Study finds excess cases and deaths highest among those of working ages — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] Hispanic Americans have died of COVID-19 at a disproportionately high rate compared to whites because of workplace exposure to the virus, a new study suggests. It’s widely documented that Hispanics are overrepresented among workers in essential industries and occupations ranging from warehousing and grocery stores to health care and construction, much of which kept […]

In mice, therapy based on natural molecules improves lung function — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] A new treatment is among the first known to reduce the severity of acute respiratory distress syndrome caused by the flu in animals, according to a new study. Tests in mice infected with high doses of influenza showed that the treatment could improve lung function in very sick mice and prevent progression of disease […]

In cells and mice, tiny molecules stop bacteria from hijacking cells — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] Tiny molecules called nanobodies, which can be designed to mimic antibody structures and functions, may be the key to blocking a tick-borne bacterial infection that remains out of reach of almost all antibiotics, new research suggests. The infection is called human monocytic ehrlichiosis, and is one of the most prevalent and potentially life-threatening tick-borne […]

New software will allow creation of more complex devices — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] Someday, scientists believe, tiny DNA-based robots and other nanodevices will deliver medicine inside our bodies, detect the presence of deadly pathogens, and help manufacture increasingly smaller electronics. Researchers took a big step toward that future by developing a new tool that can design much more complex DNA robots and nanodevices than were ever possible […]

Health campaign style is as important as content, research suggests — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] Most young women already know that tanning is dangerous and sunbathe anyway, so a campaign informing them of the risk should take into account their potential resistance to the message, according to a new study. Word choice and targeting a specific audience are part of messaging strategy, but there is also psychology at play, […]

Common drug could be used to prevent certain skin cancers — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] New data published by researchers at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center — Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute (OSUCCC — James) suggests that an oral drug currently used in the clinical setting to treat neuromuscular diseases could also help prevent a common form of skin cancer caused […]

Finding does not mean virus can be transmitted via dust — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] A study done in rooms where COVID-19 patients were isolated shows that the virus’s RNA — part of the genetic material inside a virus — can persist up to a month in dust. The study did not evaluate whether dust can transmit the virus to humans. It could, however, offer another option for monitoring […]

Key is for men to also believe they should nurture, study finds — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] In some men, having traditional masculine characteristics such as competitiveness and adventurousness was linked to being better fathers to infants, a new study found. But the men in this study — highly educated and from dual-earner couples — combined those stereotypically masculine traits with the belief that they should be nurturing, highly involved fathers. […]

Bëni Kujdes – Mjekimet dhe Ushqimet që s’ Duhen Kombinuar kurrë

[ad_1] Bananet, perimet e gjelbërta, qitroja dhe qumështi janë disa prej ushqimeve më të shëndetshme të ushqimit tonë, përveç në rastet kur marrim ilaçe. Këshillat mjekësore më të përsëritura janë që ilaçet s’ duhen përzier me alkol ose kafe, por së fundmi këshillohet që njerëzit që pijnë ilaçe të mos konsumojnë edhe disa nga produktet […]

Study used eye-trackers to see how people selected snack foods — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] It’s one thing to decide among two or three snacks available at a friend’s house. But what do people do when they’re faced with a vending machine offering 36 different options? A new study using eye-tracking technology suggests that the amount of time people spend looking at individual items may actually help them decide. […]

Your top questions about Covid-19 and vaccines

[ad_1] How long will immunity last after getting a Covid-19 vaccine? Vaccine transmission treatment & prevention work/life family What are the side effects of the vaccines? Some vaccine trial volunteers have reported feeling flu-like effects after getting the shots. Don’t freak out if this happens to you, health experts say. “These are immune responses, so […]

Despite Pandemic Shutdowns, Cancer Doesn’t Take a Break

[ad_1] If someone is found to have cancer, he emphasized, “There’s no reason to delay treatment. If a woman has cancer in a breast, it needs to be removed, and she should go to a hospital where she can be treated safely.” Dr. David E. Cohn, chief medical officer at The Ohio State University Comprehensive […]

Measuring risk-taking—by watching people move computer mice

[ad_1] Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain How you move a computer mouse while deciding whether to click on a risky bet or a safe choice may reveal how much of a risk-taker you really are. Researchers found that people whose mouse drifted toward the safe option on the computer screen—even when they ended up taking the […]

The Risks of Another Epidemic: Teenage Vaping

[ad_1] In a review published last December in the Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine, Dr. Rome and her co-author, Perry Dinardo, challenged the public perception that vaping is harmless, or “at least less harmful than cigarette smoking.” While it’s likely to be true that vaping may be less hazardous than tobacco cigarettes, since the vaped […]

Calls to city 311 lines can predict opioid overdose hotspots

[ad_1] Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Service requests to city non-emergency telephone lines can help identify “hotspots” for opioid use and overdoses, a study in Columbus found. Researchers found that calls to the 311 line—used in many cities across the United States to report non-emergency issues—tracked closely to places and times in Columbus in which opioid […]

Novel adoptive cell transfer method shortens timeline for T-cell manufacture

[ad_1] A faster approach for T-cell therapy against cancer. Knochelmann and colleagues show a subset of CD4 T-cells, Th17 cells, can effectively kill tumor cells when they are grown in cell culture for only four days. Th17 cells grown for shorter or longer periods of time cannot successfully eradicate the tumor. Additionally, the cytokine IL-6 […]

Machine learning helps pinpoint sources of the most common cardiac arrhythmia

[ad_1] Researchers from Skoltech and their US colleagues have designed a new machine learning-based approach for detecting atrial fibrillation drivers, small patches of the heart muscle that are hypothesized to cause this most common type of cardiac arrhythmia. Credit: Pavel Odinev / Skoltech Researchers from Skoltech and their US colleagues have designed a new machine […]

Auch Tiere halten Abstand: Kranke Vampirfledermäuse gehen auf Distanz

[ad_1] Durch COVID-19 wurde „Social Distancing“ zum Begleiter im Alltag. Abstandhalten, wenn man sich krank fühlt, praktizieren allerdings nicht nur Menschen – es kann auch bei Fledermäusen beobachtet werden. Ein internationales Forschungsteam des Museums für Naturkunde Berlin, der Universität von Texas und der Ohio State University (beide USA) fand heraus, dass kranke Vampirfledermäuse weniger Zeit […]

Discovery of new cell may be key to treating incurable neurological diseases

[ad_1] Mark and Brenda Zimmer spend time together at their Lewis Center, Ohio home. Mark was diagnosed with ALS two years ago and actively participates in clinical research to find effective treatments for the neurodegenerative disease. Credit: The Ohio State Wexner Medical Center Research led by investigators at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center […]

Newborn brains lack maturity to process emotions as adults do

[ad_1] Newborn brains aren’t ready to process emotions right from birth. Credit: Isaac Taylor from Pexels Humans aren’t born with mature brain circuitry that attaches emotions to the things they see or hear in their environment, a new study shows. Researchers studying brain scans of newborns found that the part of the brain involved in […]

Smokers good at math are more likely to want to quit

[ad_1] Good at math + learning smoking risk stats = quit smoking. Credit: Büdenbender from Pixabay For smokers who are better at math, the decision to quit just adds up, a new study suggests. Researchers found that smokers who scored higher on a test of math ability were more likely than others to say they […]

Bëni Kujdes – Mjekimet dhe Ushqimet që s’ Duhen Kombinuar asnjëherë

[ad_1] Bananet, perimet e gjelbërta, qitroja dhe qumështi janë disa prej ushqimeve më të shëndetshme të ushqimit tonë, përveç në rastet kur marrim ilaçe. Këshillat mjekësore më të përsëritura janë që ilaçet s’ duhen përzier me alkol ose kafe, por së fundmi këshillohet që njerëzit që pijnë ilaçe të mos konsumojnë edhe disa nga produktet […]