Don’t hug too much, keep them short and wear a MASK, cautious SAGE scientist warns

Don’t hug too often, keep embraces short and avoid face-to-face contact, is the message from No10’s cautious scientific advisers ahead of the next major relaxation of Covid rules.   Boris Johnson will announce England’s next steps out of lockdown at a 5pm Downing Street press conference today, where he is expected to confirm that friends and […]

Boris Johnson will confirm hugs from Monday at 5pm briefing

Britain’s Covid alert level was downgraded to three today because of the success of the vaccination roll-out and dwindling case numbers. Health chiefs say infections, hospital admissions and deaths have ‘fallen consistently’ over the past few months, with social distancing measures and the huge inoculation drive to thank. The move to downgrade the alert level […]

Coronavirus: Almost HALF of all Covid cases in London are now the Indian variant, data suggests

Real name: B.1.617 — now divided into B.1.617.1; B.1.617.2; B.1.617.3 When and where was it discovered?  The variant was first reported by the Indian government in February 2021.  But the first cases appear to date back to October 2020.  Its presence in the UK was first announced by Public Health England on April 15. There have since been […]

Britain hits 50MILLION vaccines landmark

Britain has now dished out more than 50million Covid vaccines since the mammoth roll-out began in December, according to official figures. Department of Health bosses today posted another 250,000 jabs, meaning 34.6million people across the UK have had one and 15.5million – or 30 per cent of all adults – are fully inoculated.   Health Secretary Matt Hancock hailed the […]

Coronavirus: Indian variants on the rise in some parts of England

Indian Covid variants are on the rise in parts of England and now make up one in 10 cases in London, figures suggest. Data from the Sanger Institute, which analyses positive swabs for different variants, suggest the mutant strains spread widely during April. Nationally the three different variants — which are all genetically similar — […]

UK records FOUR Covid deaths: Fatalities stay in single figures for second day running

Britain today announced four more coronavirus deaths as the country recorded single-digit fatalities for the second day in a row. The Department of Health’s daily update showed infections are also down more than a quarter compared to last week after 1,946 positive tests were processed in the past 24 hours.    It comes after just one […]

Coronavirus: Life in UK will ‘feel a lot more normal by the summer’, says SAGE adviser Neil Ferguson

MPs, businesses and pubs and restaurants are calling for lockdown to end sooner after just five Covid death were recorded over the past two days. Even ‘Professor Lockdown’ is now optimistic that vaccines will squash the UK’s third wave of coronavirus and life in Britain will ‘feel a lot more normal by the summer’. Neil […]

Seychelles reintroduced Covid-19 measures despite being the most vaccinated nation in the world

Seychelles, the world’s most Covid-vaccinated nation with more than 60 per cent of its adult population having received two jabs, has reintroduced restrictions because of a spike in cases. All schools have been closed and sporting activities cancelled for two weeks in the idyllic Indian Ocean archipelago, as infections continue to surge. Measures also include a […]

More people in England and Wales are now dying of flu and pneumonia than Covid

More people are now dying from flu and pneumonia than Covid in England and Wales for the first time since the second wave took off, official figures revealed today. Office for National Statistics data showed the virus was mentioned on 260 death certificates that occurred in the week ending April 23 — down 30 per […]

Covid has killed 7M people around the world – more than double official tally – study claims

WHAT ARE THE DEADLIEST PANDEMICS IN HISTORY? DISEASE Black Death  Smallpox Spanish Flu Plague of Justinian HIV/Aids Third Plague Antonine Plague Covid 17th Century Great Plagues  Asian Flu  WHEN 1347 – 1351  1520 1918 – 1919 541 – 542                    1981 – present 1855 165 – 180 2019 […]

Coronavirus: UK urged to scrap vaccine patents like US and EU to help poor countries

The UK is coming under pressure to follow the US and EU lead to call for Covid vaccine patents to be ditched so companies can make cheaper versions to send to poor countries. Jab-makers currently own the rights to their vaccine recipes – known as intellectual property rights or IP rights – and other firms […]

Covid India: CDC classifies ‘double mutant’ strain as ‘variant of interest’

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) finally classified a coronavirus variant that emerged in India as a ‘variant of interest’ (VOI) on Wednesday. Known as B.1.617, the variant has become the most common in the Asian country, making up an estimated two percent of all cases, according to  However, it has three […]

Pfizer hits out at Biden administration over vaccine patent waivers

Pfizer has hit out at the Biden administration’s support for waiving intellectual property protections to allow poorer countries to produce vaccines developed by companies like it and Moderna, potentially cutting into the firms’ profits.  It comes just hours after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle penned an open letter to vaccine makers urging them to suspend […]

Covid strain first found in India will likely become ‘variant of concern’

One of the three Indian coronavirus variants is likely to be upgraded to become ‘of concern’ after clusters were found in several areas of England, it was claimed today. Cases of the mutant coronavirus have been found in schools, care homes and places of worship in the North West, London and the East Midlands. Up to […]

Covid outbreak: Cases HALVE in a month to 46,000, R rate falls slightly and is still below one

England’s coronavirus cases have halved in a month, the R rate is still below one, and the number of people in hospital has dropped below 1,000 for the first time since September, promising data revealed today. Just 46,000 people had coronavirus in England on any given day last week, or one in 1,180 people, according to the […]

Britain records 15 Covid deaths as daily number of fatalities stays flat and 35m vaccines dished out

Britain’s daily coronavirus infections and deaths remained flat today, while the vaccine rollout has now reached more than 35million people. There were 2,490 positive tests across the country in the past 24 hours, according to the Department of Health’s daily update, which was up very slightly on the number last Friday (4 per cent). Officials also […]

Indian delegation to G7 summit in London ‘goes into self-isolation’

Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab today tried to shrug off the Indian delegation to the G7 foreign ministers’ summit in London going into self-isolation after positive coronavirus cases. The Foreign Secretary said ‘we are all having to adapt in agile ways’ as he kicked off the second day of the gathering after the dramatic news. […]

Covid UK: Boris Johnson pledges ‘absolutely ruthless’ tracking of India’s coronavirus variant

India’s mutant coronavirus strain is now officially a ‘variant of concern’, British health chiefs announced today. Public Health England say the variant — linked to an explosion of cases in India — is ‘at least’ as infectious as the current dominant Kent strain. Cases of the variant, scientifically called B.1.617.2, have more than doubled in […]

Më shumë se një e katërta e martesave përfunduan në divorc, Shqipëria e dyta në rajon për numrin e lartë

Më shumë se një e katërta e martesave përfunduan në divorc në vitin 2019 (26.1 divorce për 100 martesa nga 21 vitin e mëparshëm), duke shënuar një nivel rekord dhe rritje të ndjeshme në raport me 1990-n, kur ky tregues ishte vetëm 9.2 divorce. Ndonëse në rritje në raport me vitet e mëparshme, divorcet akoma […]

100 milionë amerikanë plotësisht të vaksinuar

Shtëpia e Bardhë tha të premten se 100 milionë amerikanë tani janë plotësisht të vaksinuar kundër COVID-19, gati dyfishi i 55 milionë vaksinimeve që ishin realizuar deri një muaj më parë. Koordinatori i Shtëpisë së Bardhë për pandeminë e COVID-19, Jeff Zients e quajti “moment historik” arritjen e këtij numri në një konferencë shtypi të […]

Covid England: Cases fall 40% with just 1 in 1,000 infected last week

England’s Covid R rate is likely still below one and the number of people with coronavirus plummeted by 40 per cent last week, with just one in every 1,010 people now carrying the virus. SAGE today estimated that each person with coronavirus infects between 0.8 and 1.1 others – the reproduction rate (R) – suggesting […]

Coronavirus: Indian variant cases in the UK rise to 400 and there are now three types

The proportion of UK Covid cases caused by the Indian variant spiked eight-fold in a fortnight at the start of April, MailOnline can reveal. Four hundred cases of the strain – linked to an explosion of cases in India – have now been detected in Britain since it was first spotted in February. While it accounted […]

Rate of Americans skipping second shots doubles as first shots fall by half

The number of Americans skipping their second doses of two-shot COVID-19 vaccines has more than doubled since February, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data.  Meanwhile, the number of people getting a first dose is falling off even faster than the decline in the number of people completing their vaccine regimens, a […]

Moderna synon prodhimin e tri miliardë dozave vaksina më 2022

Kompania farmaceutike amerikane Moderna tha se pret të rrisë prodhimin e vaksinave kundër koronavirusit deri në tri miliardë doza, në vitin 2022. Kompania tha se prodhimi do të dyfishohet në objektet e saj në Zvicër dhe Spanjë, ndërsa do të rritet për 50 për qind edhe në fabrikat në SHBA. Moderna po ashtu rriti parashikimet […]

​Covid-19: SHBA 100 milionë dollarë ndihma urgjente për Indinë

SHBA-ja njoftoi dërgimin me urgjencë të më shumë se 100 milionë dollarëve ndihmë mjekësore në kuadër të luftës kundër COVID-19 në Indi, ku pandemia po shkakton probleme të mëdha. Mes këtyre furnizimeve bëjnë pjesë rreth një milionë teste të shpejta depistimi, që mundësojnë zbulimin e një infeksioni me COVID-19 në 15 minuta. “Avioni i parë […]

Vaccine passports WON’T be ready by May 17

Heathrow’s boss today warned of his ‘deep concerns’ about impending chaos at arrivals after it emerged covid passports will not be ready for the start of foreign holidays from May 17 and could be delayed until ‘later in the summer’. John Holland-Kaye said the Home Office and UK Border Force ‘need to get a grip’ […]

OBSh paralajmëron Evropën: Një situatë e ngjashme me atë në Indi mund të ndodhë kudo Me kusht që relaksohemi

Organizata Botërore e Shëndetësisë paralajmëroi sot Evropën të ndalojë relaksimin e masave kufizuese kundër pandemisë së koronavirusit, pasi “një situatë e ngjashme me atë në Indi mund të shfaqet kudo.” Mediet e huaja shkruajnë se OBSH vlerëson se kriza e madhe shëndetësore që po kalon India mund të jetë për shkak të llojit të mutuar të koronavirusit, […]

Linguists predict unknown words using language comparison — ScienceDaily

For a long time, historical linguists have been using the comparative method to reconstruct earlier states of languages that are not attested in written sources. The method consists of the detailed comparison of words in the related descendant languages and allows linguists to infer the ancient pronunciation of words which were never recorded in any […]

Pse ka mungesë të oksigjenit mjekësor?

Vështirësia në frymëmarrje është një nga simptomat më të rënda të sëmundjes COVID-19. Po të shikojmë fotografitë nga spitalet në Indi dhe anembanë botës, ku shihen njerëz që presin në radhë të gjata për të siguruar bombola të oksigjenit, atëherë kuptohet se furnizimet me oksigjen mjekësor s’ janë aspak të lehta kudo në botë. Pamjet […]

Understanding molecular interactions might be a target of precision medicine — ScienceDaily

Scientific studies rarely focus on long non-coding RNA molecules (lncRNAs), even though they potentially regulate several diseases. The role of several lncRNAs in anti-viral inflammatory response regulation has recently been reported. Considering their significant regulatory function in immune response, researchers from the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine of Bar-Ilan University sought to identify lncRNAs co-expressed with […]

Sa i rrezikshëm është “mutanti i dyfishtë” i koronavirusit nga India?

me anë të lidhjes mes dy mutantëve, varianti indian i virusit mund ta anashkalojë sistemin imunitar të trupit. Edhe të vaksinuarit si edhe të shëruarit mund të infektohen më lehtë me këtë mutacion të dyfishtë, bazuar në supozimet e deritanishme Varianti indian i virusit korona, i njohur si B.1.617, shfaq dy ndryshime të rëndësishme gjenetike […]

Covid India: Second wave ‘far more infectious and probably far more deadly’

India’s Covid second wave is being driven by a ‘far more infectious and probably far more deadly’ strain of virus that has pushed hospitals ‘beyond crisis point’ in just a matter of weeks, a top medic has warned. Dr Zarir Udwadia, a physician in hard-hit Mumbai and a government advisor, said India is now ‘in […]

Doctors call on the US to send its stockpile of AstraZeneca vaccines to crisis-hit India NOW

Global health experts are calling on the U.S. government to send its stockpile of AstraZeneca-University of Oxford coronavirus vaccines to India immediately as health officials say they don’t anticipate using any of the doses. During a news briefing on Tuesday, Andy Slavitt, the White House senior COVID-19 advisor, addressed a report stating that the country […]

How deadly is India’s Covid variant and is it REALLY behind explosion of cases?

India‘s coronavirus variant may not be fully to blame for the country’s devastating second wave, according to scientists who say a ‘perfect storm’ of Covid complacency, a disregard for social distancing and lack of preparedness by the Government has fuelled the crisis.  Doctors on the frontline claim the B.1.617 strain is responsible for the raging second […]

Risk factor is equivalent to lead exposure, study finds — ScienceDaily

A multidecade study of young adults living in the United Kingdom has found higher rates of mental illness symptoms among those exposed to higher levels of traffic-related air pollutants, particularly nitrogen oxides, during childhood and adolescence. Previous studies have identified a link between air pollution and the risk of specific mental disorders, including depression and […]

Why experts say there’s no need to panic about Covid variants… at least for now

It has been nearly two weeks since Britain’s pubs, restaurants, hairdressers and shops reopened and, so far, things appear to be going according to plan. Covid-19 cases are continuing to fall and deaths are below 40 a day. Last week, Government data showed that only 32 fully vaccinated people have been admitted to hospital with Covid-19. […]

The truth about the theory that Covid is a winter disease

A summer third wave: it’s the nightmare scenario we all are hoping won’t happen when Britain opens up for business on June 21. But predictions of surging Covid-19 infection rates by the Government’s scientific advisers would suggest it was almost inevitable. According to a report last month from the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Modelling (SPI-M), […]

OBSh kritika për qasjen e vendeve të varfra në raport me vaksinën Covid-19

Vaksinat kundër koronavirusit janë akoma të pakta për vendet më të varfra, tha kreu i Organizatës Botërore të Shëndetësisë (OBSH) në një raport të premten në një vjetorin e fillimit të programit COVAX. Drejtori i Përgjithshëm i OBSh-së, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, ka kritikuar në mënyrë të vazhdueshme pabarazinë në shpërndarjen e vaksinave dhe u ka […]

OBSH-ja kritika për qasjen e vendet e varfëra tek vaksinat COVID

GJENEVË, 23 prill (Reuters) – Vaksinat kundër koronavirusit janë akoma të pakta për vendet më të varfra, tha kreu i Organizatës Botërore të Shëndetësisë (OBSH) në një raport të premten në një vjetorin e fillimit të programit COVAX. Drejtori i Përgjithshëm i OBSH-së Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus ka kritikuar në mënyrë të vazhdueshme pabarazinë në shpërndarjen […]

Just 6% of beds at England’s busiest hospital are occupied by Covid patients

Just 6 per cent of beds are taken up by coronavirus patients at England’s busiest hospital, according to official figures which could pile more pressure on Boris Johnson to speed up his roadmap out of lockdown.  Analysis of the latest NHS statistics by MailOnline shows just 19 beds — or 6.4 per cent — at […]

Turkey lifts travel ban for Britons and confirms tourists WON’T need a vaccine

Turkey has announced today that British tourists will be welcome in the country this summer without having to show a vaccination certificate. Visitors from the UK will not need to produce a Covid vaccine passport, but will need to show proof of a negative PCR test.   The country also promises to provide testing for tourists […]

Pregnant women with COVID 20 times more likely to die and infants may have to be in NICUs longer

Pregnant women infected with COVID-19 face much higher risks of severe and deadly complications during childbirth, a new study suggests. Researchers found that ill mothers-to-be had a 76 percent higher risk of developing preeclampsia – a pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure – and 59 percent more likely to give birth prematurely, requiring their infants to […]

Covid England: Cases fall in EVERY age group as daily death rate drops to 18

Coronavirus cases have fallen in every age group in England and just 18 deaths were announced across Britain today, according to more promising data that strengthens the argument for easing lockdown sooner.  Public Health England’s weekly Covid surveillance report found rates of the virus were down in all age groups for the third week in […]

Covid vaccine boxes must be defaced before they are thrown away, official guidance warns

Coronavirus vaccine boxes must be defaced with permanent marker and destroyed before they are thrown away, official guidance warns. NHS England instructions say this is to stop thieves using the cartons to sell fake jabs on doorsteps and the dark web. They add that vials, which contain doses before they are put into syringes, can […]

Covid is no longer the leading cause of death in England and Wales

Covid is no longer the leading cause of death in England and Wales for the first time since October and the number of people falling ill with the virus is at its lowest level on record, according to statistics which strengthen the argument for a quicker easing of lockdown. Office for National Statistics figures published […]

Coronavirus: Experts find variant from Tanzania that ‘has more mutations than any known strain’

A Covid variant thought to carry more mutations than any other strain has been found in Tanzania, according to researchers.  Virologists said it looked further removed from the original Wuhan virus than any other strain known to science, including variants found in Kent, South Africa and India.  It was first picked up in three travellers […]

Sistemi në kolaps, India po përjeton skëterrën e Covid-19

Shumë kanë besuar se India e ka mundur koronavirusin. Tani, spitaleve po u mbaron oksigjeni dhe trupat po grumbullohen në morg. Para një mase njerëzish pa maska të mbledhur në tubimin politik, kryeministri indian Narendra Modi, me krenari pranoi se ai kurrë s’ kishte parë turmë më të madhe. As ai s’ kishte maskë. Të […]

Heathrow told dedicate terminal to red list arrivals amid claims airport is Covid ‘breeding ground’

Ministers want Heathrow to dedicate a terminal to passengers arriving from ‘red list’ countries amid fears the airport has become a Covid ‘breeding ground’.  The Home Office is keen for Terminal 4 — which has been shut since last year — to process travellers from coronavirus hotspots with troublesome virus variants.  Officials are bracing for […]

Coronavirus UK: There will be no third wave – and I should know, writes PROFESSOR PHILIP THOMAS

A welcome sense of normality is at last beginning to return to Britain. As shops and bars re-open and families reunite, the long ordeal of lockdown appears to be coming to an end. Given the current positive trends, the Government’s target of full freedom by June 21 looks like it should be met. But that […]

Covid-19: Britain records 33 Covid deaths as fatalities rise slightly on last week

Another 33 Britons have died of Covid and 2,524 more people have tested positive for the illness, health bosses revealed today. Department of Health figures show coronavirus infections have barely changed week-on-week, rising by just 2.1 per cent. But testing numbers jumped massively over the weekend, with 1.7million swabs carried out on Saturday compared to […]

Covid-19: Just FOURTEEN people under the age of 20 have died of Covid in 2021 in England and Wales

Just fourteen people under the age of 20 have died of Covid this year in England and Wales, according to official data. Weekly data from the Office of National Statistics also showed daily coronavirus deaths were in single figures in every region of England over the week ending April 9. And the total number of people […]

Boris Johnson to hold 5pm Covid press conference amid growing concerns over Indian variant

Boris Johnson will hold his first press conference in two weeks tonight amid growing concerns about the Indian coronavirus variant.  The Prime Minister is due to appear in Downing Street‘s new briefing room at 5pm after coming under fire for taking too long to ban travel to India.   No10 only announced India was being added […]

Boris Johnson CANCELS trip to India amid surging coronavirus cases and alarm about new variant 

India is being added to the UK’s travel ‘red list’ after Boris Johnson cancelled his visit amid surging coronavirus cases and alarm about a new variant. Matt Hancock told MPs today that the government had made the ‘difficult’ decision to place the country in the highest level of restrictions from 4am on Friday.  Some 103 cases […]

Britain records just FOUR Covid deaths in lowest daily toll since September

Britain today announced four coronavirus deaths in the lowest daily count since September 7 — when just three victims were added to the official toll. Department of Health figures showed there were also 2,963 new infections in the past 24 hours, down 17 per cent on last week’s figure of 3,568.  Today’s Covid deaths are the lowest […]

Infections of South African and Kent variants in those vaccinated have already been recorded

Infections of South African and Kent coronavirus variants have already been recorded in vaccinated people, NHS expert warns Cases of people getting South Africa and Kent variants after vaccine recorded Dr Susan Hopkins said vaccines acted as ‘primer’ for the immune system She said the cases were to be expected as vaccines aren’t 100 per […]

Indian Covid variant ‘poses a threat’ to UK’s lockdown-easing plans, expert warns

The Indian coronavirus variant could ‘pose a threat’ to Boris Johnson‘s roadmap out of lockdown, an expert warned today.  It is feared the B.1.617 strain spreads more easily than older versions of the virus and scientists say it has mutations which may help it evade vaccines. Professor Danny Altmann, an Imperial College London immunologist, said […]

3 milion të vdekur në shkallë botërore nga koronavirusi

Numri global i të vdekurve nga koronavirusi ka kapërcyer shifrën marramendëse prej 3 milionë njerëzish. Të dhënat e regjistruara nga Universiteti Johns Hopkins, vijnë mes pengesave të përsëritura në fushatën e vaksinimit në mbarë botën dhe një krize të thelluar në vende të tilla si Brazili, India dhe Franca. Numri i të vdekurve është afërisht […]

Covid UK: India still not on travel ban list despite 77 new variant cases being found

India is not included on the UK’s travel red list even though 77 cases of a variant that emerged there and is linked to a surging outbreak have been found in Britain. Public Health England announced the dozens of new cases yesterday and said the strain was under investigation ‘due to sustained international transmission’. It […]

South African variant numbers up amid reports of infected people who had a vaccine dose

South African variant numbers are up amid reports that several infected people had received a vaccine dose… as Indian Covid strain arrives in UK Fears have been rising over the South African variant of coronavirus Extra 56 cases were reported in week up to April 14, government figures say Officials are scrambling to contain an […]

Coronavirus: Public Health England reports 77 cases of new Indian Covid variant in UK

Now Britain spots 77 cases of an Indian Covid variant as SAGE adviser warns London could need local lockdowns if South African strain keeps spreading Yet another variant, named B.1.617 and first found in India, added to PHE’s list It has mutations that could speed up transmission and slip past immunity Another 56 cases of […]

Franca bëhet vendi i katërt evropian që regjistron 100,000 vdekje nga COVID-19

Franca pritet të enjten të kalojë një “moment historik të zymtë”, duke shënuar 100,000 vdekje të shkaktuara nga COVID-19. Sipas mediave të huaja, përcjell Telegrafi, rreth 297 viktima u regjistruan të mërkurën në vend, duke e çuar totalin në 99,805. Gjatë javës së kaluar, mesatarisht 293 njerëz humbën jetën çdo ditë nga virusi. Franca do […]

Covid: UK may approve one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine suspended by US FDA over blood clot fears

Johnson and Johnson today revealed it would pause the roll-out of its single-dose Covid vaccine in Europe over blood clot fears. The US pharmaceutical giant promised to deliver 50million doses to the continent by the end of June, with the first batch of supplies expected in the coming weeks. But the firm has now taken […]

Covid England: Some areas have still only vaccinated HALF of over-50s

Parts of England have still only vaccinated half of citizens over the age of 50, as the NHS prepares to move onto people in their 40s.   Some areas of the country have stormed ahead and managed to reach more than 96 per cent of people in their 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and above, exceeding Number […]

Virgjëria vazhdon të jetë akoma një vlerë në pjesën më të madhe të botës: Këto janë statistikat

Të dhënat tregojnë se vazhdon të jetë e qëndrueshme dhe mesatarisht 18 vjeç, mosha e raportit të parë seksual në të gjithë botën. India mban vendin e parë ku virgjëria ruhet deri në 22.9 vjeç, ndërsa skandinavët deri në 16,5 vjeç Pavarësisht zhvillimeve të jashtëzakonshme dhe ndryshimeve me të cilat po përjeton sot bota dhe […]

UK’s ‘wall of vaccination’ against Covid is ‘leaky’, Professor Chris Whitty says

Britain’s ‘wall of vaccination’ against Covid is ‘leaky’ because jabs aren’t 100 per cent effective and millions have still yet to be fully inoculated, Professor Chris Whitty warned tonight. England’s chief medical officer acknowledged the wall — designed to stop the NHS from being overwhelmed and thousands from dying in the event of a third […]

Are you waiting for your second jab? Here’s everything you need to know

More than 30 million people in the UK have had their first dose of the Covid vaccine, and around three million have been fully vaccinated. But with supply problems expected to affect the roll-out in April, many people are worried about getting their second jab, while others who are eligible now are struggling simply to schedule […]

UK ‘has made great strides’ in reaching out to Covid vaccine sceptics, says minister

Britain ‘has made great strides’ in reaching out to coronavirus vaccine sceptics and boosting uptake among black people, a cabinet minister said today. Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng blamed ‘misinformation’ and ‘people sharing things on social media’ for some getting scared of having jabs.  But he claimed there had already been ‘huge improvements’ in willingness to […]

UK’s real Covid death toll hits 150,000, according to the Office for National Statistics

More than 150,000 coronavirus deaths have been recorded in Britain since the pandemic began, official figures revealed today. Announcing the grim milestone, the Office for National Statistics revealed 150,116 death certificates between the first cases being recorded in the UK and March 19 mentioned the virus. But other promising figures showed weekly Covid deaths fell […]

Covid UK: Daily Covid deaths HALVE in a week to 56 while new cases fall 25% to 4040

Britain’s daily Covid death toll has halved in a week, official figures revealed today amid mounting calls for Boris Johnson to lift lockdown restrictions quicker. Department of Health bosses posted 56 lab-confirmed fatalities and another 4,040 coronavirus cases — down 25 per cent on last Tuesday. It comes after the Office for National Statistics today […]

Delaying the second dose of Novavax’s Covid vaccine by up to 12 weeks should be ‘fine’

Professor Paul Heath said a 12-week dosing gap would most likely not make the Novavax jab less effective Novavax’s Covid vaccine will ‘probably’ still be effective if the second dose is delayed by up to 12 weeks, according to its lead researcher. Professor Paul Heath argued that ‘basic immunological principles’ suggested the longer gap would […]

Covid Northern Ireland: Vaccine roll-out expanded to over-45s

Northern Ireland has today officially expanded its coronavirus vaccine drive to people under the age of 50, becoming the first home nation to move onto the next phase of the roll-out. The country’s NHS is now inviting everyone over 45 to book their appointment at a vaccination centre or one of 350 pharmacies deploying the […]

Mbi 135 milionë raste me COVID-19 në mbarë botën

Numri i të prekurve nga koronavirusi i ri (COVID-19) në mbarë botën ka shkuar mbi 135 milionë. Sipas faqes së internetit “Worldometer”, e cila përpilon të dhënat në lidhje me pandeminë, deri më tani në mbarë botën janë regjistruar gjithsej 135.082.420 raste me COVID-19, transmeton Anadolu Agency (AA). Numri më i madh i të infektuarve […]

EU approaches India for 10m doses of AstraZeneca Covid vaccine as Delhi blocks UK jabs shipment

The European Union has approached India in a bid to buy 10million doses of the AstraZeneca jab from its Serum Institute, as the bloc desperately scrambles to procure more vaccine supplies.  Britain has already blamed India’s export ban for delaying the shipment of five million doses to the UK and restricting the country’s vaccine drive […]

Iraqi baby is first boy ever to be born with THREE penises, doctors claim

Iraqi baby is first boy ever to be born with THREE penises, doctors claim A boy from Duhok in Iraq had to have surgery to remove two extra penises He was born with a 2cm penis on the base of his phallus and another 1cm one  Supernumerary penises occur in between one in five and […]

UK taxpayers pumped £21m in to fitting out Dutch vaccine factory that EU have now blocked

No10 was today urged to consider asking for a refund of the £21million it invested into fitting out a Dutch factory to make AstraZeneca jabs, if the EU presses ahead with its threat to impose an export ban. Health Secretary Matt Hancock approved the multi-million pound investment in the Halix factory in Leiden with the […]

Matt Hancock insists UK on track to hit July vaccination target

WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS OF THE RARE BLOOD CLOTS LINKED TO ASTRAZENECA’S VACCINE?  Only Britons who suffer one of the below symptoms four days post-vaccination need to contact their doctor.  Shortness of breath Chest pain Swollen leg Persistent stomach pain Severe headache Blurred vision Skin bruising beyond the site of injection   Matt Hancock today warned […]

First US case of more infectious ‘double mutant’ Indian covid variant is identified in California 

The first case in the U.S. of a coronavirus variant that emerged in India has been found in California. Researchers at Stanford University’s Clinical Virology Laboratory confirmed one case last week and have seven presumed cases that are being screened. The variant, which has been called a ‘double mutant’ by India’s Ministry of Health, has […]

Covid US: Army starts clinical testing trial for its OWN vaccine

The U.S. Army has launched clinical testing for its ‘next-generation’ COVID-19 vaccine that’s designed to protect against the pandemic virus, its variants and other coronaviruses.  In early tests, the shot appears to prompt high levels of antibodies that should block the older ‘wild-type’ coronavirus, three major variants and even SARS-CoV-1, the similar pathogen that triggered […]

Ku gabojmë kur konsumojmë çaj jeshil?

Megjithëse shumë studime kanë konfirmuar shumë herë përfitimet e pirjes së çajit jeshil, ka disa gjëra që duhet të mbani në mend Për fillim, rekomandohet të konsumoni dy deri në tre filxhanë çaj jeshil në ditë dhe s’ duhet ta tejkaloni atë. Ka edhe disa gjëra që duhet kushtuar kujdes me rastin e konsumimit të […]

OBSH, thirrje për dhurim vaksinash për vendet e varfëra

Kreu i Organizatës Botërore të Shëndetësisë (OBSH) i bëri thirrje komunitetit ndërkombëtar të dhurojë vaksina të COVID-19 për vendet me të ardhura më të ulëta, duke përmendur nevojën urgjente për 10 milionë doza për një program të shpërndarjes së vaksinave të mbështetur nga OBSH-ja. “COVAX është gati të shpërndajë, por ne s’ mund të shpërndajmë […]

Lufta globale kundër tuberkulozit goditet nga pandemia e Covid-19

Në prag të Ditës Botërore të tuberkulozit më 24 mars, mjekët po paralajmërojnë se përparimi në luftën globale kundër kësaj sëmundjeje është sprapsur me më shumë se një dekadë nga pandemia e koronavirusit. Pas fillimit të pandemisë, shumë spitale i dhanë përparësi trajtimit të pacientëve me Covid-19. Tuberkulozi vrau 1.4 milion njerëz në të gjithë […]

Studimi/ Ky është vendi më i lumtur në botë! Ja në cilin vend renditet Shqipëria, Kosova më e lumtur se ne

Finlanda është vendi më i lumtur në botë. Kombet Nordike dominojnë listën globale ndërsa Mbretëria e Bashkuar bie pesë vende në vendin e 18-të – ndërsa Zimbabve vjen i fundit në listë. Ndërkohë për sa i përket Shqipërisë, vendi ynë rendit i 63. ndërsa për sa i përket Kosovës renditet në vendin 31. Shumë më […]

Rastet globale me koronavirus po rriten, por vdekjet po bien

Rastet globale të COVID-19 u rritën me 10 për qind gjatë javës së kaluar, por vdekjet po bien, sipas azhurnimit epidemiologjik të përjavshëm nga Organizata Botërore e Shëndetësisë. Rastet globale u rritën me 10 për qind gjatë javës së kaluar në mbi tre milionë raste të reja të raportuara. Numri i rasteve të reja arriti […]

COVID-19: Mjekët zbulojnë se ndikon edhe në sistemin tretës

COVID-19 është kryesisht një sëmundje që shkakton probleme të frymëmarrjes, por gjithashtu mund të prekë pjesë të tjera të trupit. Mjekët kanë vërtetuar se COVID-19 mund të prekë mushkëritë, zemrën, por edhe sistemin e tretjes. Sipas statistikave, 53 për qind e pacientëve me COVID-19 zhvillojnë të paktën një simptomë gastrointestinale, shkruan Times of India. Përveç kësaj, […]

Studimi: Njerëzit po lindin binjakë më shumë se kurrë më parë

Studiuesit thonë se më shumë binjakë po lindin se kurrë më parë, dhe se bota e ka arritur tashmë kulmin e lindjeve të shumëfishta. Rreth 1.6 milionë binjake lindin çdo vit në të tërë botën, ose ndryshe rreth një në çdo 42 fëmijë të lindur. Shtyrja e lindjes së fëmijëve nga gratë dhe teknikat e […]

Mjekët: COVID-19 ndikon edhe në sistemin tretës

COVID-19 është kryesisht një sëmundje që shkakton probleme të frymëmarrjes, por gjithashtu mund të prekë pjesë të tjera të trupit. Mjekët kanë vërtetuar se COVID-19 mund të prekë mushkëritë, zemrën, por edhe sistemin e tretjes. Sipas statistikave, 53 për qind e pacientëve me COVID-19 zhvillojnë të paktën një simptomë gastrointestinale, shkruan Times of India. Përveç kësaj, […]

Worldometer: Më shumë se 118 milion njerëz në botë janë të infektuar me Covid-19

Sipas faqes në internet të Worldometer, më shumë se 118 milion njerëz janë të infektuar në botë. Vetëm dje, numri i rasteve në botë u rrit me pak më shumë se 254,000 dhe më të infektuarit u regjistruan në Shtetet e Bashkuara, 27,268. Numri i rasteve të reja ndiqet nga Franca me 23,302 raste, Italia […]

Rritet numri i të infektuarve me Covid-19 në botë

Numri i të infektuarve me COVID-19 po shkon duke u rritur në botë. Deri tani kanë humbur jetën 2 milion e 561 mijë e 708 persona, ndërsa janë shëruar 91 milion e 165 mijë e 759 persona. Amerika prinë e para me numrin më të madh të rasteve të infektuara me gjithsej 29 milion e […]

These international destinations are open to US tourists

Editor’s Note — CNN Travel updates this article periodically. It was last updated in its entirety on February 27. The US State Department advises that travelers consult country-specific travel advisories via their website or consult the CDC’s latest guidance. Before you make any international travel plans, check these sites first and again before you depart. […]

Canada to receive 6.5 million Covid-19 vaccines by end of March

In a press briefing Friday, Trudeau repeated his expectation that every Canadian who wants a vaccine will receive one by September. Trudeau told reporters Canada had secured an additional two million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine through Verity Pharmaceuticals and the Serum Institute of India. The first shipment of 500,000 vaccines is expected to arrive […]

Birkenstock sold to group backed by Bernard Arnault’s LVMH

The company said in a statement on Friday that L Catterton affiliates including Arnault’s family investment company, Financière Agache, will also invest in the maker of the iconic flat sandals. Arnault is Europe’s richest person, with an estimated net worth of $117 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. “In L Catterton and Financière Agache […]

Fully vaccinated people can gather individually with minimal risk, Fauci says

A medical worker inoculates a municipal worker with a Covid-19 vaccine at a vaccination center in New Delhi, India, on February 22. Sajjad Hussain/AFP/Getty Images India has supplied more than 36 million doses of coronavirus vaccines to various countries, of which 6.75 million doses have been provided as grant assistance, a spokesperson for the Ministry […]

“We still have too much vaccine in the fridge,” says German health minister

A medical worker inoculates a municipal worker with a Covid-19 vaccine at a vaccination center in New Delhi, India, on February 22. Sajjad Hussain/AFP/Getty Images India has supplied more than 36 million doses of coronavirus vaccines to various countries, of which 6.75 million doses have been provided as grant assistance, a spokesperson for the Ministry […]

India Covaxin: Some Bhopal slum residents thought they were being vaccinated against Covid-19 but were part of clinical trials

Locals who recalled hearing it back in December said they scrambled to take up the offer — 750 rupees was about twice what they’d usually earn for a day’s hard labor. And many had struggled to work at all during the pandemic. “They told us it is the corona vaccine and we should get it […]

The week in 43 photos

Law enforcement officers investigate the scene of Tiger Woods’ rollover crash in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, on Tuesday, February 23. The golf icon sustained serious leg injuries in the accident. Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times/Shutterstock Members of Congress observe a moment of silence on the steps of the US Capitol on Tuesday, February 23. More than […]

Why have India’s Covid-19 cases plummeted?

This has all happened without drastic measures such as circuit-breaker lockdowns, which have been used in places like New Zealand and Australia to get outbreaks under control. The Indian government is still implementing certain social distancing restrictions and has scrambled to assist overstretched hospitals — but the economy has reopened, domestic travel has resumed, and […]

Ghana becomes first country to receive Covid-19 vaccine through COVAX program

The shipment, consisting of 600,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccines, arrived at 7 am GMT Wednesday on an Emirates flight at Kotoka International Airport, in Ghana’s capital Accra. The Minister for Health-designate, Kwaku Agyeman-Manu (MP) led a government delegation to receive the consignment. As the plane carrying the vaccines landed, state-run Ghana Broadcasting Corporation journalist […]

Japan increases protection for US military amid ‘severe security environment’

The number of what Japan calls “asset protection” missions was up from 14 in 2019 amid a “severe security environment,” according to an announcement from Japan’s Ministry of Defense. The Japanese military said the 25 missions involved Japan Self-Defense Forces (SDF) protecting US Navy ships on four occasions while those ships were gathering information on […]

US coronavirus: ‘We’ve done worse than most any other country,’ Fauci says as US marks grim Covid-19 death toll

“I believe that if you look back historically, we’ve done worse than most any other country and we’re a highly developed, rich country,” Dr. Anthony Fauci told George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Monday. “It’s so tough to just go back and try and do a metaphorical autopsy on how things went. It […]

Dubai’s missing Princess Latifa is “being cared for at home”

“In response to media reports regarding Sheikha Latifa, we want to thank those who have expressed concern for her wellbeing, despite the coverage which certainly is not reflective of the actual position,” the statement by her family said, according to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) embassy in London. In secret recordings obtained by the BBC […]