UK’s ‘longest-suffering Covid patient’ who has been in hospital for a YEAR vomits every day

[ad_1] A coronavirus survivor thought to be Britain’s longest-suffering patient has been left vomiting every day.  Jason Kelk, 49, from Leeds, was rushed to hospital with a chest infection last April, which turned out to be Covid.  The primary school IT teacher, who has not left the hospital since, was transferred to intensive care and […]

Hooked on the ANXIETY pills experts are calling the new VALIUM

[ad_1] Sharon Davies has a simple message for anyone whose GP recommends they start taking the drug pregabalin to deal with anxiety. ‘Don’t,’ she says. ‘Please, just don’t.’ During the two years she spent on the drug, Sharon experienced a range of ‘unbearable’ side-effects, including dizzy spells, mental ‘fuzziness’ and extreme weight gain. Then, in […]

Do YOU suffer from ‘scroller thumb’? Four simple exercises that can prevent the painful cramping

[ad_1] Do YOU suffer from ‘scroller thumb’? Fitness experts reveal four simple exercises to prevent painful cramping caused by using your phone – from ‘the squeeze’ to ‘the finger bend’ Smartphones can cause ‘scroller thumb’, which is where hands begin to cramp British-based OriGym revealed four simple exercises to combat the condition They include The Squeeze, […]

Can ANYTHING cure my fear of needles? DR MARTIN SCURR answers your health questions 

[ad_1] I am very scared of needles, is there anything I can do to prevent myself from fainting? Brian Lewis, Cardiff. Rest assured, you are not alone. Trypanophobia, to give a fear of needles its proper name, is very common and I have much experience in counselling patients who are affected by it. Up to […]

Bay area patient is first MAN to get blood clot after J&J vaccination

[ad_1] A Bay Area patient of unknown age is the first man to develop a rare, dangerous blood clot after getting the Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine.  It comes just two days after U.S. regulators lifted an 11-day pause that was placed on the shot amid fears it might the potentially life-threatening blood clots coupled […]

Israel investigates Pfizer vaccine recipients who reported inflammation of the heart after 62 cases

[ad_1] Israel is investigating a small number of cases of heart inflammation among people who have been vaccinated with the Pfizer coronavirus jab.  Health officials said 62 out of 5million people given the American-made vaccine developed myocarditis, the medical name for swelling in the heart.  Pfizer said it has not seen a higher rate of the […]

Only one in four people experience mild systemic side effects from COVID-19 vaccines, study finds — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] One in four people experience mild, short lived systemic side effects after receiving either the Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccine, with headache, fatigue and tenderness the most common symptoms. Most side effects peaked within the first 24 hours following vaccination and usually lasted 1-2 days. The study published today in the Lancet Infectious Diseases is […]

Covid-19: One in four suffer mild side effects from AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines, study shows

[ad_1] Just one in four people suffer mild side effects after taking a coronavirus vaccine, real-world data has shown. Data from the ZOE Covid Symptom Tracking Study — a surveillance tool that tracks Britain’s outbreak — showed headaches, fatigue and fever were more common with the AstraZeneca vaccine.  A third of recipients suffered mild side […]

Woman’s cat saved her life by detecting breast cancer

[ad_1] An animal lover has hailed her rescue cat a hero after he saved her life by detecting her breast cancer. Kate King-Scribbins, 35, from St Paul, Minnesota, was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer after her rescue cat, Oggy, became ‘obsessed’ with lying on the left side of her chest. Woken up by a […]

Breastfed babies score higher on cognitive tests at age 10, study finds

[ad_1] Breastfeeding can boost your child’s IQ: Babies who consume breast milk for even just a few months score higher on cognitive tests at age 10, study finds Scientists reviewed test results of more than 9,000 nine and ten-year-olds Children who were breastfed for at least 12 months scored the highest But children who were […]

Awakening ‘ghosts’ in patients with Parkinson’s, a powerful diagnostic tool — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] Scientists are developing a completely new ‘brain stress test’ for evaluating the mental status of patients with Parkinson’s disease, the second most prevalent neurodegenerative disease worldwide. It involves awakening the ‘ghosts’ hidden in specific networks of the brain to predict the onset of hallucinations. “We’re developing something similar to a cardiac stress test, but […]

‘Jelly’ that could renew damaged knee joints

[ad_1] An injection of jelly could help treat worn-out joints. Scientists hope the jab, using jelly found in donated umbilical cords, will stimulate the growth of cushioning cartilage once injected into the knees of patients with osteoarthritis. Tests on animals suggest the jelly — called Wharton’s jelly — can potentially reverse damage to joints caused […]

If I’m too old to have HRT, how can I stop night time sweats? DR ELLIE CANNON answers your questions

[ad_1] I am 74 and suffering terribly with night sweats. The doctor says there is nothing she can do as I am too old for HRT. Night sweats are one of the most common symptoms of the menopause, related to the drop in fertility hormones. But the menopause is not always to blame.  Night sweats […]

DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: The cutting-edge medicine that has helped save hero soldiers like Ben Parkinson 

[ad_1] Reading Ben Parkinson’s extraordinary story, the first part of which is serialised in today’s Mail, stirred up some powerful memories. Ten years ago I spent time in Afghanistan making a documentary about medicine on the frontline, about the courage of soldiers such as Ben as well as new developments in trauma medicine. The survival […]

A study in cells and mice finds compound works with fewer side effects than opioids — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] Fentanyl, oxycodone, morphine — these substances are familiar to many as a source of both pain relief and the cause of a painful epidemic of addiction and death. Scientists have attempted for years to balance the potent pain-relieving properties of opioids with their numerous negative side effects — with mostly mixed results. Work by […]

Ankle exoskeleton enables faster walking — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] Being unable to walk quickly can be frustrating and problematic, but it is a common issue, especially as people age. Noting the pervasiveness of slower-than-desired walking, engineers at Stanford University have tested how well a prototype exoskeleton system they have developed — which attaches around the shin and into a running shoe — increased […]

More belly weight increases danger of heart disease even if BMI does not indicate obesity — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] People with abdominal obesity and excess fat around the body’s mid-section and organs have an increased risk of heart disease even if their body mass index (BMI) measurement is within a healthy weight range, according to a new Scientific Statement from the American Heart Association published today in the Association’s flagship journal, Circulation. “This […]

Major study details numerous long-term effects of COVID-19, pointing to massive health burden — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] As the COVID-19 pandemic has progressed, it has become clear that many survivors — even those who had mild cases — continue to manage a variety of health problems long after the initial infection should have resolved. In what is believed to be the largest comprehensive study of long COVID-19 to date, researchers at […]

Medics at Iowa state prison gave 77 inmates up to SIX TIMES the normal dose of the Pfizer vaccine 

[ad_1] Medics at an Iowa state prison gave 77 inmates up to SIX TIMES the normal dose of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine Medical staff gave 77 inmates at the Iowa State Penitentiary were given the wrong dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine Patients were given 3 mL doses, which is six times higher than the dose […]

Glasgow woman’s legs erupt in blood-filled blisters ‘after getting AstraZeneca Covid vaccine’

[ad_1] A mother has claimed her legs erupted into painful blood-filled blisters that ‘merged together’ after receiving AstraZeneca‘s coronavirus vaccine. Sarah Beuckmann, from Glasgow, said she suffered flu-like symptoms after getting her first dose in mid-March — a very common side-effect. But the 34-year-old began to feel a tingling sensation in her legs just a week […]

Researchers studying women who report changes in their periods after taking the COVID vaccine 

[ad_1] Two researchers are running a study to determine if there is any link between abnormal periods and the COVID-19 vaccine.  Dr Kathryn Clancy, an associate professor at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and Dr Katherine Lee, a post-doctoral scholar in the public health sciences division at the Washington University School of Medicine in St […]

Disrupted sleep is linked to increased risk of early death, particularly in women — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] For the first time, a study has shown a clear link between the frequency and duration of unconscious wakefulness during night-time sleep and an increased risk of dying from diseases of the heart and blood vessels, and death from any cause, particularly in women. The study of 8001 men and women, which is published […]

Epidural use at birth not linked to autism risk, study finds — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] Having an epidural during childbirth is not associated with a greater risk of autism in the child, according to a study led by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine and the University of Manitoba. The study, which will publish online April 19 in JAMA Pediatrics, helps resolve questions raised by an earlier, […]

New safer blood test is close to 100 per cent accurate at spotting nut allergies 

[ad_1] A new blood test promises to diagnose food allergies more accurately and offer a safer alternative to current testing practices. A trial by doctors at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital in London has found that the test — called the basophil activation test (BAT) — is close to 100 per cent accurate at spotting […]

JOHN STAPLETON on the ‘cure’ that killed his wife Lynn Faulds Wood

[ad_1] This Saturday will be the first anniversary of the death of my wife Lynn Faulds Wood. Her passing prompted an amazing response — glowing obituaries, 70,000 tweets of condolence, and more than 400 letters and cards This Saturday will be the first anniversary of the death of my wife Lynn Faulds Wood.  Her passing prompted […]

Are you suffering from pain-somnia and waking up in agony? Here’s how to beat it

[ad_1] Crying children, noisy neighbours, a weak bladder — the things that can wake us in the night are numerous. But for some, there is another troubling cause — pain. Painsomnia is a medical condition where people go to bed in relative comfort but as they sleep their pain builds and wakes them up. The […]

Author HORATIO CLARE describes the truth of being sectioned

[ad_1] Those whom the Gods would destroy, the old saying goes, they first make mad. But it wasn’t the Gods who drove me to madness and destruction. It was me, writes Horatio Clare Those whom the Gods would destroy, the old saying goes, they first make mad. But it wasn’t the Gods who drove me […]

Can financial stress lead to physical pain in later years? Researchers found that early stress can have an impact decades later — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] Financial stress can have an immediate impact on well-being, but can it lead to physical pain nearly 30 years later? The answer is yes, according to new research from University of Georgia scientists. The study, published in Stress & Health, reveals that family financial stress in midlife is associated with a depleted sense of […]

Moderna’s vaccine booster shot that protects against South African variant will be ready by FALL

[ad_1] Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine booster shot that protects against South African variant will be ready by FALL, CEO says Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel said the company has been testing three coronavirus vaccine booster shots in parallel Two-thirds of the volunteers will be given two different dose of the third dose, which codes for the spike protein […]

Mother who was given five per cent chance of survival loses four limbs

[ad_1] A brave mother who had four limbs amputated and was given a five per cent chance of surviving after contracting sepsis admits she ‘wished she was dead’ due to the illness. Allison Friday, 56, from Hartlepool, County Durham, was put into a coma in February last year and her family was told to prepare for […]

DR ELLIE CANNON: Why won’t anyone fix these upsetting marks on my face?

[ad_1] I have suffered from acne since the age of 12 – I am now 78. As I’ve got older, I’ve also developed skin tags on my eyelids, and brown marks.  My GP tried to refer me to a dermatologist, but they wouldn’t see me as my problems are cosmetic. I get really upset at the […]

Wonder drug set to help millions of NHS patients

[ad_1] An expensive wonder drug used to battle the most severe cases of rheumatoid arthritis could soon treat NHS patients with a range of diseases after cut-price versions became available. Adalimumab, known by the brand name Humira, dampens the inflammation that causes the joint pain and swelling of rheumatoid arthritis.  But it can also treat […]

DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Should doctors now prescribe dummy pills to ease pain?

[ad_1] How would you feel if you went to see your GP with severe pain caused by a bad back or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and you were told they had just the thing to help — a placebo; a pill containing nothing but rice flour or sugar. That possibility has come closer, thanks to […]

Moderna vaccine sparks blood clot fears as patient shares how he thought he was going to die

[ad_1] A Colorado man claims he developed blood clots after receiving a dose of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine.  Jeff Johnson, of Brighton, ended up in the emergency room after experiencing pain and swelling in his left leg, reported KDVR. Johnson was diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which is when a clot forms in a […]

Approximately one-fourth of ARDS patients have disease features that put them at increased risk of death within the first month of hospitalization — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] Approximately one in four patients hospitalized for the acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) associated with severe COVID-19 infections may have a distinct phenotype (disease presentation) or biochemical profile associated with organ dysfunction, blood-clotting abnormalities and greater risk of death than patients with other, seemingly similar forms of the disease, researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital […]

Man left with inch-long nail sticking out of his eyebrow

[ad_1] Man left with inch-long nail sticking out of his eyebrow after his lawnmower flicked up the rusty piece of metal while he was gardening WARNING, GRAPHIC CONTENT: Nail pierced head millimetres from his eye Doctors twisted the nail left to right to free it at a hospital in Verona, Italy Figures showed admissions due […]

Endometriosis: Woman claims she was refused hysterectomy due to age

[ad_1] A woman with endometriosis has revealed how she ‘pleaded’ with her doctors for a hysterectomy to remove her womb – but claimed she was refused due to her age and childless status. Hannah Lockhart, 23, from Bangor, Northern Ireland, suffers from the long-term condition which sees tissue similar to the womb lining grow in […]

Covid-19 UK: NHS waiting list hits ANOTHER record-high amid pandemic, official figures show

[ad_1] Boris Johnson today said the NHS would ‘get all the funding it needs’ to get through the Covid backlog as the number of people on the waiting list hit a record 4.7million. The Prime Minister pledged to help the health service back to its feet as data for England today showed that 400,000 people […]

Brother shares his pain after losing ‘completely healthy’ sister, 19, to Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

[ad_1] A brother who lost his ‘completely healthy’ 19-year-old sister to Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) is calling for more routine screening of young people to prevent further tragedies. Patrick Mead, 18, from Frome, Somerset, was 17 when his mother made the harrowing discovery his sibling Lauren had passed away in her sleep after suffering […]

Two drunk friends were left with swollen penises after injecting each other with piles cream

[ad_1] Two drunk friends were left with swollen penises after injecting each other with a cream they heard could give them extra girth French men, both in their thirties, were inspired by dodgy YouTube ‘tutorial’ Injected their penises with anti-hematoma cream – sometimes used to treat piles Medics in Strasbourg believe cream clogged the lymph […]

Shipments of Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines will increase by 7% next week after J&J shot paused

[ad_1] The U.S. government is increasing its allocations of the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna coronavirus vaccine after federal agencies recommended a pause of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Across the country next week, there will be a seven percent increase in the number of doses shipped, according to new data published on Tuesday. During the week […]

STDs reach all-time in US for sixth consecutive year

[ad_1] The number of sexually transmitted diseases reached an all-time high in the U.S. for the sixth consecutive year, a new report finds. In 2019, there were 2.5 million cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis, the three most commonly reported STDs, according to new data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) […]

The slower the better while driving over them, says researcher — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] Slow down. Baby on board. So says UBC Okanagan researcher and Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Hadi Mohammadi. His new research, conducted in collaboration with Sharif University of Technology, determines that accelerating over speed bumps poses a danger for pregnant women and their fetuses. “There is lots of research about the importance of movement […]

Potential mechanistic link shown between Traumatic Brain Injury and Alzheimer’s disease — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] Violent blows or jolts to the head can cause traumatic brain injury (TBI), and there are currently about five million people in the U.S. living with some form of chronic impairment after suffering a TBI. Even in a mild form, TBI can lead to lifelong nerve cell deterioration associated with a wide array of […]

Joyful screams perceived more strongly than screams of fear or anger — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] The human scream signals more than fear of imminent danger or entanglement in social conflicts. Screaming can also express joy or excitement. For the first time, researchers have demonstrated that non-alarming screams are even perceived and processed by the brain more efficiently than their alarming counterparts. Screaming can save lives. Non-human primates and other […]

How to tackle heel pain and get back on your feet: DR MARTIN SCURR addresses your health issues 

[ad_1] My wife is a keen walker, but has not been able to walk for months due to heel pain. Her doctor and podiatrist both suggested plantar fasciitis, but it does not hurt in the typical area, and she has not responded to treatment. She is 67. Peter Goode, via email. Heel pain, as your […]

Tube that props open blood vessels could conquer impotence

[ad_1] A tube that props open tiny blood vessels may offer a new way to tackle impotence.  The wire tube, or stent, is implanted inside the tiny arteries measuring just 1mm wide that supply blood to the penis. The stent is designed to widen arteries that have become furred up as a result of atherosclerosis, […]

Why I made a film about my struggle to have a baby

[ad_1] Charlotte (pictured) and her now husband were told that the pregnancy was ectopic — rather than growing in the womb, the fertilised egg had lodged in one of her fallopian tubes Young filmmaker Charlotte Carroll went to hospital writhing in agony, convinced she had a hernia. But as she waited on the trolley, she received […]

Experts’ medicine cabinet essentials: The shopping list to keep your family healthy

[ad_1] The past year has taught us the importance of a stocked medicine cabinet.  Whatever health problem you face —from cuts and stings to a thumping headache or even mild symptoms of Covid, such as fever — it is vital to have the correct, up-to-date products to hand.  And it’s equally important to have them […]

Vascular smooth muscle-derived Trpv1+ progenitors have found to be a source of cold-induced — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] A new source of energy expending brown fat cells has been uncovered by researchers at the Joslin Diabetes Center, which they say points towards potential new therapeutic options for obesity. According to the new report, published in Nature Metabolism on 12 March 2021, the key lies in the expression of a receptor called Trpv1 […]

Major risk of injury for recreational runners — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] Almost half of all recreational runners incur injuries, mostly relating to knees, calves or Achilles tendons, and the level of risk is equally high whatever your age, gender or running experience. These are the findings of a thesis within sport science. Doctoral student Jonatan Jungmalm recruited a little over 200 recreational runners from the […]

Covid US: Doctor warns seriously ill patients avoid going to the hospital due to infection fear

[ad_1] Dr Joseph Alpert (pictured), a professor of medicine at the University of Arizona Sarver Heart Center, wrote that, last year, one-third of non-COVID patients were being consulted about hospice care compared to the usual one patient A doctor is warning that Americans with serious illnesses are dying due to fear of contracting COVID-19. Dr […]

DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: It’s official: If you’re over 60, you’re HAPPIER than ever! 

[ad_1] What is happiness? It’s one of those questions that’s vexed great minds down the ages, including the Peanuts creator, Charles M. Schulz, who famously said: ‘Happiness is a warm puppy.’ I hate to contradict one of my favourite philosophers but, thanks to the World Happiness Report, produced every March by the United Nations Development […]

Why do I cough all the time as if I have to clear my throat? DR ELLIE CANNON answers your questions 

[ad_1] I constantly feel as if I have phlegm stuck in my throat. I’m always coughing to try to clear it, and I also suffer terrible breath. What is wrong with me, and is there anything I can do? Feeling as though there’s phlegm always in the throat (something stuck in your throat is a […]

Saved… the jaws that are wrecked by radiotherapy

[ad_1] People with debilitating jaw fractures caused by cancer treatment could be spared risky surgery by a breakthrough drug combo that heals damaged bone. Radiotherapy to the head and neck, given for tongue, throat and nose cancers, can lead to problems with blood vessels connected to the lower jaw. This can trigger infections in the […]

DR MAX PEMBERTON: Line of Duty’s pill popping plot rings scarily true

[ad_1] Along with millions of others, I have been gripped by the latest series of Line Of Duty. Yet while storylines in the hit TV show often stretch cred- ulity, there’s one part that rings horrifyingly true: Detective Inspector Steve Arnott, one of the main characters, is addicted to prescription painkillers. His battle with these […]

Tiny magnet could help patients avoid the need for second breast cancer surgery

[ad_1] Most women diagnosed with breast cancer have surgery to remove it. A new technique being trialled aims to make operations more precise.  Samantha Matthews, 48, a head of university admissions from Surrey, was one of the first to undergo the technique, as she tells Adrian Monti. The patient  Samantha Matthews, 48, a head of […]

What can I do about my burning mouth? DR MARTIN SCURR answers your health questions

[ad_1] I’ve suffered from burning mouth syndrome for about 25 to 30 years. No one seems to be able to help. I am 78 years old. Can you suggest anything? Margaret Wheddon, via email. Burning mouth syndrome is a poorly understood condition and your experience with it must be debilitating.  As there are no tests […]

New tablet promises to prevent AND treat crippling migraines

[ad_1] One of those involved in the rimegepant trials, Darlene LeBlanc, 63, describes how the drug was the first treatment she’d tried in over 40 years that worked well for her debilitating symptoms For almost three decades, Jennifer Farrington’s life had been dominated by migraines so bad that the GP had to go on sick […]

Health remedies by Royal appointment: Harry’s ring to improve sleep and Kate’s bug-resistant gloves

[ad_1] Both the Duchess of Cambridge and the Queen wear gloves from Cornelia James, some of which are made from fabric treated with an anti-microbial coating called HeiQ Viroblock Cornelia James Imogen Gloves are seen above We all have our favourite products we rely on for our health needs — and the Royal Family is […]

Coronavirus: Musician, 29, left housebound for a year because of the effects of long Covid

[ad_1] A musician in his twenties claims he has been left housebound for a year because of the debilitating effects of long Covid. Reece Jacob, 29, from Whalley Range, Manchester, was infected with Covid in March last year. He says the crippling fatigue he has endured ever since means he can no longer play guitar […]

Real world proof that Covid jabs DO work: Vaccine rollout sees 97% fall in deaths among the over-70s

[ad_1] Real world proof that Covid jabs DO work: Vaccine rollout sees 97% fall in deaths among the over-70s in major boost that shows UK’s inoculations rollout is having huge effect Over-70s Covid deaths are reported to have plunged by 97 per cent in ten weeks  In past week there has been an average of […]

Mother’s arm erupts in agonising red rash after getting AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine

[ad_1] A mother’s face, arms, chest, back and legs erupted into an agonising red rash after getting the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine. Leigh King, from North Lanarkshire in Scotland, claimed her skin flared up almost immediately after she got her first dose two weeks ago — and is still sore now.   ‘My skin was so sore […]

NIH begins dosing people with Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine booster shot

[ad_1] NIH begins dosing people with Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine booster shot to see if it protects against the South African variant The NIH has begun clinical trials testing a booster shot of Moderna Inc’s COVID vaccine to see if it will protect against the South African variant Approximately 210 healthy adult volunteers will be enrolled […]

Doctors explain the reactions after receiving Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson shots

[ad_1] Millions of Americans are currently receiving coronavirus vaccinations as the U.S. works to restore some sense of normalcy from the pandemic According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 30 percent of the U.S. population has received at least one dose and 16.9 percent are fully immunized, either from Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna or […]

DR ELLIE CANNON: Help! Sex is painful at 72 but I can’t take HRT pills to cure it

[ad_1] I am 72, very fit and active, and recently met someone I’d like to have a relationship with – but I’m finding sex painful. My GP says HRT is the only thing that will help, but I can’t take it as I have a family history of breast cancer. What can I do? Pain […]

HEALTH NOTES: Gene tests identify risks associated with ‘silent’ strokes 

[ad_1] HEALTH NOTES: Gene tests identify risks associated with ‘silent’ strokes By Mail on Sunday Reporter Published: 17:01 EDT, 3 April 2021 | Updated: 17:19 EDT, 3 April 2021 Gene tests could one day be used to spot patients at risk of ‘silent’ strokes that cause dementia, scientists believe. Researchers studied genetic samples of thousands of […]

Should toddlers be vaccinated against Covid-19?

[ad_1] In just over a week, millions of Britons will be dining at restaurants, returning to exercise classes and, at long last, getting a haircut. This easing of lockdown rules is a remarkable feat, given that just eight weeks ago Covid deaths stood at 1,500 a day and the population was stuck inside with no hope […]

Why are GPs still refusing to see patients face-to-face

[ad_1] Pinned to the entrance of a GP surgery on a leafy residential road in suburban Sidcup, Kent is a handwritten note, attached to the inside glass. ‘Please do not punch or kick this door.’ That a message such as this is necessary is truly shocking, but it speaks volumes about the increasingly fractured relationship […]

Georgia clinic is the FOURTH to halt J&J vaccinations within three days

[ad_1] Millions of Americans are currently receiving coronavirus vaccinations as the U.S. works to restore some sense of normalcy from the pandemic. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 33 percent of the US population has received at least one dose and 19.4 percent are fully immunized, either from Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna or […]

Transwoman forced to have testicle removed after years of tucking

[ad_1] A transgender woman needed to have one of her testicles removed because of her habit of ‘tucking’ – made famous through hit TV show Ru Paul’s Drag Race. The unidentified 24-year-old, from the Philippines, had not yet undergone full gender reassignment surgery. The avid cross-dresser pushed her testicles back into her stomach four times […]

Fresh blow for AstraZeneca as vaccine is linked to another dangerous blood condition in Europe

[ad_1] Another potentially dangerous blood condition has been spotted in a handful of patients given the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine, the EU’s drug watchdog has announced.  The European Medicines Authority said five cases of capillary leak syndrome had been reported in vaccinated patients on the continent. The rare condition sees blood leak from tiny vessels into […]

Matt Hancock insists UK on track to hit July vaccination target

[ad_1] WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS OF THE RARE BLOOD CLOTS LINKED TO ASTRAZENECA’S VACCINE?  Only Britons who suffer one of the below symptoms four days post-vaccination need to contact their doctor.  Shortness of breath Chest pain Swollen leg Persistent stomach pain Severe headache Blurred vision Skin bruising beyond the site of injection   Matt Hancock today […]

Under-40s could be asked to take an alternative Covid vaccine over AstraZeneca blood clots fears

[ad_1] AstraZeneca‘s Covid vaccine may also be restricted for under-40s when Britain’s immunisation drive moves down to younger age groups, it was claimed today.  Medical watchdogs will assess data on the jab’s links to extremely rare blood clots in ‘scrupulous detail’ in order to paint a clearer picture on the exact risk-benefit ratio. They have […]

Will the Covid vaccine protect people who had to shield?

[ad_1] Actress Sheila Hancock, 88, recently revealed that she has been warned that the treatment she receives for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) may affect the efficacy of her Covid-19 vaccine More than half of the UK adult population has received the first dose of the Covid vaccine and, for the vast majority, that spells a passport to […]

A new study suggests that when men and women express the same amount of pain, women’s pain is considered less intense based on gender stereotypes. — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] In a recent study published by the Journal of Pain, co-authored by Elizabeth Losin, assistant professor of psychology and director of the Social and Cultural Neuroscience lab at the University of Miami, researchers found that a patient’s pain responses may be perceived differently by others based on their gender. According to “Gender biases in […]

I got deadly skin cancer in my garden… in Surrey

[ad_1] The chances of taking a foreign holiday this summer still look remote for most of us. Not that this bothers mother-of-three Jackie Palmer, who has never felt the urge to go abroad The chances of taking a foreign holiday this summer still look remote for most of us.  Not that this bothers mother-of-three Jackie […]

Itching sensation originates in the skin cells themselves, after signaling from an excess of lipid — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] A devastating itching of the skin driven by severe liver disease turns out to have a surprising cause. Its discovery points toward possible new therapies for itching, and shows that the outer layer of the skin is so much more than insulation. The finding, which appears April 2 in Gastroenterology, indicates that the keratinocyte […]

Doctors eye new drug that could end the monthly agony for women with endometriosis

[ad_1] For tens of thousands of women, a diagnosis of endometriosis means a life of debilitating pain. Despite it affecting one woman in ten in the UK, from teenagers through to middle age, treatment options remain limited.  There is no cure and the available treatments often have significant side-effects, affecting fertility, for example, because they […]

Can jab to the cheek help tinnitus?

[ad_1] An injection in the cheek with a local anaesthetic could banish tinnitus, the ringing in the ears that affects around six million people in the UK. The drug, lidocaine, is already widely used to numb the gums during dental procedures, and as a ‘nerve block’ before surgery.  Now research suggests injecting it into a specific […]

Are my blocked gut and hair loss linked? DR MARTIN SCURR answers your health questions

[ad_1] My hair has been falling out for well over a year, even though I’ve spoken to a trichologist. Two years ago I became constipated and, after trying various medications, my consultant says there is nothing more he can do. Is my hair loss caused by my poor bowel health? Pauline Tuckley, via email. The […]

New proposal for the management of low back pain with a proprioceptive approach — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] Ever since the early humans learned to walk upright, they have suffered, as an unfortunate consequence of their erect posture, from low back pain. Modern understanding on this matter dictates that low back pain, in particular, is caused due to a postural instability resulting from poor “proprioception,” which is a term for the perception […]

Why 2020 was the year of marvellous medicine

[ad_1] A year ago, the world was in the grip of a deadly and, seemingly, unstoppable virus and the UK went into its first lockdown.  Since then, vaccines and life-saving drugs to counter Covid have been the focus of international attention.  But the past year has also seen major developments in treatments for cancer, diabetes, […]

£28 memory foam pillow supports neck AND encourages natural alignment of the spine

[ad_1] This ‘game-changing’ memory foam pillow that supports your neck AND encourages the natural alignment of your spine is on sale for under £30 By Emily Knott For Mailonline Published: 07:22 EDT, 6 April 2021 | Updated: 08:23 EDT, 6 April 2021 Products featured in this Mail Best article are independently selected by our shopping […]

Mother-of-four, 27, dies of cervical cancer after check-ups were halted by Covid pandemic

[ad_1] Mother-of-four, 27, dies of cervical cancer after check-ups were halted by Covid pandemic and she was misdiagnosed with an early menopause Mother Lizzy Evans, 27, from Bagillt, Wales, was diagnosed with cervical cancer Began her grueling treatment soon after giving birth and was given the all clear But less than year later, Mrs Evans […]

One in ten have long-term effects 8 months following mild COVID-19 — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] Eight months after mild COVID-19, one in ten people still has at least one moderate to severe symptom that is perceived as having a negative impact on their work, social or home life. The most common long-term symptoms are a loss of smell and taste and fatigue. This is according to a study published […]

Physical therapy can help prevent, treat opioid use disorder — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] When you think of ways to treat opioid use disorder, you might think methadone clinics and Narcotics Anonymous meetings. You probably don’t imagine stretches and strengthening exercises. But Anne Swisher — professor at the West Virginia University School of Medicine — is working to address opioid misuse in an unconventional way: through physical therapy. […]

Moderna vaccine is effective against California variant and produces antibodies for least 6 months

[ad_1] Moderna Inc’s coronavirus vaccine is effective against the California variant and its protection last for six months, two new studies find. In one study, researchers from Duke University found that the antibodies generated by Moderna’s jab had about two times less neutralizing power against the strain that was first discovered in the Golden State. […]

Covid-19 UK: What should I do if I’ve had the AstraZeneca jab?

[ad_1] Britons were once again left with a raft of questions over the safety of AstraZeneca‘s coronavirus vaccine after health chiefs today recommended it should not be given to under-30s because of its link to potentially deadly blood clots. No10’s jab advisory panel says healthy people aged 18 to 29 be offered either Pfizer or […]

J&J vaccinations paused at North Carolina site after 18 people had ‘adverse reactions’

[ad_1] Millions of Americans are currently receiving coronavirus vaccinations as the U.S. works to restore some sense of normalcy from the pandemic. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 33 percent of the US population has received at least one dose and 19.4 percent are fully immunized, either from Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna or […]

One in 10 people who had mild COVID-19 are STILL left with lingering symptoms EIGHT months later

[ad_1] One in ten people who had mild COVID-19 STILL have lingering symptoms like fatigue and loss of smell EIGHT months later Researchers compared about 300 healthcare workers who had been infected with COVID-19 to about 1,000 who hadn’t been A total of 26% of survivors had at least one symptom that lasted more than […]

Moderna’s Covid vaccine ‘is effective against Kent AND California variants and triggers antibodies’

[ad_1] Moderna‘s coronavirus vaccine is effective against the Californian variant spreading in the US, scientists say. And researchers also found the jab sparks Covid-fighting antibodies that stay in the blood for at least six months following a second dose. Evidence already shows the vaccine — deployed in Britain for the first time yesterday — works against the […]

More than HALF of people who test positive for Covid have no symptoms

[ad_1] More than half of people who test positive for Covid in the UK suffer no symptoms, official figures revealed today. Office for National Statistics data showed 53 per cent of those diagnosed with the virus said they had no warning signs — including a fever or cough.  The survey — which looked at 10,000 […]

Blood test for depression, bipolar disorder — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] Worldwide, 1 in 4 people will suffer from a depressive episode in their lifetime. While current diagnosis and treatment approaches are largely trial and error, a breakthrough study by Indiana University School of Medicine researchers sheds new light on the biological basis of mood disorders, and offers a promising blood test aimed at a […]

Society is not ready to make human brains — ScienceDaily

[ad_1] Stem cell research has allowed medicine to go places that were once science fiction. Using stem cells, scientists have manufactured heart cells, brain cells and other cell types that they are now transplanting into patients as a form of cell therapy. Eventually, the field anticipates the same will be possible with organs. A new […]

What are the risks of blood clots from AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine REALLY?

[ad_1] British health chiefs have restricted AstraZeneca’s vaccine in under-30s because their risk of dying from Covid is so small and there are early signs they may be more prone to blood clots after the jab. But EU regulators have decided against recommending the vaccine is withheld from any age group because they can’t be […]

All the answers to your questions about AstraZeneca’s jab and its link to blood clots

[ad_1] AstraZeneca‘s coronavirus vaccine is once again under the spotlight, amid growing fears it may trigger extremely rare blood clots.  Health chiefs yesterday recommended it should not be given to under-30s because of its link to the potentially deadly complication.  But medical experts insist the jab is safe and the benefits far outweigh any risks […]

The best meal prep containers

[ad_1] (CNN) —   Americans are eating more meals at home and are facing new meal prep challenges. According to Supermarket News, 55% of shoppers polled in a study called “Covid-19: Reinventing How America Eats” said they’re eating at home more frequently because of the pandemic. As we head into a new year, we spoke […]

School reopening: Here’s why it’s so hard

[ad_1] Unlike other countries, the US leaves school control at the local level, and the challenges to providing in-person instruction are not the same everywhere, making it nearly impossible to create effective federal and even state-level guidance as the pandemic wears on. Some buildings don’t have enough space to spread students out, while others don’t […]

Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine gets emergency use authorization from FDA

[ad_1] With more than 28.5 million confirmed Covid-19 cases and over 511,000 reported deaths in the US since the start of the pandemic, and while the demand for vaccine still far exceeds supply, these vaccines can’t come soon enough. “A third safe and effective vaccine is very welcome news,” Andy Slavitt, the White House’s senior […]