitues

[ad_1] Komentatori amerikan, Dick Morris ka rënditur 9 arsye pse presidenti aktual i SHBA, Donald Trump mund të fitojë një mandat të dytë në krye të Shtëpisë së Bardhë. Sipas rezultatit të zgjedhjeve të 3 nëntorit, presidenti i 46-të i SHBA-ve është demokrati Joe Biden, por komentatori kërkon të bëhet përmbajtje pasi sipas tij, “vetëm […]

Zgjdhjet në SHBA: Vendoset të rinumërohen votat në Georgia

[ad_1] Në shtetin amerikan Georgia me 16 delegatë zgjedhorë, ku rezultatet akoma s’ janë definuar që nga mbajtja e zgjedhjeve presidenciale më 3 nëntor, është vendosur që të rinumërohen votat. Edhe pse sipas rezultateve jozyrtare në zgjedhjet presidenciale në SHBA kandidati demokrat Joe Biden fitoi zgjedhjet duke arritur 279 delegatë, rezultatet s’ janë definuar akoma […]

Biden calls Trump’s refusal to concede US election an ‘embarrassment’

[ad_1] President-elect Joe Biden said on Tuesday that nothing would stop the transfer of power in the U.S. government, while President Donald Trump pursued lawsuits in several states in a long-shot bid to hold on to power. Trump’s campaign said it would file a lawsuit to stop Michigan from officially certifying Biden as the winner […]

Trump s’ e pranon rezultatin e zgjedhjeve, fillon hetimi i tyre

[ad_1] Prokurori i përgjithshëm, William Barr, ka autorizuar prokurorët federalë në Shtetet e Bashkuara që të nisin hetime për parregullsitë në procesin e votimit, pavarësisht se s’ ka të dhëna për të mbështetur pretendimet e presidentit Donald Trump se ai ka humbur zgjedhjet ndaj demokratit Joe Biden për shkak të mashtrimeve të përhapura zgjedhore. Si […]

VP-elect Kamala Harris ticks many firsts, but the old problem of racism still lurks

[ad_1] As a bi-racial, multi-ethnic woman, Kamala Harris has broken down many barriers in her political career. But after her latest election victory, the US vice president-elect will need to tackle the country’s entrenched racial divides as her party scrambles to address some of the darker lessons of the 2020 election results.  Before a sea […]

These viral videos do not reveal US election fraud as claimed

[ad_1] As President Trump raises doubt about the results of the 2020 US Presidential Election and files lawsuits claiming fraud in numerous states, many social media users have echoed these concerns, posting videos they allege reveal election worker fraud under hashtags like #StopTheSteal. Here are three of the most viral videos claiming to show fraud […]

Trump admin stymies transition, orders probe into election ‘irregularities’ despite little evidence

[ad_1] The Trump administration threw the presidential transition into tumult on Monday, Attorney General William Barr authorizing the Justice Department to probe allegations of voter fraud and President Donald Trump firing the Pentagon chief and blocking government officials from cooperating with President-elect Joe Biden’s team. Despite little evidence of fraud, Barr signed off on investigations […]

Trump akoma beson se do fitojë garën për president të SHBA-së, ka akuza për disa shtete

[ad_1] Kandidati për president nga radhët e Republikanëve në ShBA, Donald Trump po refuzon të pranoj humbjen në zgedhjet e 3 nëntorit. me anë të një postimi, Trump beson se Georgia e ka fituar me epërsi të madhe. ndërsa, për Pensilvaninë, u shprehë se ka pasur parregullsi të mëdha. “Gerogia do të jetë fitore e […]

As Georgia vote count drags on, tense standoff highlights America’s deep divide

[ad_1] Issued on: 09/11/2020 – 13:13 Joe Biden, the US president-elect, has called for unity between Americans following four uniquely turbulent years under President Donald Trump and a deeply divisive election campaign. The Republican incumbent has refused to concede and has accused his Democratic challenger, without evidence, of “stealing” the vote in key battleground states, […]

Police in post-Soviet Georgia fire water cannon at protesters alleging vote fraud

[ad_1] Issued on: 08/11/2020 – 20:09 Georgian police fired water cannon and tear gas against hundreds of protesters outside the Central Election Commission (CEC) on Sunday to support a call by opposition parties for a rerun of Oct. 31 parliamentary elections which they say were rigged.  Small groups of protesters started throwing stones at the police. The demonstrators had moved […]

Kamala Harris becomes first female, first Black, first South Asian US vice president-elect

[ad_1] Kamala Harris on Saturday made history as the first woman and the first woman of colour ever to be elected Vice President of America. In her victory speech, Harris paid tribute to the women, particularly Black women, whose shoulders she stands on as she shatters barriers that have kept mostly white men entrenched at […]

Joe Biden ka fituar, por çfarë do të thotë kjo për Evropën?

[ad_1] Demokrati Joe Biden është tani presidenti i zgjedhur në Shtetet e Bashkuara pasi rezultatet morën ditë për të dalë nga shtetet kryesore dhe me Pensilvaninë ai arriti në mbi 270 vota elektorale – me çka edhe e siguri fitoren. Por, tani që ai ka dalë fitimtar, çfarë do të thotë kjo për Evropën dhe […]

Amid dubious claims of fraud, three questions with a US election observer

[ad_1] Issued on: 07/11/2020 – 16:38 President Donald Trump has made repeated and unsubstantiated claims of electoral fraud ever since the US began counting votes on Tuesday. But a mission from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), which monitors major elections in all of its member countries including the United States, said […]

Zyrtarja e zgjedhjeve e demanton Trumpin: S’ka asnjë dëshmi për parregullsi

[ad_1] Zyrtarja Ellen Weintraub, e cila është pjesë e Komisionit Federal të Zgjedhjeve, ka thënë se vërtet s’ ekziston asnjë dëshmi për manipulimin e votave, duke e demantuar republikanin Donald Trump, i cili vazhdimisht po ankohet se ka pasur manipulime gjatë numërimit. “Zyrtarët lokalë dhe shtetërorë si dhe punëtorët e qendrave të votimit në të […]

Bleona Qereti kërkon të rinumërohen votat në SHBA

[ad_1] Këngëtarja e njohur shqiptare, Bleona Qereti, ka shprehur hapur mbështetjen e saj për kandidatin republikan Donald Trump në zgjedhjet presidenciale në Amerikë. Teksa numërimi po vazhdon, në tri shtete kyçe të betejës elektorale për përcaktimin e fituesit të zgjedhjeve, në Georgia, Michigan dhe Pensylvania, zyrtarët e fushatës elektorale të zotit Trump paraqitën të mërkurën […]

Këto janë shtetet ku Trump mund të kërkojë rinumërim votash

[ad_1] Në presidencialet amerikane, fitorja e Joe Biden varet vetëm nga 6 mijë vota në Pensilvani, të cilave thuhet se do t’i shtohen 1.000 ne Georgia, 11 mijë ne Nevada dhe 47 mijë në Arizona. Por në shumë raste, diferenca është mjaft e ngushtë. Kjo është arsyeja pse Trump ka kërkuar rinumërimin në Michigan, ku […]

Klubi i madh anglez tallet keq me Trumpin pas debaklit që po e pëson në zgjedhje

[ad_1] Klubi futbollistik Southampton me anë të një cicërime në tëitter është tallur me presidentin e SHBA’së, Donald Trump, shkruan Gazeta Express. Southampton ka publikuar një fotografi ku shihet renditja momentale e klubeve në tabelën e ligës angleze. Southampton në këtë tabelë prin e para me 16 pikë. “Ndaleni numërimin”, ka shkruar Southampton duke lënë […]

Biden pranë për t’u bërë president: Fiton në shtetet vendimtare

[ad_1] Demokrati Joe Biden është vënë të premten buzë fitores në betejën presidenciale të Shteteve të Bashkuara të Amerikës, pasi ka thelluar epërsinë e tij kundruall presidentit Donald Trump në shtetet vendimtare të Pennsylvanias dhe Georgias tri ditë pas votimeve. Bideni mban epërsinë me 264 votat e Kolegjit Elektoral dhe Me kusht që i siguron […]

Joe Biden tash kryeson edhe në Pennsylvania

[ad_1] Pas shtetit të Georgias, kandidati demokrat për president të Shteteve të Bashkuara të Amerikës, Joe Biden, ka marrë kryesimin edhe në Pennsylvania. Fitorja në këtë shtet do ta sillte Bidenin në 273 vota elektorale, duke e bërë të fitojë garën për president. Pennsylvania ka 20 vota në Kolegjin Elektoral. Biden është duke kryesuar me […]

Skenari i “vetëm” përmes të cilit Donald Trump do të mund t’i fitojë zgjedhjet

[ad_1] Pavarësisht numrit më të madh të votave në Kolegjin Zgjedhor që kandidati Joe Biden ka në krahasim me rivalin Donald Trump, gara akoma s’ mund të quhet e mbyllur. Por, me cilin skenar ka gjasë presidenti i deritashëm amerikan që ta fitojë mandatin e dytë? Ndonëse Joe Biden ka më shumë gjasa për t’i […]

Biden përmbys rezultatin në Georgia, i afrohet fitores

[ad_1] Kandidati demokrat për president të Shteteve të Bashkuara të Amerikës, Joe Biden, ka marrë kryesimin në shtetin e Georgias, pas një nate të gjatë të numërimit të votave. Fitorja në këtë shtet do ta sillte Bidenin në 269 vota elektorale, një më pak se ato që i duhen për ta fituar garën për President. […]

Edhe 6 vota elektorale i duhen Bidenit për të fituar zgjedhjet

[ad_1] Në Georgia kanë mbetur edhe 36.300 vota të panumëruara, ku më pak se 9.500 vota ndajnë Donald Trumpin dhe Joe Biden në garën për president të Shteteve të Bashkuara. Në anën tjetër Bidenit i nevojiten edhe 6 vota elektorale nga 270, për të fituar në zgjedhjet presidenciale. E Vetëm po të Biden arrin ta […]

Pak para rezultatit përfundimtar – Trump jep këtë deklaratë

[ad_1] Edhe pse Twitter vijon t’i bllokojë postimet e tij, presidenti amerikan Donald Trump vijon me reagimet e tij lidhur me procesin e numërimit që vijon akoma. Sipas kandidatit republikan, Vetëm po të numërimi do të ishte I ligjshëm, fitorja për të do ishte shumë e lehtë. “Vetëm po të numërohen votat e ligjshme, unë […]

Georgia do ta shpallë fituesin sonte

[ad_1] Kanë mbetur edhe 60 mijë vota për t’u numëruar në Georgia të Amerikës. Më parë, u vlerësua se kishin mbetur rreth 50,000 vota për t’u numëruar, por sipas një azhurnimi të dhënë vetëm pak minuta më parë, zyrtarët në Georgia thanë se kanë mbetur përafërsisht 61,367 vota të panumëruara, përcjell GazetaBlic. “Ne duhet të […]

Trump ngre padi në tri shtete, konteston rezultatin zgjedhor

[ad_1] ndërsa Demokrati, Joe Biden, është shumë pranë t’i fitojë 270 vota elektorale që i duhen për t’u shpallur president, kampi i presidentit Donald Trump, ka nisur proceset gjyqësore, strategji që Trump e kishte paralajmëruar me javë: duke sulmuar integritetin e procesit zgjedhor në shtetet ku rezultati do të nënkuptonte humbje, shkruan AP. Demokratët qeshën […]

Biden pranë të fitojë 270 votat elektorale, Trump akoma në garë

[ad_1] I nominuari demokrat për president Joe Biden kryeson garën për Shtëpinë e Bardhë me 253 vota elektorale. Presidenti Donald Trump, në ato e sipër, ka 213 vota elektorale. Sipas analistit të CNN, John King, Po qe se Biden ruan epërsinë  dhe fiton në Nevada dhe Arizona, ai do të sigurojë 270 votat elektorale të […]

Këto janë 6 shtetet e mëdha në të cilat akoma s’ dihet fituesi

[ad_1] Votat akoma numërohen në disa shtete kryesore, të cilat mund të përcaktojnë rezultatin e garës presidenciale midis Presidentit Trump dhe Joe Biden. Amerika është akoma në pritje të rezultateve në këto shtete, shkruan CNN, përcjell GazetaBlic: Alaska Arizona Georgia North Carolina Nevada Pennsylvania Aktualisht, Biden kryeson garën me 253 vota elektorale mbi 213 vota […]

Biden thellon avantazhin me vota elektorale ndaj Trumpit

[ad_1] Joe Biden ka thelluar avantazhin me vota elektorale ndaj Donald Trump. Në rezultatet e fundit të publikuara në mediat ndërkombëtare vërehet që Joe Biden ka thelluar avantazhin ndaj Donald Trump në zgjedhjet presidenciale në Amerikë, shkruan GazetaBlic. deri më tani Joe Biden ka 248 vota elektorale, ndërsa Donald Trump ka gjithsej 214. Shtetet që […]