Meditative practice and spiritual wellbeing may preserve cognitive function in aging — ScienceDaily

It is projected that up to 152 million people worldwide will be living with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) by 2050. To date there are no drugs that have a substantial positive impact on either the prevention or reversal of cognitive decline. A growing body of evidence finds that targeting lifestyle and vascular risk factors have a […]

No difference between those who did and didn’t take these drugs for 1-2 years — ScienceDaily

Long term use of prescription meds for insomnia doesn’t seem to improve disturbed sleep in middle-aged women, suggests research published in the online journal BMJ Open. There was no difference in sleep quality or duration between those who did and didn’t take these meds for 1 to 2 years, the findings show. Disturbed sleep — […]

Petting therapy dogs enhances thinking skills of stressed college students — ScienceDaily

For college students under pressure, a dog may be the best stress fighter around. Programs exclusively focused on petting therapy dogs improved stressed-out students’ thinking and planning skills more effectively than programs that included traditional stress-management information, according to new Washington State University research. The study was published today in the journal AERA Open, a […]

Sleeping pills DON’T work as a long-term cure for insomnia, study reveals

Sleeping pills fail to work as a long-term cure for insomnia, a study reveals. Clinical trials have previously indicated the drugs may aid sleep difficulties for up to six months. But researchers say doctors and patients should reconsider their extended use after finding they make no difference after one or two years. They assessed data […]

The Harley Street doctors charging for cannabis treatments 

The smart entrance to the Sapphire Medical Clinic looks much like any other private practice on Harley Street in London. But there is something very different about this one. It’s not the staff — the doctors here are all leading experts with roles as NHS consultants. It’s what they are prescribing that marks them apart. […]

New finding suggests cognitive problems caused by repeat mild head hits could be treated — ScienceDaily

A neurologic pathway by which non-damaging but high frequency brain impact blunts normal brain function and causes long-term problems with learning and memory has been identified. The finding suggests that tailored drug therapy can be designed and developed to reactivate and normalize cognitive function, say neuroscientists at Georgetown University Medical Center. The investigators, working with […]

Babies withms | Daily Mail Online

Babies with stressed parents are more likely to become fat children because their parents might overfeed them or pass on anxiety that triggers comfort eating, study claims Children gained more weight between five and 14 if their father was stressed But the same link was not true between mothers and sons, a UCL study found […]

Can ‘smart coffees’ really boost your brain?

Beyond the welcome caffeine lift, research shows that regularly drinking coffee may help you live longer, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.  But now manufacturers are ‘pimping up’ coffee with everything from added vitamins to brain boosters.  Angela Dowden asked dietitians Noor Al-Refae, based in Doncaster, S. Yorks, and Helen Bond, from Derbyshire, to […]

Covid UK: Nurse, 41, who died was one of thousands of brave NHS workers from Philippines

At the height of the initial Covid outbreak in March last year, Leilani Medel, a 41-year-old mum, posted a picture of herself and her 13-year-old daughter Carmina on her Facebook page with the caption: ‘Don’t ask me to stay home, I’m a nurse! We fight when others can’t any more.’ Leilani, who lived in Bridgend, […]

BBC technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones is using AI to monitor his Parkinson’s

Navigating the kitchen of his West London home to collect his pill tray, his right foot drags slightly — a symptom, along with his shaking hand, of the Parkinson’s which Rory, 63, was diagnosed with in January 2019 As his right hand starts to tremble with increasing urgency, veteran BBC correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones glances at it […]

The 2021 hay fever survival guide

Millions suffer from hay fever, and many will be acutely aware that the time of sneezes, itchy eyes and runny noses is upon us.  With warnings that the hay fever season is getting longer and worsening — and concerns about the confusing similarity between hay fever and Covid symptoms — here, experts explain everything you […]

DR ELLIE CANNON: Who will end my son’s 24-year migraine misery?  

My 33-year-old son has suffered migraines since he was nine. Attacks usually last three to four hours and symptoms include vomiting with extreme headache and light sensitivity, followed by about 20 hours of sleep.  Over the years we’ve seen GPs and he’s been advised to take paracetamol, which he can’t even keep down. One attack lasted […]

The ‘acid’ jab that may beat back pain for good

A once-in-a-lifetime jab may treat back pain. In a new trial, injections of lactic acid — a syrup-like substance formed in sour milk and found naturally in our bodies — are being given to 120 patients with lower back pain caused by disc problems. The researchers say that the jab will make the discs, which […]

One cup of leafy greens a day lowers risk of heart disease, study says

Eating just one cup of raw vegetables daily, such as leafy greens like spinach, boosts your cardiovascular health, a new study reveals. In a sample of over 50,000 people, the biggest eaters of nitrate-rich vegetables had lower blood pressure and up to 26 per cent lower risk of heart disease, experts found.  Just one cup is […]

Epilepsy research reveals why sleep increases risk of sudden death — ScienceDaily

New research from the University of Virginia School of Medicine reveals why sleep can put people with epilepsy at increased risk of sudden death. Both sleep and seizures work together to slow the heart rate, the researchers found. Seizures also disrupt the body’s natural regulation of sleep-related changes. Together, in some instances, this can prove […]

Health: Getting too much OR too little sleep can increase your risk of heart disease

People who get six to seven hours of sleep per night are less likely to die of a heart attack or stroke than those who get more or less shut-eye, a study has concluded. Researchers from the US studied data on the sleep habits and cardiovascular health of more than 14,000 people, looking to see who […]

Students working/studying from home sleep later but not longer, according to new study — ScienceDaily

New research from Simon Fraser University suggests that students learning remotely become night owls but do not sleep more despite the time saved commuting, working or attending social events. The study, led by psychology professor Ralph Mistlberger, Andrea Smit and Myriam Juda, at SFU’s Circadian Rhythms and Sleep Lab, compared self-reported data on sleep habits […]

How bullying and obesity can affect girls’ and boys’ mental health — ScienceDaily

Depressive symptoms are more common in teenage girls than in their male peers. However, boys’ mental health appears to be affected more if they suffer from obesity. Irrespective of gender, bullying is a considerably greater risk factor than overweight for developing depressive symptoms. These conclusions are drawn by researchers at Uppsala University who monitored adolescents […]

Mail on Sunday launches campaign urging NHS bosses to let us all see our GPs face to face again

If there is one story which encapsulates the distress of families as GPs remain behind closed doors during this pandemic, then this is it. And to health chiefs who continue to insist patients should only be seen face-to-face where absolutely necessary, it should serve as a warning shot: to open up ALL surgeries again, or […]

Sleep disorders tally $94.9 billion in health care costs each year — ScienceDaily

Sleep disorders are associated with significantly higher rates of health care utilization, conservatively placing an additional $94.9 billion in costs each year to the United States health care system, according to a new study from researchers at Mass Eye and Ear, a member hospital of Mass General Brigham. In their new analysis, published in the […]

Child obesity cases treated in hospital have more than doubled in two years, figures show 

Child obesity cases treated in NHS hospitals have more than doubled in two years and tripled since 2014 Number of babies and toddlers treated in hospital for obesity more than doubled in two years Obesity contributory factor in 1,087 patients aged four and under last year The figure has more than tripled from 336 in […]

DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Can eating too much be a sign your body lacks nutrients?

For most people, the past 12 months have been really tough, but some businesses have thrived — it seems 2020 was a fantastic year for supplement manufacturers, with nearly £500 million in UK sales, up a record 14 per cent compared with 2019. We swallowed their products in record numbers partly because we’re all more […]

Hooked on the ANXIETY pills experts are calling the new VALIUM

Sharon Davies has a simple message for anyone whose GP recommends they start taking the drug pregabalin to deal with anxiety. ‘Don’t,’ she says. ‘Please, just don’t.’ During the two years she spent on the drug, Sharon experienced a range of ‘unbearable’ side-effects, including dizzy spells, mental ‘fuzziness’ and extreme weight gain. Then, in July […]

Neural implant monitors multiple brain areas at once, provides new neuroscience insights — ScienceDaily

How do different parts of the brain communicate with each other during learning and memory formation? A new study by researchers at the University of California San Diego takes a first step at answering this fundamental neuroscience question. The study was made possible by developing a neural implant that monitors the activity of different parts […]

Men’s loneliness linked to an increased risk of cancer — ScienceDaily

A recent study by the University of Eastern Finland shows that loneliness among middle-aged men is associated with an increased risk of cancer. According to the researchers, taking account of loneliness and social relationships should thus be an important part of comprehensive health care and disease prevention. The findings were published in Psychiatry Research. “It […]

Research shows consuming prebiotic supplements once a day has a positive impact on anxiety levels — ScienceDaily

In a paper published in the journal Scientific Reports, researchers from Surrey investigated whether the daily consumption of a prebiotic food supplement could improve overall wellbeing in a group of 18 to 25 year-olds. The study found that those who received a daily dose of prebiotics improved mental wellbeing by reducing anxiety levels and had […]

the best time trade-offs for children’s health — ScienceDaily

More sleep could offset children’s excess indulgence over the school holidays as new research from the University of South Australia shows that the same decline in body mass index may be achieved by either extra sleep or extra exercise. The striking new finding is part of a study that shows how children can achieve equivalent […]

New model may explain the mystery of asymmetry in Parkinson’s disease — ScienceDaily

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is characterized by slowness of movement and tremors, which often appear asymmetrically in patients. The new model of PD described in this review article published in the Journal of Parkinson’s Disease may explain these perplexing asymmetrical motor symptoms and other known variations such as different degrees of constipation and sleep disorders. PD […]

Research delves into link between test anxiety and poor sleep — ScienceDaily

College students across the country struggle with a vicious cycle: Test anxiety triggers poor sleep, which in turn reduces performance on the tests that caused the anxiety in the first place. New research from the University of Kansas just published in the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine is shedding light on this biopsychosocial process that […]

‘Jelly’ that could renew damaged knee joints

An injection of jelly could help treat worn-out joints. Scientists hope the jab, using jelly found in donated umbilical cords, will stimulate the growth of cushioning cartilage once injected into the knees of patients with osteoarthritis. Tests on animals suggest the jelly — called Wharton’s jelly — can potentially reverse damage to joints caused by […]

More belly weight increases danger of heart disease even if BMI does not indicate obesity — ScienceDaily

People with abdominal obesity and excess fat around the body’s mid-section and organs have an increased risk of heart disease even if their body mass index (BMI) measurement is within a healthy weight range, according to a new Scientific Statement from the American Heart Association published today in the Association’s flagship journal, Circulation. “This scientific […]

Major study details numerous long-term effects of COVID-19, pointing to massive health burden — ScienceDaily

As the COVID-19 pandemic has progressed, it has become clear that many survivors — even those who had mild cases — continue to manage a variety of health problems long after the initial infection should have resolved. In what is believed to be the largest comprehensive study of long COVID-19 to date, researchers at Washington […]

Shift-work causes negative impacts on health, affects men and women differently — ScienceDaily

Shift-work and irregular work schedules can cause several health-related issues and affect our defence against infection, according to new research from the University of Waterloo. These health-related issues occur because the body’s natural clock, called the circadian clock, can be disrupted by inconsistent changes in the sleep-wake schedule and feeding patterns often caused by shift […]

Disrupted sleep is linked to increased risk of early death, particularly in women — ScienceDaily

For the first time, a study has shown a clear link between the frequency and duration of unconscious wakefulness during night-time sleep and an increased risk of dying from diseases of the heart and blood vessels, and death from any cause, particularly in women. The study of 8001 men and women, which is published today […]

Dr MAI THI NGUYEN-KIM on the hidden chemistry that rules our lives and loves

As a chemist, sometimes I feel like the mother of an ugly child whose beauty only I can see ‘Chemistry’ is more than just a throwaway word when discussing relationships. In fact, it is key not only to what’s going on around us but also inside our bodies, as a compelling new book explains.  Written […]

Are you suffering from pain-somnia and waking up in agony? Here’s how to beat it

Crying children, noisy neighbours, a weak bladder — the things that can wake us in the night are numerous. But for some, there is another troubling cause — pain. Painsomnia is a medical condition where people go to bed in relative comfort but as they sleep their pain builds and wakes them up. The number […]

Heart health of shift workers linked to body clock — ScienceDaily

Working hours that deviate from an individual’s natural body clock are associated with greater cardiovascular risk, according to research presented at ESC Preventive Cardiology 2021, an online scientific congress of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC). “Our study found that for each hour the work schedule was out of sync with an employee’s body clock, […]

Mother who was given five per cent chance of survival loses four limbs

A brave mother who had four limbs amputated and was given a five per cent chance of surviving after contracting sepsis admits she ‘wished she was dead’ due to the illness. Allison Friday, 56, from Hartlepool, County Durham, was put into a coma in February last year and her family was told to prepare for the […]

Simple snoring cure could also slash risk of dementia by more than a third, researchers say 

Simple snoring cure could also slash risk of dementia by more than a third, researchers say US researchers conducted a study to find out if treating heavy snorers meant they were less likely to get dementia  The treatment – Continuous Positive Airway Pressure – involves wearing a mask a night connected to a machine that […]

Si mund të flini pak orë dhe, kur të zgjoheni – ndjeheni energjik dhe produktiv

“Sleep hacking” është mërmëritja në një luginë dhe një mendje teknologjike, profesionistët betohen se kjo është një nga metodat më të pakta që i përafron Metodat janë ekstreme, por ato funksionojnë, thotë Sarrah Maber… Shumica prej nesh pëlqen të qëndrojë, të ketë më shumë orë pushim. Për fat të keq, shpesh kjo do të thotë […]

How Big Brother star was released from hospital 12 hours before she died weighing less than 31kg

Tragic Big Brother star Nikki Grahame was the victim of a series of care failures that led to her ‘entirely avoidable’ death from anorexia, those closest to the 38-year-old have claimed. They have also revealed Nikki’s ‘desperate struggle’ to get treatment over the last six months, during which time she was discharged from hospital twice […]

‘Safe’ Z-drug sleeping tablets given to MILLIONS each year are as addictive as Valium

Zopiclone is the so-called ‘safer’ sleeping pill dished out by doctors to millions of Britons each year.  When it was launched in the 1990s, it was touted as a user-friendly alternative to older and notoriously addictive tranquillisers. And in the short-term, zopiclone causes few problems. Indeed, it can be a lifeline to those battling the […]

The NHS failings that cost Nikki Grahame her life

Tragic Big Brother star Nikki Grahame was the victim of a series of NHS care failures that led to her ‘entirely avoidable’ death from anorexia, those closest to the 38-year-old have claimed. They have also revealed Nikki’s ‘desperate struggle’ to get treatment over the last six months, during which time she was discharged from hospital […]

DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Should doctors now prescribe dummy pills to ease pain?

How would you feel if you went to see your GP with severe pain caused by a bad back or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and you were told they had just the thing to help — a placebo; a pill containing nothing but rice flour or sugar. That possibility has come closer, thanks to a […]

Medical student, 21, died a day after getting J&J vaccine

John Foley, 21 (pictured), a student at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio received the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine on Saturday and was discovered by his roommates on Sunday Officials are investigating the death of a University of Cincinnati student one day after receiving the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine.  John Foley, 21, a […]

How to gain a sense of well-being, free and online — ScienceDaily

In 2018, when Professor Laurie Santos introduced her course “Psychology and the Good Life,” a class on the science of happiness, it became the most popular in the history of Yale, attracting more than 1,200 undergraduate enrollees that first semester. An online course based on those teachings became a global phenomenon. By latest count, 3.38 […]

Woman with brain tumour fell pregnant before drugs would have made it impossible

A woman who delayed her chemotherapy and radiotherapy to travel the world fell pregnant naturally just months before her treatment would have made it impossible. Carly Beasley, 33, from Chippenham, Wiltshire, delayed her chemotherapy to travel the world with her husband Kris, 34, after her slow-growing, incurable brain tumour, called a oligodendroglioma, was removed. And just […]

Brother shares his pain after losing ‘completely healthy’ sister, 19, to Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

A brother who lost his ‘completely healthy’ 19-year-old sister to Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) is calling for more routine screening of young people to prevent further tragedies. Patrick Mead, 18, from Frome, Somerset, was 17 when his mother made the harrowing discovery his sibling Lauren had passed away in her sleep after suffering an […]

Study links structural brain changes to behavioral problems in children who snore — ScienceDaily

A large study of children has uncovered evidence that behavioral problems in children who snore may be associated with changes in the structure of their brain’s frontal lobe. The findings support early evaluation of children with habitual snoring (snoring three or more nights a week). The research, published in Nature Communications, was supported by the […]

Why some of us are hungry all the time — ScienceDaily

New research shows that people who experience big dips in blood sugar levels, several hours after eating, end up feeling hungrier and consuming hundreds more calories during the day than others. A study published today in Nature Metabolism, from PREDICT, the largest ongoing nutritional research program in the world that looks at responses to food […]

Eat your way to a dreamy sleep: The secret to a good night’s rest lies in the ‘brain’ in your gut

What you eat and when you eat it has an enormous effect on your body clock, your sleep and, by extension, how many years you will live.  By ‘eat’ we mean pretty much anything you take in — food, beverages, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, medication, herbal remedies and supplements. Each play a role in either keeping […]

How Chile’s new Covid spike proves England’s cautious roadmap is the right route out of this crisis

Things are going according to plan. Despite a few wobbles about vanishingly small blood-clot risks, our vaccine rollout charges forward. And tomorrow we will enter the next phase of our roadmap to freedom. But at the Downing Street press conference last Monday, England’s Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty was circumspect. Moving ‘steadily’ was key, he […]

Gold dust in your contact lenses could help colour blindness, research shows 

Contact lenses made with millions of gold nanoparticles, no bigger than a speck of dust, could combat a common type of colour blindness. These ‘gold dust’ particles filter out certain wavelengths of light, so the brain can distinguish between different colours, particularly reds and greens, more easily. Around one in 12 men and one in […]

Health remedies by Royal appointment: Harry’s ring to improve sleep and Kate’s bug-resistant gloves

Both the Duchess of Cambridge and the Queen wear gloves from Cornelia James, some of which are made from fabric treated with an anti-microbial coating called HeiQ Viroblock Cornelia James Imogen Gloves are seen above We all have our favourite products we rely on for our health needs — and the Royal Family is no […]

DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Stand on one leg to brush your teeth!

My son Daniel revels in it, but for me, that daily shower — or rather, the 40-second blast of pure cold water at the end — is something I rather dread. Of course, the discomfort is momentary, and afterwards I feel alert and ready for the day.  This is one of ten really simple things, […]

Transwoman forced to have testicle removed after years of tucking

A transgender woman needed to have one of her testicles removed because of her habit of ‘tucking’ – made famous through hit TV show Ru Paul’s Drag Race. The unidentified 24-year-old, from the Philippines, had not yet undergone full gender reassignment surgery. The avid cross-dresser pushed her testicles back into her stomach four times a […]

LIBBY GALVIN: Can these gadgets REALLY turn you into a sleeping beauty?

Sleep for sale! is the flashing image I see in my mind’s eye when I look at the growing range of sleep trackers on the market Sleep for sale! is the flashing image I see in my mind’s eye when I look at the growing range of sleep trackers on the market. These devices, from wristbands […]

Are my blocked gut and hair loss linked? DR MARTIN SCURR answers your health questions

My hair has been falling out for well over a year, even though I’ve spoken to a trichologist. Two years ago I became constipated and, after trying various medications, my consultant says there is nothing more he can do. Is my hair loss caused by my poor bowel health? Pauline Tuckley, via email. The two […]

Why 2020 was the year of marvellous medicine

A year ago, the world was in the grip of a deadly and, seemingly, unstoppable virus and the UK went into its first lockdown.  Since then, vaccines and life-saving drugs to counter Covid have been the focus of international attention.  But the past year has also seen major developments in treatments for cancer, diabetes, multiple […]

£28 memory foam pillow supports neck AND encourages natural alignment of the spine

This ‘game-changing’ memory foam pillow that supports your neck AND encourages the natural alignment of your spine is on sale for under £30 By Emily Knott For Mailonline Published: 07:22 EDT, 6 April 2021 | Updated: 08:23 EDT, 6 April 2021 Products featured in this Mail Best article are independently selected by our shopping writers. […]

Late night snacks may hurt your workplace performance, study finds — ScienceDaily

A recent study finds that unhealthy eating behaviors at night can make people less helpful and more withdrawn the next day at work. “For the first time, we have shown that healthy eating immediately affects our workplace behaviors and performance,” says Seonghee “Sophia” Cho, corresponding author of the study and an assistant professor of psychology […]

My sister was a devoted doctor… but I couldn’t help her heal herself

‘I was 18 months older but my cheeky little sister was the leader,’ says Esther, who is now 31. ‘She was confident and fiercely intelligent, with a smile that lit up a room’. Esther is pictured left while Rebecca is pictured right As children, Esther and Rebecca Marshall were often mistaken for twins.  ‘I was […]

Study findings may help explain patients’ complaints of poor concentration and other cognitive symptoms that accompany sinusitis — ScienceDaily

The millions of people who have chronic sinusitis deal not only with stuffy noses and headaches, they also commonly struggle to focus, and experience depression and other symptoms that implicate the brain’s involvement in their illness. New research links sinus inflammation with alterations in brain activity, specifically with the neural networks that modulate cognition, introspection […]

Blood test for depression, bipolar disorder — ScienceDaily

Worldwide, 1 in 4 people will suffer from a depressive episode in their lifetime. While current diagnosis and treatment approaches are largely trial and error, a breakthrough study by Indiana University School of Medicine researchers sheds new light on the biological basis of mood disorders, and offers a promising blood test aimed at a precision […]

Pandemia shënoi rritje të numrit të personave me insomnia

Altina Marmullaku Insomnia është çrregullim i gjumit. Edhe pse shpesh e dëgjojmë insomnin si sëmundje, ky është vetëm një çrregullim i cili i ndodh organizmit tonë për arsye të ndryshme, por e cila mund të trajtohet dhe të përmisohet me kohë. Mirëpo, për trajtimin e këtij çrregullimi duhet të dimë simptomat se si paraqitet dhe […]

Në prill mbahet testi pilot për PISA, njohësit e arsimit s’ presin rezultate të mira

Dy mijë e 240 nxënës nga 40 shkolla në nivel vendi janë përzgjedhur për të marrë pjesë në testin pilot për PISA 2022, i cili testim pilot do të organizohet nga 20 prilli i këtij viti. Ndonëse testi final do të mbahet një vit më vonë, njohës të arsimit thonë se s’ presin rezultate pozitive […]

Sëmundja e shoqërisë moderne, ortosomnia

Teknologjitë moderne s’ sjellin vetëm gjëra pozitive në jetën tonë! Ortosomnia paraqet probleme të ndryshme me gjumin të shkaktuara nga teknologjia, përkatësisht aplikacionet të cilat matin cilësinë e jetës sonë dhe ndjekin gjumin tonë! Tingëllon kontradiktore, e dimë, mirëpo aplikacionet e ndryshme të cilat shënojnë kur dhe sa flemë gjumë, dhe cila është cilësia e […]

Andrew Cuomo: New York governor faces new allegations that threaten his political future

The new sexual harassment allegation emerged Saturday evening in an article in the New York Times. Charlotte Bennett, a 25-year-old former executive assistant and health policy adviser to Cuomo, told the newspaper that during one of several uncomfortable encounters, Cuomo asked her questions about her sex life during a conversation in his State Capitol office […]

Social media rallies thousands to sign up for bone marrow in effort to help a mother and son team beat cancer

For California mom Kimberly Crompton, the painful realization “hit like a ton of bricks.” Breathless, shocked, and overwhelmed, Crompton tells CNN she could not believe what doctors were saying on the other side of the phone. For over a year, this mom of three has been in a fierce race against time to save her […]

Dog Supplies You Need, According to Vets

(CNN) —   Bringing home the new canine addition to your family is fun and exciting. It also comes with questions, especially if this is your first go-round as a pet parent. The big one is: What do I need to buy? The array of options can be overwhelming, rivaling the amount of gear available […]

Alexey Navalny has been transferred to a penal colony, Russian prison service says

The exact location and name of the penal colony was not revealed but Alexander Kalashnikov of Russia’s federal penitentiary service (FSIN) told reporters: “According to the court’s decision, he left to where he currently should be. Everything is done within the framework of the law and the current legislation.” Kalashnikov added Navalny will be kept […]

Traumatized and tired, nurses are quitting due to the pandemic

For 10 of her 12 years in nursing, Ellsworth was an indefatigable intensive care nurse. The work energized her, and she felt privileged to witness some of the most important moments of people’s lives, when their worlds shifted for better or worse. Though she did all she could to save them, she also found purpose […]

US coronavirus: US health leaders are preparing for all scenarios — including another wave of Covid-19 cases

But now is no time to let up on safety measures — for several reasons — according to experts. More than 54,000 people remain hospitalized with the virus nationwide, according to the COVID Tracking Project. And more than 57,000 Covid-19 deaths have been recorded this month alone. On Wednesday, California became the first state to […]

Treadly review: We tried the foldable treadmill

(CNN) —   Just when you thought you couldn’t spend another minute inside your own home, meet a new home fitness product that actually makes you want to: Treadly. For background: I’m a walker. I’ve been walking for exercise since I was a teen. I have been known to walk, walk, walk up to 10 […]

Sympathy gift ideas – CNN Underscored

(CNN) —   Current circumstances make losing a loved one even more complicated and isolating than usual. Those dealing with loss right now have the added burdens of not being able to say a proper goodbye at the hospital or to honor the deceased at an in-person memorial. We also can’t support those most directly […]

8 ways to fall back asleep after waking in the night

Then before you know it, your mind is flooded with things you forgot to do, worries over finances or reliving an unpleasant experience you planned to forget. Sleep is a lost cause — or is it? Here are eight tips from sleep and anxiety experts on how to shut down that whirling dervish of a […]

Pandemic stress is causing paranoia

“What do you need it for? What are you going to do with it?” my colleague asked me, Zoom eyes wide with fear. “Whoa there,” I wanted to say. There was no need to get concerned. I had simply asked a coworker for a straightforward piece of information that in normal times would have evoked […]

This 29-year-old cancer survivor is set to be the youngest American ever in space

“I remember laughing,” Arceneaux told CNN Business. “And then, I just said — ‘Yes! Yes, like, put my name down.’” Arceneaux will be one of four crew members on Inspiration 4, the first spaceflight to take a group composed entirely of civilians — not professional astronauts — on a multi-day journey to orbit the Earth. […]

Best comforters of 2021 – CNN Underscored

(CNN) —   In a time when many are finding it harder to get quality sleep, the right bedding — including the perfect down comforter — can truly make a difference between a great night sleep and a tossy-turny night. To find the best comforter that will give you that ideal night’s sleep, CNN Underscored […]

Best alarm clocks of 2021

(CNN) —   Having an alarm clock may seem outdated with your smartphone’s endless number of tones and apps available to wake you up. But using your phone before you tuck in can lead to lower-quality sleep and, let’s be honest, don’t you rely on your phone for enough already? So if you want to […]

Best leggings of 2021 – CNN Underscored

(CNN) —   Chances are, if you’re reading this you’ve gone through your fair share of leggings over the years — and perhaps you’re looking for a new go-to pair to suit your needs. Easier said than done in an oversaturated market and when buying them online before trying them out for size, we know. […]

With power outages across Texas, residents worry, wait and make do

What the San Antonio, Texas, resident is most concerned about right now though, is his wife’s health — she had a stroke last year, her second in three years, and is still recovering. “She’s got terrible breathing problems obviously,” he said. On Wednesday, millions across Texas were still without power, trying their best to stay […]

Hydaway: The collapsible water bottle that fits in your pocket

(CNN) —   2021 is officially in full swing, and whether you’ve stuck to your resolutions or not, there’s still time to get the new year off to a good start. Whether you’re trying to exercise more, get better sleep, or drink less alcohol, 2020 has taught us that looking after ourselves is critical. If […]

Best online sales right now

(CNN) —   Today, you’ll find a deal on the popular Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up Light, a discounted Roomba robotic vacuum and savings on bidets at The Home Depot. All that and more below. PHOTO: Amazon iRobot Roomba i6+ Robotic Vacuum Hands-off cleaners will appreciate this deal on a Roomba i6+ robotic vacuum at Amazon. With […]

Whoop Strap 3.0 review – CNN Underscored

(CNN) —   With the start of a new year, it’s an opportune time to leave behind all the negative energy from 2020 and start anew with healthy habits. Working out and getting your body more fit is always one of the most popular resolutions; in fact, last year, 50% of US adults wanted to […]

Mattress sales: Presidents Day 2021

(CNN) —   Sure, daily exercise, eating your vegetables, drinking lots of water and taking time for self-care are all key to a healthy lifestyle. But don’t discount the power of a restful night’s sleep. After all, researchers have found good sleep is not only vital to a person’s well-being, but it can also lower […]

Presidents Day Sales 2021 – CNN Underscored

(CNN) —   Another long weekend, another set of sales to shop — and these deals are worthy of the highest office in the land. Presidents Day weekend means dozens of discounts on everything you’ve been waiting to buy, from mattresses and kitchen appliances to fashion, furniture and electronics. The sales listed below have our […]

Furniture sales: Presidents Day 2021

(CNN) —   When you’re sick of staring at the same old sofa you’ve had since moving into your first apartment, dealing with a sore neck after so many months spent hunched over your laptop at your dining room table/workstation or, speaking of that table, dream daily of replacing it with something new, it’s time […]

Dodow sleep aid review – CNN Underscored

(CNN) —   If you’re like myself and countless others, you may have trouble falling asleep at night. Dodow is looking to change that, one insomniac at a time, with its sleep aid that focuses on calm breathing. The device aims to help you relax and clear your mind as you prepare to fall asleep. […]

pini ujë për gjumë të mjaftueshëm

Shumë njerëz s’ flenë sa duhet dhe një studim i fundit pohon që britaniku mesatar flen vetëm gjashtë orë gjatë natës, shkruan The Independent. Arsyet për netët pa gjumë variojnë, me raste janë të lidhura me probleme të fshehta psikologjike, por një studim i ri pohon që kjo ka të bëjë edhe me mos konsumim […]

Pandemia ktheu shtratin në hapësirë pune

Susan Booth, shitëse pronash në Yorkshire të Britanisë së Madhe, s’ shqetësohet as për t’u veshur. Në vend të kësaj, ajo i bën vetes dy filxhanë çaj (për të kursyer ngjitjen dhe zbritjen e shkallëve), vesh bluzën e saj të preferuar gri, bën laptopin gati dhe nga dritarja shikon diellin duke lindur mbi Swaledale. “Kur […]

“Korona-somnia”, fenomeni i pagjumësisë që e shkakton jeta me Covid-19

Ky fenomen i ka goditur njerëzit në të gjithë botën. Janë shfaqur përherë e më shumë raste të pagjumësisë të ndërlidhura me stresin e jetës gjatë pandemisë. Vetëm në Mbretërinë e Bashkuar, një studim i gushtit të 2020-s nga Universiteti i Southamptonit ka treguar se numri i personave që kanë shfaqur probleme me gjumin është […]

Probleme me pagjumësinë? Një listë me aplikacione që ju vijnë në ndihmë!

Pagjumësia ose një gjumë i çrregullt mund të ndikojnë në shëndetin tuaj fizik dhe mendor si dhe produktivitetin tuaj gjatë ditës Të mësuarit për modelet tuaja të gjumit mund të jetë çelësi i një fillimi të mbarë. Healthline ka përzgjedhur një listë me disa prej aplikacioneve më të mira për Android dhe iPhone. Sleep Cycle […]

Mungesa e gjumit jua dëmton rëndë shëndetin

Në botën moderne Perëndimore, mungesa e gjumit është dukuri e zakonshme. Sidoqoftë, hulumtimet e reja tregojnë se kjo dukuri shkakton rrezik serioz shëndetësor. Në SHBA, Qendrat për Kontrollin e Sëmundjeve kanë vlerësuar se përgjatë shekullit të fundit njerëzit kanë humbur 1.5 deri në 2 orë gjumi si pasojë e sistemit të jetës, dhe më shumë […]

Joint inflammation So You: The Best Way To Treat Your Symptoms

It may be really hard to determine what can really do away with your joint inflammation with the amount of treatment methods offered. This post contains ideas which can be used to get the best and most knowledgeable choice. Go over your joint disease using the younger individuals your family. Small kids could be concerned […]

Seeking Anti-Growing older Ideas? Verify These Out!

Everyone wants to era gracefully. But that isn’t easy to perform. It’s tough to have a vibrant visual appeal without having done things that could make you appearance and feel a little less like on your own. In this post, you’ll find some very nice tips concerning how to maintain looking wonderful while you become […]

Zbuloni Shtatë Arsyet pse Zgjoheni të Lodhur nga Gjumi i Natës

Gjumi është një proçes që ndihmon automatikisht çlodhjen e trupit dhe trupit. Ky proçes rigjenerimi mendor dhe fizik zgjat mesatarisht nga 7 deri në 8 orë. Pas një gjumi të gjatë ju sigurisht prisni të zgjoheni të rifreskuar dhe energjik, por jo gjithnjë ndodh kështu. Me siguri i mbani mend rastet kur jeni zgjuar më […]

Here’s an idea to float—a space-ready sleeping bag to keep blood moving

A sleeping bag attached to a vacuum cleaner might not sound like the stuff giant leaps are made of. But researchers using just that have taken at least a small step toward solving a serious problem for space travelers. The problem is the way blood behaves in the absence of gravity. When you’re standing up […]

Many of us are stress eating because of the pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted everyday life, isolated people from friends and family, and spawned an economic crisis. On top of all that, it has also affected people’s mental and physical health. A global survey conducted earlier this year confirms what many have already experienced firsthand: The virus and resulting lockdowns led to dramatic changes […]

Covid ‘Long-Haulers’ Need Medical Attention, Experts Urge

Dr. John Brooks, the chief medical officer of the C.D.C.’s Covid response, the co-chairman with Dr. Haag of one session, said he expected long-term post-Covid symptoms would affect “on the order of tens of thousands in the United States and possibly hundreds of thousands.” He added, “If you were to ask me what do we […]