THIRD of Britain saw ZERO Covid deaths last month

[ad_1] Around 22million people are living in areas across the UK where there have been no coronavirus deaths so far in April, official figures revealed today.  Data from the Government’s Covid dashboard suggests the threat of the virus has almost been eradicated in a third of the country, despite everyone still being subjected to harsh […]

Coronavirus: Symptom study shows Covid cases in England fall again to just 757 infections per day

[ad_1] The number of people developing Covid in England has dropped to another record low in the last week with just over 750 people now falling ill each day.  Researchers behind the country’s largest symptom tracking study estimate the daily number of people getting sick is down 13 per cent from 870 to 757, after […]

US reports 32K new cases while Florida’s daily infection rate falls lower than Michigan’s OR NYC’s

[ad_1] Coronavirus cases and deaths across the United States have fallen to their lowest numbers since early fall. On Sunday, the U.S. recorded 32,065 new infections, which is the lowest figure since September 8, when 26,387 new cases were reported. Meanwhile, the seven-day rolling average of 57,221 is lowest number seen in one month, according to […]

Doctors call on the US to send its stockpile of AstraZeneca vaccines to crisis-hit India NOW

[ad_1] Global health experts are calling on the U.S. government to send its stockpile of AstraZeneca-University of Oxford coronavirus vaccines to India immediately as health officials say they don’t anticipate using any of the doses. During a news briefing on Tuesday, Andy Slavitt, the White House senior COVID-19 advisor, addressed a report stating that the […]

US states will get 30 MILLION doses of Covid vaccines next week despite falling demand

[ad_1] The White House has said that states will be receiving nearly 30 million coronavirus vaccine doses this week. This is a seven percent increase from the approximately 28 million doses allocated over the previous two weeks and a 248 percent rise from the 8.6 million doses being sent weekly when President Joe Biden took […]

Covid England: Fewer than 900 people now fall ill from infection every day

[ad_1] Fewer than 900 people in England are now developing Covid each day, according to a symptom-tracking app, the lowest level ever and below estimates for August when there were next to no restrictions. The Covid Symptom Study this week claims only 870 people suffered a symptomatic infection with the virus every day last week, based […]

Covid: UK falls out of 20 worst-hit countries for excess deaths thanks to vaccine rollout

[ad_1] Britain is no longer one of the 20 worst-hit countries for excess deaths during the coronavirus pandemic, figures show.  The UK has suffered 121,000 more deaths than expected since March last year — a rate of 183 excess fatalities per 100,000 people, according to analysis of official figures by the Economist, putting it at […]

Covid UK: Daily deaths fall 42% to 22 as cases fall 3.8% to 2,396

[ad_1] Covid deaths have fallen by more than 40 per cent over the last week — down to just 22 victims today, according to Department of Health data. Cases are also continuing to fall despite more testing being carried out and another 2,396 infections were posted today — a fall of 3.8 per cent from […]

Coronavirus: Tony Blair calls for UK to reveal how many vaccinated people catch Covid

[ad_1] Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has called on the Government to release more jabs data Tony Blair today called on ministers to release more data to prove how well the Covid vaccines work in the real world and restore public faith in the AstraZeneca jab.   The former Prime Minister said the in-depth figures – […]

Just 32 Britons have been hospitalised with coronavirus after being vaccinated

[ad_1] Just 32 people in the UK were hospitalised with Covid after receiving a vaccination for the virus, according to ‘extraordinary’ real-world data.  Figures due to be handed to Government advisers today show inoculated people made up a tiny fraction of the thousands of people admitted with the virus in recent months. The research by the […]

Covid-19: Britain records 33 Covid deaths as fatalities rise slightly on last week

[ad_1] Another 33 Britons have died of Covid and 2,524 more people have tested positive for the illness, health bosses revealed today. Department of Health figures show coronavirus infections have barely changed week-on-week, rising by just 2.1 per cent. But testing numbers jumped massively over the weekend, with 1.7million swabs carried out on Saturday compared […]

Covid PILLS could be available in UK ‘by autumn’ says Boris Johnson

[ad_1] People in the UK could be offered pills to treat Covid at home from autumn this year thanks to a new antivirals taskforce being set up by No10. Boris Johnson today said he will assemble a team of scientists to find ways for people to recover from the virus without going into hospital because […]

Covid-19: Just FOURTEEN people under the age of 20 have died of Covid in 2021 in England and Wales

[ad_1] Just fourteen people under the age of 20 have died of Covid this year in England and Wales, according to official data. Weekly data from the Office of National Statistics also showed daily coronavirus deaths were in single figures in every region of England over the week ending April 9. And the total number of […]

Boris Johnson to hold 5pm Covid press conference amid growing concerns over Indian variant

[ad_1] Boris Johnson will hold his first press conference in two weeks tonight amid growing concerns about the Indian coronavirus variant.  The Prime Minister is due to appear in Downing Street‘s new briefing room at 5pm after coming under fire for taking too long to ban travel to India.   No10 only announced India was being […]

Less than 0.01% of Americans fully vaccinated against COVID-19 have gone on to contract the disease

[ad_1] A small number of Americans who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 later contracted the disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These-so-called ‘breakthrough cases’ occur when people test positive for the virus at least 14 days after receiving their final dose of the vaccine, and which officials say is […]

Shipments of Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines will increase by 7% next week after J&J shot paused

[ad_1] The U.S. government is increasing its allocations of the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna coronavirus vaccine after federal agencies recommended a pause of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Across the country next week, there will be a seven percent increase in the number of doses shipped, according to new data published on Tuesday. During the week […]

Anti-lockdown Sweden had highest rate of Covid-19 infections in Europe per capita last week

[ad_1] Sweden had the highest number of Covid-19 infections per capita in Europe last week.  The lockdown-averse country recorded 625 new infections per million people in the last week, vastly higher than its Scandinavian neighbours, with Finland, Norway and Denmark, recording 65, 132 and 111 cases per million respectively.   Sweden also had more patients in intensive care […]

New Hampshire and Oklahoma open up coronavirus vaccines to out-of-state residents

[ad_1] New Hampshire and Oklahoma have become the latest U.S. states to open up coronavirus vaccines to all Americans regardless of residency. On Thursday, Oklahoma expanded eligibility to all residents while New Hampshire officials announced on the same say that the requirement would be lifted on April 19. ‘Whether you live in Boston, Maine, Vermont, […]

Why nations relying on China’s Covid vaccines are at risk of more waves

[ad_1] Countries relying on China‘s Covid vaccines may be vulnerable to future waves of the disease, scientists warned today. Experts told MailOnline the spiralling crisis in Chile should send a warning to the rest of the world that Chinese-made jabs are too weak to halt the spread of the virus, even with a successful immunisation […]

England ‘shouldn’t be hit by a Covid third wave this summer’

[ad_1] England shouldn’t be hit by a third wave of coronavirus this summer, Government advisers have admitted. Bleak modelling submitted to ministers warned the country could face a brutal third wave when restrictions are lifted on June 21.   But senior experts now believe any resurgence of Covid is more likely in the autumn, it was […]

China admits its Covid jabs are not very effective in major blow to global health battle

[ad_1] China has admitted its Covid vaccines do not work well – which could explain why Chile is suffering a resurgence despite having one of the best rollouts in the world. In an extremely rare confession, the head of the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, Gao Fu, said the jabs ‘don’t have very […]

US has risen to 7th in world for vaccinating its population – but still lags behind UK’s rollout

[ad_1] A vaccination drive that has begun to pick up speed is propelling the United States ahead in the race to immunize its population against COVID-19. Currently, the U.S. ranks seventh in the world, with 25.7 percent of Americans having received at least one dose, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and […]

Covid US: New York opens vaccine eligibility to all over age 30 and to be universal in April

[ad_1] Starting on Tuesday, March 30, all New Yorkers aged 30 and older will be able to schedule appointments for vaccinations, lowering the age threshold from age 50 and older.  The state will join dozens of others expanding eligibility for vaccination against COVID-19 to more Americans as the vaccine stockpile grows.  Beginning on Tuesday, April […]

UK’s ‘wall of vaccination’ against Covid is ‘leaky’, Professor Chris Whitty says

[ad_1] Britain’s ‘wall of vaccination’ against Covid is ‘leaky’ because jabs aren’t 100 per cent effective and millions have still yet to be fully inoculated, Professor Chris Whitty warned tonight. England’s chief medical officer acknowledged the wall — designed to stop the NHS from being overwhelmed and thousands from dying in the event of a […]

How Chile’s new Covid spike proves England’s cautious roadmap is the right route out of this crisis

[ad_1] Things are going according to plan. Despite a few wobbles about vanishingly small blood-clot risks, our vaccine rollout charges forward. And tomorrow we will enter the next phase of our roadmap to freedom. But at the Downing Street press conference last Monday, England’s Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty was circumspect. Moving ‘steadily’ was key, […]

More than HALF of people in England now have Covid antibodies thanks to huge vaccination drive

[ad_1] Almost 55 per cent of people in England now have Covid antibodies, suggesting at least half of the population now has some immunity against the disease. A major Office for National Statistics (ONS) testing survey today revealed 54.7 per cent of people in England had the virus-fighting proteins in the week ending March 14, […]

Kent coronavirus variant is NOT deadlier than the original strain, PHE study finds

[ad_1] The Kent coronavirus variant is not more deadly than the original strain, a PHE study has found The Kent coronavirus variant is not more deadly than the original strain, an official study has found. Public Health England’s analysis of more than 5,500 Covid patients in the second wave found there was ‘no difference’ in mortality […]

Covid UK: Daily Covid deaths HALVE in a week to 56 while new cases fall 25% to 4040

[ad_1] Britain’s daily Covid death toll has halved in a week, official figures revealed today amid mounting calls for Boris Johnson to lift lockdown restrictions quicker. Department of Health bosses posted 56 lab-confirmed fatalities and another 4,040 coronavirus cases — down 25 per cent on last Tuesday. It comes after the Office for National Statistics […]

New York health officials are worried South African and Brazil Covid variants will REINFECT people

[ad_1] New York health officials are worried that some coronavirus variants will reinfect people who have had COVID-19 before. At a press conference on Tuesday, Dr Dave Chokshi, the city’s health commissioner, said that reinfection appears to be rare. However, he noted that the coronavirus variants that were first identified in South Africa and Brazil […]

Delaying the second dose of Novavax’s Covid vaccine by up to 12 weeks should be ‘fine’

[ad_1] Professor Paul Heath said a 12-week dosing gap would most likely not make the Novavax jab less effective Novavax’s Covid vaccine will ‘probably’ still be effective if the second dose is delayed by up to 12 weeks, according to its lead researcher. Professor Paul Heath argued that ‘basic immunological principles’ suggested the longer gap […]

Arkansas lifts mask mandate and makes everyone 16 and older eligible for COVID-19 vaccination TODAY

[ad_1] Arkansas has lifted its mask mandate and made everyone aged 16 and older eligible to get COVID-19 vaccines on Tuesday. Governor Asa Hutchinson said on Tuesday that businesses, such as restaurants and stores, will have the option to require masks on their premises  and implored residents to respect those decisions.  ‘Please be respectful and […]

European suspension of AstraZeneca vaccine WILL cause Covid deaths, experts warn

[ad_1] Europe’s medical watchdog today slapped down Germany for suspending AstraZeneca’s coronavirus jab after a small number of vaccinated people developed deadly brain clots. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) said there was ‘no evidence’ to support Berlin halting the jab for people under 60, adding that the benefits of protecting against Covid outweigh the risk […]

Study estimates 67% of cases between December and February were linked to UK variant

[ad_1] About two-thirds of all U.S. coronavirus cases identified over the past three months may be linked to the variant first identified in the UK, a new study suggests. There are at least 11,569 cases of the strain, known as B 1.1.7, in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  […]

Doctor warns US is ‘walking into the mouth of this virus monster’ as UK variant becomes dominant

[ad_1] As the coronavirus variant first identified in the UK becomes dominant in the U.S., doctors are warning that a fourth wave could be imminent.   There are at least 11,569 cases of the strain, known as B 1.1.7, in 49 of the 50 states and the Distinct of Columbia., according to the Centers for Disease […]

EU approaches India for 10m doses of AstraZeneca Covid vaccine as Delhi blocks UK jabs shipment

[ad_1] The European Union has approached India in a bid to buy 10million doses of the AstraZeneca jab from its Serum Institute, as the bloc desperately scrambles to procure more vaccine supplies.  Britain has already blamed India’s export ban for delaying the shipment of five million doses to the UK and restricting the country’s vaccine […]

UK taxpayers pumped £21m in to fitting out Dutch vaccine factory that EU have now blocked

[ad_1] No10 was today urged to consider asking for a refund of the £21million it invested into fitting out a Dutch factory to make AstraZeneca jabs, if the EU presses ahead with its threat to impose an export ban. Health Secretary Matt Hancock approved the multi-million pound investment in the Halix factory in Leiden with […]

Britons will be allowed to holiday in countries with high vaccination rates, PM to announce

[ad_1] What will Boris Johnson announce at today’s 5pm press conference? The next step of easing lockdown will go ahead as planned: The PM is expected to confirm that non-essential shops, gyms, hairdressers and libraries will reopen from April 12 while pubs and restaurants will be allowed to serve customers outdoors.  A mass-testing scheme: Everyone […]

Britain’s daily Covid cases are down 40% in a week with 2,762 infections

[ad_1] Britain’s daily Covid cases fall by 40% in a week with 2,762 infections – while deaths are up slightly to 26 Department of Health officials posted another 2,762 positive tests and 26 laboratory-confirmed fatalities For comparison, 4,654 coronavirus infections and 23 deaths were recorded across Britain last Monday Day-to-day figures fluctuate and the overall […]

Life WON’T return to normal on June 21 because Covid vaccines aren’t good enough, SAGE warns

[ad_1] Social distancing will need to remain in place for another year even if Boris Johnson‘s roadmap out of lockdown goes to plan, the Government’s top scientific advisers warned today. Senior SAGE sources said that while the vaccines prevent the vast majority of people from falling ill and dying from coronavirus, they ‘are not good enough’ to […]

Fauci says the US government will not require Americans to use ‘vaccine passports’

[ad_1] Dr Anthony Fauci has said the U.S. government will not require Americans who are immunized against COVID-19 to use so-called ‘vaccine passports.’ The idea behind these passports is that they would offer proof of vaccination so that people could perform daily tasks such as eat in restaurants, travel, shop and so on. But they […]

Matt Hancock insists UK on track to hit July vaccination target

[ad_1] WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS OF THE RARE BLOOD CLOTS LINKED TO ASTRAZENECA’S VACCINE?  Only Britons who suffer one of the below symptoms four days post-vaccination need to contact their doctor.  Shortness of breath Chest pain Swollen leg Persistent stomach pain Severe headache Blurred vision Skin bruising beyond the site of injection   Matt Hancock today […]

Covid-19 UK: All the times Boris Johnson has moved the goalposts on setting us free

[ad_1] When lockdown was first introduced on March 23 last year, Boris Johnson promised it would be reviewed in less than a month.  But more than 380 days later the country remains under strict Covid restrictions, despite an array of figures now showing cases are at their lowest levels since the end of summer — […]

AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine ‘may not be suitable for young people’, Prof Lockdown says

[ad_1] Britain’s vaccine regulator could stop younger people from having AstraZeneca‘s coronavirus jab as soon as today over concerns about rare cases of blood clots. The UK’s MHRA announced on Friday it has seen 30 brain clot cases in 18.1million AstraZeneca-vaccinated people – around one in every 600,000 people (0.00017 per cent).  But there are fears that […]

Boris confirms shops CAN reopen on Monday – but is lockdown roadmap in doubt?

[ad_1] The government was today accused of deploying ‘Project Fear’ tactics and doomsday worst case scenarios to justify prolonging coronavirus restrictions – despite the government’s own predictions showing that any third wave of coronavirus this summer is likely to be manageable. A third wave of Covid when restrictions are lifted in June is likely to […]

Covid-19 UK: Moderna’s vaccine comes on stream in small quantities

[ad_1] No10 may have to roll back its target date for vaccinating all adults if AstraZeneca‘s jab is banned for under-30s, an expert warned today.  And Britain may need to approve vaccines developed by Russia or China in order to hit the goal of offering everyone a first dose by the end of July.   The […]

Lockdown easing could be SPED UP because vaccines ARE working, says SAGE scientist

[ad_1] Dr Mike Tildesley, from the University of Warwick team that correctly predicted the UK’s second wave, said he was ‘really pleasantly surprised’ that reopening schools did not cause a spike in infections Britain’s roadmap out of lockdown could be sped up because the coronavirus vaccines are working so well, according to one of the […]

Britain’s daily Covid cases fall by a third in a week with 2,763 more infections

[ad_1] Britain’s daily Covid cases have fallen by a third in a week but deaths rose slightly, official figures revealed today. Department of Health data showed there were 2,763 new lab-confirmed cases recorded and 45 Covid deaths, which was two more than last Wednesday. More than 31.7million Britons – or three in five adults – […]

NASA spacewalk: Watch astronauts Kate Rubins, Victor Glover outside the space station

[ad_1] The spacewalk will assist with a continuation of upgrades for the space station orbiting Earth. The activity is expected to last about six-and-a-half hours, and you can watch it live on NASA’s website and the NASA TV channel. Both NASA crew members are veteran spacewalkers at this point. Glover has already conducted two spacewalks […]

New York Times: Second former aide accuses Cuomo of sexual harassment

[ad_1] The former aide, Charlotte Bennett, alleges that Cuomo asked her questions about her sex life, whether she had monogamous relationships and if she ever had sex with older men, according to the Times. Bennett told the newspaper that the alleged incidents happened late last spring, during the height of the state’s fight against the […]

NASA’s Mars rover had a secret message in its parachute. Meet the man behind it

[ad_1] The footage gave the world a glimpse of an often entirely invisible process, including the deployment of the parachute to slow down the spacecraft after entering the atmosphere. The 70.5-foot supersonic parachute was an extraordinary engineering challenge, said Ian Clark, systems engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. Clark, who has been […]

Stimulus package update: House passes Biden’s $1.9 trillion Covid relief package

[ad_1] The final vote tally was 219-212. Two Democrats broke ranks and voted against the bill: Kurt Schrader of Oregon and Jared Golden of Maine. The bill did not pass with bipartisan support as no Republicans voted for it. Now that the bill has passed the House it will next go to the Senate. Making […]

Covid-19 vaccines allegedly stolen, expired and inappropriately administered in Tennessee county, state investigation finds

[ad_1] A total of 2,500 doses were either expired or wasted in Shelby County over a 20-day period from February 3 to February 23, according to a timeline of findings released by the Tennessee Department of Health (TDH) as part of an investigation. Additionally, two children were “inappropriately vaccinated” for Covid-19 at a Shelby County […]

What you need to know about Khashoggi’s 2018 murder

[ad_1] Jamal Khashoggi, looks on during a press conference in the Bahraini capital Manama, on December 15, 2014. Mohammed Al-Shaikh/AFP/Getty Images The US just released an intelligence report about the 2018 killing of Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi journalist and a Washington Post columnist. Khashoggi was critical of Saudi Arabia and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s policies. He […]

Andrew Cuomo denies former aide’s sexual harassment allegations

[ad_1] Lindsey Boylan alleged that in 2018, the Democratic governor kissed her on the lips following a one-on-one briefing in his New York City office. “As I got up to leave and walk toward an open door, he stepped in front of me and kissed me on the lips,” Boylan wrote, describing the encounter. “I […]

Democrats and GOP at odds over scope of commission to investigate Capitol riots

[ad_1] Republicans are balking at a plan put forward by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to create an outside commission with more Democrats than Republicans, and one whose mandate they say would go beyond just the security failures of the January 6 insurrection. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said on the Senate floor Wednesday that Pelosi’s […]

LA Times reporter explains how he led the way on the Tiger Woods story

[ad_1] Richard Winton, the prominent law enforcement reporter for the Los Angeles Times, was sitting in his home office late on Tuesday morning when he saw a tweet fly across his screen. The tweet was from KFI-AM’s Steven Gregory who was reporting that Tiger Woods had been injured in a serious crash. “I immediately started […]

Man dies after police kneel on his neck for nearly 5 minutes, family says in wrongful death claim

[ad_1] Angelo Quinto had been “suffering from anxiety, depression, and paranoia for the previous few months,” his family’s attorneys said in a wrongful death claim, filed on February 18. His sister Isabella Collins called police to their Antioch, California, home on December 23 because she feared he would hurt their mother, family lawyer John L. […]

Baton Rouge police are investigating after a video shows an officer with his arm around teen’s neck during arrest

[ad_1] No decision has been made yet on whether the officers involved in the incident would face disciplinary action, Baton Rouge Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome said during a press conference Monday. Broome said that she and Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul have reviewed the police-worn body camera footage of the incident. Officers responded to […]

Pablo Hasel protests rock Catalonia for fifth day

[ad_1] Thousands gathered in Barcelona on Saturday, including families and elderly protesters at the city’s Plaça Universitat, where a rally began peacefully. After passing another square, called Plaça Urquinaona, police began beating protesters, Berta Galofré Pons, a 23-year-old political scientist, told CNN. Footage from the Barcelona protests on Saturday shows multiple scuffles between demonstrators and […]

Violent protests over rapper’s arrest and accusations of police brutality rock Catalonia for fifth day

[ad_1] Thousands gathered in Barcelona on Saturday, including families and elderly protesters at the city’s Plaça Universitat, where a rally began peacefully. After passing another square, called Plaça Urquinaona, police began beating protesters, Berta Galofré Pons, a 23-year-old political scientist, told CNN. Footage from the Barcelona protests on Saturday shows multiple scuffles between demonstrators and […]

Texas officials investigate outrageous energy bills in storm price surge

[ad_1] Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Source: CNN Democratic Texas Reps. Sylvia Garcia and Sheila Jackson Lee, as well as New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, spoke at a news conference outside the Houston Food Bank where they said they plan to help Texans affected by the winter storm.  Ocasio-Cortez raised money ahead of the visit and said […]

Texas governor calls major disaster declaration “an important first step”

[ad_1] Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Source: CNN Democratic Texas Reps. Sylvia Garcia and Sheila Jackson Lee, as well as New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, spoke at a news conference outside the Houston Food Bank where they said they plan to help Texans affected by the winter storm.  Ocasio-Cortez raised money ahead of the visit and said […]

Incredible new images shared by Perseverance rover after Mars landing

[ad_1] The rover also returned some beautiful postcards of its landing site. The first image shared during a NASA press conference Friday was “exhilarating” for the team when they received it. It shows the rover nearing the Martian surface during entry, descent and landing. A camera on the descent stage of the spacecraft captured the […]

Texas storm: Nearly half of Texans remain under boil-water advisories as water scarcity and freezing temps continue

[ad_1] Leaks caused by frozen pipes have pushed the water supply to the brink. About 13 million Texans, nearly half the state’s population, remained under a boil-water advisory Thursday, according to Executive Director for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Toby Baker. More than 700 water supply systems are impacted. In Austin alone, the state […]

US signals it is open to sending more troops to support NATO’s mission in Iraq

[ad_1] “The US is participating in the force generation process for NATO Mission Iraq and will contribute its fair share to this important expanded mission,” Pentagon spokesperson Cmdr. Jessica L. McNulty told CNN. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin spoke about the mission with his NATO counterparts during a meeting with defense ministers on Thursday. Late […]

Allegations of shackled students and gang rape inside China’s detention camps

[ad_1] “There was no spark of life in her face. Her cheeks were drained of color, she was not breathing,” said Sidik, a former elementary school teacher who says she was forced to spend several months teaching at two detention centers in Xinjiang in 2017. A policewoman who worked at the camp later told her […]

Some parts of the south could get above freezing today, but thawing will take longer. Here’s why.

[ad_1] Texas Gov. Greg Abbott speaks at a press conference in Austin on May 18, 2020. Lynda M. Gonzalez/Pool/Getty Images Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins, the county’s director of emergency management, says the fault of the power and water crisis in Texas “lies squarely on Rick Perry and the current Gov. Greg Abbott.”  “They and their team […]

Catastrophic winter storm moves east

[ad_1] Texas Gov. Greg Abbott speaks at a press conference in Austin on May 18, 2020. Lynda M. Gonzalez/Pool/Getty Images Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins, the county’s director of emergency management, says the fault of the power and water crisis in Texas “lies squarely on Rick Perry and the current Gov. Greg Abbott.”  “They and their team […]

As the WHO investigated coronavirus origins in China, Beijing pushed a conspiracy about the US

[ad_1] That Chinese officials should point to the US when discussing the origins of a virus first detected in central China may at first appear confusing to many. But for months now, China has been advancing alternative theories for how the coronavirus first emerged, ones that would obviate any blame officials in Wuhan may bear […]

Winter storms: Millions are still without power as forecast calls for more ice and frigid temperatures in hardest-hit states

[ad_1] “Swaths of half an inch of ice will be possible” over the next three days for areas from Texas to Mississippi and up through Virginia, according to the National Weather Service. “All severe weather hazards will be possible including a couple of tornadoes” from the Florida Panhandle to the coastal Carolinas Thursday, NWS said. […]

Deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon reaches 12-year high under Bolsonaro

[ad_1] Issued on: 30/11/2020 – 23:39 Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon surged again over the past year, hitting a 12-year high, according to official figures released Monday that drew a chorus of condemnation of President Jair Bolsonaro’s government. A total of 11,088 square kilometres (4,281 square miles) of forest was destroyed in Brazil‘s share of […]

Senegal’s coronavirus success divides experts

[ad_1] Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Senegal has been widely praised for its handling of the coronavirus pandemic, with few infections and life returning to normal, but the reason behind its success still divides experts. The government enacted a raft of anti-virus measures when the pandemic reached the West African nation. But some experts believe that […]

Sweden expects to reach virus peak in mid-December

[ad_1] Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Swedish health officials said Thursday they expected the country to reach the peak of the second wave of COVID-19 infections the country is experiencing in the middle of December. The assessment was based on new modelling by the country’s Public Health Agency, based on reported cases up until November 6. […]

Brazil police arrest supervisor in deadly beating of Black man in Carrefour supermarket

[ad_1] Issued on: 25/11/2020 – 04:43 Brazilian police on Tuesday arrested the supervisor of a Carrefour supermarket in Porto Alegre where security guards beat a black man to death, and accused her of collaborating with the killers. Supervisor Adriana Alves Dutra had the authority to stop the guards from beating 40-year-old Joao Alberto Silveira Freitas […]

Austria plans to start virus vaccination in January

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Austria plans to start its COVID-19 vaccination campaign in January, the health minister said Tuesday, with the elderly, at-risk groups and health professionals being first in line. The country will acquire more than 16 million doses of the vaccine through the European Union which has signed six contracts for supplies, […]

Finnish capital to shut high schools, ban public events

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Finland’s capital will introduce tough new coronavirus restrictions, the city’s mayor said on Tuesday, after a sharp uptick in coronavirus cases. High schools, libraries and swimming pools will be closed and public events banned outright in Helsinki due to the “worrying” situation, Mayor Jan Vapaavuori told a press conference. “We […]

Chaos breaks out in Shanghai airport as authorities try to hold workers there for Covid-19 testing

[ad_1] Issued on: 23/11/2020 – 19:11 Viral videos show scenes of chaos at Shanghai’s Pudong airport on November 22, as officials sought to keep workers on the premises for testing after the discovery of two new Covid-19 cases linked to the airport’s cargo handling division. Tensions eventually calmed and medical workers were able to test 17,719 […]

Frenchman sentenced to 25 years for killing wife, burning her body

[ad_1] Issued on: 21/11/2020 – 22:36 A French court Saturday sentenced Jonathann Daval to 25 years in prison for killing his wife and then burning her body, in a case that shocked the country.  The 36-year-old Frenchman was impassive as the verdict was read out. He turned to look at members of his own family […]

Antimicrobial resistance as dangerous as pandemic: WHO

[ad_1] Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain The World Health Organization warned Friday that growing antimicrobial resistance is every bit as dangerous as the coronavirus pandemic—and threatens to reverse a century of medical progress. WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus called the issue “one of the greatest health threats of our time”. Resistance is when bugs become immune […]

New French law banning images of police sparks civil rights concerns, protests

[ad_1] Issued on: 21/11/2020 – 17:39 France’s parliament voted to approve a controversial law Friday that will ban the publication of images of on-duty police officers as well as expand the use of surveillance drones and police powers. Journalists’ groups, human rights activists and unions – including Reporters Without Borders and Amnesty International’s French branch – organised protests in Paris and other French cities on […]

Pfizer/BioNTech to seek emergency vaccine approval in US Friday

[ad_1] The FDA did not say how long it would take to review the data on the Pfizer/BioNTeach Covid vaccine’s efficacy and safety, the two main criteria An emergency use authorization request for the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech was expected to be filed with the FDA on Friday, the US government and […]

New album by K-pop megastars BTS offers hope in face of Covid-19 pandemic

[ad_1] Issued on: 20/11/2020 – 11:18 Tens of millions of fans around the world raced to listen to the latest offering from BTS on Friday, as the K-pop sensation dropped their highly anticipated new album to a deluge of excitement. Three hours after “BE” was made available on a simultaneous worldwide release, the video for […]

French mental health ‘deteriorating’ amid lockdown, minister says

[ad_1] Issued on: 19/11/2020 – 20:38 French Health Minister Olivier Véran said Thursday that the mental health of people in France was deteriorating during the second Covid-19 lockdown due to anxiety and uncertainty caused by the pandemic.  The French health minister began his weekly press conference with a sombre assessment of how the virus – and […]

Virus cases surge in Iran, Jordan, Morocco: WHO

[ad_1] Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Iran, Jordan and Morocco have recorded thousands of new COVID-19 infections in recent days, the World Health Organization said Thursday, warning that lockdowns could not stamp out the pandemic. “More than 60 percent of all cases in the past week were reported from three countries—the Islamic Republic of Iran, Jordan […]

T-Wolves pick Edwards first in NBA draft, France’s Hayes seventh overall

[ad_1] Issued on: 19/11/2020 – 17:26 The Minnesota Timberwolves made University of Georgia standout Anthony Edwards the first overall selection in the pandemic-delayed 2020 NBA draft on Wednesday.  The Timberwolves, who finished 19-45 in the coronavirus-disrupted 2020 season, opted for Edwards, who averaged 19 points per game as a freshman, to bolster a roster that […]

French interior minister under fire after mooting curbs on press at protests

[ad_1] Issued on: 19/11/2020 – 16:10 Under fire from press freedom groups over a draft law seeking to limit the filming of police officers on duty, France’s interior minister has drawn further ire by telling journalists wishing to cover demonstrations to alert authorities beforehand.  Gerald Darmanin told a press conference Wednesday that such prior declarations […]

Journalists, human rights groups protest new French security bill banning images of police

[ad_1] Issued on: 18/11/2020 – 09:22Modified: 18/11/2020 – 09:32 French lawmakers on Tuesday began debating a bill that could ban dissemination of images of police officers’ faces, triggering protests in Paris and other French cities against the potential loss of a check against abuses of power. France‘s security forces have long faced accusations of using […]

US to drop drug trafficking charges against former Mexican defence minister

[ad_1] Issued on: 18/11/2020 – 05:01 The US Department of Justice announced plans Tuesday to drop drug trafficking and money laundering charges against a Mexican ex-defense minister in US custody so that Mexico can do its own probe and potentially prosecute him. Acting US attorney for the eastern district of New York Seth DuCharme asked […]

Merkel fails in new curbs bid as virus infections stabilise

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday failed to push through additional curbs to combat the coronavirus, as she said ongoing restrictions have helped to halt a runaway rise in infection numbers. Speaking after talks with the leaders of Germany’s 16 states, Merkel said the country had managed to “break the dynamic […]

These viral videos do not reveal US election fraud as claimed

[ad_1] As President Trump raises doubt about the results of the 2020 US Presidential Election and files lawsuits claiming fraud in numerous states, many social media users have echoed these concerns, posting videos they allege reveal election worker fraud under hashtags like #StopTheSteal. Here are three of the most viral videos claiming to show fraud […]

Populists lose their White House ally

[ad_1] Issued on: 09/11/2020 – 14:32 IN THE PRESS – Monday, November 9, 2020: We continue to look at reactions to Joe Biden’s victory in the US presidential election. The Washington Post warns that while Donald Trump may be leaving the White House, “global Trumpism is far from over”. We also look at two viral […]

what went wrong in the Czech Republic?

[ad_1] Worshippers attend an outdoor mass in Prague. Credit: EPA/Martin Divisek The Czech Republic, which had been praised for its swift response to COVID-19 in the spring, is now topping global charts of new coronavirus infections and deaths per population. Authorities have failed to control new infections since cases started to increase in the summer. […]

Ivory Coast constitutional council ratifies disputed presidential win for Alassane Ouattara

[ad_1] Issued on: 09/11/2020 – 16:01Modified: 09/11/2020 – 16:07 Ivory Coast President Alassane Ouattara won a third term with 94.27% of the vote, final results showed on Monday, after an election that opposition parties largely boycotted and dismissed as illegal.  Main opposition figures are facing criminal charges after denouncing the Oct. 31 vote and creating […]

Trump, who never admits defeat, considers how to keep up fight

[ad_1] President Donald Trump never admits defeat. But he faces a stark choice now that Democrat Joe Biden has won the White House: Concede graciously for the sake of the nation or don’t — and get evicted anyway. After nearly four tortured days of counting yielded a victory for Biden, Trump was still insisting the […]

‘Gladiator’ skippers set sail in Vendée Globe high seas race

[ad_1] Issued on: 08/11/2020 – 15:42 Britain’s Alex Thomson said that the 33 skippers who start the ninth edition of the Vendee Globe race on Sunday will feel like “gladiators” as they slide out of the channel at Les Sables-d’Olonne and on to the high seas.  The approximately 24,296 nautical miles solo non-stop round-the-world race […]

New RA guideline emphasizes maximizing methotrexate and biologics, minimizing steroids

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain The American College of Rheumatology (ACR) will preview its 2020 Guideline for the Management of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) at ACR Convergence, the ACR’s annual meeting. The comprehensive, clinical recommendations for pharmacologic treatment of RA includes important updates to the previous guideline released in 2015. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is the most […]

New juvenile idiopathic arthritis guideline emphasizes disease-modifying treatments

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain The American College of Rheumatology (ACR) will preview the 2021 Guideline for the Treatment of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis at ACR Convergence, the ACR’s annual meeting. The new recommendations address pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic treatments and are the culmination of a two-part update of the ACR’s JIA guidelines published in 2011 and […]

Kosovo’s President Thaci resigns to face war crimes court

[ad_1] Issued on: 05/11/2020 – 13:56Modified: 05/11/2020 – 13:58 Kosovo President Hashim Thaci resigned Thursday to face an indictment from a war crimes court in The Hague, a dramatic downfall for a man who has loomed over the former Serbian province for more than a decade. The 52-year-old said he would step down to “protect […]

Ivory Coast govt accuses opposition of ‘plotting’ against the state

[ad_1] Issued on: 03/11/2020 – 17:08Modified: 03/11/2020 – 17:17 Ivory Coast’s government on Tuesday accused the opposition of “plotting” against the state after it vowed to set up a rival government following bruising presidential elections won in a landslide by the incumbent, Alassane Ouattara. The standoff pitched the West African nation deeper into a three-month-old […]

Ivorians brace for poll results in fiercely contested presidential election

[ad_1] Issued on: 01/11/2020 – 16:24 Ivory Coast officials tallied results Sunday after a tense presidential election marked by an opposition boycott and clashes that killed at least two over President Alassane Ouattara’s bid for a third term.  Scattered unrest, vandalised voting material and some closed polling stations were reported mostly in opposition strongholds during […]