Phase II study shows rucaparib helped control cancer growth in patients with BRCA or PALB2 — ScienceDaily

More than two-thirds of pancreatic cancer patients harboring genetic mutations saw their tumor stop growing or shrink substantially after being switched from intensive chemotherapy to the PARP inhibitor rucaparib as a maintenance therapy, researchers from the Abramson Cancer Center (ACC) at the University of Pennsylvania reported online today in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. The […]

Study confirms racial differences in response to prostate cancer treatment — ScienceDaily

A study designed to enroll an equal number of Black and white men with advanced prostate cancer confirms key findings that have been evident in retrospective analyses and suggest potential new avenues for treating Black patients who disproportionately die of the disease. Researchers at Duke Cancer Institute enrolled 50 Black and 50 white men with […]

More than 40,000 ‘excess deaths’ were recorded in private homes in England and Wales in 2020

More than 40,000 ‘excess deaths’ were recorded in private homes last year but fewer than one in ten were caused by coronavirus, official figures revealed today. Office for National Statistics data showed 166,000 people died at home in England and Wales in 2020, compared to a yearly average of 125,000. Covid was behind just eight […]

Have scientists found the key to beating prostate cancer?

Have scientists found the key to beating prostate cancer? ‘Miracle’ immunotherapy trial targets protein that allows tumours to flourish Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men with 48,500 cases a year Researchers start clinical trials on a protein which may be key to treating them The goal is to unleash cancer-killing white blood […]

Engineering T cells to attack cancer broadly — ScienceDaily

Through T cell engineering, researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University Massey Cancer Center show that it’s possible to arrest tumor growth for a variety of cancers and squash the spread of cancer to other tissues. This research will be published in tomorrow’s print edition of Cancer Research. The paper builds on decades of research by study […]

New urine test could detect aggressive form of prostate cancer missed by as many as 1 in 5 scans 

New urine test could detect aggressive form of prostate cancer often missed by as many as one in five diagnostic scans The University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center has developed a new test called Urine Prostate Seq test (UPSeq) It analyzes 15 specific strands of RNA together and looks for specific genes that are ‘overexpressed’ […]

Novel drug regenerates erectile nerves damaged by prostate surgery — ScienceDaily

Researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine have developed a topical drug that regenerates and restores the function of erectile nerves damaged by radical prostatectomy, the most common treatment for localized prostate cancer. The drug was tested in rats, and the findings were published online today in JCI Insight. “Erectile dysfunction (ED) after radical prostatectomy […]

Gene drug could help erection nerves regrow after prostate cancer surgery, rat study finds

An experimental nerve-growing drug could revolutionise the sex lives of prostate cancer sufferers, scientists say. Thousands of men diagnosed with the disease require drastic treatment to remove the organ, which sits in the pelvis and is about the size of a ping pong ball. But it can damage nerves that control blood supply to the […]

Biden visits Bob Dole following cancer diagnosis

The two had served in the Senate together and Dole is a “close friend” of the President, the White House said. Dole, the 1996 Republican presidential nominee, was one of the key Republicans to say plainly after the November election that Biden had won. “The election is over and (Joe) Biden will be president on […]

For African American men with prostate cancer, decision regret linked to medical mistrust

Medical mistrust is one reason why African American patients are more likely to have regrets about their choice of treatment for prostate cancer, suggests a study in The Journal of Urology, Official Journal of the American Urological Association (AUA). The journal is published in the Lippincott portfolio by Wolters Kluwer. Concerns about masculinity also contribute […]

Prostatakarzinom: Protein µ-Crystallin hemmt das Tumorwachstum

Ein Forschungsteam aus Wien hat in einer genetischen Analyse zahlreicher Prostatakrebs-Gewebeproben gezeig, dass das Protein µ-Crystallin (CRYM) eine wesentliche Rolle beim Wachstum des Tumors spielt. Je mehr von diesem Protein vorhanden ist, desto besser ist die Prognose. Entscheidend ist offenbar die Bindung an das Schilddrüsenhormon T3. Das Prostatakarzinom ist ein hormonabhängiger Tumor, der zumeist mit […]

Common prostate cancer treatment may impair cardiorespiratory fitness, raise risk of CV death

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Prolonged androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) can impair cardiorespiratory fitness and increase risk of cardiovascular death in prostate cancer patients with high risk of cardiovascular disease, according to a study in JACC: CardioOncology. The findings contribute further data supporting the need for cardiovascular disease (CVD) monitoring in patients who are living longer […]

‘Vanished’ or ‘hidden’ prostate cancer? Men with negative biopsies during active surveillance have good outcomes

Can early-stage prostate cancer “vanish” during follow-up? More likely the cancer is just “hidden”—either way, negative biopsies during active surveillance for prostate cancer are associated with excellent long-term outcomes, reports a study in The Journal of Urology, an Official Journal of the American Urological Association (AUA). “For men undergoing active surveillance, negative biopsies indicate low-volume […]

New research reveals potential treatment to delay and manage osteoarthritis

Primary chondrocytes overexpressing HDAC6 genetically were generated via plasmid transfection. The up-regulation of HDAC6 can deacetylate tubulin in the microtubule system, which interferes with spatial arrangement of mitochondria, leading to degradation of the extracellular matrix (ECM) and up-regulation of reactive oxygen species (ROS). Inhibition of enzyme activity of HDAC6 by Tubastatin A reverses these results […]

New insights on a common protein could lead to novel cancer treatments

Killer T cells surround a cancer cell. Credit: NIH A new University of Colorado Boulder-led study sheds light on a protein key to controlling how cells grow, proliferate and function and long implicated in tumor development. The findings, published this week in the journal Genes and Development, could lead not only to new therapies for […]

Epigenetischer Proteinkomplex spielt wichtige Rolle bei aggressivem Prostatakrebs

Im Rahmen einer internationalen Zusammenarbeit haben Forschende der Universität Bern bisher nicht bekannte Schwachstellen von therapieresistentem Prostatakrebs identifizieren können. Diese Erkenntnisse könnten die Entwicklung neuer Therapieansätze für Männer vorantreiben, die an der aggressivsten Form von Prostatakrebs leiden. Prostatakrebs ist mit 78.800 Todesfällen und einer Sterblichkeitsrate von zehn pro 100.000 Einwohner die dritthäufigste krebsbedingte Todesursache von […]

Sexual health often overlooked in cancer survivorship care, especially for female patients

A new study points to a need for oncologists to ask their patients about sexual health after chemotherapy, radiation and other cancer treatments. In a survey of nearly 400 cancer survivors, 87% said they experienced sexual side effects, but most also said their oncologist had not formally asked about them. Female patients were especially unlikely […]

ASTRO-Jahrestagung: Bessere Krankheitskontrolle bei Prostatakrebsrezidiv mit Fluciclovin-PET

Eine Studie des Winship Cancer Institute der Emory University (kurz Winship) hat das Potenzial, die Behandlung von Patienten zu verändern, deren Prostatakrebs nach einer Prostatektomie erneut auftritt. Die Studie wurde heute (26. Oktober ) sowohl in der Plenarsitzung als auch im Presseprogramm der Jahrestagung der American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) vorgestellt. Die “Emory Molecular […]

ASTRO highlights Winship study showing increased failure-free survival in prostate cancer

Credit: CC0 Public Domain A study from Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University (Winship) has the potential to change how patients whose prostate cancer recurs after prostatectomy are treated. The study will be featured in both the plenary session and press program of the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) Annual Meeting on Monday, October […]

Genomic differences may be key to overcoming prostate cancer disparities

Micrograph showing prostatic acinar adenocarcinoma (the most common form of prostate cancer) Credit: Wikipedia Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer among American men after skin cancer, but the disease does not affect all races equally. African American men are nearly two times more likely to develop prostate cancer, and more often have […]

Orales Antiandrogen zeigt sich überlegen

In einer Phase-III-Studie mit Männern mit fortgeschrittenem PCa erreichte der orale GnRH-Antagonist Relugolix eine schnelle und anhaltende Unterdrückung des Testosteronspiegels. Dabei war die Testsubstanz dem injizierbaren GnRH-Agionisten Leuprolid überlegen, mit einem um 54 % geringeren Risiko für schwerwiegende unerwünschte kardiovaskuläre Ereignisse. In der HERO-Studie wurden die Patienten im Verhältnis 2:1 zufällig ausgewählt, 48 Wochen lang Relugolix […]

Doctors May Have Found Secretive New Organs in the Center of Your Head

After millenniums of careful slicing and dicing, it might seem as though scientists have figured out human anatomy. A few dozen organs, a couple hundred bones and connective tissue to tie it all together. But despite centuries of scrutiny, the body is still capable of surprising scientists. A team of researchers in the Netherlands has […]

More prostate cancers are being diagnosed at a later stage

(HealthDay)—While men can take solace in a new government report that shows prostate cancer cases have been declining overall in the past two decades, the same analysis finds that the opposite is true for advanced prostate cancer cases. In fact, the number of cases of cancer that had already spread from the prostate to other […]

Johnson & Johnson pauses Covid-19 vaccine trials after participant becomes ill

Issued on: 13/10/2020 – 04:36 Johnson & Johnson said on Monday it had temporarily paused its COVID-19 vaccine candidate clinical trials due to an unexplained illness in a study participant, delaying one of the highest profile efforts to contain the global pandemic The participant’s illness is being reviewed and evaluated by an independent data and safety monitoring board […]

Adding radiation therapy to prostate cancer surgery has been a tough call. New science eases the dilemma

Credit: CC0 Public Domain One of the thorniest dilemmas posed by prostate cancer is whether, and when, to give radiation therapy—with its potential bad side effects—to men after surgery to remove the prostate gland. Now, three new randomized clinical trials—the gold-standard type of study—and a statistical “meta-analysis” of their results conclude that routinely giving post-surgical […]

Advanced prostate cancer has an unexpected weakness that can be targeted by drugs

SUCLA2 gene is frequently involved in the deletion of RB1 gene region, which occurs in 10 – 30 % of advanced prostate cancers. SUCLA2 deletion gives rise to a metabolic vulnerability. By screening chemical compounds, thymoquinone appeared to selectively kill SUCLA2-deficeint prostate cancer cells. Credit: Kanazawa University The compound thymoquinone (TQ) selectively kills prostate cancer […]

Study offers global review of impact of COVID-19 on cancer treatment and research

This transmission electron microscope image shows SARS-CoV-2—also known as 2019-nCoV, the virus that causes COVID-19. isolated from a patient in the U.S., emerging from the surface of cells cultured in the lab. Credit: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases-Rocky Mountain Laboratories, NIH The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted virtually every aspect of cancer care and […]

Urologists take on the challenges

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Robotic surgery plays a major role in modern management of prostate cancer, bladder cancer, and other conditions treated by urologists. But it also poses some special challenges as hospitals resume elective surgery amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Problems and solutions facing urologic robotic surgery in the era of COVID-19 are reviewed in […]

Advances in ablation for prostate cancer

Micrograph showing prostatic acinar adenocarcinoma (the most common form of prostate cancer) Credit: Wikipedia DEAR MAYO CLINIC: My husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and we are looking at treatment options. One doctor suggested a prostatectomy, but my husband finds ablation appealing because of quality of life advantages. I’ve been reading about ablations and came […]

Gut microbiome may influence how cancer patients respond to oral therapies, study suggests

Brendan Daisley, a PhD candidate at Western University’s Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry who is conducting research at Lawson Health Research Institute Credit: Lawson Health Research Institute A new study from Lawson Health Research Institute and Western University illustrates how the gut microbiome interacts with an oral medication in prostate cancer patients, suggesting bacteria […]

Prostatakrebs: Positive Langzeitdaten mit Ipilimumab-Immuntherapie

Lange Zeit sah es so aus, als könne die Immuntherapie mit Checkpoint-Inhibitoren bei Prostatakrebs, anders als etwa beim Nierenzellkarzinom, wo echte Durchbrüche erzielt wurden, nicht reüssieren. Die Langzeitdaten einer Studie mit Ipilimumab zeigen jetzt aber doch einen deutlichen Erfolg. Der Antikörper verlängerte laut einer internationalen klinischen Phase-III-Studie, die jetzt in “European Urology” veröffentlicht wurde, das […]

Study shows notable outcomes with cryoablation and prostate cancer

Micrograph showing prostatic acinar adenocarcinoma (the most common form of prostate cancer) Credit: Wikipedia A less-invasive treatment technique called hemi-gland cryoablation (HGCryo)—destroying the areas of the prostate where cancers are located by freezing them—provides a high rate of effective prostate cancer control, according to a new study published in The Journal of Urology, Official Journal […]

Breast cancer drug set to transform prostate cancer treatment

Micrograph showing prostatic acinar adenocarcinoma (the most common form of prostate cancer) Credit: Wikipedia A drug used to treat breast and ovarian cancer can extend the lives of some men with prostate cancer and should become a new standard treatment for the disease, concludes a major trial which is set to change clinical practice. Final […]

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