TSA will require masks on planes, buses and trains through September 13

Americans will have to keep wearing masks on all public transit including planes, trains and buses, the federal Transportation Security Authority (TSA) announced Friday.  The prior mandate, which applies to all public transportation, was set to expire in May.  Last week, officials said they were debating whether or not to reinstate a mask mandate on […]

Diseases affect brain’s networks selectively, BrainMap analysis affirms — ScienceDaily

The brain possesses a complex architecture of functional networks as its information-processing machinery. Is the brain’s network architecture itself a target of disease? If so, which networks are associated with which diseases? What can this tell us about the underlying causes of brain disorders? Building on the extraordinary progress in neuroscience made over the past […]

Hepatitis C drugs combined with Remdesivir show strong effectiveness against COVID-19, study finds — ScienceDaily

A combination of remdesivir, a drug currently approved in the United States for treating COVID-19 patients, and repurposed drugs for hepatitis C virus (HCV) was 10 times more effective at inhibiting SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. The combination therapy points a way toward a treatment for unvaccinated people who become infected, as well as […]

Research shows exposure to high temperatures can neutralize the virus, preventing it from infecting another human host — ScienceDaily

Arum Han, professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Texas A&M University, and his collaborators have designed an experimental system that shows exposure of SARS-CoV-2 to a very high temperature, even if applied for less than a second, can be sufficient to neutralize the virus so that it can no longer infect […]

US vaccination sites closing down in at least seven states amid falling demand

At least seven vaccination sites across the U.S. are closing amid falling demand for COVID-19 shots.   A Kaiser Family Foundation report warned this week that the U.S. is approaching a ‘tipping point’: most people who were eager to get vaccinated already have been.  As of Friday, just shy of 42 percent of Americans – and […]

TSA is debating whether to extend mask mandate on public transportation

TSA is debating whether to extend mask mandate on planes, buses and other public transportation before rule ends next month An official told CNN that the TSA is consulting experts on whether to extend the federal mask  mandate for public transit  The three-month Biden administration order was issued in February and is set to expire next […]

‘Information theory’ recruited to help scientists find cancer genes — ScienceDaily

Using a widely known field of mathematics designed mainly to study how digital and other forms of information are measured, stored and shared, scientists at Johns Hopkins Medicine and Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center say they have uncovered a likely key genetic culprit in the development of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). ALL is the most […]

Covid variants are blamed for spike in cases in some states while infections decline in Texas

More than half of American adults have now had at least their first dose of coronavirus vaccine, and there are promising signs the shots are working: Plummeting average daily death numbers over the past week.  The seven-day rolling average of fatalities has fallen by a quarter to 737 compared to seven days ago when 987 […]

Covid US: Cases continue to hover around 70k per day as 33 states report increases

The number of Americans being diagnosed with COVID-19 continues to hover around 70,000 a day amid fears reopening measures are fueling infections, and concerns that vaccinations are not being administered quickly enough to lower case numbers.   On Thursday, the U.S. recorded 74,289 new cases of COVID-19 with a seven-day rolling average of 70,484, which marks […]

Duket e pabesueshme, por në Tokë kanë jetuar 2.6 miliardë individë të llojit T-Rex!

Studiuesit kanë bërë një përllogaritje të popullatës së Tiranosaurve Rex, species me madhësi sa një autobus, që ka jetuar 2.4 milionë vjet më parë në Amerikën Veriore. Sipas analizës së studiuesve, numri i përgjithshëm i  T.Rex arrin në 2.6 miliardë. Përllogaritja është bërë duke marrë parasysh faktorë si madhësinë e diapazonit gjeografik, masën trupore, modelin […]

Watch-sized device analyses SWEAT to spot signs of the deadly ‘cytokine storm’

A device the size of a watch can analyse sweat and spot signs of an impending, and deadly, cytokine storm that is caused by Covid-19 and other infections. The phenomenon happens when chemicals in the bloodstream, called cytokines, multiply rapidly and run out of control.  These small chemicals are designed to restrict and control the […]

New model proves successful in predicting COVID-19 infection rates two to three weeks in advance — ScienceDaily

A new study by Texas A&M University researchers published in PLOS ONE details a new model for making short-term projections of daily COVID-19 cases that is accurate, reliable and easily used by public health officials and other organizations. Led by Hongwei Zhao, professor of biostatistics at the Texas A&M School of Public Health, researchers used […]

An evolutionary history of compromises — ScienceDaily

Evolutionary anthropologists from the University of Vienna and colleagues now present evidence for a different explanation, published in PNAS. A larger bony pelvic canal is disadvantageous for the pelvic floor’s ability to support the fetus and the inner organs and predisposes one to incontinence. The human pelvis is simultaneously subject to obstetric selection, favoring a […]

Lipid research may help solve COVID-19 vaccine challenges — ScienceDaily

New research by University of Texas at Dallas scientists could help solve a major challenge in the deployment of certain COVID-19 vaccines worldwide — the need for the vaccines to be kept at below-freezing temperatures during transport and storage. In a study published online April 13 in Nature Communications, the researchers demonstrate a new, inexpensive […]

Covid US: New York opens vaccine eligibility to all over age 30 and to be universal in April

Starting on Tuesday, March 30, all New Yorkers aged 30 and older will be able to schedule appointments for vaccinations, lowering the age threshold from age 50 and older.  The state will join dozens of others expanding eligibility for vaccination against COVID-19 to more Americans as the vaccine stockpile grows.  Beginning on Tuesday, April 6, […]

Brisk walking 5 times a week may combat brain aging, study suggests

A brisk walk around the block several times a week could do wonders to preserve a healthier mind – as well as body – as you age, a new study suggests.    In a year-long study conducted by University of Texas, Southwestern, researchers found that middle aged and older Americans scored higher on cognitive tests and […]

Health workers 90% less likely to catch coronavirus after they are fully vaccinated, CDC data show 

Two doses of either Moderna‘s or Pfizer-BioNTech’s coronavirus vaccine are highly effective at preventing infection, a new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) real-world study published on Monday finds. Researchers looked at vaccination rates among nearly 4,000 healthcare employees, first responders, and other essential and frontline workers from mid-December 2020 to mid-March 2021. Results […]

Arkansas lifts mask mandate and makes everyone 16 and older eligible for COVID-19 vaccination TODAY

Arkansas has lifted its mask mandate and made everyone aged 16 and older eligible to get COVID-19 vaccines on Tuesday. Governor Asa Hutchinson said on Tuesday that businesses, such as restaurants and stores, will have the option to require masks on their premises  and implored residents to respect those decisions.  ‘Please be respectful and mindful […]

Covid US: Mortality rate rose 15.9% in 2020 due to pandemic, says CDC report

COVID-19 was the third leading cause of death in 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed in a new report published on Wednesday. Researchers determined that the virus was responsible for 91.5 deaths out of every 100,000 people with only heart disease and cancer killing more people last year. They also found […]

Biden’s Covid chief says states reopening are ‘playing with fire’

U.S. governors are ‘playing with fire’ if they reopen their states too soon, warned President Biden’s senior coronavirus adviser Andy Slavitt on Tuesday.  Average daily coronavirus infections are up by 12 percent compared to last week, rising to more than 67,000 new cases every 24 hours, according to a DailyMail.com analysis of Johns Hopkins University […]

Average daily Covid deaths in the US fall below 1,000 for the first time in nearly five MONTHS

The seven-day rolling average of daily COVID-19 deaths fell below 1,000 for the first time in nearly five months on Wednesday, a DailyMail.com analysis of Johns Hopkins University data shows.  It comes after Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) director Dr Rochelle Walensky said Monday she was ‘scared’ and had ‘a feeling of impending […]

DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Stand on one leg to brush your teeth!

My son Daniel revels in it, but for me, that daily shower — or rather, the 40-second blast of pure cold water at the end — is something I rather dread. Of course, the discomfort is momentary, and afterwards I feel alert and ready for the day.  This is one of ten really simple things, […]

US is seeing 4% more Covid cases a day compared to last week

After weeks of encouraging declines, coronavirus cases in the U.S. are on the rise again, with the average number of daily infections rising to nearly 57,000 on Wednesday – four percent higher than they were a week earlier, according to a DailyMail.com analysis of Johns Hopkins University data.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) […]

Lactation and visceral, pericardial fat — ScienceDaily

As demonstrated by multiple studies over the years, women who breastfeed have a lower risk for developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes when compared to those who don’t or can’t. However, the mechanisms by which these risks are reduced for lactating women are still not fully understood. Duke Appiah, Ph.D., an assistant professor of public health […]

New artificial neural network design can differentiate between healthy and diseased skin — ScienceDaily

The founding chair of the Biomedical Engineering Department at the University of Houston is reporting a new deep neural network architecture that provides early diagnosis of systemic sclerosis (SSc), a rare autoimmune disease marked by hardened or fibrous skin and internal organs. The proposed network, implemented using a standard laptop computer (2.5 GHz Intel Core […]

UK ‘super covid’ has spread to EVERY US state as expert warns CDC needs to ramp up genome sequencing

The coronavirus variant that was first identified in the UK has now spread to every single state in the U.S. As of Tuesday, Oklahoma became the final state to confirm infections linked to the strain, known as B 1.1.7. There are currently at least 15,511 cases of the variant across the country, including in the […]

Researchers have found that they can indirectly retrieve and weaken fear memories; the discovery has therapeutic implications for treating trauma — ScienceDaily

Scientists could be a step closer to finding a way to reduce the impact of traumatic memories, according to a Texas A&M University study published recently in the journal Nature Neuroscience. The report details a study by researchers from the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences and the Institute for Neuroscience. Stephen Maren, professor of […]

Black women are up to four times more likely to die of COVID-19 compared to white men

Two new studies have revealed the impact the coronavirus pandemic had on death rates in certain U.S. communities and during its early days. In one study, researchers from the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health found that black women died of COVID-19 at far higher rates in Georgia and Michigan than white men did. Another […]

“Welcome to Starbase”, miliarderi Elon Musk po krijon një qytet të ri në Teksas

Po qe se dikush ka aftësinë të befasojë botën me projektet e tij ambicioze, ai është Elon Musk. Miliarderi njoftoi se po ndërton një qytet të ri në Teksas që do të quhet Starbase, rreth faqes së lëshimit të raketave të kompanisë së tij SpaceX. Më vonë, ai aludoi projektin e tij për të kolonizuar […]

School reopening: Here’s why it’s so hard

Unlike other countries, the US leaves school control at the local level, and the challenges to providing in-person instruction are not the same everywhere, making it nearly impossible to create effective federal and even state-level guidance as the pandemic wears on. Some buildings don’t have enough space to spread students out, while others don’t have […]

Characters from movie ‘Frozen’ could serve as hurricane names this season

And, yes, those famous Disney characters from “Frozen” could really serve as inspiration for hurricane names this year. Three of them — Ana, Elsa, Olaf — are on the list of official names in the Atlantic and east Pacific basins, in what could be another active hurricane season. Though it’s too early to know definitively, […]

DOJ files appeal of Trump-appointed judge’s ruling on CDC eviction moratorium

Judge John Barker, a Trump appointee in the Eastern District of Texas, stopped short of issuing a preliminary injunction but said he expected the CDC to respect his ruling and withdraw the moratorium. But Saturday night, the Justice Department filed an appeal in the case. “The Department of Justice respectfully disagrees with the February 25 […]

CPAC 2021 speeches: 2024 GOP prospects seek their own breakout moments at Trump-dominated conference

Though it will take years for the 2024 race to fully take shape, this year’s CPAC in Orlando, Florida, offered a window into a GOP primary dominated by a new Republican Party built around the grievances that animated Trump’s campaigns and his presidency.  Speakers embraced Trump’s lies about the 2020 election being rigged. Organizers built this […]

Manufacturing CEO: Before Biden, it felt like we were fighting the pandemic alone

“It is fantastic to have a partner in the White House,” Jay Timmons, president and CEO of the National Association of Manufacturers, told CNN Business. “We felt like we were fighting this fight, frankly, all alone for the last year.” NAM, which represents more than 130,000 manufacturers, announced Friday it is planning to partner with […]

15 years ago a woman found a family portrait in a used book. Now, she’s returning it

Victoria Johnson came across the decades-old photo 15 years ago in a book she bought at a used book store. “I found this picture in whatever book it was and I was just so mesmerized by it,” Johnson told CNN. “I just wanted to know who this family was.” The lost photo depicted a Black […]

More than a dozen Republicans tell House they can’t attend votes due to ‘public health emergency.’ They’re slated to be at CPAC.

But those members are actually expected to be in Orlando and listed as speakers at the Conservative Political Action Conference, an annual meeting aimed at energizing conservative activists and boosting their own profiles. The members include Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, who addressed the conference on Friday, as well as others who were listed as scheduled […]

Biden promises to help winter storm-battered Texas recover: ‘We’re in it for the long haul’

In his first official trip in the wake of a disaster, the President visited the Harris County Emergency Operations Center and later toured and met with volunteers at the Houston Food Bank, where first lady Jill Biden packaged food and water for the community earlier in the day. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, joined […]

A Texas woman was killed after a tire flew off another vehicle and struck her windshield

CNN affiliate KTRK reported the 52-year-old woman was driving home from her son’s baseball game when the left front tire and wheel flew off a Dodge pickup truck headed in the opposite direction. The tire flew over the concrete barrier in the highway’s median and struck the mother as she was driving her GMC SUV. […]

Amazon is putting cameras in its delivery vans and some drivers aren’t happy

But Elizabeth’s work environment is set to change as Amazon announced this month that it has begun to roll out cameras inside its delivery vehicles that monitor both the road, and its drivers. Road safety experts say Amazon’s driver monitoring should bring safety benefits for the company and everyone it shares roads with. At the […]

Dog Supplies You Need, According to Vets

(CNN) —   Bringing home the new canine addition to your family is fun and exciting. It also comes with questions, especially if this is your first go-round as a pet parent. The big one is: What do I need to buy? The array of options can be overwhelming, rivaling the amount of gear available […]

Texas power outages: Mother who lost her three children in a fire after they were trying to stay warm speaks out

Jackie Pham Nguyen lost her mother, Loan Le, and her three children, Olivia, 11, Edison, 8, and Colette, 5 in a fire while trying to stay warm at her home in the Houston suburb of Sugarland during the power outages that crippled the state. When the power went out in her house, the family lit […]

The week in 43 photos

Law enforcement officers investigate the scene of Tiger Woods’ rollover crash in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, on Tuesday, February 23. The golf icon sustained serious leg injuries in the accident. Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times/Shutterstock Members of Congress observe a moment of silence on the steps of the US Capitol on Tuesday, February 23. More than […]

Federal judge rules eviction moratorium is unconstitutional

US District Judge John Barker, who was appointed by then-President Donald Trump to the court in the Eastern District of Texas, stopped short of issuing a preliminary injunction, but said he expected the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to respect his ruling and withdraw the moratorium. The order, citing the fact that “COVID-19 […]

Mexico border: Increasing number of unaccompanied children arriving at southern border setting off alarm bells for feds

On Thursday, a senior Health and Human Services Department official briefed Capitol Hill staff about the capacity challenges facing the department, which is charged with the care of migrant children, according to a congressional aide. Jallyn Sualog, acting director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement, shared concern over the uptick in children and limited space, […]

Apple mini stores are coming to some Targets

Target said an “enhanced Apple shopping experience” is rolling out to 17 stores in the coming months, with redesigned sections that include new lighting and displays for shoppers to experiment with an expanded assortment of Apple products. Target staff will receive “specialized training” from Apple, the retailer said. Target is also updating Apple’s product page […]

Unemployment beneifts: 730,000 Americans filed for jobless claims last week

The Ohio and Texas drops were “due to the deep freeze that settled in across the country,” said Joe Brusuelas, chief economist at RSM, though that didn’t explain the much larger decline in warmer California. “Whatever the case, there is always holiday and weather induced distortions this time of the year in jobless claims data, […]

Neera Tanden is being treated unfairly (Opinion)

It was bound to happen, and I’m honestly surprised it took this long: the first Very Online woman is facing US Senate confirmation. And she may not make it through. The woman is Neera Tanden, president of the Center for American Progress think tank, and Joe Biden’s nominee to run the Office of Management and […]

Texas bakery gives away thousands of dollars in groceries to help those hardest hit by storms

The storms left millions across Texas and the Mississippi Valley without power, water and access to food for days, beleaguered by freezing temperatures that began last Monday and stretched into the weekend. “It was devastating. That’s really the only word to describe it,” Jessica Tomberlin said. Jessica and her wife Janessa run Crema Bakery and […]

Lack of equity within priority groups leaves Covid-19’s most vulnerable without vaccine, analysis suggests

Around the United States, there are various plans in place to prioritize distribution of the limited supply of vaccines — in December, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices issued federal guidance about who should be first in line to receive the shots, starting with frontline health care workers and […]

A New Jersey plumber drove to Texas with his family to fix burst pipes and other damage from devastating winter storm

Andrew Mitchell and his wife, Kisha Pinnock, decided to make the 22-hour drive from Morristown with their 2-year-old son Blake after hearing that local plumbers were overwhelmed with calls and that some customers couldn’t get help for weeks. Isaiah Pinnock, who is Kisha’s brother and Mitchell’s apprentice, went with them. Before leaving New Jersey, they […]

Close ally of Marjorie Taylor Greene among those in Capitol mob

In fact, Anthony Aguero, a conservative livestreamer, activist and associate of Greene, said on video following the January 6 assault on the Capitol that he had been among those who entered and attacked those who falsely claimed it was done by “Antifa.” “We were all there. It was not Antifa and it was not BLM. […]

Neera Tanden: Key committee votes postponed in troubling sign for Tanden nomination

Senators want more time to consider the nomination, an official on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee who is familiar with the matter tells CNN. A senior aide on the other panel, the Senate Budget Committee, told CNN its hearing also was postponed and that Chairman Sen. Bernie Sanders, an independent who caucuses […]

Questions remain on J&J Covid-19 vaccine rollout as authorization decision approaches

On Monday, the White House did not disclose its plans for the J&J vaccine, although an administration official said they have worked closely with the company to formulate a distribution outline in recent weeks. Federal officials have expressed disappointment that fewer doses than initially expected will be ready if the vaccine is authorized soon. While […]

Fry’s Electronics suddenly went out of business

The company, which had 31 stores across nine US states, said in a statement on its website that it “made the difficult decision to shut down its operations and close its business permanently” because of changing consumer shopping habits and the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Based in San Jose, California, the privately held company was a […]

Congress rocked by consequential battles that will shape Biden’s presidency

After four years of politics by tweeted decree, normal service is resuming inside the Beltway in all its brutal, hypocritical, and high-stakes glory as everyone with power tries to wield it to set the tone for the coming years. The White House is standing firm behind Neera Tanden, its pick for budget director, though her […]

Opinion: Texas goes it alone on electric power. That’s actually a good thing

Texas grid independence is being called into question after ERCOT failed to meet unprecedented electricity demand and millions of Texans went without power for days in sub-freezing temperatures. To put it mildly, people are mad. But despite a lot of political finger-pointing, I’ve seen few people pointing in the right direction. It is not Texas’ […]

Capitol riot: Justice Department is facing a tougher climb trying to keep rioters locked up

The apparent calculus prosecutors are using to determine whether they ask for jail time came to a head twice in court Tuesday, as they argued for the detention of a member of the pro-Trump extremist group the Proud Boys who carried an axe handle wrapped in a flag, and for an alleged conspirator among the […]

CNN exclusive: A solar panel in space is collecting energy that could one day be beamed to anywhere on Earth

The panel — known as a Photovoltaic Radiofrequency Antenna Module (PRAM) — was first launched in May 2020, attached to the Pentagon’s X-37B unmanned drone, to harness light from the sun to covert to electricity. The drone is looping Earth every 90 minutes. The panel is designed to make best use of the light in […]

How Texas’s deregulated market for power led to exorbitant electric bills

“I felt almost guilty with these people not having electricity that I was complaining about my bill,” she told CNN on Monday. “At the same time, my complaint is: How am I gonna pay this?” Those closely familiar with Texas’s energy market say these power costs are less a bug than a feature of the […]

Texas storm recovery: Some Texans still don’t have water while others must change electric providers while others

At least 29 Texans were killed during the storm. That’s more than half of the 56 weather-related deaths nationally. While most Texas now have power, some of their electric providers will no longer be available. And more than 7 million people have water disruptions, including warnings to boil water before using it or having no […]

All 4 requested witnesses plan to testify at today’s hearing on the Capitol attack

Federal prosecutors have charged at least 250 people in connection with the Capitol riot, according to a CNN analysis of court records and Department of Justice announcements. These defendants come from 40 states and the District of Columbia, according to a CNN analysis.  Not surprisingly, there are more defendants hailing from the largest states in […]

Haaland expected to face contentious confirmation hearing over Interior nomination

The Democratic congresswoman from New Mexico is a historic pick and would be the first Native American Cabinet secretary if confirmed by the Senate. But Democrats and White House officials told CNN that they anticipate the hearing could get tense, and some Republicans have already spoken out against what they call her “extreme” and “radical” […]

Pandemic stress is causing paranoia

“What do you need it for? What are you going to do with it?” my colleague asked me, Zoom eyes wide with fear. “Whoa there,” I wanted to say. There was no need to get concerned. I had simply asked a coworker for a straightforward piece of information that in normal times would have evoked […]

Shalanda Young emerging as a top contender to lead OMB with Neera Tanden’s nomination on the rocks

Young, who was the first Black woman to serve as the staff director of the House Appropriations Committee, has strong relationships on Capitol Hill — “with Republicans and Democrats alike,” the official said. She played a key role in recent budget negotiations, working with GOP Sen. Richard Shelby of Alabama and other Republicans. Young also […]

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton traveled to Utah during devastating winter storms

Paxton’s campaign spokesperson, Ian Prior, would not tell CNN when the couple had departed or returned but said the attorney general “did not leave Texas until after power had returned to most of the state, including his own home.” “Attorney General Paxton attended a previously planned meeting with the attorney general of Utah to discuss […]

Opinion: The mysterious case of Lindsey Graham’s political transformation

How, though, did he morph into former President Donald Trump’s chief lickspittle in the US Senate, who just this past weekend headed down to Mar-a-Lago to discuss the Republican Party’s future? One could speculate endlessly about the reasons: his desire to avoid a Trump-inspired primary against him in 2020, potential presidential aspirations, etc. But I […]

In one morning, the Supreme Court looked to rid itself of the Trump era

It’s as if the justices, in one day, sought to wipe their hands of lingering issues that had been heralded by the former President in a cascade of tweets, legal filings and statements during the last months of his administration. The focus on Monday was not Trump administration policies, but instead disputes deeply personal to […]

IRS extends filing and payment deadlines for those hurt by Texas winter storms

Both individuals and businesses based in the Lone Star State now have until June 15 to file their returns and pay what they owe. The automatic extension applies to a variety of tax filing and payment deadlines that originally fell between February 11 and April 15. For example, it will cover individual tax returns normally […]

6 takeaways from Merrick Garland’s confirmation hearing

The chief judge of the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit pledged to “fend off any effort by anyone” to politicize the investigations of the department. “I am not the President’s lawyer,” said Garland. “I am the United States’ lawyer.” Here are six takeaways from Garland’s nomination hearing. Senate Republicans pressed Garland on […]

GameStop fiasco helps build momentum for a stock-trading tax — and Wall Street is furious

But there is a deep divide over the wisdom of a financial transaction tax. Progressives see it as a smart way to simultaneously curb predatory trading while funding ambitious programs aimed at easing America’s inequality problem. Opponents, on the other hand, paint a financial transaction tax (FTT) as a nightmare. Wall Street, which would take […]

Texas still reeling from devastating winter storms and for some, recovery could take months

“We used everything we had on (a) hotel this week,” Ware told CNN affiliate KTRK. “After this, it’s like, where are we going to go?” “For many people in our city with means, with insurance, this week has been a significant inconvenience, but they have the means and ability to quickly transition and move forward,” […]

Three children and their grandmother perished in a Texas fire after trying to stay warm during power outages. Their mom survived

Jackie Pham Nguyen and her three kids, Olivia, 11, Edison, 8, and Colette, 5, affectionately nicknamed Coco by her family, still had power and were happy to have more time with their Ba Ngoai, which means maternal grandmother in Vietnamese. “We thought we were really lucky because we still had power until the early evening,” […]

AOC raises nearly $5 million in Texas relief efforts

The New York Democrat launched her fundraiser Thursday after extreme cold weather, ice and snow caused the power grid managed by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) to fail — leading to rolling blackouts and a boil-water advisory for nearly half of Texas. The fundraiser had hit $1 million by Thursday evening. The next […]

Ted Cruz: Senator’s Cancun trip criticized by Texas GOP congressman: ‘When a crisis hits my state…I’m not going to go on some vacation’

“Look, when a crisis hits my state, I’m there. I’m not going to go on some vacation,” McCaul, the top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs committee, told CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of the Union” Sunday. “I know Mr. Cruz called it a mistake and he’s owned up to that, but I think that […]

Texas congressman says emergency aid will help Texans pay high energy bills charged after deep freeze

“Yes, that’s the current plan with the federal assistance — be able to help the homeowners both repair, because we have a lot of water leaks, a lot of water damage, pipes bursting, but also their electricity bills as well,” Texas Rep. Michael McCaul told CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of the Union” when asked […]

Texas outages: About half of Texans still have issues with their water supply

Winter storms wreaking havoc in the US Mark Majkrzak gives out water bottles to people in Austin, Texas, on Friday, February 19. Majkrzak, the founder of Rain Pure Mountain Spring Water, said he drove from Georgia to deliver the water. Winter storms wreaking havoc in the US Brendan Waldon repairs a utility pole in Odessa, […]

Fox News blamed windmills as Texas power failed

“This week showed that the problem of parallel news universes — the problem of alternative realities of information — does not just apply to politics,” CNN’s Chief Media Correspondent Brian Stelter said on “Reliable Sources” Sunday. “It even applies to the weather.” Some on Fox News blamed frozen wind turbines — which make up nearly […]

Opinion: Ted Cruz isn’t the only issue in Texas

Nearly a year ago, the Covid-19 pandemic began bringing death, disease and economic distress to millions of households. But the disaster hasn’t come alone — a host of others have struck the US in the past 12 months. The 2020 hurricane season broke the record for the number of major storms, forcing meteorologists to dip […]

Texas weather: Here’s how a week of frigid weather and catastrophe unfolded in Texas

But many Texans have only just begun recovering from the unprecedented devastation that the brutal winter storms unleashed over the past seven days. At least 26 people died across the state since February 11. Millions lost their power, forcing families to huddle over a fireplace, scavenge for firewood or spend nights in their car trying […]

Austin delivery driver gets stuck in the storm. She stayed with strangers for 5 days

Homeowners Doug Condon and Nina Richardson checked on Timmons to try to help get her Toyota Rav4 up the driveway, but it was stuck. They invited her to wait for a tow truck inside their home. “I’m just extremely fortunate that this is where my car crashed,” Timmons told CNN. “It was in their flower […]

‘Saturday Night Live’ mocks Ted Cruz’s trip to Cancun and others who needed to apologize

The NBC variety show opened with Britney Spears, played by Chloe Fineman, hosting a show called “Oops… You Did It Again,” which provided people a platform to apologize for things they did wrong. This included senators, governors and former “Star Wars” stars. “You all know me from my upbeat Instagram videos and the word ‘conservatorship,’” […]

This Houston furniture store owner opened his doors to people seeking warmth in the winter storm

The devastating week of freezing temperatures and winter storms left 1.3 million customers in Houston without power for days. “We were in a dire situation,” Maten said. “I was so scared, I didn’t know what to do.” She drove around the area looking for a hotel. But she couldn’t find an available room, and the […]

Texas officials are investigating outrageous energy bills in storm price surge

“While I’m trying to get gas and groceries and make sure that my pipes don’t explode, the last thing I’m thinking about is a $7,000 bill from my utility company,” Upshaw told CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield via Skype Saturday. Texas’ utility regulator, Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT), said Saturday that it is investigating “the factors […]

Opinion: Biden is racing a ticking clock to fulfill this campaign promise

The appeal didn’t work. More voters were drawn to Vice President Bush, whose campaign manager Lee Atwater, along with consultant Roger Ailes, put together a blistering strategy that smeared Dukakis and rallied Americans around an unabashed patriotism. While Dukakis promised competence, Bush painted him as a radical “card-carrying member of the ACLU” who would allow […]

Texas’ dangerous week in the dark is a wake-up call for the country’s infrastructure

What is not expected is a grid meltdown on the scale that occurred in Texas this week, which wiped out power across much of the state and left millions to fend for themselves in some of the coldest temperatures this part of the country has ever seen. While Texas has borne the brunt of the […]

Dallas resident says he was charged nearly $7,000 on electric bill

Some customers in Texas are facing outrageous hikes in their energy bill as a result of this week’s storm, causing one energy company to suggest that their customers find another provider with a fixed rate if prices were too extreme. Customers in Texas have options in how they are billed for their electricity, according to […]

How a bad response to a weather disaster can ruin a political career

It’s obviously too early to know what if any political fallout will be suffered by Cruz or Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. What history does tell us is that how a politician responds to a natural disaster can have a major impact on his or her political standing. Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath inflicted tremendous pain on Louisiana. […]

Texas officials investigate outrageous energy bills in storm price surge

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Source: CNN Democratic Texas Reps. Sylvia Garcia and Sheila Jackson Lee, as well as New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, spoke at a news conference outside the Houston Food Bank where they said they plan to help Texans affected by the winter storm.  Ocasio-Cortez raised money ahead of the visit and said 100% […]

Joe Biden approves major disaster declaration for Texas

“Yesterday, President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. declared that a major disaster exists in the State of Texas and ordered federal assistance to supplement state and local recovery efforts in the areas affected by severe winter storms beginning on February 11, 2021, and continuing,” the White House said in a statement Saturday. The President’s approval allows […]

Texas governor calls major disaster declaration “an important first step”

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Source: CNN Democratic Texas Reps. Sylvia Garcia and Sheila Jackson Lee, as well as New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, spoke at a news conference outside the Houston Food Bank where they said they plan to help Texans affected by the winter storm.  Ocasio-Cortez raised money ahead of the visit and said 100% […]

Bill Gates: Texas’ tradeoffs lead to deaths

Gates pushed back on Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s claim that frozen wind turbines were to blame for the massive power failure. Gates said America’s dependence on renewable energy sources isn’t high enough to worry about their stability — the problem was natural gas plants that were not weatherized. “This is not because of renewable dependency,” […]

Opinion: Our mask-wearing road trip across a battered America

And so on January 18 we embarked on the strangest of American road trips, crossing eight states and back, 6,000 miles in 18 days: a surreal and spectacular journey, sure to reveal truths about our battered nation, our resilient people, and ourselves. It was quiet and chilly for southern Arizona, maybe 35 degrees, when the […]

Texas weather: A final round of freezing temperatures strikes late Friday as the state struggles to rebound from winter storms

Saturday morning temperatures may be as low as 20 degrees for many inland locations, including Dallas and College Station, but the welcome return of onshore winds and full sunshine will warm the state into the 50’s and 60’s in the afternoon, CNN meteorologist Derek Van Dam said. Most of the state will stay above freezing […]

Killeen Texas hotel fire: Raging fire engulfs a Hilton Garden Inn

According to a tweet from the Killeen Police Department, crews were battling a large structure fire at the hotel and urged nearby residents to avoid the area. There was no information on whether the hotel was occupied and whether there were any injuries. The hotel’s website said it has 102 rooms. Video from affiliate KWTX […]

A woman who lost her wedding ring 50 years ago got it back on Valentine’s Day

Karen Autenrieth and her husband Robert, surrounded by their children and grandchildren on Valentine’s Day, opened the package holding the long lost ring. In a video taken by their daughter Michele, Robert Autenrieth is seen sliding the ring — which he had given his wife on their wedding day nearly 55 years ago — on […]

A month into office, Biden seeks to reassure on the pandemic at home and abroad

Addressing back-to-back diplomatic meetings and making one of his first official trips outside of Washington as president on the same day, he communicated both the very real seriousness of the crisis and his willingness to fight it with investment in science and infrastructure both at home and abroad — a stark departure from his predecessor. […]

Senior White House Covid-19 adviser on vaccine distribution: ‘Saturday, we’re going to be shipping more doses than states have ever received before’

“Starting tomorrow, Saturday, we’re going to be shipping more doses than states have ever received before,” Slavitt said. “Because we’re going to be shipping this week’s doses and next week’s doses.” Slavitt said it means that “for all the governors and all the states that have said we want more vaccines, they’re going to have […]

Animal cruelty cases are rising during Texas’ winter storm

But since winter storms have pummeled Texas with power and water outages, that number has spiked to around 150 per day, the organization told CNN. “The neglect is already there,” Julie Kuenstle, Houston SPCA vice president of communications, said. “But these extreme and now deadly temperatures exacerbate the situation.” Ten Houston SPCA investigators, with the […]