How meningitis-causing bacteria may sense fever to avoid immune killing — ScienceDaily

Researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have discovered a mechanism through which meningitis-causing bacteria can evade our immune system. In laboratory tests, they found that Streptococcus pneumoniae and Haemophilus influenzae respond to increasing temperatures by producing safeguards that keep them from getting killed. This may prime their defenses against our immune system and increase their […]

Engineering T cells to attack cancer broadly — ScienceDaily

Through T cell engineering, researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University Massey Cancer Center show that it’s possible to arrest tumor growth for a variety of cancers and squash the spread of cancer to other tissues. This research will be published in tomorrow’s print edition of Cancer Research. The paper builds on decades of research by study […]

Single-cell CRISPR technology deciphers role of chromatin accessibility in cancer — ScienceDaily

In a new resource for the scientific community, published today in Nature Biotechnology, researchers in the lab of Neville Sanjana, PhD, at the New York Genome Center (NYGC) and New York University (NYU) developed CRISPR-sciATAC, a novel integrative genetic screening platform that jointly captures CRISPR gene perturbations and single-cell chromatin accessibility genome-wide. With this technology, […]

A new method for fighting ‘cold’ tumors — ScienceDaily

Not all cancerous tumors are created equal. Some tumors, known as “hot” tumors, show signs of inflammation, which means they are infiltrated with T cells working to fight the cancer. Those tumors are easier to treat, as immunotherapy drugs can then amp up the immune response. “Cold” tumors, on the other hand, have no T-cell […]

Genetic effects of Chernobyl radiation — ScienceDaily

In two landmark studies, researchers have used cutting-edge genomic tools to investigate the potential health effects of exposure to ionizing radiation, a known carcinogen, from the 1986 accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in northern Ukraine. One study found no evidence that radiation exposure to parents resulted in new genetic changes being passed from […]

Vdes një i burgosur në Klinikën e Neurologjisë

Shërbimi Korrektues i Kosovës ka njoftuar se, të martën mbrëma, në Klinikën e Neurologjisë, ka ndërruar jetë i burgosuri R.S., viti i lindjes 1970. Sipas njoftimit për media, i njëjti gjatë vizitave sistematike nga personeli mjekësor i burgut, është diagnostifikuar me tumor malinj në regjionin e plevikut, i cili më vonë ka dhënë metastaza të […]

Chickens and pigs with integrated genetic scissors — ScienceDaily

Researchers at the TUM have demonstrated a way to efficiently study molecular mechanisms of disease resistance or biomedical issues in farm animals. Researchers are now able to introduce specific gene mutations into a desired organ or even correct existing genes without creating new animal models for each target gene. This reduces the number of animals […]

Microglia, Stockholm syndrome and miraculous cures in glioblastoma patients — ScienceDaily

Despite access to some of the best possible medical care in the world, Senators John McCain and Edward Kennedy both died within 18 months of their diagnosis of glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer. While this deadly outcome typifies the nature of this disease, some glioblastoma patients see exceptional benefits from chemotherapy and survive […]

Protein found to control drivers of normal growth and cancer — ScienceDaily

Researchers have found a long-sought enzyme that prevents cancer by enabling the breakdown of proteins that drive cell growth, and that causes cancer when disabled. Publishing online in Nature on April 14, the new study revolves around the ability of each human cell to divide in two, with this process repeating itself until a single […]

The device, which is powered by ultrasonic waves, could help doctors monitor the health of transplanted organs and tissue — ScienceDaily

Engineers at the University of California, Berkeley, have created a tiny wireless implant that can provide real-time measurements of tissue oxygen levels deep underneath the skin. The device, which is smaller than the average ladybug and powered by ultrasound waves, could help doctors monitor the health of transplanted organs or tissue and provide an early […]

Personalized cancer vaccine deemed safe, shows potential benefit against cancer — ScienceDaily

A personalized cancer vaccine developed with the help of a Mount Sinai computational platform raised no safety concerns and showed potential benefit in patients with different cancers, including lung and bladder, that have a high risk of recurrence, according to results from an investigator-initiated phase I clinical trial presented during the virtual American Association for […]

165 new cancer genes identified with the help of machine learning — ScienceDaily

A new algorithm can predict which genes cause cancer, even if their DNA sequence is not changed. A team of researchers in Berlin combined a wide variety of data, analyzed it with “Artificial Intelligence” and identified numerous cancer genes. This opens up new perspectives for targeted cancer therapy in personalized medicine and for the development […]

Study reveals crucial details on skin-related side effects of cancer immune therapies — ScienceDaily

Immune checkpoint inhibitors, which boost the immune system’s response against tumor cells, have transformed treatment for many advanced cancers, but short-term clinical trials and small observational studies have linked the medications with various side effects, most commonly involving the skin. A more comprehensive, population-level analysis now provides a thorough look at the extent of these […]

Studimi: Kombinimi i disa ilaçeve mund të ndryshojë historinë e kancerit të trurit

Dy njerëz me kancer të avancuar të trurit i janë përgjigjur mirë një prove eksperimentale të kombinimit të ilaçeve kimioterapike dhe imunoterapisë. Në një prej rasteve, tumori kërcënues për jetën duket se është zhdukur. Mjekët në Institutin e Kërkimit të Kancerit dhe spitalin Royal Marsden në Londër paralajmëruan se ky ishte një studim shumë i […]

Results will help guide care for many patients with advanced cancer — ScienceDaily

Many patients with cancer receive immune checkpoint inhibitors that strengthen their immune response against tumor cells. While the medications can be life-saving, they can also cause potentially life-threatening side effects in internal organs. This double-edged sword makes it challenging for clinicians to decide who should be considered candidates for treatment. A new analysis led by […]

Novel immunotherapy approach to fight melanoma — ScienceDaily

In a new study led by Yale Cancer Center, researchers have advanced a tumor-targeting and cell penetrating antibody that can deliver payloads to stimulate an immune response to help treat melanoma. The study was presented today at the American Association of Cancer Research (AACR) virtual annual meeting. “Most approaches rely on direct injection into tumors […]

Immune-stimulating drug before surgery shows promise in early-stage pancreatic cancer — ScienceDaily

Giving early-stage pancreatic cancer patients a CD40 immune-stimulating drug helped jumpstart a T cell attack to the notoriously stubborn tumor microenvironment before surgery and other treatments, according to a new study from researchers in the Abramson Cancer Center (ACC) at the University of Pennsylvania. Changing the microenvironment from so-called T cell “poor” to T cell […]

New CAR T approach minimizes resistance, helps avoid relapse in non-Hodgkin’s B-cell lymphoma — ScienceDaily

Early results from a new, pioneering chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell immunotherapy trial led by researchers at the UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center found using a bilateral attack instead of the conventional single-target approach helps minimizes treatment resistance, resulting in long-lasting remission for people with non-Hodgkin’s B-cell lymphoma that has come back or has […]

Anti-cancer drug delivery to target tumor sites now becomes more effective with novel multi-stimuli-responsive drug delivery systems — ScienceDaily

Cancer therapy in recent times relies on the use of several drugs derived from biological sources including different bacteria and viruses, among others. However, these bio-based drugs get easily degraded and therefore inactivated on administration into the body. Thus, effective delivery to and release of these drugs at target tumor sites are of paramount importance […]

A drug that can stop tumors from growing — ScienceDaily

Cancer doctors may soon have a new tool for treating melanoma and other types of cancer, thanks to work being done by researchers at the University of Colorado Cancer Center. In a paper published in the journal PNAS last month, CU Cancer Center members Mayumi Fujita, MD, PhD, Angelo D’Alessandro, PhD, Morkos Henen, PhD, MS, […]

Findings lead to the development of therapeutic strategies to overcome it — ScienceDaily

A dysfunctional immune system significantly contributes to the development of cancer. Several therapeutic strategies to activate the immune system to target cancer cells have been approved to treat different types of cancer, including melanoma. However, some patients do not show beneficial clinical responses to these novel and very promising immunotherapies. In a new article published […]

Enzyme with central role in cancer and type 2 diabetes also activates — ScienceDaily

When cells are stressed, chemical alarms go off, setting in motion a flurry of activity that protects the cell’s most important players. During the rush, a protein called Parkin hurries to protect the mitochondria, the power stations that generate energy for the cell. Now Salk researchers have discovered a direct link between a master sensor […]

Light shed on the coordination of neural stem cell activation — ScienceDaily

In all adult vertebrates, neural stem cells can be recruited to produce new neurons in the brain. However, little is known about these so-called “activation” processes. Scientists at the Institut Pasteur, CNRS, and Tel Aviv University working in collaboration with the École Polytechnique and INRAE have successfully performed 3D visualization and spatial and temporal distribution […]

Biologists create better method to culture cells for testing drug toxicity — ScienceDaily

When a new drug is being developed, the first question is, “Does it work?” The second question is, “Does it do harm?” No matter how effective a therapy is, if it harms the patient in the process, it has little value. Doctoral student Robert Skolik and Associate Professor Michael Menze, Ph.D., in the Department of […]

Ndryshimet në sy mund të tregojnë dy sëmundje të rrezikshme

Sytë s’ janë vetëm një pasqyrë e shpirtit, por edhe e shëndetit! Ekzaminimi i oftamologut duhet të bëhet së paku një herë në dy vjet. Ju s’ duhet të bëni një ekzaminim të syve vetëm Nëse keni një problem të shikimit, këto janë simptomat në sy që tregojnë një sëmundje të rrezikshme. Sytë s’ janë […]

QKUK: Mjekët ia heqin një pacientit një tumor të përmasave të mëdha

Sukseset e mjekëve Kirurgë të QKUK-së nuk kanë të ndalur. Sukset e tyre janë të njëpasnjëshme. Në Repartin e Endoskopisë Kirurgjike të Qendrës Klinike Universitare të Kosovës, mjekët Kirurgë (Dr. Arbër Morina dhe Dr. Valon Zejnullahu) ia kanë hequr një pacientit një tumor me përmasa të mëdha, i shfaqur në zorrën e trashë. Në njoftimin […]

Hera e parë në botë: Tumori i veshkës hiqet nga një robot kirurgjikal në një spital në Itali, ndërsa pacienti ishte zgjuar

Një tumor në veshkë është hequr nga një “kirurg robot” ndërsa pacienti ishte zgjuar. Ky, sipas mediave italiane, përcjell Telegrafi, është rasti i parë në botë, i ndodhur në Torino të Italisë. Siç bëhet e ditur më tej, operacioni novator u krye të mërkurën në departamentin e urologjisë në Spitalit Molinette. Aty, shkruan ANSA, është […]

Shenjat dhe simptomat e kancerit të mushkërive

Shenjat dhe simptomat e hershme të kancerit të mushkërive mund të jenë “tipike” (kollë e vazhdueshme, gulçim ose kollitje me gjak) ose më pak të zakonshme (dhimbje shpine, dhimbje shpatullash, apo edhe dhimbje në gju). Simptomat mund të ndryshojnë gjithashtu, varësisht nga fakti Në qoftë se një person është mashkull apo femër, duhanpirës apo jo […]

Kryhet një operacion i komplikuar në QKUK, pacientit i hiqet tumori

Në Klinikën e Kirurgjisë Abdominale të Qendrës Klinike Universitare të Kosovës, mjekët kanë kryer një operacion kompleks, duke i larguar pacientit tumorin nga mëlçia. Operimi i Hemangiomës, tumor me prejardhje nga enët e gjakut, i cili zhvillohet në mëlçi, vlerësohet si një nga ndërhyrjet më sfiduese në kirurgjinë e barkut. Pacienti i moshës 38 vjeçare, […]

Yndyra kafe lufton sëmundjet metabolike si obeziteti

Jo e gjithë yndyra në trupin tonë është e njëjtë dhe jo gjithmonë është  negative, në të vërtetë, ekziston edhe një yndyrë “e mirë” që duket se është në gjendje të mbrojë nga sëmundje të tilla si diabeti (sëmundja e sheqerit) i tipit 2, mbipesha dhe sëmundja e arterieve koronare. Dy lloje të yndyrës Dallimi […]

Si Të Mbroni Shëndetin e Mushkërive – Këshillat Nga Mjekët

Sipas të dhënave të Organizatës Botërore të Shëndetësisë, vendi ynë renditet i dyti në Evropë, në lidhje me peshën më të lartë të vdekshmërisë si pasojë e kancerit në udhët e frymëmarrjes. Këto të dhëna të vitit 2019, thonë se 24.1 përqind e vdekjeve në vend janë shkaktuar prej tumoreve. Mjekët në vend paralajmëruan pak […]

Farat E Karafilit – Përdorimet Kundër Rrudhave Dhe Për Shëndet Të Mirë

Aroma e ëmbël dhe pikante e farave të karafilit e bën këtë të fundit një nga katër erëzat e rralla dhe më të vlefshme për njerëzimin. Ky grupim përfshin edhe kanellën, specin djegës dhe lajthinë. Farave të karafilit iu thuren lavde jo vetëm për vlerat medicinale por edhe për përdorimet shtëpiake dhe ato të bukurisë. […]

Pesë simtomat e kancerit të lëkurës

Karcinoma e qelizave bazale (BCC) është forma më e zakonshme e kancerit të lëkurës, dëshmon Fondacioni i Kancerit të Lëkurës. Sëmundja me rritje të ngadaltë është kryesisht e shërueshme, Me kusht që e dini se çfarë po kërkoni. Në shtresën e sipërme të lëkurës ekzistojnë tre lloje kryesore të qelizave, me njërën që janë qelizat […]

Zbulimi, analizë gjaku që sinjalizon herët për kancerin

Duke patur rastin e babait dhe të fëmijës së tij të diagnostikuar me kancer, Solomon Moshkevich, punonjës në kompaninë kërkimore amerikane “Natera”, ndihmoi për të prodhuar një analizë gjaku që mund të sinjalizojë shumë herët për rikthimin e kancerit. Kompania thotë se mund të diktojë rikthimin e kancerit shumë më herët se skanerat tomografikë. Jo […]

Simptomat e kancerit të lëkurës: Pesë shenja paralajmëruese

Karcinoma e qelizave bazale (BCC) është forma më e zakonshme e kancerit të lëkurës, dëshmon Fondacioni i Kancerit të Lëkurës. Sëmundja me rritje të ngadaltë është kryesisht e shërueshme, Vetëm po të e dini se çfarë po kërkoni. Në shtresën e sipërme të lëkurës ekzistojnë tre lloje kryesore të qelizave, me njërën që janë qelizat […]

Mblidhen paratë për trajtimin e të riut Ibrahim Avdija në Turqi

Janë grumbulluar 40 mijë euro të nevojshme për shërimin e të riut Ibrahim Avdija, i cili është diagnostikuar me tumor metastatik dhe ka nevojë për ndihmë që të trajtohet jashtë vendit, përkatësisht në Turqi. Për 24-vjeçarin, deri më tani të gjitha shpenzimet për sëmundjen e tij janë kryer nga familjarët dhe të afërmit e tij […]

Hiperinsulina – Nga Se Shkaktohet Dhe Si Të Ruani Nivelin E Sheqerit Në Gjak

Hiperinsulina lidhet me faktin se sasia e insulinës në gjak është më e lartë se nivelet normale. Edhe pse shpesh shoqërohet me diabetin (sëmundjen e sheqerit) e tipit 2, ajo në vetvete s’ është një formë e diabetit (sëmundja e sheqerit). Insulina është një hormon që prodhohet nga pankreasi, i cili ndihmon në rregullimin e […]

Adnan Hyseni kërkon ndihmë për të riun Ibrahim Avdija i diagnostikuar me tumor metastatik

Ibrahim Avdija nga Gjakova është diagnostikuar me tumor metastatik dhe ka nevojë për ndihmë që të trajtohet jashtë vendit, përkatësisht në Turqi. Për 24-vjeçarin, deri më tani të gjitha shpenzimet për sëmundjen e tij janë kryer nga familjarët dhe të afërmit e tij në Kosovë, por tani atij i duhet ndihma edhe e njerëzve bamirës. […]

Klinika Digjitale mundëson ekzaminimin me PET-CT

Klinika Digjitale në bashkëpunim me Anadolu Medical Center ka kënaqësinë t’u ofrojë pacientëve në nevojë, ekzaminimin me metodën me të avancuar në botë për diagnostikimin e kancerit. OFERTA E FUNDVITIT: – Ekzaminimi me PET-CT – Raporti i Radiologut – Konsultimi me Onkologun – Transporti falas nga aeroporti në spital dhe anasjelltas – Testi COVID 19 […]

Si Ndikon Mbipesha Tek diabeti (sëmundja e sheqerit) Dhe Dhjamosja e Mëlçisë

Obeziteti është kthyer në një epidemi që ka një efekt domino në shëndetin e gjithëkujt. Një nga rreziqet që i kanosen njerëzve nga obeziteti është dhjamosja e mëlçisë e cila mund ta dëmtojë atë ose mund të nxisë shfaqjen e kancerit. Dhjamosja e mëlçisë ka lidhje të forta me obezitetin, diabetin (sëmundjen e sheqerit) e […]

Me ardhjen e vaksinës për COVID-19, pason lufta kundër dezinformimit rreth imunizimit

Vaksinat për COVID-19 pritet që së shpejti të arrijnë te qytetarët, por ky proces pritet të shoqërohet edhe me një bum të dezinformatave në lidhje me këtë vaksinë, që mund të dëmtojnë besimin e publikut dhe përpjekjet për të ndaluar përhapjen e koronavirusit. Qeveritë kanë një rol të veçantë në luftën kundër keqinformimit. Edhe mediat […]

Tomografia kompjuterike zbulon moshën e vdekjes dhe sëmundjet e mumieve 2 mijë vjet më parë

Studiuesit gjermanë zbuluan përmes tomografisë kompjuterike të tre mumieve moshën e vdekjes, gjatësinë dhe sëmundjet e njerëzve që jetuan 2 mijë vjet më parë. Shkencëtarët skanuan mbetjet e tyre me tomografi kompjuterike. Dy nga këto mumie kanë një histori të veçantë, ato gjenden në Gjermani, por u gjetën më shumë se 400 vjet më parë […]

Zytotoxische T-Lymphozyten graben Tunnel im Kampf gegen Krebszellen

Je früher ein Tumor entdeckt wird, desto schneller können zytotoxische T-Lymphozyten die Tumorzellen abtöten. Davon gibt es schnelle und langsame Exemplare. Forscher der Saar-Uni haben beobachtet, dass die langsamen Zellen den Weg für die Killerzellen zum Tumor verkürzen, indem sie Tunnel in das Körpergewebe bohren. Wenn körpereigene Zellen außer Kontrolle geraten, können sie zu Krebszellen […]

Y-90 therapy offers many benefits in treatment of liver cancer

Credit: CC0 Public Domain My father has had chronic liver disease. Recently, he was diagnosed with liver cancer. His doctor mentioned Y-90 as one treatment option. What is Y-90, and is it safe? Chronic liver disease is the most common risk factor for the development of liver cancer, and patients frequently face both conditions at […]

Vorschläge erbeten: 5. ICO Ophthalmic Pathology Award

Der ICO Ophthalmic Pathology Award und die mit ihm verbundene Ehren-Lecture erinnern an Prof. Gottfried O. H. Naumann, ICO-Präsident von 1998 bis 2006, hier bei der Verleihung der Albrecht von Graefe-Medaille im Jahr 2006 durch die DOG. Foto: Kaulard/Biermann Medizin (Archiv) Das International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO) lädt dazu ein, Vorschläge für die Verleihung des […]

New immunotherapeutic approach takes aim at cancer’s enzyme shield

Credit: Brigham and Women’s Hospital Immunotherapies have transformed the landscape of cancer treatment by allowing physicians to alter or augment patients’ immune response to better attack malignant tumors. But some tumors—known as “cold tumors”—fly under the immune system’s radar. Checkpoint inhibitors, which are the basis of many immunotherapies, don’t work well against them. A team […]

Impfstudie startet: Neuartiger Impfstoff zur Aktivierung von T-Zell-Antworten gegen SARS-CoV-2 in Erprobung

Die durch das baden-württembergische Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst finanzierte klinische Studie erfolgt basierend auf den Arbeiten und unter Leitung von PD Dr. Juliane Walz in der KKE Translationale Immunologie der Medizinischen Klinik des Universitätsklinikums. Das für die Zulassung von klinischen Studien zuständige Paul-Ehrlich-Institut hatte am 25. November grünes Licht für den Impfstudienstart gegeben, […]

Protein regulating inflammation in atherosclerosis identified

Atherosclerosis is a condition affecting the cardiovascular system. If atherosclerosis occurs in the coronary arteries (which supply the heart) the result may be angina pectoris, or in worse cases a heart attack. Credit: Wikipedia/CC BY 3.0 The protein CARD8 regulates several inflammatory proteins in people with atherosclerosis. This is shown in a new study by […]

A new approach in cancer immunotherapy

From JITC Supplementary Documentation. The interdisciplinary team of scientists from three different countries (Belgium, Italy, and Russia) under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Dmitri V. Krysko (Ghent University, Belgium) unravels the immunogenicity of ferroptotic cancer cells. Cell death is an essential biological process that plays an active role both during human embryonic development and […]

New radiotherapy technique prolongs survival

European Radiation Oncology Conference from 28 November to 01 December Patients with locally advanced cervical cancer benefit significantly from an innovative radiotherapy technique co-developed by MedUni Vienna under the direction of Richard Pötter and Christian Kirisits. The technique provides better tumor control and produces fewer side-effects. This is substantiated by the results of the prospective, […]

Gebärmutterhalskrebs: Neuartiges Bestrahlungsverfahren verlängert das Überleben

Patientinnen mit lokal fortgeschrittenem Gebärmutterhalskrebs profitieren signifikant von einem innovativen Bestrahlungsverfahren, das maßgeblich von der MedUni Wien unter Leitung von Richard Pötter und Christian Kirisits mitentwickelt wurde. Das Verfahren ermöglicht eine bessere Tumorkontrolle und führt zu geringeren Nebenwirkungen. Das belegen die Ergebnisse der prospektiven, internationalen und multizentrischen Studie, EMBRACE I, die unter der Leitung der […]

‘Turncoat’ macrophages in the tumor ‘micro-environment’ underlie breast cancer progression

Credit: CC0 Public Domain New research that is examining the “tumor microenvironment” reveals not only how macrophages can become extraordinary turncoats but also how they can actively support tumor growth and metastatic progression in certain forms of breast cancer. The tumor microenvironment—or TME—refers to the region encompassing a tumor, an area entangled with blood vessels […]

Seltenes Lymphom: Neuer Therapieansatz durch Gamma-Sekretase-Inhibitoren

Das seltene anaplastisch-großzellige Lymphom (ALCL) tritt vorwiegend bei Kindern und jungen Menschen auf. Etwa ein Viertel der Erkrankten erleidet einen Rückfall nach der Chemotherapie. Ein internationales Forschungsteam um den Molekularpathologen Lukas Kenner von der MedUni Wien und die Molekularbiologin Suzanne Turner von den Universitäten Cambridge/Masaryk-Universität Brno, konnte nun in präklinischen Untersuchungen eine Mutation des Proteins […]

Research reveals why some tumors have different makeup of cells

Image of a colon tumor in mice. Cancer-associated fibroblasts (red) help the tumor grow more aggressively and help block the immune system response against it. Credit: Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute Molecular changes in cells called fibroblasts, which help provide support for tissues throughout the body, may explain why one type of colon cancer […]

Big data powers design of ‘smart’ cell therapies for cancer

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Finding medicines that can kill cancer cells while leaving normal tissue unscathed is a Holy Grail of oncology research. In two new papers, scientists at UC San Francisco and Princeton University present complementary strategies to crack this problem with “smart” cell therapies—living medicines that remain inert unless triggered by combinations of […]

Inventur der Proteine – Biermann Medizin

Prof. Dr. Florian Meier baut am UKJ eine Arbeitsgruppe für Funktionelle Proteomanalyse auf. © Michael Szabó, Universitätsklinikum Jena Prof. Dr. Florian Meier baut am Universitätsklinikum Jena (UKJ) eine Arbeitsgruppe für Funktionelle Proteomanalyse auf. Die Serviceingenieure sind eben erst fertig geworden mit dem Aufbau eines Hochleistungsmassenspektrometers im Forschungszentrum des Klinikums in Lobeda. Diese Analysetechnik der neuesten […]

Eierstockkrebs: Sprachbarrieren auflösen, kann Leben retten

Die Deutsche Krebshilfe stellt Patientinnenbroschüren in türkischer und arabischer Sprache zur Verfügung, die Frauen mit Migrationshintergrund dabei helfen können, Ovarialkarzinome und die damit verbundene Behandlung besser zu verstehen. Was sind erste Anzeichen für Eierstockkrebs? Wie plane ich meine Therapie? Welche Folgen hat die Behandlung? Nur wer sich umfassend informiert, trifft die richtige Therapieentscheidung. Doch was, […]

Neues nicht invasives Verfahren ermöglicht Entdeckung von Darmkrebs anhand von VOC

Forscher der Universität Alicante (UA) und des Institute for Health and Biomedical Research (ISABIAL) des Alicante General University Hospital (Spanien) haben eine neue nicht invasive Methode zur Diagnose und Prävention von Darmkrebs entwickelt. Dabei werden flüchtige organische Verbindungen (VOC) in Stuhlproben analysiert. Im Verlaufe dieses Projektes haben die Wissenschaftler drei Biomarker entdeckt, die mit Kolorektalkrebs […]

Antimicrobial soap additive worsens fatty liver disease in mice

Credit: CC0 Public Domain University of California San Diego School of Medicine researchers found evidence that triclosan—an antimicrobial found in many soaps and other household items—worsens fatty liver disease in mice fed a high-fat diet. The study, published November 23, 2020 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, also details the molecular mechanisms by […]

S3-Leitlinie Hodgkin-Lymphom aktualisiert – Biermann Medizin

Das Leitlinienprogramm Onkologie hat unter Federführung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Hämatologie und Medizinische Onkologie (DGHO) die S3-Leitlinie zur Diagnostik, Therapie und Nachsorge des Hodgkin-Lymphoms bei erwachsenen Patienten ab 18 Jahren überarbeitet und neue Empfehlungen formuliert, etwa zu bildgebenden Untersuchungsverfahren, der Therapie von Subgruppen und der Rehabilitation. Das Hodgkin-Lymphom ist eine bösartige Erkrankung des lymphatischen Systems […]

Another side to cancer immunotherapy? Scientists investigate intratumoral B cells

Orange represents tumor cells displaying the HPV antigen p16, while green represents B cells with the arrows indicating germinal center-like structures. Credit: Andreas Wieland Immunotherapies have transformed the treatment of several types of cancer over the last decade. Yet they focus on reactivating one arm of the immune system: cytotoxic T cells, which sniff out […]

Einfacher Bluttest kann präzise zwischen benignen und malignen Läsionen unterscheiden

Eine Studie mit 30.000 Teilnehmern, die in ‘Cancer Cytopathology’ der American Cancer Society veröffentlicht wurde, beweist, dass eine per nicht-invasiver Blutprobe durchgeführte Flüssigbiopsie präzise zwischen malignen und benignen Tumoren unterscheiden kann. Die Ergebnisse beruhen auf einer von Datar Cancer Genetics gesponserten multizentrischen, internationalen Studie, bei der die Forscher Blutproben von mehr als 30.000 Teilnehmern auswerteten. […]

Ovarian cancer cells cooperate to metastasize

Intermediate magnification micrograph of a low malignant potential (LMP) mucinous ovarian tumour. H&E stain. The micrograph shows: Simple mucinous epithelium (right) and mucinous epithelium that pseudo-stratifies (left – diagnostic of a LMP tumour). Epithelium in a frond-like architecture is seen at the top of image. Credit: Nephron /Wikipedia. CC BY-SA 3.0 Any given tumor is […]

Prostatakarzinom: Protein µ-Crystallin hemmt das Tumorwachstum

Ein Forschungsteam aus Wien hat in einer genetischen Analyse zahlreicher Prostatakrebs-Gewebeproben gezeig, dass das Protein µ-Crystallin (CRYM) eine wesentliche Rolle beim Wachstum des Tumors spielt. Je mehr von diesem Protein vorhanden ist, desto besser ist die Prognose. Entscheidend ist offenbar die Bindung an das Schilddrüsenhormon T3. Das Prostatakarzinom ist ein hormonabhängiger Tumor, der zumeist mit […]

Changing the outlook for pancreatic cancer

Axial CT image with i.v. contrast. Macrocystic adenocarcinoma of the pancreatic head. Credit: public domain Pancreatic cancer often is hidden and doesn’t cause symptoms until it has spread. It is a leading cause of cancer deaths in the world. November 19 is World Pancreatic Cancer Day, but the entire month of November is meant to […]

Neue Therapien für Patienten mit Pankreaskrebs

Nach wie vor gilt der Pankreaskrebs als eine der aggressivsten Tumorerkrankungen mit einer unterdurchschnittlichen Überlebenszeit. Doch moderne Therapiestrategien und strikt interdisziplinär ausgerichtete Versorgungszenten sorgen dafür, dass sich die Prognosen für Patienten mit einem Tumor der Bauchspeicheldrüse langsam aber stetig verbessern. Am Donnerstag (19. November) machen Mediziner und Patienten anlässlich des Weltpankreaskrebstags auf die Krankheit und […]

SITC 2020: Positive klinische Daten für Kombinationstherapien bei Melanom und Lungenkrebs

Forschende des MD Anderson Cancer Center der University of Texas präsentierten an der Jahrestagung der Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) & Pre-Conference Programs (SITC 2020), welche vom 9. bis 14. November als Online-Konkress abgehalten wurde, in drei Sessions vielversprechende klinische Ergebnisse zu Kombinationsbehandlungen für Patienten mit Melanom und Lungenkrebs. Kombinierte Immuntherapie zeigt Aktivität bei […]

Neuer Mechanismus des Leberkrebses entschlüsselt

Ein interdisziplinäres Forschungsteam der Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) und des Universitätsklinikums Erlangen (UKER) hat einen Mechanismus entschlüsselt, bei dem Leberkrebszellen für ihr Wachstum einen Stoff ausnutzen, der von gutartigen Leberzellen gebildet wird. Für diese grundlegende Arbeit zeichnet die Walter-Siegenthaler-Gesellschafft für Fortschritte in der Inneren Medizin den Leiter der Studie, Dr. Peter Dietrich, Medizinische Klinik 1, Gastroenterologie, […]

Rare angiosarcoma tumors respond well to immunotherapy combination

SWOG Cancer Research Network investigator Dr. Michael Wagner. Credit: Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Researchers from SWOG Cancer Research Network, a cancer clinical trials group funded by the National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) Division of Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment (DCTD), part of the National Institutes of Health, have shown that the immunotherapy combination of ipilimumab and nivolumab […]

Personalisierte Wirkstoff-Screens sollen Behandlung pädiatrischer Hirntumore verbessern

Mit einem personalisierten Wirkstoff-Screening wollen ForscherInnen die Therapie des Medulloblastoms, des häufigsten bösartigen Hirntumors bei Kindern, verbessern. Der Ansatz misst die Wirksamkeit von Therapeutika an Tumorzellen, die über eine Biopsie gewonnen werden, und kann in wenigen Tagen durchgeführt werden – damit ist er eine der schnellsten Informationsquellen für die klinische Entscheidungsfindung. Auf Basis dieser Proof-of-Concept-Studie […]

Neuer prognostischer Ansatzpunkt bei Dickdarmkrebs identifiziert

Das mit dem Darm assoziierte lymphatische Gewebe stellt einen wesentlichen Bestandteil der körpereigenen Immunabwehr dar. Besonders hervorzuheben sind dabei die isolierten lymphatischen Strukturen (ILS). Im Rahmen einer Krebserkrankung werden zudem am Tumorort die so genannten ektopischen lymphoiden Strukturen (ELS/auch bekannt als tertiäre lymphatische Strukturen, TLS) ausgebildet. Sowohl ILS als auch ELS fungieren als sogenannte Multitasking-Informationszentren, […]

How Exercise Might Affect Immunity to Lower Cancer Risk

So, recently, a group of scientists from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm and other institutions began to wonder about white blood cells. Part of the immune system, white blood cells play a key role in our defense against cancer by noting, navigating to and often annihilating malignant cells. Researchers have known for some time that […]

New study points to a better way to ward off asthma triggers

Left: Lung tissue of untreated mice. Right: Lung tissue of mice treated with antibodies blocking OX40L and CD30L. Credit: Dr. Gurupreet Sethi, La Jolla Institute for Immunology. Every day, ten Americans die from asthma. While quick-acting inhalers and medications can reduce inflammation during an asthma attack, people with asthma have few tools to prevent the […]

Seaweed extract found to have promising effects in brain cancer treatment

Sugar kelp (Saccharina latissimia) cultivated by GENIALG partner, Seaweed Energy Solutions (SES). Credit: SES A compound found in brown seaweeds could help to treat one of the most common and aggressive forms of malignant brain tumor. The compound’s promising effects were discovered by researchers in the EU-funded project GENIALG (GENetic diversity exploitation for Innovative macro-ALGal […]

Sot është dita më e trishtë e jetës sime

Si doktor, unë kam trajtuar aq shumë gra shtatzëna dhe çdo herë që jam në sallën e lindjes i lutem Zotit t’i bekojë të gjitha nënat. dhimbja që gratë kalojnë në sallën e lindjes është e papërshkrueshme dhe kjo s’ përfshin vetëm nëntë muajt e shtatzanisë. Ato kalojnë shumë më tepër për të sjellë një […]

Modernste Hypophysenchirurgie am UKR: Tumoren der Hypophyse können auch zum Sehverlust führen

Bei der Entfernung von Tumoren an der Hypophyse arbeiten am Universitätsklinikum Regensburg (UKR) Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Heilkunde (HNO) und Neurochirurgie eng zusammen. Damit, so das UKR, werde der Eingriff sicherer und schonender für den Patienten. In den meisten Fällen können die Spezialisten am UKR endoskopisch über die Nase operieren und den Zugang durch die Schädeldecke vermeiden. Nur erbsengroß ist […]

“Krejt çka ndieja ishte urrejtja”-Rrëfimi rrënqethës i gruas kosovare, tregon se si e mbyti burrin me sëpatë

“s’ e kam imagjinuar kurrë se do të përjetoja diçka të tillë…Sikur ta kishte bërë ndonjë njeri i huaj ndoshta do të mund ta pranoja disi. Por ta bëjë njeriu me të cilin unë lidha jetën, i bëra dy fëmijë, sakrifikova aq shumë që t’i ndihmoja edhe kur familja e tij hoqën dorë prej tij…Krejt […]

A better test for the tumor-targeting of CAR-T therapies

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Ludwig Cancer Research scientists have developed a method to significantly improve the preclinical evaluation of chimeric antigen-receptor (CAR) T cell therapies, in which the immune system’s T cells are extracted from a patient, engineered to target a specific tumor-associated molecule and then grown and reinfused for cancer treatment. Published in the […]

Immunotherapy may work better in stomach cancer when combined with chemo, given earlier

Stomach cancer cells from a mouse model; PDL1 molecules are stained pink. Credit: Wang lab, Columbia University Irving Medical Center Immunotherapy for stomach cancer may work better if the therapy is delivered earlier in the course of disease and in combination with standard chemotherapy, a new study from researchers at Columbia University Vagelos College of […]

Präklinische Studie zu Pankreastumoren: Blockade der DNA-Reparatur treibt Krebszelle in den Tod

Trotz der enormen Fortschritte der medizinischen Forschung weiß man noch immer nicht, wie Pankreaskarzinome genau entstehen und wie sie effektiv bekämpft werden können. Ulmer Wissenschaftler haben nun in einer präklinischen Studie am Mausmodell gezeigt, wie sich bestimmte Krebszellen in den Tod treiben lassen. Die Forscher haben dafür einen mutationsspezifischen kombinatorischen Therapieansatz gewählt, der sich gegen […]

Onkogene Treibermutationen: Forschungsarbeit zu einer Subgruppe des NSCLC ausgezeichnet

Dr. Tobias Overbeck von der Universitätsmedizin Göttingen (UMG) und Prof. Hans-Ulrich Schildhaus von der Universitätsklinik Essen sind die Erstplatzierten beim diesjährigen Forschungspreis „NSCLC-Onkogene Treibermutationen“ von Takeda Oncology. Die beiden Forscher haben mit ihren Teams eine Subgruppe von Lungenkarzinomen beschrieben, die sich durch einen Genkopien-Zuwachs für das MET-Gen, also einer Wiederholung von Genabschnitten, und einer extrem […]

New insights on a common protein could lead to novel cancer treatments

Killer T cells surround a cancer cell. Credit: NIH A new University of Colorado Boulder-led study sheds light on a protein key to controlling how cells grow, proliferate and function and long implicated in tumor development. The findings, published this week in the journal Genes and Development, could lead not only to new therapies for […]

Epigenetischer Proteinkomplex spielt wichtige Rolle bei aggressivem Prostatakrebs

Im Rahmen einer internationalen Zusammenarbeit haben Forschende der Universität Bern bisher nicht bekannte Schwachstellen von therapieresistentem Prostatakrebs identifizieren können. Diese Erkenntnisse könnten die Entwicklung neuer Therapieansätze für Männer vorantreiben, die an der aggressivsten Form von Prostatakrebs leiden. Prostatakrebs ist mit 78.800 Todesfällen und einer Sterblichkeitsrate von zehn pro 100.000 Einwohner die dritthäufigste krebsbedingte Todesursache von […]

Botohet në Prishtinë një libër i Joe Biden

Në javën zgjedhore presidenciale të SHBA-ve, Shtëpia Botuese “Pema” në Prishtinë ka botuar librin e Xho Bajdenit (Joe Biden), “Premtomë, baba”. Libri ka dal nga shtypi të shtunën që shkoi, në kulmin e fushatës zgjedhore që po zhvillohet në Amerikë, ku Biden po garon për postin e presidentit të SHBA-ve, kundër presidentin aktual, Donald Trump. […]

Novel adoptive cell transfer method shortens timeline for T-cell manufacture

A faster approach for T-cell therapy against cancer. Knochelmann and colleagues show a subset of CD4 T-cells, Th17 cells, can effectively kill tumor cells when they are grown in cell culture for only four days. Th17 cells grown for shorter or longer periods of time cannot successfully eradicate the tumor. Additionally, the cytokine IL-6 is […]

Giving the immune system a double boost against cancer

A highly specialized cell, the fibroblastic reticular cell, coordinates immune responses to cancer cells. In this image, a single fibroblastic reticular cell is identified, by staining it: the cell nucleus (blue), markers that identify fibroblast cells (red), and a molecule that attracts immune cells (green). Credit: CSHL, 2020 Cancer immunotherapies, which empower patients’ immune systems […]

Von der Blockade zum Treibstoff: Milchsäure als Angriffspunkt für die Blutkrebs-Behandlung

Manche Tumorzellen schwächen mit Milchsäure den Stoffwechsel von Immunzellen / Therapeutische Neutralisierung ermöglicht effektive Krebsbekämpfung Die akute myeloische Leukämie (AML) ist die häufigste Blutkrebsform bei Erwachsenen – und schwer zu therapieren. Selbst nach einer Stammzelltransplantation kehrt die Erkrankung bei der Hälfte aller Betroffenen zurück. Nun konnten Forscher des Universitätsklinikums Freiburg in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Max-Planck-Institut […]

Krebsforscher trainieren weiße Blutkörperchen für Attacken gegen Tumorzellen

Wissenschaftler am Nationalen Centrum für Tumorerkrankungen Dresden (NCT/UCC) und der Hochschulmedizin Dresden konnten gemeinsam mit einem internationalen Forscherteam erstmals zeigen, dass sich bestimmte Neutrophile Granulozyten nach Absolvierung eines speziellen Trainingsprogramms möglicherweise zur Behandlung von Tumoren einsetzen lassen. Als Reiz für das Training dieses Teils des angeborenen Immunsystems nutzten sie Beta-Glucan, ein langkettiges Zuckermolekül, das als […]

Cancer-fighting gene restrains ‘jumping genes’

This illustration depicts how retrotransposons are “handcuffed” by the tumor suppressor gene p53. But when p53 is lost, these mobile elements can erupt. Credit: Study authors Amanda Jones and Bhavana Tiwari. Artwork by Angela Diehl. About half of all tumors have mutations of the gene p53, normally responsible for warding off cancer. Now, UT Southwestern […]

Neue Krebsdiagnostik: Blick in den Tumor in 3D

Bisher analysierte man Tumore nur anhand dünner Schnitte. An der TU Wien in Zusammenarbeit mit der TU München wurde nun eine Technik entwickelt, die erstmals ganze Stücke des Tumors in 3D sichtbar macht. Nach einer Krebsoperation ist die entscheidende Frage: Sind möglicherweise Krebszellen zurückgeblieben, die weiterwachsen können, oder wurde tatsächlich der gesamte Tumor entfernt? Um […]

Der Iodtransporter der Schilddrüse: vielversprechendes Gen für neue Krebstherapie

Der Einsatz von Radioiod in der Diagnostik und Therapie von gut- und bösartigen Schilddrüsenerkrankungen mithilfe des Iodtransporters „NIS“, der die Aufnahme von Iod aus dem Blut in die Schilddrüse vermittelt, hat sich langjährig etabliert. Nun gestattet die Charakterisierung des NIS-Gens die Entwicklung eines neuen Gentherapieansatzes, wobei NIS mittels Stammzellen in die Krebszellen transportiert und der […]

Cancer cells mediate immune suppression in the brain

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Scientists have long believed that the brain protects itself from an aggressive immune response to keep down inflammation. However, that evolutionary control may work against it when a cancer cell attempts to spread to the brain, researchers at the University of Notre Dame have discovered. In newly published research in the […]

Colon Cancer Screening Should Start Earlier, at Age 45, U.S. Panel Says

Adults should start screening for colorectal cancer routinely at the age of 45, instead of waiting until 50, a government task force recommended on Tuesday, in a move that reflected the sharp rise in the number of colon and rectal cancers in young adults. The proposal by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force still must […]

A glimpse into the tumor in 3-D

Tumor in the Ultramicroscope, illuminated by the light sheet Credit: TU Wien After cancer surgery, the crucial question is: Are there possibly cancer cells left behind that can continue to grow, or has the entire tumor actually been removed? To find out, the tumor is examined by pathologists. Until now, thin sections were made which […]

Cerebrospinal fluid as liquid biopsy for characterizing and policing of medulloblastoma

Joan Seoane, Director of Translational Research, Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO). Credit: VHIO Building on previous research 1—3 led by Joan Seoane, Director of Translational Research at the Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO) and ICREA Research Professor, latest findings from a proof-of-concept study published in Nature Communications, show that the analysis of cerebrospinal […]

New map of the immune landscape in pancreatic cancer could guide immunotherapy

U-M researchers investigated how pancreatic tumor cells (white) interact with other nearby cells. Credit: the Pasca di Magliano group Stubbornly, frustratingly, pancreatic cancer has remained resistant to immunotherapies that are revolutionizing the treatment of many types of cancer. A new study led by the University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center combined single-cell RNA sequencing with […]

Wie sich die Ausbreitung von Tumorzellen über die Lymphgefäße verhindern lässt

Welche Rolle spielen die Lymphbahnen bei der Metastasierung von Krebszellen? Wissenschaftler vom Deutschen Krebsforschungszentrum und der Medizinischen Fakultät Mannheim der Universität Heidelberg entwickelten eine Methode, um diese Frage an Mäusen untersuchen zu können. Das Ziel der Arbeit war, neue Möglichkeiten zu identifizieren, um die gefährliche Absiedlung und Ausbreitung von Tumorzellen zu blockieren. Die Forscher entdeckten, […]

Targeted inhibitor of mutated KRAS gene shows promise in lung, bowel, other solid tumors

Structure and crystal structure of adagrasib. Credit: Pasi A. Jänne A novel agent that targets a mutated form of the KRAS gene—the most commonly altered oncogene in human cancers and one long considered “undruggable”—shrank tumors in most patients in a clinical trial with manageable side effects, researchers reported today at the 32nd EORTC-NCI-AACR Symposium on […]

Achieving high concentrations of sunitinib in tumors is linked to improved survival

Credit: CC0 Public Domain A strategy for giving intermittent, high doses of the anti-cancer drug sunitinib is well-tolerated by patients with advanced cancer and increases concentrations of the drug in tumours, which is associated with improved survival, according to research to be presented at the 32nd EORTC-NCI-AACR Symposium on Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics, which […]

ASTRO highlights Winship study showing increased failure-free survival in prostate cancer

Credit: CC0 Public Domain A study from Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University (Winship) has the potential to change how patients whose prostate cancer recurs after prostatectomy are treated. The study will be featured in both the plenary session and press program of the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) Annual Meeting on Monday, October […]