Rate of Americans skipping second shots doubles as first shots fall by half

[ad_1] The number of Americans skipping their second doses of two-shot COVID-19 vaccines has more than doubled since February, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data.  Meanwhile, the number of people getting a first dose is falling off even faster than the decline in the number of people completing their vaccine regimens, […]

Vaccine passports WON’T be ready by May 17

[ad_1] Heathrow’s boss today warned of his ‘deep concerns’ about impending chaos at arrivals after it emerged covid passports will not be ready for the start of foreign holidays from May 17 and could be delayed until ‘later in the summer’. John Holland-Kaye said the Home Office and UK Border Force ‘need to get a […]

Coronavirus: Covid elimination policies are best, says Oxford article

[ad_1] Countries that tried to keep out Covid completely rather than controlling it survived the pandemic with fewer deaths, more money and more freedom, economists say. In an article published in The Lancet medical journal, Oxford University researchers said countries with ‘zero Covid’ policies did best by their citizens. Australia and New Zealand notoriously took […]

Doctors call on the US to send its stockpile of AstraZeneca vaccines to crisis-hit India NOW

[ad_1] Global health experts are calling on the U.S. government to send its stockpile of AstraZeneca-University of Oxford coronavirus vaccines to India immediately as health officials say they don’t anticipate using any of the doses. During a news briefing on Tuesday, Andy Slavitt, the White House senior COVID-19 advisor, addressed a report stating that the […]

40m Britons now live in practically ‘Covid-free’ areas

[ad_1] Nearly 40million people in England live in practically ‘Covid-free’ areas, data has revealed. The UK’s hugely successful vaccine rollout and continued lockdown measures have meant that seven in ten people now live in places where two or fewer cases were recorded during the latest week. It sparks hopes that Boris Johnson will proceed with the […]

An ‘accidental discovery’ confirms what simulations show — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] Analysis of data from a lightning mapper and a small, hand-held radiation detector has unexpectedly shed light on what a gamma-ray burst from lightning might look like — by observing neutrons generated from soil by very large cosmic-ray showers. The work took place at the High Altitude Water Cherenkov (HAWC) Cosmic Ray Observatory in […]

Turkey lifts travel ban for Britons and confirms tourists WON’T need a vaccine

[ad_1] Turkey has announced today that British tourists will be welcome in the country this summer without having to show a vaccination certificate. Visitors from the UK will not need to produce a Covid vaccine passport, but will need to show proof of a negative PCR test.   The country also promises to provide testing for […]

Covid England: Cases fall in EVERY age group as daily death rate drops to 18

[ad_1] Coronavirus cases have fallen in every age group in England and just 18 deaths were announced across Britain today, according to more promising data that strengthens the argument for easing lockdown sooner.  Public Health England’s weekly Covid surveillance report found rates of the virus were down in all age groups for the third week […]

Covid vaccine boxes must be defaced before they are thrown away, official guidance warns

[ad_1] Coronavirus vaccine boxes must be defaced with permanent marker and destroyed before they are thrown away, official guidance warns. NHS England instructions say this is to stop thieves using the cartons to sell fake jabs on doorsteps and the dark web. They add that vials, which contain doses before they are put into syringes, […]

Covid is no longer the leading cause of death in England and Wales

[ad_1] Covid is no longer the leading cause of death in England and Wales for the first time since October and the number of people falling ill with the virus is at its lowest level on record, according to statistics which strengthen the argument for a quicker easing of lockdown. Office for National Statistics figures […]

Covid: UK falls out of 20 worst-hit countries for excess deaths thanks to vaccine rollout

[ad_1] Britain is no longer one of the 20 worst-hit countries for excess deaths during the coronavirus pandemic, figures show.  The UK has suffered 121,000 more deaths than expected since March last year — a rate of 183 excess fatalities per 100,000 people, according to analysis of official figures by the Economist, putting it at […]

Covid UK: Daily deaths fall 42% to 22 as cases fall 3.8% to 2,396

[ad_1] Covid deaths have fallen by more than 40 per cent over the last week — down to just 22 victims today, according to Department of Health data. Cases are also continuing to fall despite more testing being carried out and another 2,396 infections were posted today — a fall of 3.8 per cent from […]

Pfizer finds more than 80 fake doses of its COVID-19 vaccine in Mexico and Poland

[ad_1] Pfizer Inc has identified the first confirmed instances of counterfeit versions of its COVID-19 vaccine being used abroad. Fake doses of the two-shot inoculation, developed with German partner BioNTech SE, were found in Mexico and Poland, according to The Wall Street Journal. The vials in Mexico had fraudulent labeling while those found in Poland […]

The new model may have applications for studying and predicting a range of dynamical systems — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] The dynamics of the neural activity of a mouse brain behave in a peculiar, unexpected way that can be theoretically modeled without any fine tuning, suggests a new paper by physicists at Emory University. Physical Review Letters published the research, which adds to the evidence that theoretical physics frameworks may aid in the understanding […]

Duket e pabesueshme, por në Tokë kanë jetuar 2.6 miliardë individë të llojit T-Rex!

[ad_1] Studiuesit kanë bërë një përllogaritje të popullatës së Tiranosaurve Rex, species me madhësi sa një autobus, që ka jetuar 2.4 milionë vjet më parë në Amerikën Veriore. Sipas analizës së studiuesve, numri i përgjithshëm i  T.Rex arrin në 2.6 miliardë. Përllogaritja është bërë duke marrë parasysh faktorë si madhësinë e diapazonit gjeografik, masën trupore, […]

Less than 0.01% of Americans fully vaccinated against COVID-19 have gone on to contract the disease

[ad_1] A small number of Americans who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 later contracted the disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These-so-called ‘breakthrough cases’ occur when people test positive for the virus at least 14 days after receiving their final dose of the vaccine, and which officials say is […]

Why nations relying on China’s Covid vaccines are at risk of more waves

[ad_1] Countries relying on China‘s Covid vaccines may be vulnerable to future waves of the disease, scientists warned today. Experts told MailOnline the spiralling crisis in Chile should send a warning to the rest of the world that Chinese-made jabs are too weak to halt the spread of the virus, even with a successful immunisation […]

Arizona drops all COVID restrictions and opens vaccines to people 16 and up

[ad_1] Arizona is dropping all of its remaining restrictions to slow the spread of COVID-19 and opening vaccine eligibility to all residents 16 and older, Governor Doug Ducey said.  ‘In Arizona, we never did a shutdown, so it’s impossible to have a grand reopening,’ he said.  ‘Instead, we are continuing to take reasonable, safe and […]

UK’s real Covid death toll hits 150,000, according to the Office for National Statistics

[ad_1] More than 150,000 coronavirus deaths have been recorded in Britain since the pandemic began, official figures revealed today. Announcing the grim milestone, the Office for National Statistics revealed 150,116 death certificates between the first cases being recorded in the UK and March 19 mentioned the virus. But other promising figures showed weekly Covid deaths […]

Covid UK: Daily Covid deaths HALVE in a week to 56 while new cases fall 25% to 4040

[ad_1] Britain’s daily Covid death toll has halved in a week, official figures revealed today amid mounting calls for Boris Johnson to lift lockdown restrictions quicker. Department of Health bosses posted 56 lab-confirmed fatalities and another 4,040 coronavirus cases — down 25 per cent on last Tuesday. It comes after the Office for National Statistics […]

Some hand sanitizers made amid COVID pandemic have high levels of cancer-causing chemical benzene

[ad_1] Some hand sanitizers that popped up during the coronavirus pandemic to help meet the demand, contain high levels of a cancer-causing chemical, a new analysis finds. Valisure, an online pharmacy based in New Haven, Connecticut, said it has detected benzene in several batches across multiple brands of hand sanitizer. The product is considered as […]

CDC says fully vaccinated people can travel internationally safely

[ad_1] Americans who are fully vaccinated can safely travel both domestically and internationally, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Friday.    Fully vaccinated people of any nationality arriving to the U.S. from other countries no longer have to quarantine upon arrival, and Americans can leave the U.S. without testing negative before boarding an international […]

Itching sensation originates in the skin cells themselves, after signaling from an excess of lipid — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] A devastating itching of the skin driven by severe liver disease turns out to have a surprising cause. Its discovery points toward possible new therapies for itching, and shows that the outer layer of the skin is so much more than insulation. The finding, which appears April 2 in Gastroenterology, indicates that the keratinocyte […]

CDC report reveals Hawaiians survive longest at 81 years while West Virginians die earliest at 74

[ad_1] A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has revealed the life expectancy for every U.S. state. The life expectancy for the entire U.S. population was 78.7 in 2018, the last year for which complete data is available.  It’s a slight increase from 2017, during which the average life expectancy […]

Covid US: 50% adults will be vaccinated with at least one dose of vaccine by weekend

[ad_1] Half of all U.S. adults will receive at least one coronavirus vaccine dose by the end of the weekend. Currently, 41.7 percent of Americans aged 18 or older have gotten at least an initial shot, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). But on CNN‘s Cuomo Prime Time on Tuesday, Andy […]

Studimi/ Ky është vendi më i lumtur në botë! Ja në cilin vend renditet Shqipëria, Kosova më e lumtur se ne

[ad_1] Finlanda është vendi më i lumtur në botë. Kombet Nordike dominojnë listën globale ndërsa Mbretëria e Bashkuar bie pesë vende në vendin e 18-të – ndërsa Zimbabve vjen i fundit në listë. Ndërkohë për sa i përket Shqipërisë, vendi ynë rendit i 63. ndërsa për sa i përket Kosovës renditet në vendin 31. Shumë […]

Characters from movie ‘Frozen’ could serve as hurricane names this season

[ad_1] And, yes, those famous Disney characters from “Frozen” could really serve as inspiration for hurricane names this year. Three of them — Ana, Elsa, Olaf — are on the list of official names in the Atlantic and east Pacific basins, in what could be another active hurricane season. Though it’s too early to know […]

These international destinations are open to US tourists

[ad_1] Editor’s Note — CNN Travel updates this article periodically. It was last updated in its entirety on February 27. The US State Department advises that travelers consult country-specific travel advisories via their website or consult the CDC’s latest guidance. Before you make any international travel plans, check these sites first and again before you […]

Questions grow about discrimination’s role in the hurdles Biden’s nominees are facing

[ad_1] It’s not yet possible to make hard data comparisons with past administrations, in part because the confirmation process is ongoing and in part because Biden’s picks have been more diverse overall. But there is a growing sense of frustration about the obstacles that some of these nominees are facing. “The principle here is — […]

The week in 43 photos

[ad_1] Law enforcement officers investigate the scene of Tiger Woods’ rollover crash in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, on Tuesday, February 23. The golf icon sustained serious leg injuries in the accident. Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times/Shutterstock Members of Congress observe a moment of silence on the steps of the US Capitol on Tuesday, February 23. More […]

Mexico border: Increasing number of unaccompanied children arriving at southern border setting off alarm bells for feds

[ad_1] On Thursday, a senior Health and Human Services Department official briefed Capitol Hill staff about the capacity challenges facing the department, which is charged with the care of migrant children, according to a congressional aide. Jallyn Sualog, acting director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement, shared concern over the uptick in children and limited […]

An educator in Mexico is inspiring children to protect nature

[ad_1] Not Maritza Morales Casanova. Morales Casanova grew up in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. An area of rich and vibrant biodiversity, it’s home to more than 7,300 animal species and over 2,300 plant varieties, some of which are found only here and nowhere else. However, the Yucatán ecosystem is threatened by land clearance for farming. Having […]

Lawyers make progress in reunifying children split from families at the border, latest court filing says

[ad_1] Wednesday’s filing is the first under the Biden administration, which is now responsible for the reunification of families separated at the US-Mexico border as a result of former President Donald Trump’s controversial “zero tolerance” immigration policy. The new administration has taken a markedly different tone in talking about the Trump-era policy, which called for […]

Nisolo sale: Save on shoes and accessories

[ad_1] (CNN) —   You know Nisolo for its ethically made shoes, accessories and leather goods, and now through March 1 you can snag all of the above at a discount. Shop Nisolo’s Semi-Annual Sale for up to 60% off some of the brand’s most popular styles, and take an additional 16% off full-price items […]

Congress rocked by consequential battles that will shape Biden’s presidency

[ad_1] After four years of politics by tweeted decree, normal service is resuming inside the Beltway in all its brutal, hypocritical, and high-stakes glory as everyone with power tries to wield it to set the tone for the coming years. The White House is standing firm behind Neera Tanden, its pick for budget director, though […]

Haaland faces second day of confirmation hearing questions over Interior nomination

[ad_1] The Democratic congresswoman from New Mexico, who would be the first Native American Cabinet secretary if confirmed by the Senate, pledged to work in service of the Biden administration during the first day of the hearing on Tuesday as Republicans on the panel expressed concern over her nomination and described her views as radical. […]

Uyghurs in China: What Biden should do about China’s atrocities (opinion)

[ad_1] This genocide — that’s what it is — poses an urgent test for President Joe Biden’s new administration and for the international community. Either the United States and the world will finally go beyond tepid criticism and respond with real action, or we can forget about values, universal rights, and international law. The term […]

Haaland expected to face contentious confirmation hearing over Interior nomination

[ad_1] The Democratic congresswoman from New Mexico is a historic pick and would be the first Native American Cabinet secretary if confirmed by the Senate. But Democrats and White House officials told CNN that they anticipate the hearing could get tense, and some Republicans have already spoken out against what they call her “extreme” and […]

Mounting confirmation battle sends warning sign to Biden

[ad_1] Growing intrigue over a trio of controversial presidential picks is also underscoring the power of individual senators such as Democrat Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Republican Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, when the partisan balance is so evenly divided. While Biden has seen blue-chip national security selections such as Antony Blinken as secretary of […]

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton traveled to Utah during devastating winter storms

[ad_1] Paxton’s campaign spokesperson, Ian Prior, would not tell CNN when the couple had departed or returned but said the attorney general “did not leave Texas until after power had returned to most of the state, including his own home.” “Attorney General Paxton attended a previously planned meeting with the attorney general of Utah to […]

‘El Chapo’ wife Emma Coronel Aispuro arrested at Dulles airport

[ad_1] Emma Coronel Aispuro, 31, was apprehended at Dulles International Airport and is facing charges of conspiracy to distribute one kilogram or more of heroin, five kilograms or more of cocaine, 1,000 kilograms or more of marijuana and 500 grams or more of methamphetamines for unlawful importation into the country, according to a new release […]

This 29-year-old cancer survivor is set to be the youngest American ever in space

[ad_1] “I remember laughing,” Arceneaux told CNN Business. “And then, I just said — ‘Yes! Yes, like, put my name down.’” Arceneaux will be one of four crew members on Inspiration 4, the first spaceflight to take a group composed entirely of civilians — not professional astronauts — on a multi-day journey to orbit the […]

AOC raises nearly $5 million in Texas relief efforts

[ad_1] The New York Democrat launched her fundraiser Thursday after extreme cold weather, ice and snow caused the power grid managed by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) to fail — leading to rolling blackouts and a boil-water advisory for nearly half of Texas. The fundraiser had hit $1 million by Thursday evening. The […]

Ted Cruz: Senator’s Cancun trip criticized by Texas GOP congressman: ‘When a crisis hits my state…I’m not going to go on some vacation’

[ad_1] “Look, when a crisis hits my state, I’m there. I’m not going to go on some vacation,” McCaul, the top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs committee, told CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of the Union” Sunday. “I know Mr. Cruz called it a mistake and he’s owned up to that, but I think […]

Texas congressman says emergency aid will help Texans pay high energy bills charged after deep freeze

[ad_1] “Yes, that’s the current plan with the federal assistance — be able to help the homeowners both repair, because we have a lot of water leaks, a lot of water damage, pipes bursting, but also their electricity bills as well,” Texas Rep. Michael McCaul told CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of the Union” when […]

‘Saturday Night Live’ mocks Ted Cruz’s trip to Cancun and others who needed to apologize

[ad_1] The NBC variety show opened with Britney Spears, played by Chloe Fineman, hosting a show called “Oops… You Did It Again,” which provided people a platform to apologize for things they did wrong. This included senators, governors and former “Star Wars” stars. “You all know me from my upbeat Instagram videos and the word […]

Opinion: Our mask-wearing road trip across a battered America

[ad_1] And so on January 18 we embarked on the strangest of American road trips, crossing eight states and back, 6,000 miles in 18 days: a surreal and spectacular journey, sure to reveal truths about our battered nation, our resilient people, and ourselves. It was quiet and chilly for southern Arizona, maybe 35 degrees, when […]

Biden administration admits first group of migrants forced to stay in Mexico under Trump-era policy

[ad_1] Under former President Donald Trump, the US forced migrants from Central America and other parts of the world who were seeking asylum at the southern border to stay in Mexico until their immigration court hearings in the US. More than 70,000 people were subject to the program. Many waited months, if not years, in […]

What Matters: The power’s back on in Texas but the crisis continues

[ad_1] But just like mayors get in trouble when streets aren’t plowed or trash isn’t picked up, governors get blame when the state power system fails, even though the power systems operate largely on their own. Or in the case of most of Texas, entirely on its own. The government also gets the blame when […]

Hear what Heidi Cruz was texting neighbors before Mexico trip

[ad_1] New York Times reporter Shane Goldmacher tells CNN’s Anderson Cooper that despite Sen. Ted Cruz claiming he traveled to Cancun, Mexico, to drop his children off for a vacation, the text messages his wife, Heidi Cruz, sent to neighbors and friends before the trip reveal otherwise. Source: CNN [ad_2] Source link

Cruz travels to Cancun, Mexico, as Texans remain without power amid historic winter storm

[ad_1] Cruz, a Texas Republican, said in the statement he flew down for a night because his daughters “asked to take a trip with friends.” “With school cancelled for the week, our girls asked to take a trip with friends. Wanting to be a good dad, I flew down with them last night and am […]

White House announces sweeping immigration bill

[ad_1] The legislation faces an uphill climb in a narrowly divided Congress, where House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has just a five-vote margin and Senate Democrats do not have the 60 Democratic votes needed to pass the measure with just their party’s support. Administration officials argued Wednesday evening that the legislation was an attempt by President […]

Texans face yet another round of snow and ice as deaths rise and homes remain unheated

[ad_1] “We’re at a point in the restoration where we’re going to keep energizing circuits as fast as we safely can until we run out of available generation,” ERCOT Senior Director of System Operations Dan Woodfin said in a statement Wednesday night. “We hope to make significant progress overnight.” However, relief still awaits many who […]

Winter weather threatens to blanket the East Coast in ice after turning fatal for Southerners trying to keep warm

[ad_1] More than 100 million people stretching from Texas to Massachusetts are under a winter storm warning or winter weather advisory, and more days of deep freeze could mean a multiplication of the harrowing tales of hardship. The blistering cold weather that has brought blankets of snow and widespread power outages in Texas as well […]

How Russian vaccine Sputnik V spread through Latin America

[ad_1] Eduardo Valdes, a former diplomat and member of government coalition Frente de Todos, who now serves in as chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee in Argentina’s Chamber of Deputies, says there’s a clear line between vaccine negotiations and external factors. “Now is not the time to do ideology. Our goal is for the Western […]

Afro 200 raste me variantin e ri të COVID-19 në ShBA

[ad_1] Të paktën 195 raste me variantin e ri të koronavirusit, të zbuluar për herë të parë në Mbretëtrinë e Bashkuar, janë regjistruar në 22 shtete të Amerikës. Të prekur nga ky virus, sipas CNN, janë shtetet si: : California me 72 raste, Florida me 50 të prekur nga ky variant dhe Neë York me […]

What to Consider Before You Travel

[ad_1] According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, an employer may ask its employees to stay home until it’s clear they don’t have the coronavirus if they have traveled to certain locations flagged by the C.D.C. or local health officials. New Hampshire, for instance, encourages employers to ask employees if they have made any nonessential […]

Mexico City hospitals are filling up, but so are the streets

[ad_1] Recovering COVID-19 patient Marisol Ortiz Bernal waves goodbye to the health workers that cared for her at the Mexico City Ajusco Medio General Hospital, Wednesday, Dec. 2. 2020. Mexico continues to report an increase in the number of coronavirus cases, with Mexico City continuing to report the biggest portion of the surge in cases. […]

Venezuela’s Guaido risks political irrelevance as Maduro eyes poll victory

[ad_1] Juan Guaido, Venezuela’s opposition leader and self-proclaimed interim president, has called for a boycott of legislative elections on Sunday, a move critics say will consolidate President Nicolas Maduro’s grip on power and leave Guaido out in the political cold. Eights years into a crippling economic crisis, Venezuelans head to the polls on Sunday in […]

‘Nobody Sees Us’: Testing-Lab Workers Strain Under Demand

[ad_1] In March, April Abbott dragged a hospital bed into her office at Deaconess Hospital in Evansville, Ind. In the nine months since, she has slept in it a half-dozen times while working overnight in her clinical microbiology laboratory, where a team of some 40 scientists toils around the clock running coronavirus tests. These all-night […]

Mexico signs deal for 34.4 million Pfizer vaccines

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Mexico said it signed an agreement Wednesday with US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer to buy 34.4 million vaccines against the coronavirus, with a first batch due to arrive this month. The Latin American nation has reported almost 107,000 COVID-19 deaths—one of the world’s highest tolls—and more than 1.1 million infections. The […]

Dr. Michael Davidson, Who Studied Infectious Disease, Dies at 77

[ad_1] He was badly injured in a biking accident shortly after he relocated to New Jersey for a new job heading up an H.I.V./AIDS research team for Roche Pharmaceuticals. “He had two real loves in life, the outdoors and cooking,” Dr. Sprott said in an interview. Dr. Davidson honed his culinary skills by trying every […]

US predicts ‘vaccines before Christmas’ as virus super-surge looms

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Hopes for a first wave of vaccinations before the end of 2020 received a boost with US firm Moderna saying it was filing Monday for emergency authorization of its COVID-19 vaccine in the United States and Europe. After top US scientists warned Americans to brace for a “surge superimposed on […]

Moderna seeks US, European regulators approval for emergency use of its Covid vaccine

[ad_1] Moderna Inc. said it would ask U.S. and European regulators Monday to allow emergency use of its COVID-19 vaccine as new study results confirm the shots offer strong protection — ramping up the race to begin limited vaccinations as the coronavirus rampage worsens. Multiple vaccine candidates must succeed for the world to stamp out […]

Europe virus toll crosses 400,000, shops reopen in France

[ad_1] Shoppers flocked to the Galeries Lafayette department store in Paris as it reopened on Saturday Coronavirus deaths topped 400,000 Saturday in Europe, the world’s second worst-hit region, as parts of the continent began to reopen shops for the holiday season. But across the Atlantic fearful US shoppers turned to online outlets for a massive […]

How US Hospitals Are Stretched Way Too Thin Due to Covid-19

[ad_1] In excruciating pain with lesions on her face and scalp, Tracey Fine lay for 13 hours on a gurney in an emergency room hallway. All around her, Covid-19 patients filled the beds of a hospital in Madison, Wis. Her nurse was so harried that she could not remember Ms. Fine’s condition, and the staff […]

The extraordinary life of Diego Maradona

[ad_1] Issued on: 25/11/2020 – 21:30 One of sport’s most cinematic (anti)heroes, Diego Maradona died of a heart attack on Wednesday, aged 60. His rise and demise was the subject of a documentary by Asif Kapadia, the third and last instalment in a trilogy about child prodigies who struggled with fame. The scene is June […]

Argentine football legend Diego Maradona dies at 60

[ad_1] Issued on: 25/11/2020 – 18:08 Argentine football legend Diego Maradona has died of a heart attack at the age of 60, his spokesman announced Wednesday. The announcement came two weeks after Maradona was released from a Buenos Aires hospital after undergoing surgery to remove a blood clot on his brain. Alongside Brazil’s Pele, Maradona is widely […]

25 destinacionet më të mira për vitin 2021, sipas National Geographic |Revista Monitor

[ad_1] Në pritje që të marrim sërish pasaportën në dorë dhe të udhëtojmë pa asnjë kufizim, s’ na ndal asgjë të nisim të zgjedhim se cili do të jetë destinacioni i udhëtimit tonë të ardhshëm. Në ndihmë na vjen National Geographic që edhe këtë vit ka publikuar listën Best of World 2021, 25 vende në […]

Konkurrencë më e madhe se kurrë, shikoni kandidatët për ta fituar çmimin “Puskas”

[ad_1] FIFA ka zbuluar kandidatët në listën e ngushtë për shtatë trofe individualë që do të paraqiten në ceremoninë e cmimeve “The Best” nga FIFA-s me 17 Dhjetor 2020. Një ndër çmimet më interesante që do të dhurohet me 17 dhjetor është edhe ai “Puskas”, i cili këtë vit ka konkurrencë më të madhe se […]

Mysterious obelisk in US desert captures conspiracy theorists’ imaginations

[ad_1] Issued on: 25/11/2020 – 09:15Modified: 25/11/2020 – 09:17 A mysterious metal obelisk found buried in the remote western United States desert has inflamed the imaginations of UFO spotters, conspiracy theorists and Stanley Kubrick fans around the world. The shiny, triangular pillar — which protrudes approximately 12 feet from the red rocks of southern Utah […]

Global Covid-19 lockdowns inflame violence against women

[ad_1] Issued on: 25/11/2020 – 07:47 No country has been spared the coronavirus, nor the scourge of domestic violence which has surged during lockdowns, as the world marks the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on Wednesday. From a spike in rapes in Nigeria and South Africa, increased numbers of women missing in […]

Mexico aims to begin coronavirus vaccinations next month

[ad_1] Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Mexico said Tuesday that it aims to start coronavirus vaccinations next month in the Latin American country, which has one of the world’s highest COVID-19 death tolls. The government has signed deals with major pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer, which with its German partner BioNTech on Friday sought US regulatory approval […]

Covid-19 pandemic triggers global spike in violence against women

[ad_1] No country has been spared the coronavirus epidemic, nor the scourge of domestic violence, which has surged during lockdowns as the day marking such violence approaches on Wednesday. From a spike in rapes in Nigeria and South Africa, increased numbers of women missing in Peru, higher rates of women being killed in Brazil and […]

Daily COVID-19 deaths in US reach highest level since May

[ad_1] by David Crary and Paul J. Weber In this Nov. 19, 2020, file photo, EMT Giselle Dorgalli, third from right, performs chest compression on a patient who tested positive for coronavirus in the emergency room at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center in the Mission Hills section of Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong, File) […]

Mexico Covid-19 deaths exceed 100,000, making it fourth country to pass grim milestone

[ad_1] Issued on: 20/11/2020 – 03:53 Mexico said Thursday its coronavirus death toll had risen above 100,000, becoming the world’s fourth country to pass the grim milestone. “Today in Mexico we have 100,000 people who have lost their lives due to Covid-19,” deputy health minister Hugo Lopez-Gatell told a news conference. The health ministry announced […]

German vaccine maker gives hope as US virus deaths top 250,000

[ad_1] Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain The German maker of a top coronavirus vaccine said on Friday its jab could be delivered as early as December, offering more promising news even as virus deaths in the world’s worst affected country, the United States, passed a quarter of a million. A slew of positive clinical vaccine trials […]

US Covid-19 death toll surpasses a quarter of a million

[ad_1] Issued on: 19/11/2020 – 00:41 More than a quarter million people have died from Covid-19 in the United States, the Johns Hopkins University tally recorded Wednesday, marking a bleak new milestone for the pandemic. The US, which has now registered 250,029 fatalities, has by far the highest national death toll, ahead of Brazil with […]

US to drop drug trafficking charges against former Mexican defence minister

[ad_1] Issued on: 18/11/2020 – 05:01 The US Department of Justice announced plans Tuesday to drop drug trafficking and money laundering charges against a Mexican ex-defense minister in US custody so that Mexico can do its own probe and potentially prosecute him. Acting US attorney for the eastern district of New York Seth DuCharme asked […]

Police open fire on femicide protest in Mexico

[ad_1] Issued on: 11/11/2020 – 21:01Modified: 17/11/2020 – 16:52 Several people were injured when police opened fire during a protest against femicide in Cancun, Mexico on November 9. People across the globe expressed shock and horror as news of the crackdown spread across social media.  The protest was called after three femicides in Quintana Roo: […]

Hurricane Iota makes landfall in Nicaragua, bringing catastrophic winds

[ad_1] Issued on: 17/11/2020 – 04:05 Hurricane Iota began whipping a remote coastal area of Nicaragua with catastrophic winds, storm surges and rain on Monday evening, as the region’s leaders blamed climate change for destruction that is pushing millions closer to hunger. Iota was due to crash through northeastern Nicaragua‘s Miskito region overnight, packing maximum sustained […]

Mexico reaches 1 million virus cases, nears 100,000 deaths

[ad_1] A healthcare worker collects a sample to test for the new coronavirus inside a mobile diagnostic tent, in the Coyoacan district of Mexico City, Friday, Nov. 13, 2020. Mexico City announced Friday it will order bars closed for two weeks after the number of people hospitalized for COVID-19 rose to levels not seen since […]

Germany warns months more virus curbs as Mexico tops 1 mn cases

[ad_1] Germany went into partial lockdown in early November, closing bars, restaurants, gyms and other recreational facilities Germany warned Sunday that its anti-coronavirus measures were likely to last four or five more months, as Greece announced a new ban on gatherings and Mexico surpassed one million infections. Germany, Europe’s largest economy, went into partial lockdown […]

Mexico City closes bars, limits eateries as virus cases rise

[ad_1] A healthcare worker collects a sample to test for the new coronavirus inside a mobile diagnostic tent, in the Coyoacan district of Mexico City, Friday, Nov. 13, 2020. Mexico City announced Friday it will order bars closed for two weeks after the number of people hospitalized for COVID-19 rose to levels not seen since […]

More than 1.3 mn coronavirus deaths worldwide

[ad_1] Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain More than 1.3 million people have been killed by the novel coronavirus worldwide, according to a tally from official sources compiled by AFP. In total, there have been at least 1,303,783 deaths for 53,380,442 declared cases of COVID-19, although experts say the official data is likely to capture only a […]

Oregon and New Mexico order lockdowns, other states resist

[ad_1] by Michelle R. Smith, Carla K. Johnson and Lisa Marie Pane The latest case counts of COVID in the US The governors of Oregon and New Mexico ordered near-lockdowns Friday in the most aggressive response yet to the latest wave of coronavirus infections shattering records across the U.S., even as many of their colleagues […]

Measles Deaths Soared Worldwide Last Year, as Vaccine Rates Stalled

[ad_1] Measles deaths worldwide swelled to their highest level in 23 years last year, according to a report released Thursday, a stunning rise for a vaccine-preventable disease and one that public health experts fear could grow as the coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt immunization and detection efforts. The global death tally for 2019 — 207,500 […]

US presidential election: A turbulent transfer of power

[ad_1] Issued on: 12/11/2020 – 11:33 Donald Trump is still refusing to concede the US presidential election, even though the results say Joe Biden is the clear winner. That means the Biden transition team is blocked from moving into federal office space or receiving government money to hire staff. If the president continues to dig in his […]

Spain COVID-19 death toll passes 40,000: government

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Spain’s death toll surged over 40,000 on Wednesday with infections passing the 1.4 million mark, while the rate of new cases continued to grow, health ministry data showed. With 349 people dying in the past 24 hours, the death toll now stands at 40,105 in Spain, which has the fourth-highest […]

Bolivia’s Arce sworn in as socialists return to power after turbulent year

[ad_1] Issued on: 09/11/2020 – 07:18Modified: 09/11/2020 – 07:20 Bolivia’s Luis Arce was sworn in as president on Sunday, ushering the country’s powerful socialist party back into power a year after long-term leftist leader Evo Morales was ousted amid angry protests that sparked off a political crisis. Arce, 57, was inaugurated in a ceremony in […]

Nursing home COVID-19 cases rise four-fold in surge states

[ad_1] Weekly COVID-19 infections in nursing homes in 20 states have been rising since May. (AP Graphic) Despite Trump administration efforts to erect a protective shield around nursing homes, coronavirus cases are surging within facilities in states hard hit by the latest onslaught of COVID-19. An analysis of federal data from 20 states for The […]

World leaders congratulate Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for election victory

[ad_1] World leaders on Sunday cheered Joe Biden’s election as US president as a chance to enhance cooperation on climate change, the coronavirus and other problems after four years of President Donald Trump’s rejection of international alliances. While Trump refused to accept the results of the election, Western and Asian allies expressed hope for a fresh […]

$26 Billion Settlement Offer in Opioid Lawsuits Gains Support

[ad_1] The three major drug distributors and a large drug manufacturer are closing in on a $26 billion deal with state and local governments that would end thousands of lawsuits over the companies’ role in the opioid epidemic, according to people close to the negotiations and new company filings. The deal is $4 billion more […]

Coronavirus cases, hospitalizations keep climbing

[ad_1] by Ernie Mundell and Robin Foster Healthday Reporters, Washington Post; The New York Times; Associated Press; CNN (HealthDay)—On the heels of days of staggering coronavirus case counts, more than 90,000 new infections were reported among Americans on Election Day. All of the country’s five highest days of new COVID-19 cases have been recorded since […]

Biden fiton në New Meksiko

[ad_1] Vazhdon numërimi i votave në Shtetet e Bashkuara të Amerikës. Kandidati demokrat, Joe Biden ka fituar në New Mexico, shtet i cili ka 5 vota elektorale. Më këtë fitore Biden e çon në 94 numrin e votave elektorale. Më herët Biden ka fituar në Vermont, Masaçusets, Delauer Kolorado, Nju Xhersi, Merilend dhe Nju Jork. […]

2nd Mexican state goes to highest COVID-19 alert, lockdown

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain A second of Mexico’s 32 states returned to the country’s highest level of alert and lockdown Tuesday after a rebound in coronavirus cases. The state government of Durango announced that nonessential activities would be banned and parks, gyms, pools and schools will be closed. The alert also imposes a 25% […]

Texas records highest number of total COVID-19 cases in US

[ad_1] Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Texas has surpassed California in recording the highest number of positive coronavirus tests in the U.S. so far, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. As the coronavirus pandemic surges across the nation, the data from Sunday—the most recent available—says that there have been 937,317 cases in Texas, the nation’s […]

Global coronavirus death toll tops 1.2 million

[ad_1] Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain More than 1.2 million people have died of coronavirus around the globe, according to an AFP tally from official sources at 0745 GMT on Monday. A total of 1,200,042 deaths had been recorded from 46,452,818 cases, with nearly one death in every five in the United States, the world’s worst-hit […]

Europe imposes new virus curbs as exasperation, anger grows

[ad_1] Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Germany on Monday led a further tightening of coronavirus restrictions in Europe that have triggered anger and frustration across the continent, while the COVID-19 crisis in the United States deepened. The virus has infected more than 46 million people worldwide, with close to 1.2 million deaths, and the acute outbreaks […]

Arizona: Could shifting demographics turn a solid red state blue?

[ad_1] Once a solid Republican stronghold, Arizona is now up for grabs. This is due in part to changing demographics with an influx of new residents from more liberal states like California. But there’s also a massive backlash against President Donald Trump from white suburban women and especially young Latinos of voting age. They’re fired […]