DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Can eating too much be a sign your body lacks nutrients?

[ad_1] For most people, the past 12 months have been really tough, but some businesses have thrived — it seems 2020 was a fantastic year for supplement manufacturers, with nearly £500 million in UK sales, up a record 14 per cent compared with 2019. We swallowed their products in record numbers partly because we’re all […]

Should you ignore the food traffic lights?

[ad_1] You see them on food packets — red, amber and green colours that are supposed to depict whether the food you are putting in your basket is healthy — or not. Introduced in 2013 by the Food Standards Agency, the traffic light colours are assigned for levels of fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt. […]

If I’m too old to have HRT, how can I stop night time sweats? DR ELLIE CANNON answers your questions

[ad_1] I am 74 and suffering terribly with night sweats. The doctor says there is nothing she can do as I am too old for HRT. Night sweats are one of the most common symptoms of the menopause, related to the drop in fertility hormones. But the menopause is not always to blame.  Night sweats […]

Poor iodine levels in women pose risks to fetal intellectual development in pregnancy — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] An increasing number of young women are at increased risk of having children born with impaired neurological conditions, due to poor iodine intake. Dietary changes, including a growing trend towards the avoidance of bread and iodised salt, as well as a reduced intake of animal products containing iodine can contribute to low iodine levels. […]

New study links red meat consumption with heart disease

[ad_1] UK scientists have linked the consumption of any form of red meat – such as beef, lamb and pork – with a decline in heart function.  The researchers, who studied nearly 20,000 individuals, found that greater intake of red and processed meat was linked with a decline in three different measures of heart health.   […]

Dietary cocoa improves health of obese mice; likely has implications for humans — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] Supplementation of cocoa powder in the diet of high-fat-fed mice with liver disease markedly reduced the severity of their condition, according to a new study by Penn State researchers, who suggest the results have implications for people. Cocoa powder, a popular food ingredient most commonly used in the production of chocolate, is rich in […]

How to tackle heel pain and get back on your feet: DR MARTIN SCURR addresses your health issues 

[ad_1] My wife is a keen walker, but has not been able to walk for months due to heel pain. Her doctor and podiatrist both suggested plantar fasciitis, but it does not hurt in the typical area, and she has not responded to treatment. She is 67. Peter Goode, via email. Heel pain, as your […]

New tablet promises to prevent AND treat crippling migraines

[ad_1] One of those involved in the rimegepant trials, Darlene LeBlanc, 63, describes how the drug was the first treatment she’d tried in over 40 years that worked well for her debilitating symptoms For almost three decades, Jennifer Farrington’s life had been dominated by migraines so bad that the GP had to go on sick […]

Are my blocked gut and hair loss linked? DR MARTIN SCURR answers your health questions

[ad_1] My hair has been falling out for well over a year, even though I’ve spoken to a trichologist. Two years ago I became constipated and, after trying various medications, my consultant says there is nothing more he can do. Is my hair loss caused by my poor bowel health? Pauline Tuckley, via email. The […]

Food myths exploded! NHS doctor turned nutrition expert serves up comforting home truths

[ad_1] As a newly qualified NHS hospital doctor, Joshua Wolrich became obsessed with the idea that a good doctor shouldn’t be overweight  An NHS doctor now specialising in nutrition Dr Joshua Wolrich has written a new book, Food Isn’t Medicine, in which he debunks common food myths and sets out his philosophy around weight and […]

Covid US: Army starts clinical testing trial for its OWN vaccine

[ad_1] The U.S. Army has launched clinical testing for its ‘next-generation’ COVID-19 vaccine that’s designed to protect against the pandemic virus, its variants and other coronaviruses.  In early tests, the shot appears to prompt high levels of antibodies that should block the older ‘wild-type’ coronavirus, three major variants and even SARS-CoV-1, the similar pathogen that […]

House vote key first step for Democrats’ stimulus plans

[ad_1] This package, the culmination of weeks of behind-the-scenes work by a dozen committees, a strategic and aggressive lobbying campaign targeted both inside and outside the beltway, and the “iron fist” of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi keeping her troops in line, is major. If it felt smooth, uneventful or quiet, it’s because you are dealing […]

Nancy Pelosi’s first months of the new Congress: ‘Captain of a ship in uncharted waters’

[ad_1] It’s a sign of Democrats’ willingness to back the President on his first big legislative push and a reflection of Pelosi’s firm hold on the caucus that may prove her most challenging yet. In her fourth term as speaker, Pelosi is managing the slimmest majority in her tenure, a challenge even for a seasoned […]

Pentagon report reveals details about White supremacists in the ranks

[ad_1] It details an instance of a former National Guardsman who is a member of a dangerous neo-Nazi group bragging about openly discussing extremist views while serving and separately describes service members describing how they recognize fellow White supremacists by their fascist tattoos and T-shirt logos. While the report, commissioned by Congress and dated October […]

Allegations of shackled students and gang rape inside China’s detention camps

[ad_1] “There was no spark of life in her face. Her cheeks were drained of color, she was not breathing,” said Sidik, a former elementary school teacher who says she was forced to spend several months teaching at two detention centers in Xinjiang in 2017. A policewoman who worked at the camp later told her […]

Nordstrom Winter Clearance Sale – CNN Underscored

[ad_1] (CNN) —   Nordstrom sales are the kind of thing you set calendar reminders for, but there’s no need this time with the department store’s Winter Clearance Sale already underway. Running now through February 21, the sale offers shoppers solid discounts on men’s and womenswear, as well as kids’ clothing and homewares. Read on […]

Japandi Interior Design: Explained – CNN Underscored

[ad_1] (CNN) —   Move over modern farmhouse decor, there’s a new design aesthetic in town. Blending Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian hygge, Japandi is the latest trend gaining traction in the interior design world, bringing with it a cozy, but simplistic look that is popping up in homes all over the world… and piquing the […]

Best soundbars of 2021 – CNN Underscored

[ad_1] (CNN) —   As TVs slim down, picture quality keeps getting better while built-in audio continues to deteriorate. That’s why, as we note in our best TVs guide, it makes sense to pair your TV — even a brand-new model — with a soundbar. Sure, you could wire a few different speakers up around […]

Unplugged Beauty Cordless Wand review

[ad_1] (CNN) —   There might not be many places to go at the moment, but getting ready in the morning is an easy way to feel like you’re in your normal routine. Hairstyling tools can come in handy, but they often come with wire clutter in your drawers. The Unplugged Beauty Cordless 1-Inch Curling […]

Oculus Quest 2 games for exercise: How to get started

[ad_1] (CNN) —   I’m the furthest thing from a “fitness person” there is, and other than a few miles of dog walks per day, I’ve been finding it hard to motivate myself to get moving — especially in the dead of winter and amidst a global pandemic. But for the past few weeks, I’ve […]

Bed & Breakfast In Le Lamentin

Paying royalties entitles you to use these works in full respect of copyright/authors’ rights. Here we find a mix of abroad news, reside protection of major regional occasions, programme highlights, mini web sites specially dedicated to main occasions and all helpful native info such as weather, site visitors updates, and so on. Self-distribution permits Canal […]

Iron deficiency can be managed better

[ad_1] Iron deficiency is a major cause of anaemia, a deficiency in oxygen-carrying red blood cells or hemoglobin in the blood. New guidance published by Australian and European researchers outlines the best practice for managing iron deficiency. Credit: WEHI, Australia Australian and European researchers have released updated, evidence-based guidance for managing iron deficiency, a serious […]

Steps from Eiffel Tower’s original staircase sells for €274,000 at auction

[ad_1] Issued on: 02/12/2020 – 07:59Modified: 02/12/2020 – 08:01 A 14-step chunk of the Eiffel Tower’s spiral staircase was sold for 274,475 euros ($328,427) in Paris on Tuesday, nearly 10 times the guide price, auction house Artcurial said. The nearly-three-metre-high artefact was part of the original 1889 staircase that connected the second and third floors […]

Transatlantic divides after Biden win

[ad_1] After Donald Trump’s “America First” agenda exposed longstanding strains in US-Europe relations, Joe Biden’s victory has prompted a Franco-German row over Emmanuel Macron’s vision of “strategic autonomy” – while transatlantic tensions simmer over tech taxes and extraterritorial US law. The US president excoriated European countries’ failure to pay for its own defence in stark terms: […]

Locked-down French bookshops reopen in time for Goncourt Prize boost

[ad_1] Issued on: 30/11/2020 – 08:57 Bookshops in France were shuttered a month ago as the country withdrew into its second nationwide coronavirus lockdown. Deemed non-essential then – to the dismay of many – bookshops and other small stores have now reopened for business. Desperate for a boost after a trying month and a difficult […]

A new approach in cancer immunotherapy

[ad_1] From JITC Supplementary Documentation. https://jitc.bmj.com/content/8/2/e001369#supplementary-materials The interdisciplinary team of scientists from three different countries (Belgium, Italy, and Russia) under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Dmitri V. Krysko (Ghent University, Belgium) unravels the immunogenicity of ferroptotic cancer cells. Cell death is an essential biological process that plays an active role both during human embryonic development […]

Stilbro – Metal and Steelworks Company Joomla Template

[ad_1] Free download Stilbro – Metal and Steelworks Company Joomla Template Nulled. This item was published on themeforest.net and sold by author codelayers. But you can download Stilbro – Metal and Steelworks Company Joomla Template completely free from here. It is also nulled by us to make sure there are no license check. Cybermonday Blackfriday Sale 50% OFF […]

Liver cancer ten times more likely in men with common genetic disorder haemochromatosis

[ad_1] Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Men who have the Western world’s most common genetic disorder, haemochromatosis, are ten times more likely to develop liver cancer, according to a major new study. Research led by the University of Exeter and published in the internationally renowned journal JAMA has led to renewed calls for routine early testing […]

Germany’s ‘eternal chancellor’ Angela Merkel marks 15 years in office

[ad_1] Issued on: 22/11/2020 – 13:39 In power so long she has been dubbed Germany’s “eternal chancellor”, Angela Merkel marked 15 years at the helm of Europe’s top economic power on Sunday with her popularity intact and public trust in her leadership reaching new heights. Merkel, 66, has said she will step down as chancellor when […]

Pre-recorded audio messages help improve outcomes for patients with heart failure

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Patients who are hospitalized with heart failure can reduce their odds of requiring re-hospitalization, a heart transplant or death by repeatedly reviewing recorded audio messages about self-care at home, according to late breaking research presented today at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2020. “My Recorded On-Demand Audio Discharge Instructions […]

French ‘Jetman’ Vincent Reffet killed in training accident in Dubai

[ad_1] Issued on: 18/11/2020 – 03:31 Frenchman Vince Reffet, part of the “Jetman” team which has performed groundbreaking stunts above Dubai using jetpacks and carbon-fibre wings, was killed in a training accident Tuesday, a spokesman said. The Jetmen have pulled off a series of dramatic flights over the Gulf city, soaring in tandem above the world’s […]

Intravenous iron reduced rehospitalization risk in people with heart failure

[ad_1] Patients who were hospitalized with acute heart failure and had iron deficiency were less likely to return to the hospital if given intravenous iron replacement, according to late-breaking research presented today at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2020. The virtual meeting is Friday, November 13—Tuesday, November 17, 2020. The manuscript of this study […]

New medicine reduced risk for heart failure emergencies, hospital visits

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Omecamtiv mecarbil, a new, investigational heart medication, reduced the risk of heart failure-related events in patients with Heart failure with reduced ejection fraction, according to late-breaking research presented today at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2020. The virtual meeting is Friday, November 13—Tuesday, November 17, 2020. The manuscript of […]

Saudi prince vows ‘iron fist’ as IS group claims attack on Western diplomats

[ad_1] Issued on: 13/11/2020 – 08:00 Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman pledged Thursday to strike extremists with an “iron fist”,  after a bombing against a gathering of Western diplomats was claimed by the Islamic State group. The bomb blast struck a World War I commemoration at a non-Muslim cemetery in Jeddah on Wednesday, just […]

Incidence of restless leg syndrome high in pregnancy

[ad_1] (HealthDay)—The incidence of restless leg syndrome (RLS) is high in pregnancy, according to a study published online Nov. 11 in Neurology. Muzi Na, Ph.D., from the Pennsylvania State University in University Park, and colleagues examined the relative risks of demographic, socioeconomic, and nutritional factors in association with the risk for any incident RLS in […]

Israeli archaeologists uncover fortress from time of King David

[ad_1] Issued on: 12/11/2020 – 08:49 Archaeologists on Wednesday unveiled a fortified structure from the time of King David on the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights that sheds light on the borders of a Biblical Israeli ally. The 3,000-year-old fort, found near the Jewish settlement of Hispin ahead of works to build a new neighbourhood, is believed […]

Tyson gati për kthimin e madh më 28 nëntor

[ad_1] Ish-kampioni i botës, Mike Tyson, po finalizon kthimin e tij, më 28 nëntor, në ring, ku ai do të takohet me Roy Jones Jr në “Dignity Health Sports Arena”, në Los Angeles, në një ndeshje jozyrtare, por të pranuar nga Komisioni Shtetëror i Atletikës në Kaliforni. Do të jetë dueli i tij i parë […]

Reduction of environmental pollutants for prevention of cardiovascular disease

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain In a current opinion article “Reduction of environmental pollutants for prevention of cardiovascular disease: it’s time to act,” published in the European Heart Journal this week, a group of international environmental researchers summarized the epidemiologic and mechanistic evidence in support of an association between noise and air pollution with cardiovascular […]

How to Grow a Hydroponic Garden

[ad_1] Emily Marsh, who lives in Sonoma County, Calif., always thought the best thing about gardening was the feel of soil on her fingertips. But last year she and her fiancé moved to a townhouse with an 8-by-12-foot concrete slab for a backyard. As lockdowns in California stretched into the month of May, and Ms. […]

US elections: Which way will the battleground states of Minnesota and Wisconsin swing?

[ad_1] In US presidential elections, the vote in certain states is predictable. But in others – known as swing states – there can be surprises. Our correspondents Jessica Le Masurier and Céline Bruneau travelled to the key battleground states of Minnesota and Wisconsin to see whether voters in America’s heartland will choose Donald Trump or Joe Biden […]

The F.D.A. Wanted to Ban Some Hair Straighteners. It Never Happened.

[ad_1] Heat is crucial to the process: Directions call for applying the product to the hair, blow drying the hair with a hair dryer, and then using a flat iron heated to at least 380 degrees to straighten the hair. The concern is that heat converts the liquid formaldehyde into a gas and releases it […]

Driving Lessons With a Whiff of Mortality

[ad_1] Google Maps won’t tell you where Ray Charles is spending eternity, but my 16-year-old son, Sebastian, can take you there. I admit this is an inside job on my part. Sebastian is a piano player who appreciates the crooners of yore. He’s also learning to drive. I thought it might scare him to attention […]

Guinea’s Condé faces longtime rival Diallo as country heads to the polls

[ad_1] Issued on: 17/10/2020 – 18:00 Guineans cast ballots for a president on Sunday, with the 82-year-old incumbent Alpha Condé facing his longtime rival Cellou Dalein Diallo for a third time. Canvassing in the West African state ended Friday at midnight, capping a tense political campaign marked by insults traded between President Alpha Condé and his […]

Evidence of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and MND in brains of young people exposed to dirty air

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Researchers looking at the brainstems of children and young adults exposed lifelong to air pollution in Mexico City have discovered disturbing evidence of harm. Previous studies have linked fine particulate air pollution exposure with Alzheimer’s disease, and researchers have also reported evidence of air pollution-derived nanoparticles in the frontal cortex […]

Parents Face Murder Charge in Death of Girl With Severe Lice

[ad_1] The 12-year-old girl had no bruises on her body. She was not malnourished, according to prosecutors. She had just eaten before her mother found her unconscious in late August in their home in rural Georgia. But she had a lice infestation so severe that the doctors who treated her the day she died said […]

Macron reprimands Turkey, accusing Erdogan of sending ‘jihadists’ to Azerbaijan

[ad_1] Issued on: 02/10/2020 – 03:00 French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday demanded that Turkey explain what he said was the arrival of jihadist fighters in Azerbaijan — and urged NATO to face up to its ally’s actions. “A red line has been crossed, which is unacceptable,” Macron said. “I urge all NATO partners to […]

France ready to airlift wounded journalists out of disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region

[ad_1] Issued on: 01/10/2020 – 19:19 President Emmanuel Macron said Thursday that France is ready to airlift two journalists out of Nagorno Karabakh after they were badly wounded in fighting in the disputed region. Le Monde had earlier confirmed to AFP that a reporter and photographer working for the French daily had been injured in […]

She Craved Salt and Felt Nauseated for Months. What Was Wrong?

[ad_1] The doctor greeted her warmly. Then, more sternly, said: “It looks like you have a suntan. Have you been out in the sun?” It wasn’t the first time she heard that. “My friends keep saying that!” she exclaimed. She hadn’t been anywhere warm, didn’t go to tanning parlors, didn’t use tanning products. She didn’t […]

The decades-long feud between Armenia and Azerbaijan

[ad_1] Issued on: 28/09/2020 – 11:13Modified: 28/09/2020 – 11:14 Armenia and Azerbaijan, two former Soviet republics in the Caucasus, are locked in a decades-long territorial dispute that flared up again on Sunday. We take a look at the key issues surrounding their conflict. At the heart of the standoff between Yerevan and Baku is the Armenia-backed […]

Eiffel Tower wine cellar bears fruit as merlot debuts

[ad_1] Issued on: 25/09/2020 – 11:09 In 2017, winemakers Domaine de la Bouche du roi decided to plant a vineyard in the Paris suburb of Versailles. The wine project is now starting to bear fruit, helped along by a partnership with the most iconic Parisian brand of all: The Eiffel Tower. A year in the […]

Schützt Vitamin B1 vor alkoholassoziierter Demenz?

[ad_1] Eine häufige Folgeerscheinung bei chronisch vermehrtem Alkoholkonsum ist eine Reduktion der kognitiven Leistungsfähigkeit, die bis zum Vollbild einer Demenz gehen kann. Wie das Gehirn durch den Alkohol geschädigt wird, ist allerdings noch nicht vollständig geklärt. Eine Forschungsgruppe der MedUni Wien hat nun die Hypothese aufgestellt, nach der Eisenablagerungen im Gehirn entscheidend für die kognitive […]